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Raphiel informed Gabriel about Satania bullying Tapris
  • Given her desire for comedy, she might have informed Gabriel about what happened to Tapris. Gabriel might have been become a slacker, she still looks after her friends, even her juniors. Next day after, Gabriel was having none of Satania's antics.

Gabriel is descended from the original Gabriel

Gabriel's status as a "fallen angel" is deliberate
Heaven expects all the angels who descend to earth to pick up bad habits or stray from their mission. This experience with mortal failings helps empathize with actual mortals. Then they mature out of them (more or less). It's basically exploiting a "rebellious phase".

Gabriel's corruption may or may not be typical. However, even if her Jerk with a Heart of Gold status is permanent, her job description as an angel may eventually become Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right!. Take that blind girl, for instance; she'll break Heavenly mandates out of compassion and Heaven will pretend not to notice. When they need her to behave, they'll send her sister to make sure of it.


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