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The book was really written by Amelia Williams.
At least in Whoniverse. The book was published in 1960; Amy was living in New York and publishing books by this time. It takes place in Manhattan, like the Series 7 mid-series finale. It involves a stone angel statue, which is basically what Weeping Angels are. But scariest of all... there's not a single picture of the plot-important angel statue in the book. Why? The author illustrated the book... and Amy would know that an image of an Angel is an Angel and decide not to stick a picture of it in the book! Because of this, she could've made a request for no covers whatsoever to include a picture of the statue, which explains why even the covers leave it off.
  • Alas, a few more modern covers do show the Angel statue, which means that either this theory is debunked or we're all doomed.