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Makoto Itou and Makoto Onoda are distant relatives.

Makoto and Yura's Baby...
  • It will be treated as the climax of the series and begin to ring in the end of the series.
    • Makoto and Yura's baby is born in Volume 75, and Volume 76 was released in July 2018 (over 20 years of serialisation!). Nothing in Volume 76 foreshadows the series ending (there's still a couple of unresolved subplots with side-characters and the protagonist's new life with the baby is explored), so could be jossed but worth waiting and seeing if the series does finish within the next few volumes.

Someone will have a miscarriage
  • Call it Rule of Drama, but someone will have a miscarriage. It could be an alternative way for Aki to continue to tease the readers by making Yura pregnant, but then miscarrying, to keep the series running longer.
    • Jossed so far; the couple of pregnancies the series has gone through have been successful — notably, Yura and Makoto finally give birth to a healthy girl in Volume 75.

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