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Assassin is Kiritsugu
Isn't it obvious? Obviously confirmed.

Luvia will kill Assassin!Kiritsugu
Her contract was to kill the Magus Killer and she'll fulfill it by killing the original one and not Shirou. After all no one knows Shirou Emiya is the Magus Killer and no one would put a contract for a dead man so the contract was simply "to kill the Magus Killer".
  • Jossed as of Chapter 44. There was a more standard loophole, allowing her to bail out of the contract if killing the target was obviously more inconvenient to every party involved.

Assassin!Kiritsugu will trick Witch!Caster into using up all her Command Seals
She's already had to use one just to get him to listen to her commands at all. Add one more to make him willing to fight his son, and a third to make him willing to fight his daughter, and suddenly Caster will find herself facing a very unhappy Magus Killer.
  • Caster wasted the second one to get control of Rider. Now Caster has Three servants that want to kill her and only one command seal. She is not happy to say the least...
    • Jossed as of Chapter 43. Caster now has access to Kotomine's stash of Command Seals.

Shirou's completed version of Unlimited Blade Works in this fic will be far more powerful than the versions from canon.
Even in its incomplete state, it was rather similar to what it was in canon. Emphasis has been placed on the fact that it is regarded as a memorial for heroes, their weapons littering UBW's landscape. When this version of Unlimited Blade Works is complete, it will go beyond being a landscape full of blades, and allow Shirou to summon a shade of a Hero that owns a particular weapon within his Reality Marble. It's mostly baseless conjecture, but it would make for something interesting, and allow for cameos of other Servants from other Fate works, or perhaps even an appearance from a certain recently deceased King of Heroes.

Taiga has a more active role than in Canon, and knows at least part of what is going on.
  • The still-unnamed character who observed the battle at the Temple in chapters 35 and 36.
  • Taiga actually cheering up Shirou in a flashback described in Chapter 45. This hints to her knowing far more about Kiritsugu's past and maybe Shirou than she lets on.
  • Confirmed in full detail as of Chapter 51, to a level that goes a bit into Tear Jerker territory.
  • Actually, hints towards her "low magecraft resistance" and "gullibility" have been given as early as Chapter 4.
  • Another hint in chapter 33 with an unidentified object that the reader assumes to be Torashinai, has to be firearms of some sort. The main hint? She mentions having promised to Kiritsugu.

Shirou hates Archer and wants to kill him for "what he has done" on an instinctual level. What he has done is killing Sakura.
  • Fact: Killing or betraying Rin or Sakura is excruciatingly hard for FFD!Shirou since they are keystones to his Reality Marble. Archer, being himself, does not have this constraint.
  • Fact: Even FFD!Shirou's base instincts as a STARVED and DYING blood-thirsty Apostle will NOT allow him to lay a hand upon Sakura, PERIOD. That is how anathema hurting Sakura is to Shirou (barring the one case he had to skewer her with Gae Darg to save her, and he did not exactly feel good about it) on a subconscious level.
  • Fact: Archer having a resonance with FFD!Shirou was actually a learning experience for him this time, prompting a strange reaction to something he said he figured out after thinking about how he gave his arm to Shirou in Sakura's route, Heaven's Feel. He muses that he now has knowledge he wishes he could have put to use in context, and further how it should be IMPOSSIBLE for him to actually know about what happened after the whole transplant thing, since he DIED at this point in that route.
    • It is now a safe bet to make that he wishes he knew back in Sakura's route, that Rule Breaker could fix the mess with Angra Mainyu, since he got to act upon it.
  • Conjecture: Archer most likely had to kill her in one of his summonings, or even in his initial life in the yet unknown Archer/Illya route, and thinks nothing of it since he did what he had to do, the very attitude Illya calls him out on.
    • Confirmed: Shirou goes into such an Unstoppable Rage Rin has to threaten his kitchen to allow him to at least ally with Archer temporarily.
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    • Confirmed: He did not feel great about potentially having to kill Sakura again, even when given the situation he had the best reasons in the world to do it and every imaginable justification for it. Even if it was by proxy (to honor a promise with Illya), he put to good use what knowledge he learned and used Rule Breaker to save her.

The reason for Merem taking part in the Holy Grail War in this timeline.
  • Fact: As of Chapter 50, Merem stated he was not here for the Grail, the War, or Shirou, even though his peculiar condition is quite compelling. It also should have nothing to do with the Dark Six ritual, or with killing Altrouge.
  • Hint: The hypothesis Archer formulated was enough to make both him and Rin blanch, and Shirou would likely get outright murderous over it.
  • Hint: It might have to do with Merem's status as a Planet Terminal, more sensible to reality corrupting irregularities. He did outright state during the War that he felt something was off.
  • Hint: In Chapter 43, when asked about his reasons, Merem glances at Illya before deflecting the question.
    • Chapter 53 confirms that what Merem wants to pull is related to the Einzberns, as they openly laugh about the Einzbern representative getting more and more angry over the ritual being dismissed, and how unique Justizia was. This sets Shirou on edge, he knows Merem and the Rat King are laughing about something else.
    • Zelretch in Chapter 52 hints at Merem being sentimental (a word which rings alarm bells in Shirou's head), probably over the Fuyuki Grail War inception. Further, Rin tries to get Merem to talk, but the only hint given is "do you know why I am here, of merely who I am here for?", indicating he is here for a person. He also has a mesmerized expression when Jubstenacht appears, hinting at previous interactions (ostensibly for artifacts or relics), and when Justizia manifests herself through Illya in Chapter 53.
  • Guess: The Clocktower will try to browbeat Shirou, forcing the Servants to help him. Given seven living Servants would now be aligned on one side, the Dead Apostles under Altrouge roaming around Fuyuki would trigger the failsafe in the Grail, provoking an Apocrypha scenario (7 vs 7 + Ruler), and resuming the War? (Third Fang DID state the War would last longer than the 2 weeks in canon.)
    • Likely jossed.
  • Guess: Merem is here in some way for Illya or maybe Justizia. The attack on his Protectorate would likely be enough to get Shirou to be murderous.

More servants will be summoned
Since most Magi can at best keep up with an Assassin Servant, and the current one in Kiritsugu, no Magi can take on the seven servants from the Fuyuki Grail War. The Ancestors themselves could possibly face them, but even then it wouldn't be in their favor, and with the seven servants all allied with Shirou either directly or through their masters, and Shirou answering to Barthomelloi therefore giving her command over seven servants, it would make sense the only thing that could match them would be other servants. And while Kiritsugu may have destroyed the leylines in Fuyuki in order to prevent any future Holy Grail Wars, Fate/Apocrypha proved that Fuyuki isn't necessary to summon servants, just the Holy Grail. So were someone to try and tap into it, possibly Merem, more servants could be summoned.
  • Also supporting this idea is a concept from Fate/Apocrypha. Its noted that in the event all seven servants somehow allied with each other, despite how improbable it may seem, the Grail can then give out 7 more sets of Command Seals and allow the summoning of 7 more servants to reinitialize the war, which is what happened when Yggdmillennia got their hands on it. While Witch!Caster is dead, Fuyuki has access to 7 servants still thanks to the Ore Scales: Arturia, Cu, EMIYA, Heracles, Princess!Medea, Medusa, and Kiritsugu. So with 7 servants allied together, the Grail can call forth 7 more.
  • One servant possibly being Enkidu. Gilgamesh giving Shirou his chains will be a Chekhov's Gun as the chains will double as the perfect catalyst to summon forth the weapon meant to slay the gods.

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