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There is no Frog Fractions 2.
  • It was just a scam.
    • Finally Jossed! Frog Fractions 2 is in another game called Glittermitten Grove, underground in a Call-Back to the original game.
      • Or is it? The end credits refer to it as Frog Fractions 3.

In Frog Fractions two you will box Andre Felipe Felipe.
  • More of wishful thinking but with the boxing themes featured in the first game I wouldn't be surprised.

The talking heads that communicate with you in original frog fractions are not really on your side.
  • Think about it. They do absolutely nothing to help you. They tell you stuff that isn't even useful and it's because of them that Hop got captured in the first place.

Frog Fractions 2 is, in fact, the ARG
  • A group is referred to as "FROG 1.5" at one point. Like Frog Fractions 1.5. Plus, there's a bunch of stuff (time travel, decay, sparkles, etc) that aren't even mentioned in Frog Fractions 3, so it could be possible.

Possible Storyline connecting both games together.
The starting stage is known as Fractopia, and they are at war with Bug Mars, and the bugs, weird and perverted as they were, are attempting a peace treaty with the Fractopians.

When Lt. Hop and the Dragon God Draggy Ceilingeater (who sometimes disguises himself as a turtle) are captured by the bugs' mecha (invented by Flaps Mcqueen), they discover their underwater archives of everything and anything. It isn't revealed in-game, but Fractopia was formerly Earth with most of the archives completely wiped out and most of its environment polluted.


After Lt. Hop signs the peace treaty and becomes president of Bug Mars, half of the Fractopians join him and Draggy in the exodus to their new home, and they all lived happily...but the remaining half was FURIOUS. They felt betrayed, as they were planning to clean and improve Fractopia so they wouldn't go extinct.

Fearing that Bug Mars would go back on their word, they built a virtual reality (the setting of TXT WORLD) on an old computer and hid in there in hopes of outliving the Bug Martians. The one who led the project was Lt. Hop's twin sibling, and then he wrote a new language in hopes of outwitting whoever invaded their 'paradise.'But over time, being placed into a nigh-featureless dimension with no music and voices took a huge toll on their mindsets, and their negative emotions became permanent that they all went insane.


The surface of Fractopia, untouched by technology for a long time, became the faeries' home of Glittermitten Grove. Life was peaceful for them all until they dug up the old computer. One of them (the protagonist of TXT WORLD) decided to explore the place, and broke the frog, resulting in the system crash.

By the time the credits start, the virtual insanity of the residents of TXT WORLD infected the faeries, and the entire population of Fractopia falling into despair results in the planet hurling through time in a flourish of butterflies and eventually falling into the sun!


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