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The film takes place somewhere in The World of Darkness.
Jerry is from an odd bloodline of vampires from the Mediterranean. Perhaps his bloodline weakness is the inability to cross thresholds without being invited and his unique discipline is to be able to embrace without the expenditure of a willpower point. Beyond that, he fits kindred traits perfectly. He even displays rotschrek at the end, and the magical stake simply fills that last box of health with aggravated damage to dust him.

The film takes place within the Buffyverse.
Notably, vampires being staked into ash, Jerry's vampirism being come somewhere from the Mediterranean, and vampires being demon-like and having "souls". Add the fact that Peter Vincent's parents could have been Watchers, it all adds to something within Buffy, almost like a lost storyline.
  • Take into the count that the screenwriter Marti Nixon was involved with Buffy, it's not that hard to think it's true.
  • The mechanics of the vampires don't match though. In Fright Night, all it takes to become a vampire is to be bitten by one, as seen when Peter is bitten in the final showdown and immediately starts to smoke. In Buffy, to become a vampire you had to have been fed upon and then drank a vampire's blood yourself. The process was also much slower, taking around a day before you had to start worrying about sun exposure. Could be handwaved that Jerry is a different breed with different rules than your typical Buffyverse vamps though.
    • Its mentioned by Jerry that the infectious bite is a feature of Jerry's particular 'tribe', implying its not common for all vampires.
  • But Amy had to drink a bit of Jerry's blood to begin turning, so it's likely that somebody forced Peter to have a bit of blood offpanel. He was being dogpiled by babyvamps.
    • No, he was just screwing with her. He bites her right afterwards.
    • Given her reaction after giving her the blood, it was more to keep her docile than actually turn her, which the bite does.
    • Actually, it might be that you need both. There's a lot of Dracula allusions in the film, and in the Dracula-verse, you have to both be bitten and drink some of the blood.
Peter Vincent is a Time Lord.
No explanation needed.
  • Of Course not.
Peter Vincent's name isn't Peter Vincent.
If a Fright Night 2 happens, there could be a nice touch to the original film, where we find out that Peter Vincent is his stage name, while his real name is something else entirely.

The film takes place in American Vampire's continuity
They specifically mention Jerry's vampirism being a specific strain coming from the Mediterranean, and specifically makes references to different types of vampire strains. Perhaps Jerry's strain is an evolution of the Carpathian one? They seem to have similar reactions to sunlight and game faces, though Jerry has the added advantage of being able to breed with a single bite.

Jerry was a Red Court Vampire.
He and his spawn burn in sunlight and are implied to be some kind of demonic creature. Jerry himself takes a certainly batlike form in the final battle, when sunlight hits him. Amy and Vincent couldn't shapeshift specifically because they were only Red Court Infected, and hadn't killed someone yet.
  • Doesn't actually work, however, because the call girl who Charley rescues gets ashed by a stray sunbeam and she certainly hadn't killed anyone yet.
    • Actually it makes much more sense for Jerry and his spawn to be Black Court Vampires, given that they're effected by many traditional vampire weaknesses, don't really look human in a good light, and are killed via stakes to the heart and sunlight (something their sire, Jerry resists far better than his spawn).

The film takes place somewhere in the 30 Days of Night verse.
Jerry and his spawn fit the vampire model in 30 Days of Night almost perfectly. They're inhumanly strong and super-hard to kill, have fang-filled slasher smiles, and are clearly strong enough to break humans with their bare hands. Both Jerry and Evil Ed had ash-grey skin, and all the vampires have solid black pupils. 30 Days of Night vampires seem like they're a little too strong to get killed by a mere stake, but in fairness, no one in the comic has ever gotten close enough to try. They also share their insane vulnerability to sunlight, as newly created vampires in both works can be ashed by a stray sunbeam in less than a second.

The film takes place in the Dark Tower universe, possibly in the continuity of 'Salem's Lot.
Jerry is a Type One Vampire, similar to Kurt Barlow from 'Salem's Lot. He has the same powers and vulnerabilities as Kurt, and even reacts to the cross being presented to him faithlessly
in the same way. His spawn are Type Two Vampires, with Ed simply being one that retained more personality than usual. Charley and his friends even have to form a Ka-Tet in order to destroy him permanently, and by his firm hand and calm in the face of danger, Charley may even have the potential to be a Gunslinger.
  • Just for fun, Jerry could also literally be the vampire pilot from The Night Flier and Popsy. He'd be genre savvy enough.

Jerry chose Amy because of her big appetite
It's mentioned early on that Amy is "insatiable" (because of running for track?), and maybe Jerry knew this too and wanted her to be a vampire because her big appetite would carry over and she would crave lots and lots of blood (and therefore make lots and lots of vampires).
  • That's...probably not what he meant by insatiable.

Jerry's playing possum throughout
Simply put, anything a given character thinks will kill him is only a minor setback, but Jerry intentionally plays up the "dying vampire" schtick—first with the Century 21 sign, and again with the holy water—so that his would-be killers can momentarily drop their guard.

The film is actually a prequel to The Original Fright Night.

The hapless motorist killed by Jerry after crashing into Charley turns into a vampire. Begins to research the vampire that turned him and the events surrounding his 'death'. Finds out it was a vampire named Jerry chasing a kid named Charley Brewster, his girlfriend and mother. Also finds out about Evil Ed and Peter Vincent. Then spends the next few years / decades looking for an exact confluence of details and proceeds to create the best homage to his sire he can muster. The Peter Vincent from this movie, is the same Peter Vincent and PTSD has removed his memory of these events.


The remake is a movie in the orginal films universe.
Charley in the original obviously told people of his encounters with Jerry Dandirdge, leading to his therapy in the second move. Kids might of heard Charley talking about Jerry, and as most suburban kids would do when they hear a scary story, they expand it into an urban legend. The Fright Night universe's version of Craig Gillespie heard the urban legend and decided to make a movie around it.

The Film takes place within the Supernatural verse.
The vampires are actually a form of demon, that due to evolving in the Mediterranean have taken on features of vampires. This is shown when the people bitten by Jerry 'vomit' out black smoke.

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