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The Friends on the Other Side are the Big Bads, trying to bring about pain and destruction. However, they do not go unchallenged. There is a league of benevolent forces opposing them, organized in the same way, trying to lead everyone away from the Friends' influence. These guys are the Big Goods, helping anyone willing to oppose such forces.

The heroes are led by the High Council. These are the ultimate Big Goods. They're all immortals who are usually vastly powerful, and are deeply involved in combating the Friends. They run the organization, and their members include: Zeus, King Triton, Yen Sid, Rafiki, Grandmother Willow, Goliath, Genie, Jack Skellington, and the Wish-granting Fairies. They freely travel between worlds where they're needed, and give missions to the Lieutenants, agents, and trainees in the ranks.


Some members include:

The High Council

God (existence unconfirmed): apparently, the Big Good of the Disney Multiverse and the omnipotent incarnation of kindness. No one can tell if he really exists, but he is venerated by mortals in many worlds, notably by the Monks of Fantasia and the parisian society of The Hunchback of Notre-Dame. He is known as "Allah" in the world of Aladdin.

Zeus: The head of the forces of good, he and the other Gods are basically the anti-Friends, organized the same way. After the Titans nearly ruined everything, Zeus made the decision to seal Chernabog and all his kind away in the Other Side. Several years later they realized that the Friends could still make contact with the various worlds. In response, they organized much like the Friends and began working to fight them. Mount Olympus is the primary Oasis location, and is usually the main meeting place for the High Council, although when they wish to keep a low profile they will retreat to one of the lesser-known Oases.

  • The events during the Pastoral Symphony saga where back in the days before Zeus had Hercules as a son. In those days, he was more rambuctious, willing to Kick the Dog For the Evulz, much like his mythological counterpart. But after the Titans first appeared to ruin his kingdom, Zeus changed his ways and became the kind and friendly god we all know today. Hera and Hephasteus, also, were just as spiteful and cruel as he was back in those days, although more specifically dumb in Hephaestus' case.

The Blue Fairy: She is part of a team within the ranks that specilizes in making dreams come true. The High Council usually assigns her to grant the wishes of downtrodden folk, like Geppetto, to prevent them from being easy targets for the Friends (though see "WALL•E and EVE", below, for a different kind of assignment she once carried out). Although, like all of the wish granters, her magic can only do so much on its own. In the end, those she helps have to give themselves a happy ending.


Jiminy Cricket: After his success as Pinocchio's conscience, he began to take that job pretty much full time, acting as a conscience or mentor to whoever the Gods assigned him too. He also takes the job of the Ghost of Christmas Past on occasion. Recently, however, Jiminy has taken a more active stance in the war - thanks to his knowledge of the location, he is assisting in a plan to stop Pleasure Island and The Coachman - one of the more sinister members of the Inner Circle.

Flora, Fauna and Merryweather: A team of wish granters who focus on the upper class to prevent them from becoming Corrupt Corporate Executives and the like. They also serve as liaisons to several prominent kingdoms in the Disney Universe, informing them of Zeus' wishes and the Friends' activities. They were put on long-term assignment to defeat Maleficent even before she cursed Aurora, but they had little contact with the Council during that time (hence why they never mention them in the film).

The Fairy Godmother: Another wish granter, this one is assigned specifically to whoever the Friends have their eye on at the time. Since they were hoping to break Cinderella, she was assigned to watch her, but only to step in when absolutely necessary since she needed to stay available for more immediate concerns.

Mama Odie: A woman who learned magic from the Gods because she wanted to help people. She works with Evangeline because they share the same philosophy. She is often out on the front lines, and had a long standing rivalry with Facilier. The Gods made her immortal, or at least greatly expanded her life.

Merlin: Again, Merlin sought out the Gods to learn magic because he wanted to help people. He was well aware of Wart/Arthur's fate because he was assigned specifically to prepare him for his role as king. He has a longstanding rivalry with Mim, whom he still constantly battles with, but his real rival is Morgana LeFay. After his death at the hands of his traitorous apprentice Horvath, he Ascended To A Higher Plane Of Existance and joined the High Council. Currently planning to invite dozens of strangers as new recruits in the battle utilizing magic cards containing powers of various members of the crew.

Yen Sid: Another human who learned magic from the Gods. He proved so talented that he was given a special duty in the ranks, namely training newcomers who would use magic. He's responsible for training Mama Odie and Merlin, as well as another familiar face...

  • Though he may not look like it, he (or at least an alternate version of him) is also a skilled Keyblade master, and, as of this writing, was able to successfully train Riku to mastery himself in order to neutralize the Xehanort threat once and for all. Whether or not Sora and Kairi will follow in his footsteps is yet to be seen...

King Triton: He is the son of Zeus' brother Poseidon (which technically makes Ariel and Hercules related as well). After choosing to become mortal, he became the general of the sea brigades and is a powerful warrior often on the front lines against the Friends. After his wife's death, he became embittered and left the organization, rejecting contact with the outside world. But his battle against Ursula and his sacrifice to save his daughter caused him to rejoin the fight, as he realized that the forces of evil must be contained lest they come to harm those we care about.

Grandmother Willow: An ancient nature spirit, she is vastly powerful, but not as active as some of the others, preferring to protect nature on her world. She will give assistance when the situation is dire. Her presence was the main reason the Friends on the Other Side did not interfere to help Ratcliffe's schemes, leaving him to his own devices. Was also responsible for Kenai's transformation in Brother Bear.

Rafiki: One of the first members of Zeus's clan of guardians, he was entrusted with prophecy and wisdom and sent by the Council to advise Mufasa on being a good king (not only because it was the right thing to do, but also since making the pride content would make them unlikely to turn to the Friends). He serves as a guardian over the animal kingdom, much like Zeus protects humanity.

Yoda: While Yoda is a major member of the High Council from the former non-Disney universe of Lucasfilm, Zeus allowed him to go to the Star Tours spaceship in the Disney universe to help passengers on board get safely to the Rebel Alliance's only outpost in Disneyland.

Jack Skellington: In addition to being the King of Halloween, Jack is also a gatekeeper of sorts - keeping the forces of darkness from infiltrating unprepared worlds such as ours - except one day a year. A bit loony himself, but no one who wasn't could handle the job. He was elevated to the High Council recently, after it was discovered that the Friends might have access to our world thanks to Queen Narissa. As the only member of the heroes who has traveled between their world and ours, his knowledge makes him invaluable.

Hercules: Of course, he gave up the chance to be a God, but that doesn't mean he still isn't active in his father's armies. He acts as general of the land brigades, often on the front lines, defending innocents from the Friends with his Super Strength. He has among the most first-hand experience battling the Friends, having dispatched many of them personally, and he regularly discusses military strategy with Triton and Goliath.

Phil: After his success training Hercules, he was brought on by the Gods to be a trainer for every member of the organization who uses a physical fighting style. He has gained immortality like several of the magic users, allowing him to train each new generation.

Mushu and the Ancestors: The ancestral spirits and guardian dragons are the main force of good magic on their world, serving mainly to protect those deemed to be important to keeping the forces of evil at bay.

  • Mushu himself is an interesting case. Originally a spirit in training, he was promoted to full guardian when Fa Deng went to war because the other family guardians were busy protecting other members. However, Mushu hadn't learned everything necessary about being a good guardian, and due to being a "European" in China, Fa Deng was accidentally killed in combat. For his mistake, Mushu was demoted to Gong ringer, where the friends played to his resentment and lust for glory to lure him to trick the anscestors into letting him be Mulan's guardian dragon. The friends were sure that if he were around the chinese military, Mushu would make an even bigger mistake that would deliver China to Shan-Yu. Surprisingly, Mushu with the help of Cri-kee managed not only to keep Mulan alive, but ended up helping to save all of China. Though the first ancestor grumbled, the rest of the ancestors graciously gave him a full guardian rank.
    • Mushu's ego and pride though ended up with him getting into more serious trouble with the friends, as the marriage of Mulan and Li Shang meant that ancient tradition left him without active assignment. In fear and anger, the friends manipulated him to try to sabotage Mulan's marriage. However, when he succeeded, he realized the error of his attempts to take away Mulan's happiness. He helped mend the relationships, and due to the merger of ancestral spirits, was reinstated as guardian within the ranks.

The Genie: All Genies were once members of the Gods who were cursed and sealed away by the Friends, doomed to serve whoever rubbed their lamp. Once The Genie escaped, he reported back after his journey around the world, and was sent back to Agrabah to defend it because his superiors sensed the incoming dangers Aladdin and Jasmine would face. He shares a time travel power similar to Merlin's, which is how he knows about pop culture, and uses his "phenomenal cosmic powers" (reduced since being set free) to fight comically at Zeus's behest.

  • Some people think there might be more to the Genie than that. What's his big song after getting freed from the lamp? "Friend like me."
  • As it says above, Genies were cursed members of the Gods. But what is really going on is the fact that once the genies were trapped in the lamps and obliged to grant wishes to whoever held the lamp, the Friends often tipped their clients the location of the lamps; by the time Aladdin found the Genie's lamp, all his master so far had been clients of the Friends. The song "You never had a Friend like me !" was Genie's attempt at serving the High Council's interest in spite of his slavery by trying to convince a client of the friends that the Genie could fulfill all his needs alone and that he didn't need the other Friends anymore and could break his deal. Of course, all that fell into deaf ears since Aladdin wasn't a client of the Friends, but how was Genie to know ? It even came so close to be Jafar to get the lamp instead !

Goliath: General of the Air brigades. He and his fellow gargoyles have been working with the Gods since their original time, and continue to be among their fiercest warriors today.

Classic Disney Shorts

Mickey, Donald, Goofy, etc.: Perhaps as long as the worlds of Disney have existed, so too has some of the most iconic heroes of the Worlds of Disney. Continuously re-incarnated in various places in time and space, Mickey is generally seen as The Chosen One destined to be the greatest hero the High Council will ever have, and to eventually slay Chernabog in the final battle between Friends and the Council. Yet throughout the generations Mickey has always remained the Humble Hero, having chosen not to become one of the leaders of Zeus's "club" time and again. Following the various Mickeys throughout all sorts of adventures have been the Hot-Blooded if not brave Donald Duck and The Klutz Goofy. Often following these three heroes throughout the years have been friends (Minnie, Clarabelle, Daisy, Horace among others) and enemies (Pete or the Phantom Blot) and their present homeland of Calisota generally forms one of the epicenters of the Disney cosmos.

  • Mickey's Kingly counterpart in an alternate world, alongside his allies, take a stronger part in protecting the various Disney worlds
  • Note: The current Prime characters are generally blends of their comic versions and the Animated Actors of the shorts and have access to the abilities of their "ancestors".
    • One such occasion was when Mickey was incarnated into 2 bodies and helped save england from ruin.

Pan (from Playful Pan): The grandson of Zeus and thus already a powerful god, Pan was given his magic, nature-controling harmonica by the High council. The Friends once magically cursed the harmonica, and though Pan managed to wipe the curse off almost instantly, there was just enough time for the curse to cause the harmonica to make two clouds clash together too hard, striking lightning that started a fire. Pan used the harmonica to lure the fire into water.

King Cole (from Mother Goose Melodies): He runs an oasis spot, which the mother goose book and its characters choose to live in since none of them are warriors, spies, geniuses, or otherwise able to contribute much to the battle and aren't likely to last long if forced to fight the Friends.

Practical Pig: The reason the Wolf is after him and his brothers in particular (rather then just going after different pigs who might be easier targets) is not simply out of hunger (though he'd love to eat them anyway) but because of Practical's ties to the High Council and his assignment to protect others in his area. His brothers know nothing of the battle and are NOT allowed to join the council's agents untill they learn a bit more common sense.

Disney Animated Canon

The Princesses of Heart: Not to be confused with the Queen of Hearts. When Zeus realized the threat of Master Xehanort and the heartless, he used his powers of light to give 8 young maidens extraordinary powers of goodness to combat the threat of the Friends. The maidens are Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Esmerelda, and Kairi. After Xehanort's defeat in Kingdom Hearts II, the High Council decided to keep the Princesses along for the war effort by using them as healers and agents. It is rumored that Tiana and Rapunzel will be next in line to achieve the light power from Zeus and the High Council.

  • Fa Mulan is often seen with them, leading many people to assume she's one of them. In reality, she's assigned by the High Council to protect them, as their best female warrior. She often works undercover, dressing in a similar style so people will underestimate her. She's become very good friends with several of them, and she and Esmerelda, as the resident action girls, are training some of the others in self-defense.

The Seven Dwarfs: After the dwarves saved Snow White from Queen Grimhilde, Zeus saw fit to keep these mining dwarves along as agents of good. Their purpose is to mine for magical gems and rubies and give them to the High Council for safekeeping. However, the Queen once orchestrated a plot to kidnap a wish-granting stone for her own dark purposes. Fortunately, the stone only can cast good wishes, and the Dwarves sent Grimhilde to the Underworld again.

Geppetto: After Pinoke became a real boy, Geppetto decided to work with the Blue Fairy as an example of how beleiving in your dreams and doing something to make it happen can end well. His toymaking and repair works helps those particular agents and he's a stark contrast to his evil counterpart in Fables located in the multiverse system of Warner Brothers/DC Comics.

The Monks from "Ave Maria": Through a combination of the Power of Rock and Allergic To Good, the Monks keep Chernabog trapped within Bald Mountain. They haven’t always been successful, but the alternative is far worse.

The Spring Sprite: The Spring Sprite uses her powers of life to bring back life to worlds that were corrupted by the Friends, although she did almost accidentally destroy her home forest by activating the Firebird due to her curious nature. The huge fire, rain and instant growth at the end of The Lion King? Totally her doing. Currently on assignment to WALL•E's Earth to help the cleanup effort.

Dumbo and Timothy: Timothy has been given a position much like Jiminy, in that he helps down on their luck individuals achieve happiness through their own merits. He still helps run Dumbo's circus, which has become a popular show for weary soldiers of the High Council.

Bambi: The Great Prince of the Forest is the title given to the deer chosen to guard the forest. Originally the assignment was on Bambi's father, and it was passed to Bambi himself at the end of the film.

Pedro: A small plane with boundless determination, he acts as a messenger for the High Council, delevering instructions and important items.

The Aracuan: Like the Chesire Cat, the Aracuan is a creature of large chaotic magic. He more or less just does whatever suits him and doesn't follow orders, but fortunately he's a pretty nice guy.

Johnny Appleseed: The High Council was aware of Johnny's gift for a while, but when he showed signs of slipping into depression (thus putting him at risk with the Friends), they sent an angel to convince him to follow his dreams by heading out West and planting apple trees along the way. When Johnny died, the angel returned to take his spirit up to the High Council, where he helps the Spring Sprite in restoring ruined worlds as well as occasionally helping cook for the Council. His special ingredients are, of course, apples.

Pecos Bill, Slue Foot Sue, and Widowmaker: Seriously, three individuals with Charles Atlas Superpowers? the Gods would be crazy to turn them away. They managed to get them to join by rescuing Sue from the moon (Widowmaker joined simply because he didn't want to leave his master).

Willie the Giant: No, this is not a contradiction. After losing to Mickey and being abandoned by the Friends, Willie was left with nothing. He eventually pulled a Mistreatment-Induced Betrayal and began working for the Gods. He's mostly a soldier, but also a part time Ghost of Christmas Present.

The Cheshire Cat: No, this doesn't actually contradict the theory in the Other Side Friends Part 1 section placing him in the company of the Friends. A powerful force of Chaotic Neutral, Zeus sought him out eons ago to broker a deal. The Cat's Blue and Orange Morality makes him a difficult ally, but his role as a double agent within the Friends is extremely useful, and his existence in one of the most chaotic centers of magic in all the worlds makes him an invaluable source of intel. Although at times, he seems to enjoy his role pretending to be one of the Friends a little too much. No one is exactly sure who's playing who here...

Peter Pan: Much like the Cheshire Cat, Peter's a bit more of a chaotic force in the universe than most of the High Council's allies. However, because of this, he's been battling Hook for a long time, and he knows Neverland exceptionally well. Plus, he genuinely cares about all the children he brings to Neverland, so the High Council trusts him to keep Neverland safe - as long as he makes sure all his guests go back before anyone notices.

Tinkerbell and the Fairies: Fairies in general are a race that work to assist those the higher powers deem fit, like Peter. Tinkerbell in particular, given her Wrench Wench capabilities, had proven particularly valuable in the tech sector of the fight. note 

Tramp: This street-smart stray dog has been secretly working with the High Council for a long time. Dogs tend to be loyal and serve as forces for good, so the High Council organized several of the strongest ones they found into a team of spies and secret agents. Tramp leads them, along with his second in command Dodger and recruits Pongo, Perdita, Copper, Spot, and Bolt. They protect other dogs, look out for the people they're close to, and spy on the villains. Because who would suspect a dog?

  • The Twilight Bark chain is how this particular animal unit passes on the intelligence gathered in the field. And The Colonel was one of the old leaders of the Dog Unit before semi-retirement to the countryside.
  • Not all dogs are loyal to the High Council, though. Those that have sided with the Friends include Roscoe, DeSoto, and Cerberus.

King Arthur: The rightful king of all England, "Wart" wasn't very confident or wise before Merlin took him on as his student, but through his many lessons, he was gradually prepared for his role of becoming King by drawing the Sword in the Stone. It was certainly a frightening prospect at first, but thanks to Merlin's wise guidance in his earliest years, Arthur grew into the role and ruled with Justice and Compassion from then on.

King Louie: Unwittingly manipulated by the Friends during the big fuss surrounding Mowgli leaving the jungle, King Louie was convinced by kidnapping the boy that he could learn to be human too. But an ape like him never really had the sort of heart the Friends were looking for and after loosing Mowgli, the Friends moved on. Since the incident, King Louie has run a pilot's bar as an Oasis spot in the Animal Kingdom, with Baloo being one of his favorite customers.

O'Malley and Duchess: Overall, cats tend to gravitate more towards the Friends than the High Council, and as such they are often distrusted. The High Council decided that those who chose to forsake the Friends needed a safe haven from both the distrusting public and there own kind. It had always been a plan to turn Madame Bonfamille's estate into a haven for them. Had Edgar not interfered, he would have been offered a life of luxury in exchange for this. Still, he gave into evil impulses, but everything worked out. Another human runs the shelter now.

Robin Hood: Oh come on, are you surprised? Someone as talented and cunning as Robin Hood wouldn't avoid the High Council's attention forever...especially now that he's itching for excitement since he beat John. He's much more mellow after his marriage, but he's still THE best archer in their ranks, and an excellent spy.

Pooh, Tigger and the Hundred Acre Woods Gang: Unlike most of Zeus's allies, they're not warriors, spies, or geniuses and most don't even know about the High Council or Friends. Created by the High Council, they represent the purest form of good magic, and together, their presence once put the Woods under a spell that used to ensure the Friends could never find it. In that time, The Hundred Acre Woods served as the first oasis for all of the forces of good when they needed a place to recover from a battle. Sadly, agents and pawns of the Friends finally infiltrated the Hundred Acre Woods thanks to Crud (described under "Friends on the Other Side, Part II"), making the place no longer as safe as it use to be.

  • Eeyore once stumbled upon Zeus during one of his breaks, and already being The Eeyore, he didn't take Zeus's presence as proof of a harsh multiverse very well. However, in return for remaining a watcher of the Wood in case Chernabog should ever attempt a full scale attack, Zeus agreed to help him with "Cloud Painting" every night to cheer him up. That colorful burst at the end of Donkey for a Day? That's Zeus raining magic all around the happy 100 acre wood residents.

Rescue Aid Society and The Rescue Rangers: With their small size, skill at infiltration and rescue, and all-around courage and tenacity (not to mention Gadget’s skills as a Wrench Wench) have proven invaluable in spywork and rescuing innocents from the Friends. They often work with Basil, and are currently putting Rhino through their training.

Big Mama: The sister of Owl, she watches over a relatively peaceful corner of the Disney worlds, dispensing wisdom and protecting the more vulnerable critters in the forest. Her advice wound up being invaluable when Tod wound up in conflict with Amos Slade. The Friends had their eye on this hunter, but decided against recruiting at the end, while sending one of their most brutal agents, the bear, to destroy Slade and Tod. The bear was eventually defeated, and Tod was recruited to work for the High Council as a tactical advisor to Bambi.

Taran, Eilonwy, Gurgi, Dallben, Hen Wen and Fflewddur Fflam: Taran and his friends were recognized by the High Council for their defeat of the Horned King and were all rewarded. Taran was given a new sword (but without magic powers) and now teaches new recruits how to properly fight with their swords, Eilonwy travels with Taran and teaches magic to some of the Princesses as well as others who are willing to learn, Gurgi was taught how to cook by Johnny Appleseed so that the little creature wouldn't have to steal anymore, and Hen Wen is currently used to help the High Council figure out which worlds the Friends will attack next while Dallben keeps his home open as a High Council meeting place as he always has. And Fflewddur? Well, he now roams about Prydain singing of the heroic exploits of not just Taran, but all the other High Council heroes as well.

Basil: After his defeat of Ratigan, the world's smartest mouse gained the attention of the Gods. He might have refused out of Pride, but Dr. Dawson convinced him otherwise. As the one of the few detectives in the ranks, he helps the Gods solve mysterious crimes and detect the hand of the friends in worlds where they're starting to make inroads.

Maurice, Belle and Prince Adam: Foiling the Enchantress' master plan gained these unassuming heroes the attention of the High Council. Maurice's Gadgeteer Genius may not be on the same level as Cornelius or Wayne, but he was far ahead of his time and he now designs helpful inventions for worlds in need. Belle, as it turns out, was another Princess of Heart, and the High Council holds her in high regard. And Adam, once a target of the High Council's efforts at redeeming those on the Friends' radar, now joined that effort, traveling the worlds in search of those in need of guidance. The High Council is also working on a charm that will allow him to regain his Beast form at will for battle, since Beast was one of the most powerful warriors they've ever encountered, but they haven't managed to duplicate the Enchantress' magic yet.

  • Adam's many castle servants now serve as helpers in many different castles, with Lumiere, Cogsworth and Mrs. Potts being called on for team get-togethers as the heads of Adam's house.

Aladdin: Part of the team of non-magic mortals, Aladdin was brought in by the Genie. "The Diamond in the Rough" didn't just apply to the Cave of Wonders - he represents a rare mix of cleverness and survival skills combined with a pure heart. He's often used in espionage, infiltration, or any missions that require someone with more street smarts. And his adventurous spirit makes him more than happy to help.

The Cave of Wonders: A powerful desert spirit that guards ancient artifacts, it has an uneasy alliance with the High Council. Its methods for disposing of intruders are disapproved of by Zeus, but it provides a valuable service in keeping some of the most powerful sources of dark magic locked far away where no one who isn't pure of heart can find them.

Iago: A former minion of evil, he grew tired of his abuse, tired of his imprisonment with Jafar, and most of all, tired of having his avian freedom infringed upon. While his fear kept him under Jafar's fingers for quite some time, after his Heel–Face Turn, both Zeus and Aladdin saw fit to give him a second chance. Iago moved out of Agrabah after Aladdin's wedding, choosing instead to roost with Aladdin's father, Cassim. However, Zeus often calls on Iago for favors, since as an ex-minion, he makes for an even better spy than Dodger and crew, and a flawless translator for any animal without natural speech. The only restriction is that he's not allowed to go on treasure hunts with Jack Sparrow or Benjamin Gates out of safety and Greed concerns. Iago agreed, but only on the condition he gets treasure as payment with NO CRACKERS!

Mufasa: Rafiki knew this warrior king all his life, and helped him be a kind ruler and wise leader of the Animal Kingdom. When Scar killed him, the High Council brought Mufasa up to Olympus (though there was fierce battle with the friends over the technicality of him dying heroically at the hands of a villain), where he now serves as a spirit guardian and watches over his son. The spirit who spoke to Simba and helped him get the courage to return to the Pride Lands and defeat Scar? That was the real deal, sent by the Council. Mufasa is considered a shoe-in to join the High Council should Rafiki ever retire.

Simba, Rajah, and Bagheera: They serve as ambassadors of the cat kingdom, fighting against negative beliefs about their kind. Simba rules over the Animal Kingdom, while Rajah travelled to the human world to protect Princess Jasmine while keeping an eye on the Friends' doings. Bagheera, meanwhile, serves as a vital check on Shere Khan's power, and protects all the innocents of the jungle, both human and animal. All three are fierce warriors, and Rajah's "loving pet" persona conceals a sharp mind he's keeping from the humans. They're currently mentoring Oliver, but animal children can't be recruited either. Mittens, because of her sharp wit and the loyalty she eventually showed her companions, is in training. Sgt. Tibbs also reports to the trio; because of his friendship with Pongo and Perdita, he serves as a feline/canine ambassador. Baymax is another good friend of theirs, though he does tend to call them "hairy babies."

Timon and Pumbaa: This Meerkat/Warthog buddy team was key in raising Simba, and while their philosophy of life may not be in line with the High Council's at all times, they showed great courage and loyalty in helping Simba take his kingdom back. They're not the strongest warriors, but their jungle hideaway serves as a perfect Oasis location, creating a safe spot for heroes from the Animal Kingdom. As of late, the jungle has been greatly taken up by Timon's former colony moving there as a safehaven from the Hyenas, but it's still a favorite resting place for the animals.

Victor, Hugo and Laverne: Low-powered spirits of good magic, they were placed in the gargoyles by the Gods to keep an eye on Quasimodo. The presence of Frollo made the Gods worried that the situation would attract the Friends, and they were right. The gargoyles served to give Quasimodo that extra boost of confidence and self-worth that allowed him to become a hero "stronger than stone".

Phoebus, Quasimodo and the Gypsies: Once Quasi had thrown off the influence of Frollo, and Phoebus and the Gypsies proved their good hearts by their treatment of Quasi, all were invited to join the fight by the Gargoyles. Phoebus, with his military training, and Quasi, with his brute strength and knowledge of medieval weaponry, have proven invaluable in physical encounters with the Friends, while Esmerelda, with her skill at disguise, fighting, and other ahem, assets, now leads the Gypsies in espionage and reconnaissance missions, not to mention the fact that she could be another Princess of heart.

Li Shang: General Shang was a long-time member of the Gods' army, helping to defend against the Friends on the ground. When he met his end at the hands of Shan-Yu, the High Council quickly approached his son, who they saw had the same courage and skills his father did. The High Council was working with him throughout the movie by helping him with creating his training program, encouraging him in times of trouble, and even giving him warning about the Huns on the move. How? Well, their special representative was Cri-kee, who chirped words into Shang's ears and helped Mushu write the call for reinforcements when Zeus realized that the Huns would overwhelm the imperial army. By the time Shan-Yu was defeated, the council agreed that Li Shang hand proven himself a capable leader, and was inducted as a full Lieutenant. He also helped convince them to bring in and train...

Fa Mulan: The youngest member ever to be inducted into the regular ranks of Zeus' army. Although only a teenager, she impressed the heroes so much with her resourcefulness and bravery that they brought her in to train. While her combat skills are above average, Phil is currently training her in a variety of more advanced fighting techniques. Zeus considers her to have the potential to be the greatest warrior in his ranks one day.

Tarzan: When he survived Sabor's attack, it put him on the High Council's radar, and they kept an eye on him as he grew. Sure enough, he became a great hero, and the Council contacted him to make him aware of the Friends. He protects the jungle and has a special link to the animal kingdom, allowing him to work with them and make sure that the Friends don't touch their world again. It's possible that Mowgli will take on a similar role in his jungle when he's older.

Aladar: One of the oldest members, Aladar helped lead a herd of many species struggling to survive in the wake of the K-T Extinction event. A time travel expedition under the Dino Institute ended up coming across Aladar during the course of a second strike and brought him to the present to help modern human knowledge of the dinosaurs. At first distraught at being separated from his closest friends by 65 million years, a joint venture between the Dino Institute and Cornelius Robinson ensured a reunion of his True Companions and Aladar and his allies help in the good fight, completely revolutionize the field of paleontology, and become part of the project to counter the Reptiles Are Abhorrent idea.

Kuzco: Kuzco is an interesting case. Originally a Jerkass of an Emperor, The Friends wanted to turn him into a Evil Overlord of the Inca empire. However, despite his selfish ways, he mostly left his subjects to their own means, never committing acts of spite regularly because he already had so much for himself. (Much like Prince Adam) Kuzco also has a very poor memory and can often forget what's most important only too often. However, thanks to the strong hand of Pacha in teaching him generosity and compassion, Kuzco became a much better ruler, and currently reigns as a Reasonable Authority Figure. Due to the slightly surreal nature of his realm, the high council often investigates for traces of chaotic magic, and Kuzco often has his palace opened up for refugees from other worlds to taste his head Chef Kronk's esteemed cooking.

King Kashekim Nedakh: The Heart of Atlantis was a gift from the High Council, but King Kashekim sought to sharpen its magical energies into weapons of war. Though much of his fight was against the friends, he allowed its power to be abused by occasionally attacking neutral countries, and the continent sunk beneath the waves as punishment for his Pride}. Realizing what he had caused, he volunterred to guard the crystal until the end of his life to ensure it would never fall into the hands of the friends. Milo and Kida take up that responsibility now, though Atlantis now resides back on the surface, once again a shining beacon in their world.

Stitch: Stitch was initially a prime target for the Friends, with his wantonly destructive behavior and Comedic Sociopathy. However, Lilo’s love ultimately saved him from the Friends, and now he works for the High Council as a crack soldier (work which he happens to keep secret from Lilo and everyone else, to keep them safe). With his super strength, super genius, indestructibility and apparent ability to move between worlds at will, Stitch keeps track of the Friends and fights them wherever he meets them. Granted, his fights tend to be a bit…destructive, but he gets the job done. His creator, Doctor Jumbaa Jookiba, has also been recruited by the High Council to share his collective experiment making skills (and other inventing know-how) with the other mad scientists and help counter the inventions of the Friends' mad scientists such as Dr. Ivan Krank and The Mad Doctor.

  • Chernabog refused to let a powerful monster such as Stitch join the High Council, so he used his powers to cause Stitch to glitch out in hopes that it would return Stitch to his destructive nature to be recruited by the Friends. However, once it became clear that Stitch would not give in to his programming, Chernabog sped up the glitch's effect on Stitch, hoping to destroy him so that no one could use the experiment against him. Fortunately, Stitch survived, and so Chernabog turned his and the Friends' attention towards Gantu instead...

The Experiments: As Hamsterviel was a member of the Friends, he hired geneticist Jumba Jookiba to create genetic superweapons that would then be used by the Friends to conquer, disrupt and destroy. However, thanks to the timely intervention of the Grand Councilwoman, Jumba was brought to justice and the other 625 experiments were sealed away, until Lilo accidentally released them across Hawaii and managed to rehabilitate them one by one, turning them to the side of the High Council. However, the Council is still wary of using them in combat situations- subtlety really isn't their thing, and most of their fights involve a whole lot of collateral damage, not to mention the chaos that would occur should the experiment get too liberal in their application of their powers. Nevertheless, some of them have been put to use aiding the Council in a variety of ways.

  • Ploot (#505) occasionally helps out cleaning up WALL•E's world
  • Spooky (#300) hangs out in Halloweentown and gives advice to Jack Skellington
  • Kixx (#601) assists Phil in training others in hand to hand combat
  • Frenchfry (#062) has been known to help both Tiana and Remy with their cooking.

Cobra Bubbles: Despite not having any powers of his own, Cobra Bubbles has been a longtime agent of the High Council, wherever they need a fearless adventurer. This explains his prior knowledge of the Alien queen. But his first love has always been protecting children, hence his job as a social worker. In addition to his work for the state, the High Council points him towards vulnerable children who may have the potential to be important in their plans or need protection from Chernabog.

The United Galactic Federation: The Federation was first founded many years ago by the High Council. As a result, the Grand Councilmen (or, as of now, Grand Councilwoman) have always interacted with the High Council in order to maintain peace across the galaxy. Because the Federation needed a single language that they could all speak and due to the influence of the High Council, all extraterrestrials whose planets are associated with the UGF are taught English as a secondary language.

  • Gantu was formally Captain of the Guard in the Federation, but after years of defecting to evil, eventually experienced a Heel–Face Turn seeing Hamsterviel's Kick the Dog tendencies. He was reinstated on probation, but probably will be fine, especially with his Galley officer Reuben (experiment 625) keeping the crew's spirit high with his excellent sandwiches.

Captain Amelia, Dr. Doppler, and Jim Hawkins: Amelia serves in the Air Brigades, working closely with Goliath, Carl, and Ellie to protect the skies. Doppler has risen to a high position in the science department along with his fellow absent-minded professors. Amelia saw great potential in young Jim after his "ludicrously effective" show great resourcefulness and courage saving the RLS Legacy, leading her to have him sent to the Interstellar Academy. He's very likely to be recruited for the Air Brigades when he's old enough to graduate.

Tanana: A shaman woman who communicates with the Great Spirits of the northern lights, she helped guide Kenai and others along the right path with the powers of nature, working closely with Grandmother Willow.

Kenai and the Bears: Unknown to much of the animal kingdom, bears are among one of the most social animals ever, and this friendly tribe, lead by former human Kenai is always willing to share a fish so long as no harm befalls them. Kenai was originally a selfish human, but due to Grandmother Willow's intervention to show him perspective, he chose to stay as a bear and protect the tribe from misunderstandings in connection to that other bear.

Patch of Heaven: This peaceful dirt farm was the location of a desperate last stand by The High Council against a mass soul theft by the friends. The High council had Dodger pay a visit to one of their contacts, Rusty in order to recruit help from the most unlikely of sources: 3 cows, a horse and a 1 legged rabbit. Along with the entire farm animal population, the infamous Alemeda Slim was captured, and with his racket brought down, the area was restored to peace, with Patch of Heaven established as a new desert oasis location.

Chicken Little: After the events of the film, this kid got the attention of the High Council. Since he seems to be a Gadgeteer Genius, he's currently being trained as a scientist by Cornelius Robinson.

Lewis/Cornelius Robinson: Gained his position after defeating his own rogue creation Doris, he and Robinson Industries act in providing technological assistance to the forces of good to counter the increasing technological terrors of the evil forces. When Phineas and Ferb grow older, they will also serve as major collaborators in this effort.

Rhino the Hamster: Sometimes, the greatest heroes come in the most unlikely places. Over the course of their small, mostly villain-free adventure, Rhino displayed such courage and heroism (particularly in his willingness to make a Heroic Sacrifice) that Zeus decided he could use him. Rhino serves the Gods as a secret agent, used mainly for recon, due to his small size and non-threatening appearances. It's easy for him to get in and out of virtually any place of interest undetected. A huge fan of the Rescue Rangers, the O.W.A.C.A, and Rescue Aid Society, he's hoping to join one day.

Tiana, Naveen and Louis: With their firsthand experience with the Friends, they provided plenty of info on the workings of the Shadows and how they can be defeated. Meanwhile, Tiana (like Scrooge McDuck below) serves as an example of how hard work and perseverance can earn someone their happy ending, and keeps everyone’s morale up by offering the best gumbo and beignets at her restaurant free of charge. In friendly competition with Remy. The restaurant also serves as an Oasis location, much like the Hundred Acre Woods used to be (see "Pooh, Tigger, and the Hundred Acre Woods Gang" above). Meanwhile, Louis, as one of the few reptile heroes to be found in the discovered worlds, serves as an ambassador of Reptilekind, working to convince them to turn their back on the Friends — in between performing his music on stage, of course.

Evangeline: A firefly in a former life, now a wishing star that works In Mysterious Ways. She doesn't just grant wishes, but gives people what they need rather than what they want. She actually fell in love with Ray, which is why she allowed him to become both a star and an agent as well.

Rapunzel, Flynn Rider, Pascal and Maximus: Mother Gothel's defeat resulted in four new faces to train. Rapunzel, with all the qualities of a Princess of Heart, was graciously accepted into their ranks, and is currently teaching her colleagues some of the many skills she developed during her long isolation in order to make the Princesses more effective. In return, the other more lifelong princesses are teaching her social conventions to help with her duties as royalty. Eugene Fitzherbert, still going by Flynn on occasion due to some of his shyness and unwillingness to let a good false reputation go to waste, is a good man who specializes in stealth missions, often aided by Maximus, though he has occasionally been called upon to fight battles as leader of the "decoy unit". Finally, Pascal's abilities make him a good stealth agent for the Rescue Aid Society.

  • Truth be told, the High Council has a special policy of minimal interference for different worlds, but moved with pity for the plight of the kingdom, they sent in a special agent from the RAC: Pascal. Zeus ordered him to, "Never let Rapunzel's spirit break, or her hope be obliterated. Somehow, the sun always finds a way to shine. Keep it so." And so, Pascal became Rapunzel's confidant and constant guardian as well as giving the occasional prod to leave the tower. Zeus's men are well known among the animal kingdom, and when Maximus saw Pascal the stare master calming him down, Max was at first astonished that the princess was here, and later reluctantly bowed to Pascal and Rapunzel's will in the movie.
  • Thanks to their adventures, the frying pan is now under consideration as a backup weapon for some units in the High Council due to effectiveness and utility as a survival utensil, though many warriors greet the idea with a "Are you kidding?" look.
  • Zeus also asked Rapunzel if she'd like her magic hair back as Helios could have easily given her another drop of sunlight to restore her powers. Rapunzel declined at first, but then the friends began trying to sabotage her happiness by giving it back anyways. It didn't take, but Rapunzel said it was probably for the best since that hair had become more trouble than it was worth.

Ralph, Felix, Tamora, and Vanellope: When Kevin Flynn first developed the software that would grow into the grid, one thing he couldn't control was the general commercialization of the programming. With many game designers not knowing the potential of the programming they were working with, the Video Game genre developed full speed, leading to the commercial successes of games like Fix It Felix-Jr., Sugar Rush and more recently, Hero's Duty. However, secret investigations by the High Council tech team discovered that like The Grid, the game characters had gained sentience as well. However, when experts such as Wilbur tried to make contact, they discovered that the programs just wanted to be left to their jobs and didn't want to get mixed up in a war of gods. However, after the second Turbo incident, the council of Bad guys (AKA Bad Anon.) agreed to allow for regular communications in case Master Control Program of Clu 2 ever tried anything in their arcade. Mt. Litwick's Arcade now serves as Oasis for the humans that are kids and teenagers, as it makes for a great place to unwind from endless war.

  • Wreck-It Ralph, despite being a Bad Guy, actually received a second medal of heroics from the high council for helping to save the arcade from Turbo. Ralph for his part felt honored, now absolutely sure that one can be Bad and yet Good at the same time.
  • Fix-It Felix for his part sometimes moonlights as a repairman in other programs, as his magic hammer has amazing capacity for fixing almost anything. The tech department is even experimenting with building a real world counterpart in order to "fix" bad guys.
  • Tamora returned to her job as commander of Hero's Duty, and occasionally gets digitized for combat duty in the real world.
  • Vanellope Von Sweetz for her part is just glad to finally have her days of being an outcast being over, and on occasion gets called on for spying missions, since her Teleport Spam and Badass Driver skills allows for quick getaways.

Queen Elsa: Once Upon a Time, a kind king and queen were blessed with a daughter who could generate ice and snow with but a thought or a wave of her hands. This immediately made Elsa a long-term interest to the High Council from a young age. The problem was that after the unfortunate accident between her and her sister, Elsa's parents cut off all contact with the council, wanting nothing more to do with magic, wars and "long term investments." Killed by trecherous seas (which surprising was not caused by either side), Elsa sunk into despair, and despite repeated hales from the princesses of heart, all requests to see her went unanswered. This left Elsa open to be pulled into despair by the Friends for much of her life, until her 21st year, when she came of age, and accidentally froze her kingdom while running away. Alerted of these events by their agents at the coronation, (Rapunzel and Eugene) the council brought a simple snowman to life as a final safeguard to ensure Elsa returning to the light. Finally getting control of her powers, Elsa now protects the kingdom of Arendelle from the Friends influence (and receives ice power training from Frozone.

Princess Anna: Princess Anna serves mainly as a conscience for her sister, being the happier, livelier and more socially adjusted of the two. It is only thanks to Anna that Elsa was prevented from falling in with the Friends after a lifetime of sadness. Though she had a VERY close call during the adventures, she survived, and redeemed both her and her sister with The Power of Love. She's currently dating the ice hauler Kristoff, and acts as ambassador to the multiverse.

Olaf: Given life by the Blue Fairy, and being a living embodiment of love and kindness, Olaf spreads happiness and cheer wherever he goes and lets very little get to him. These traits make him a key part of warding off the Friends' influence throughout Arendelle. And thanks to his personal flurry, he has little fear of melting.

  • However, he's still terrified of Hades and the Firebird. Their very names makes him scream and run away.

The Big Hero 6: Hiro Hamada and his team first came to the Council's attention when they first heard reports of a team of "mysterious heroes" stopping Callahan from enacting his revenge. Thankfully, they had an inside mad to contact the students right away: Fred's father. Originally part of Mr. Incredible's generation of heroes, he retired into wealth and splendor after the superhero relocation project. However, upon figuring out what his son had managed to become, he realized any new hero needed a mentor. So, he had the Big Hero 6 create a new routine. Outside of their work and regular patrols of San Fransokyo, they do training and learn lessons from the Incredibles on how to be a better hero team.

The Zootopia Police Department: In the heart of a city meant to represent the harmony the high council means to create, there lies its police department. Lead by Chief Bogo, the ZPD is technically an arm of the council to catch any fowl beings seeking to create disharmony in the city. Bogo himself isn't officially sanctioned by the council, mostly because some of the leaders complain that, "Just because the job's hard doesn't mean you have to be so terse." Clawhauser on the other hand is the council's recruiter for the department. As the man at the front, he can keep an eye out for honest cops who might be able to take special assignments in the future for the council. His friendly demeanor certainly made him an ideal cat to do it too.

Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde: The greatest pair on the ZPD, Judy and Nick's journey to officerhood was fraught with prejudice and speciesism, and coming from two vastly different backgrounds didn't exactly endear them to each other at first. Especially with Nick originally being a Zootopia troublemaker. Still, the council saw in Judy the can do belief in the magic of dreams that Zootopia could always use, and so kept an eye on her through boot camp. They even personally requested Lionheart send her to the heart. But her biggest rise came when she tacked Bellwether's missing mammal scheme. While disappointed in her giving into childish prejudice at first, her work in solving the true case brought her and Nick straight into the fold. And as such, they are occasionally called on exchange events to work with Basil to solve crimes or team up with Maximus to hunt criminals.

Te Fiti: Goddess of creation, she's closely related to Demeter and Grandmother Willow. However, despite her great power in creating islands, plants, beasts and humans in her world, she's actually much less motivated compared with the other Gods. Choosing to take long naps between her bursts of creativity. This lead to a problem as when her warrior Maui stole her heart for humans, she was quickly corrupted into a demon by the friends. As such, for years she lashed out at her world, slowly destroying it. It took until Moana brought her heart back to restore her to giving life. Though no longer a threat to her world, Te Fiti went back to sleep afterwards, much to the other Gods's annoyance. Though they did admit she needed a good nap after being evil for so long.

The Ocean: While it could be easy to write this off as Zeus, Poseidon or even Triton manipulating the waves to do the council's bidding, this is not actually the case. "The Ocean" is in fact a nature spirit, brother to the great spirit Te Fiti. And when his sister was corrupted when Maui stole her heart, he wanted nothing more than to restore her heart and bring life back to his world. But despite his best intentions, he couldn't directly put the heart back or risk killing her on accident. So, The Ocean kept asking the council for a way to help save his sister.

  • The council did all they could without becoming overbearing, but as the world began to die, they had to present the Ocean with an Ultimatum: come up with a plan, or we'll have to force our way onto this world to save it. The Ocean proposed a slower but still effective solution: raise up a champion among a Polynesian to save them. The council agreed, sending a member to keep watch once the ocean chose its champion.
  • And so, the ocean chose Moana as its champion, gave her the heart of Te Fiti (it could easily have picked it up after all), and helped inspire her to go be the hero it wanted. And of course, fling her back onto her boat when necessary.
    • Moana didn't always stay strong though, and however reluctantly at what would come next, the ocean would have respected her decision to give up. Only the consequences would have been a sea invasion by Triton's forces to defeat Te Ka. Thankfully, she eventually chose to never give up, and with her love and care, the ocean got people sailing and seeking life over itself again.
  • Another fun fact: The Ocean, while mostly uncaring in general, does have a soft spot for children. Hence why he chose to rescue Maui at a young age and pass him on to live a better life as a demi-god.

Maui: The great Demi-god champion of Ocean and Te-Fiti...did not have an easy start. He started life almost drowning when his parents chose to discard him. (The parents were in part deceived by the friends in this case, but they still chose to do this) When he was saved by the ocean, he and Te Fiti took pity on him, gifting a magical fish hook through which he might gain the will and strength to be anything he wanted. A way to symbolically teach him that you can be anything, and your past does not define you. However, Maui took it a different way: that the hook gave him worth, and that to further prove his worth to mankind, he took up doing many great deeds on their behalf.

  • And for the record, ALL of the stories are true, but also in part tied into his work battling the friends.
    • Pushing up the sky? A battle with the friends where they tried to collapse it.
    • Stealing fire? He took it from the firebird as a screw you to the friends.
    • Pulling up islands? They had tried to sink them first to destroy land life.
    • Lassoing the Sun? The friends tried to steal it, so he had to pull it back.
    • Harnessing the breeze? Grandma Willow lent him some of her winds to help his people grow.
    • The tide, grass, ground? He was in a sparring match with Hercules, Triton and Layla (Sky High) and accidentally got things going too far.
    • Coconuts? An Eel demon the council cast a spell on to help give the Polynesians food and needed Maui to plant in order to convert.
  • While sometimes irritated by his cavalier attitude, the council for the most part were appreciative of Maui's actions. However, everything changed the day he tried to steal Te Fiti's heart to give mankind the ability to create. Such an ability was reserved exclusively for gods, as humans are meant only to sub-create. Refashioning and reforging their world instead of the pure creation reserved for Gods. As such, without her heart, Te-Fiti fell to corruption by the friends, and when Maui tried to escape, her evil side Te Ka defeated and cast him out of the council's favor. The Ocean exiled him to a remote island, removed the heart from his possession, and allowed his hook to be captured by Tamatoa. And as such, told him that they'd come for him when they're ready.
    • Maui stewed for years, allowing the friends to play to his ego and insecurity and potentially make him theirs. However, despite their best efforts, they could not break Maui's warrior and noble spirit. He refused to join the opposite team despite his attitude.
  • When Moana showed up, he recognized Hei Hei as a council agent (hence why he wanted to eat him and get rid of their influence). However, eventually he was forced to concede that to get what he wanted, he would need to go on one more mission for the council to return the heart. Though the journey was fraught with setbacks, second guessing and even a moment of abandonment, Maui fortunately had a little bit of magic on his body which convinced him to finish the task set out for him. After successfully restoring what he'd stolen and sincerely apologizing, Te Fiti gave Maui a new fish hook, and he reported back to the council for new assignment.
    • While Zeus sternly told him never to pull that kind of stunt again, he then gave him a new directive: Go be the protector of Moana's tribe. And we'll get back to you later when we need a warrior again. And then gave him a sly, "You're welcome."

Moana: The chieftain Tui's daughter, Moana was chosen as a young girl to be the destined savior of Te Fiti, and restorer of her world. While any child could have worked, the ocean in part chose her for her natural love of water, and her empathy towards its creatures, which would be essential to save Te Fiti from herself. Of course, growing up in an isolationist tribe did everything they could to squash this destiny, but the ocean's "call", along with Hei Hei and her grandmother, kept pushing her back. Though her parents weren't supportive of this, eventually the crisis on her island became too real, and Moana set out to find Maui and restore the heart.

  • Though the journey was fraught, challenging, and grew her in ways never expected, eventually Moana with her skill and heart managed to restore the heart, saving the entire area, and becoming the new chief navigator for her people as they set out on a new journey as explorers.
    • Though Moana these days is quite busy sailing, caring for her tribe and setting a new course searching for more islands, after her adventures, Ariel made first contact with her, telling her all about the threat far worse than anything she'd ever faced on her sailing. As such, the princesses of heart decided to make formal relations with the tribe, and Moana on occasion gets called on for missions, usually working with Mulan as a warrior and guardian of the innocent.

Hei Hei & Pua: Despite all evidence to the contrary, Hei Hei is NOT actually an idiot. Rather, he's a deep cover agent of the council, sent by the Rescue Aid Society Obfuscating Stupidity. Why such a deep cover? Well, because the world of Moana was deeply sick but also deeply isolationist. The spirit of adventure seemed to have almost died out, and despite the best efforts of The Ocean to beckon a savior to restore the land (and several attempts by Zeus to get Maui to shape up or Triton to try and get the Polynesian to listen), no true savior could be found for several years. Then the Ocean decided to choose princess Moana as his new herald. However, he also needed someone to watch over her and make certain she wasn't too attached to the land. Enter Hei Hei and Pua.

  • Hei Hei was sent as deep cover, while Pua was allowed a little more leeway. Both were instructed to NEVER let Moana out of their sight, and to make certain to serve the Ocean until their work was done.
    • And while Pua was washed up and retired back to the island after the first attempt at sailing beyond the reef, when Moana set sail again, Hei Hei stowed aboard.
  • This is also in part why Hei Hei kept trying to walk off into the ocean during the journey. He thought that with Moana and Maui now together, his work was done. But the Ocean kept sending him back, saying "We're not done until the heart's restored." Fortunate that he did, so that he could save the heart at a crucial moment. Then when Hei Hei tried to walk off into retirement after the adventure, the ocean turned him around yet again. This time, saying, "No. We now need you to keep reporting to us as Moana's tribe travels."
    • Hei Hei was QUITE annoyed that even now his work isn't done, clucking "I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! If I have to pretend to be an idiot for one second longer I'll lose my mind!" He promptly had a clucking fit, but Zeus promised him that he can trade off with Moana's other pet Pua in the future.

Other Animated Movies

The Christmas Ghosts: This should be pretty self explanatory. After a successful trial run on Scrooge, they began doing this every Christmas. Occasionally another agent like Jimminy or Willy will fill in, but mostly they handle the work themselves.

  • There has also been one occasion they temporarily allowed Pete to be the future ghost, if only with gold as payment.

Toaster and the gang: Just like with toys (see "Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and the Toys" below), appliances often have low level spirits of good put in them, allowing them to watch over those that need them. They look out for those who have potential, like Rob, and help nurture them.

The Resistance: When Doofenshmirz-2 took over, the High Conceal recruited Candace-2, a useful but not always kind ally, to stop him. She went on to find other kids to form a resistance. After Doofenshmirz-2's defeat, the team started going on missions. Candace-2, Isabella-2, and Buford have becomes skilled fighters. Phineas-2 and Ferb-2 joined the technological division. Baleejet-2, Much like Jack Skellington, become useful for opening up portals to the other universes in the Disney Multiverse.

Animated Television

Ludwig von Drake: A Genius Ditz jack-of-all trades, von Drake is a gifted scientist right up there with Wayne and the others. While he does work in the tech department, he much rather prefers lecturing at the Academy of the High Council, where all new recruits are sent to train.

Professor Owl: It's a no brainer that music has power in the Disney universe. Properly harnessed, music can be a powerful weapon. Professor Owl has mastered a good deal of this art, and as such teaches it to new recruits of the High Council. The Sing-Alongs are actually the first step of training.

Scrooge McDuck: Scrooge McDuck was born in Glasgow, Scotland, and when he was cheated out of a fair payment on his first job, he swore to make it big by being smarter then the smarties, sharper than the sharpies and tougher than the toughies. He traveled the world, serving as an example for all the ducks who work for him of diligence, honesty, and stubborn virtue. (Most of the time)

  • However, the very thing that drove him also drove him to almost become an agent of the friends. Thanks to his value in working for what you get, Scrooge never made a deal with them. Rather, the friends used his greed to make the lives of millions around him miserable. But the high council decided it was time for scrooge to see the light, and so sent his nephew Donald to begin reforming him.
    • Thanks to Donald dropping off Scrooge's grandnephews, Scrooge slowly began to change. Still valuing money, but also relearning the value of generosity, family, and regaining his spirit of adventure.
  • In time, the high council approached Scrooge to become a full time ally. Scrooge, being a tough dealer, forced them to bargain for his assistance by promising to split profits 60%-40% for his help. Reluctantly they agreed, but eventually came around to Scrooge seeing how his sharp mind and determination made him an excellent treasure hunter, business negotiator, and even a warrior despite his age.
  • Of course, all good things have to end, and Scrooge eventually died at the age of 100. Still, Zeus decided to bring his soul up to work in the afterlife. After all, good help is hard to find.

Dave's Parents: The reason they left to battle evil was on request from the Gods.

Dave and his family: When Dave's mom and dad left to battle evil all over the world, that left the care of Utrogoth to their Uncle Oswidge and Princess Candy, along with Fang and Dave (the barbarian). While their parents hoped that they would eliminate evil all over the world through their battling, the friends instead decided to launch a mass attack on their home in their absence. So, the defeat of Evil fell to Dave the cowardly barbarian, Fang the ferocious, Candy the fashion obsessed, Oswidge the inept, Lula the talking sword and Faffy their dragon. Despite their many hijinks, the castle never fell to evil totally, and eventually defeated the Dark Lord Chuckles, securing the kingdom.

  • However, due to their general incompetence, the council is reluctant to fully take them on battling the friends, though if Dave ever gets braver or Fang gets bigger, than they might be a shoe in. Oswidge is getting tutoring in Magic though to improve his spell casting.

Perry the Platypus: Another animal agent, he's responsible for training all new recruits from animal worlds. His agency is actually a front for Zeus and company. His battles with Dr. Doofenshmirtz aren't related to this, however. Dr. Doof has no dealings with the Friends (He's not as bad a guy as he wants them to believe, so they have no interest. (They're much more intrigued by Suzy). Perry's main role on his world is to keep an eye on the pair below.

Phineas and Ferb: These young brothers are super geniuses who also happen to be gifted with a very powerful connection to chaotic magic, hence their incredible abilities to design anything they think of. The Gods see the potential in them to be great forces of good one day, but they're far too young to be recruited. So the Gods sent Perry to watch over them, while helping to shield them from the eyes around them and allow them to practice their gift in secrecy. Candace isn't just unlucky - it's been decided that she can't be allowed to bust them for the good of the universe.

The O.W.C.A: Like Perry, they are training new recruits to fight against the others. Most animals (and the good Cats, Reptiles, Helalumps, Woozles, and weasles) are willing to help fight evil.

Jeremy Johnson: It's unclear that if he's really that nice, or is a Stepford Smiler agent for the Friends, but if he's the former, he's used as a tool by Zeus to make sure that Candace doesn't Jump Off The Slippery Slope, by using her love for him to keep herself from snapping completely, though he might be starting to return her feelings. Not to mention give her a distraction so she won't be focused on helping the Friends unintentionally.

Meap: He travels around the universe helping any planet that was in danger, which may relate to the Friends.

The Fireside Girls: While their a bit too young to join, they're completely aware of the whole battle taking place, and want to helped. It's actually a training for young females who want to battle the Friends. Isabella always used the 'watching over the likely candidates' excuse to visit Phineas often.

  • She also helped out with their illusion they gave to a future Candace on explaining why they didn't let her bust Phineas and Ferb, and acted out an explantion on why she didn't remember any of this in the past.

Ducky Mo-mo: It may appeared to be just a kid's show, but in reality is a device to lead either potential agents or agents from the friend's side with its sweetness only they could understand.

Team Possible: Wade has always worked for the gods as an information man. When he discovered Kim's actions, he volunteered to work for her because the Gods saw potential in her. All her missions were secretly being evaluated by Wade. This peaked after Ron absorbed Mystical Monkey Power, which is why Wade keeps such a close eye on him (he has him microchipped, after all). After they defeated Warhawk and Warmonga, they were finally brought in as full agents.

The Yamanuchi School: This is actually a training ground for new recruits. Since Kim's world is mostly populated with Harmless Villains, it's pretty safe. Wade feigned not knowing them in "Gorilla Fist" to keep Kim in the dark. That's how he "checked into the unknown".

The Gummi Clan: The last remnants of an advanced civilization with great magical and technological abilities, they safeguard their secrets, protect the kingdom, and aid the Gods when needed. They're not physically powerful, but very resourceful.

The Dragon Council: Obviously, they police the magical side of their world. However, younger, in-training dragons like Jake are unaware that the Council is connected to the larger multiverse. While Jake is the American Dragon, he's also just a boy who's fairly green in the use of his powers. Lao, a dragon master and another powerful mortal who was once in Jake's position, and Fu Dog, an ancient animal guardian, watch over him and train him until the time that Jake is deemed ready to learn about the Gods and join their ranks.

Benjamin the Manatee: Manatees are rare creatures known for pure hearts, so he was a likely choice. Ben either effectively stopped Marina Del Rey from striking a deal with the Friends, or he was her savior because the Friends gave up on her (by either never accepting her in the first place or by dropping a deal already established) for being a Harmless Villain that decided she didn't want to be mean.

Conrad Fleem: He serves the same basic function as Scrooge, that of a powerful businessman who uses his influence to help the Gods. He pitched the Replacement Program as a way to help children, although that was largely an excuse so he could help his niece and nephew. Todd, Riley, Tsumi, and Jacobo currently work in the Program as well.

Agent K: The spy agency she works for is actually another branch of the Gods' massive army, which is how she got into the Replacement Program. She knew Conrad through her work and really wanted children, which is how she came to take care of Todd and Riley.

The Mighty Ducks: No, not those Ducks. The warriors of Puckworld have been battling the Saurians for eons, and when they came to Earth, the High Council recruited them and aided them in their war against the Saurians. The Ducks are fierce warriors, as well as their games being a popular attraction for the High Council when they're in need of some recreation.

Third Street School Students and Faculty: Though these children and adults mainly led a mundane life, if often taking a turn into Serious Business, all that changed when the students and teacher managed to halt Dr. Benedict's plan to erase summer and plunge their Earth into a new ice age. The Council decided this would be where many children, be they royal, warriors or normal, would go to recieve an education of other Earths and learn to loosen up and have fun. TJ Detwiler and his group of friends take the lead outside the classroom, and are friends with many of the other children on the Council. Principla Peter Prickly handles the inside-the-classroom end, and serves as the Council representative.

Bahia Bay, CA: Also an Oasis, and completely free of the Friends' influence- they dismissed it as "unimportant"- not many evil souls there, if any at all. Consequently, it serves as a popular vacation spot for many on the Council. Their representatives are four middle schoolers- Tino, Tish, Carver and Lor- who essentially act as tour guides.

X Middle School Safety Patrol: This surprisingly competent middle school safety patrol is actually a secret training ground for future agents of the High Council. Kids who the High Council believe have potential to serve as agents of justice are steered towards the school, where they hone their skills by foiling the well-planned but mostly harmless crimes that seem to plague the school.

Star Command: The Gods are affiliated with this intergalactic peacekeeping organization, providing training for their agents. Star Command helps to expand the High Council's reach across the galaxies, and in exchange the High Council draws on the heroic spirit of Buzz and his fellow agents for their other agents. It has good relations with the Galactic Federation (see above) and shares intelligence with them.

Baloo: After his time protecting Mowgli, the Gentle Giant Baloo returned to the Animal Kingdom, where he works as a pilot-for-hire. In addition to taking jobs for cash, he serves as a transporter for the High Council, shuttling agents and magical artifacts around the world to keep them from being found by the Friends. The Friends would love to stop him, but none of this world's villains (including former client Shere Khan and his minion, Don Karnage) have been deemed suitable.

Hollywood Police Toon Division: As stated above, Toon Town is very important to the High Counsel. Of course, with an unruly population that's Chaotic Neutral at best, some sort of law is needed to keep the Toons from hurting real people. That's where the Toon Division steps in; hard-working officers like Sgt. Wright and Officer Bonkers protect the human world from Toon criminals, and to keep Toon Town from being corrupted by the Friends into something along the lines of the Cool World.

Teamo Supremo: Like Phineas and Ferb, they're too young to actually be recruited yet, but the Gods know they have potential, since they already work as the State's duly-deputized super agents. Hector and Brenda already had their respective skateboarding and jump-rope skills, but Crandall's sudden burst of superpowers in the last episode was a gift from the Gods.

Pith Possum and Tex Tinstar: These two crusaders of justice are a bit of bunglers, but their hearts are in the right place, and they were more than happy to join the High Council's cause.

Darkwing Duck: He has an ego the size of a small planet, but Darkwing is still a good hearted hero who cares for his city and his adopted True Companions. After his defeat of Taurus Bulba, he caught the High Council's eye. Aware of what happened in the Negaverse, they decided to train him for Negaduck's inevitable apperace. He's recently fallen on hard times, with Quackwork's Crimebots putting him out of business in St. Canard. Following this, he began to question his usefulness to the Council, and went into a 10-Minute Retirement. But with Honker kidnapped, and the Fearsome Five getting back together ...

The Redemption Squad: Some times, the best hero for a job, used to be a villain. Organized by the Director, the High Council's most mysterious ally, the Redemption Squad is an anti-heroic team of "semi-retired" supervillains, consisting of Hunter, Dingo, Yama, Fang, and the Matrix. After they were free of service to the Director, the Redemption Squad remains allied to the Council, though the rougher methods of the "bad guys" tends to clash with most other Disney heroes.

The Guardians of Kandrakar: Given these teenagers' status as some of the most powerful magic users in the multiverse, they willingly joined the Council to help keep their Earth, Meridian and the wider multiverse safe from their enemies and other evil magic users.

The Burners: Protecting the ruins of old Detroit from the Deluxe dystopia in disguise above, the Burners have managed to slow down Kane's operations to a massive degree. Their side business of providing high-quality custom parts has also landed them a position as the go-to place for the High Council's agents to fix up their machines and vehicles. Some eyes are being kept on Julie considering her Archnemesis Dad, but they generally aren't too worried about it. The Council sees them as close equivalents to the Freedom Fighters of Mobius whose world they briefly came into contact with some years ago only to lose contact just as quickly.

Beck: Code-name Tron 3.0, Beck was a program who grew to prominence during the reign of Clu as a program who joined up under Tron in order to slow Clu's grid takeover in his home of Argon City. Although the council tried to keep in contact with this up and coming hero, Kevin Flynn's exile had lead to a lack of communication between real and digital world, and Beck's current fate is unknown despite Clu's downfall.

Royal Prep: This school, run by Flora, Fauna, and Merriwether in between their missions for the Council, is designed to teach young princes and princesses how to be good rulers, to keep the Kingdoms of the Disney multiverse in good hands.

  • Sofia is perhaps their most important pupil, representing innocence but also deep potential. Given her cinderella story with her heritage, the council also wants to keep an eye on her to possibly become a new princess of heart.

Wander: The High Council has already sent out Buzz to get in touch with this interplanetary traveller whose goal seems to be nothing more than to spread good cheer and love throughout the universe.

Star Butterfly: Born of a marriage between the house Butterfly and the house Johansen, Star grew up being trained to be a warrior by the palace guards, while also developing a free spirit due to her strict parental upbringing. Despite her "reckless and irresponsible" behavior in her youth, the council personally thought she would make a fine princess, due to her fearless demeanor in fighting monsters and taming unicorns in her spare time. Inheriting the royal magic wand on her 14th birthday, her unfortunate lack of control lead her mom and dad (moon and river respectively) to send her to learn ordinary virtues on earth. While Star is only 14, thanks to her years of training and upbeat attitude, she's under consideration for direct training from Yen Sid in the future. Unfortunately for the council though, any attempt to breach contact has failed. This is because Star shows little interest in the formal trappings of leadership and learning, and is too interested in all her friends on earth to take on frontline duty. (Several council commanders have also sworn off working with her as she has been known to accidentally catch buildings on fire with flaming rainbows.)

  • However, in recent times, Star has gained great interest from the council. Why? Because despite not necessarily thinking through the process of saving her kingdom, she was responsible for PURIFYING THE ROOT OF MAGIC IN HER DIMENSION ON HER OWN!! And gaining a Super Mode easily equal to many other master mages. It was magnificent to say the least. As such, Yen Sid sent a personal invitation to Star, inviting her to better train herself to tap into that kind of power again in the future.

Marco Diaz: The calm one to Star's manic energy, Marco Diaz is the only son of a loving earth family. Skilled in Karate, and steady in demeanor, he became Star's constant companion and new best friend. Being...sensible, he's not interested in joining the High Council...yet, although both Phil and Mulan have shown interest in honing his fighting skills in the future.

Milo Murphy: The Murphy family was once cursed to have every male Murphy be plagued by every conceivable thing going wrong around them. While meant to drive the family insane and eventually be either harvested by the friends or to turn them to evil purposes, instead the Murphy line vowed to never let their constant disasters hold them down. Now every generation chooses to face every day as a challenge and an adventure. Milo is the latest in the line of Murphys. While only in high school, both friends and the council are holding Milo at arms length at the moment. The friends would love to tempt Milo into doing evil with his bad luck, but since their curse is harmful to any around Milo, any attempts at either temptation or extermination have failed spectacularly. The council on the other hand sent Phineas and Ferb to say hi to Milo (they live in adjacent neighborhoods), but after the end of summer vacation and encountering Milo's crazy luck, Ferb commented that they'll need more time than they have at the moment to make a proper assessment of what to do with Milo. For now, both sides have Milo under surveillance, and while Milo's interested in one day doing good for the council (his parents are aware of them), for the safety of everyone around him, Zeus has Milo DEEP on the reserve list right now.


Woody, Buzz Lightyear and the Toys: Much like Victor, Hugo, and Laverne (see above), they're low-powered spirits of good magic placed into objects. There are countless members of them, and they are usually meant to watch over children. For some unknown reason, most spirits forget about the High Council's existence upon entering the toys (hence none of Andy's toys mentioning the council amongst themselves in the films), but they retain the desire to protect the children they were assigned to (though of course they don't remember being assinged to them) and develop strong affection for them.

Unlike the Gargoyles, they toys don't reveal themselves, working behind the scenes to guard their charge. In the case of Buzz, his spirit actually does come from the real Buzz Lightyear (from Buzz Lightyear of Star Command). A little bit of his heroism and willpower is in each toy version. Woody, Jessie and Bullseye from Woody's Roundup likewise draw their own heroism and resourcefulness from the real characters. However years of complacency (in Woody's case) and separation from children (in Jessie's and Bullseye's case) left them somewhat vulnerable to the Friends - Woody's jealousy set him up to be manipulated by the Friends into knocking Buzz out of the window (and potentially destroying him), while Jessie and Bulleye's loneliness (and Woody's fears of mortality) set them up to be manipulated by Stinky Pete. Sid's toys are likewise agents of good, restoring the toys torn apart by Sid and saving them from demoralization.

Geri the Toy Cleaner: A minor agent for the High Council, this elderly toy cleaner spends much of his time playing chess with himself in the park. But his role as a professional toy cleaner is actually a cover for a rescue and salvage operation for toy agents. He's extremely talented at what he does, and was responsible for repairing a good number of Sid's toys. And when Woody was kidnapped, Al called in the best in the field to repair the valuable toy - which allowed Geri to clue the high council in that one of their agents was in danger of being shipped to Japan.

Flik, The Ant Colony, and the Circus Bugs: Flik’s Gadgeteer Genius, the bugs’s badass teamwork and tech skills, and overall minute size allow them to create incredibly complex and powerful weapons, Magitek and other tools for the rest of the group. Not to mention that being among the smallest members, they act as perhaps THE most versatile infiltrators into tricky spots.

Monsters, Inc.: After Waternoose's plot was exposed, the Friends lost their lifeline to the power created from the fear of children. As Mike and Sully set up the new organization, designed to draw power from childrens' laughter, the High Council took notice. The positive energy created from their new power source also serves as a power source for good magic, and the High Council draws on a little bit of that to keep their operation running. Some of their more powerful monsters, like Sully and the Abominable Snowman, also serve as bodyguards and front-line warriors for the High Council when they're needed.

  • Monsters University found its School of Scaring in danger of closing when the economy shifted to laugh-based energy, but the High Council approached Dean Abigail Hardscrabble with a proposition. The School of Scaring now trains elite monsters in using their scaring ability on missions for the High Council, such as spooking away guards at villains' headquarters. Mike and Sully, the first monsters to ever scare a large group of adults, occasionally lend their wisdom to the new recruits.

Dory: Dory is a very effective force of good that the High Council would very much like to recruit. Unfortunately, despite her great success in aiding Marlin in his quest as well as her capabilities as liaison to the sharks, every time the Council approaches her she accepts a position...and then promptly forgets their existence.

  • That is, until Dory received a vision to find her family again. It turns out, the council had been doing some research into Dory's situation, and decided to use a vision to bring dory back with her old family. While Dory's memory of the journey is...patchy, one thing does remain constant afterwards. When the council sent Ariel to try contacting her again, they told her about how they helped her find her parents. And in gratitute, Dory swore that she'll give her all to help the Council after that. While some of the council is reluctant to keep her on full time due to her mental health issues, they did give her a duty to keep the reef safe with her friends, as there were rumors of the friends planning to destroy it.

Crush the Sea Turtle: This ocean world has been written off by the Friends (for now), so the High Council hasn't seen any need to establish too much of a presence. However, they like to have at least one agent on each world, and the wise 150 year old sea turtle is more than happy to help, spreading his wisdom and helping to keep the residents on the right path. And should the Friends ever come calling, well, he's picked up more than a few tricks in his time.

Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, and Frozone: Three powerful and experienced superheroes, they serve as members of the Gods' front lines, delivering the first strike to villainous forces. They have been doing this in secret for a while now, even when they were retired. However, Bob and Helen work for the Gods under one condition - Violet and Dash are kept out of battling the Friends until they're adults. Having been run out of Metroville by the Unforgiveables, High Council agents are helping them plan their next move to take back the city and defeat the villain team.

Doc Hudson and the Radiator Springs Crew: The citizens of this little slice of Americana serve as indirect members of the forces of good. Once a thriving road town, the march of progress eventually had the Friends commit one of their most successful capers ever: they made their entire world forget Radiator Springs existed. However Zeus had plans for this small town, and used their kind yet firm love to turn Lightning McQueen from Jerkass to hero, as the pureness of the town, along with Guido and Luigi's Gadgeteer Genius, give it great power to preserve it from dark influences. After its subsequent rediscovery and corporate expansion by Rust-eeze, it is now a new Oasis location and the ideal place for emergency equipment repair and even the occasional race.

  • After Doc Hudson's passing, Zeus brought him up to Olympus to serve as an advisor to the High Council, due to his respect for the wise old car. Plus, Zeus is a big racing fan.

Dinoco Racing: Before Lightning McQueen, Dinoco was the council's favorite racing team. Run by the well meaning Tex, and lead by the golden boy himself "The King" Strip Weathers. The King was a bold and prosperous racer who inspired generations of racers with his skill on the track, but ultimately what set him apart was his humility. He was a good man in marriage, a fair racer, a well meaning mentor with others, and a grounded team player, and that made his success all the better for the council in having Right Makes Might. Then his retirement came up, and his big wreck came, but by then Lightning had come to understand respect and honor, and thus helped him finish 2nd in his last race. For his nobility and kindness, Tex offered Lightning a chance to be their face, and though the offer was declined, Dinoco remained a fuel of noble champions well after the king.

Lightning McQueen: Originally a cocky rookie who rose far too quickly in fame to learn humility, his Pride and arrogance was exactly what the friends would have wanted in order to use negative influence to harvest the metal shells of all cars influenced by him. Thankfully, a misstep by the friends in attempting to use the Delinquent Road Hazards to kill McQueen accidentally sent him to Radiator Springs, where he found friends, love, and a Retired Badass who collectively changed his life for the better. His role with the High Council primarily is as a high speed transport (all hours now that he has real headlights), and as their representative on the race track. After all, the piston cup is a valuable item that the friends could easily use fiendishly on the black market.

Remy: Keeps everyone’s morale up by making the best food in Paris. Is in friendly competition with Tiana. The restaurant also serves as an Oasis location.

Presto DiGiotagione and Alec Azam: Currently under training by Yen Sid, Presto's hats have helped more than one High Council fighter escape from a tight jam.

WALL•E and EVE: The High Council tries to have a representative of good on every world, but this world was already in such disrepair when they found it, no human was fit for the job. So they had The Blue Fairy visit and use her unique brand of magic to give one little robot a soul. Well, good works In Mysterious Ways, and his heroism and friendship managed to wake up a spark of a soul in EVE as well. Together, they defeated AUTO, set their world on the path of healing, and now serve the forces of Good as their main technological warriors.

Carl, Ellie, and Russell: Ellie didn't die, she ascended to a higher plane of existence, brought there by the Gods who were inspired by her love for Carl and sense of adventure. She was granted a small bit of magic to protect Carl and Russell in their adventure, though as usual Carl and Russell had to do the work themselves, and indirectly helped in the final confrontation by magically grabbing Muntz with the balloon strings and pulling him away before plunging him to his doom. (Word of God practically confirms this theory!) She was finally allowed to visit Carl afterwards, recruiting him to their side. She and Carl now help Goliath in the Air Brigades with their Cool Ship The Spirit of Adventure, though Carl occasionally goes with Scrooge McDuck redeem the selfish and embittered (and to just sit around and be Grumpy Old Men together). Russell, being a kid, is out of the running for recruitment, but the Gods still have their eye on him.

Dug: Dug, leader of Carl's dog pack, was approached by the High Council while still under Muntz's care, seeing his good heart under the obedience training Muntz had given him. After making Carl his master, and through his dogged nature, he became Alpha of his pack. Afterwards, he approached Tramp and Dodger several times to join their Dog pack, but was turned down because Muntz's talking collar rendered his group useless as spies. Instead, they were distributed among the Air Brigade as the team pets, and guard dogs for all floating vehicles. Dug himself remains with his master on The Spirit of Adventure, and his talking collar is currently under analysis by the tech department for its radar capabilities, as well as its easier communication between animal and man.

Sunnyside Daycare After being liberated from Lotso, this daycare center became a new front for the High Council. Barbie and Ken (fresh off his Love Redeems Heel–Face Turn) run the place, helping to protect both the children and the toys inside. The place has been reformed, with a toy hospital for victims of the caterpillar room, fair shifts for all toys, and better supervision by adults. Stetch, Twitch, and Chunk are all on probation and doing time in the Caterpillar Room, but since they're three of the hardiest toys at the center, they're actually well suited for it. Frequent visits by Bonnie and her new toys help keep an eye on the place.

Andy and Bonnie: Notice that one of the pennants in Andy's room reads "P. U." - Pixar University. This college is actually a secret cover for recruiting High Council agents from the Pixar Universe. Andy's imagination and kindness, as well as his skill with small children have attracted the attention of the Council - he would make a great teacher and caretaker of the children of High Council agents. Bonnie is likewise under the Council's watch, but is obviously too young for recruitment.

Sid: Sid is a unique case. After the Friends abandoned him, the High Council decided that his knowledge of the true nature of toys as well as his misadventures in the Monster World made him too dangerous to run around unaffiliated. So they decided to put the work into rehabilitating him. Watching Sid carefully, it became clear that he wasn't hurting any objects that he knew were alive (he stopped his cruel behavior towards toys after he was scared straight), and as he grew older, his nasty personality traits began to diminish somewhat. However, he did still have a good deal of Gadgeteer Genius and a taste for the offbeat and macabre. When he was reaching adulthood, the High Council contacted him and convinced him to go to work for them. His work at the dump is actually a salvage operation - he finds toys that are abandoned or sacrificed by Lotso, repairing the seriously damaged ones with his own unique style. He was also able to get Andy's toys back home on his truck in time. He still makes sort of an odd fit for the High Council, thanks to his warped sense of humor, but Jack Skellington has taken a liking to him. If there's any world where Sid would be a perfect fit...

Day and Night: Like the Spring Sprite, they are guardians of nature, protecting its life cycles - the seasons, the times for planting and harvest, and other ways humans and animals measure time in nature.

Finn MacMissile, Holly Shiftwell, and Mater: These secret agents were the High Council's first agents on the Cars world, due to their experience in combating crime of all kinds in their jurisdiction. Finn is a veteran of the british intelligence, and the truly first agent of the high council. Holly, though originally nothing but information head, really stepped up in their mission to prevent energy monopoly, and was promoted as a first class warrior thanks to her work with Finn. Due to his brave actions, Sir Tow Mater has also been inducted into the High Council ranks and is currently undergoing training, as Zeus saw clearly that his foolish personality had Hidden Depths, making him a worthy spy after all, and a true friend to all who could see past his silly exterior.

The Royal Family of Dunbroch: King Fergus has been a long-time agent of the High Council, fighting evil wherever it pops up. As his world was mostly peaceful aside from the standard wild animals and human wars that erupt, he kept his involvement secret even from his family. After the adventure Merida and her mother got into, he decided it was time to let them in on the secret. Merida is now in training as a future agent, taking combat lessons with Phil and learning about Magic with Yen Sid. She and Fa Mulan have quickly become fast friends. Queen Ellinor wants no part of the battle - she's quite happy to have all that craziness behind her, and besides, a lady has no interest in war - but everyone is glad to know that the Kingdom is in good hands when Fergus goes off on a mission. The Triplets are seen as children with lots of potential, due to their cleverness and skills at theft, but right now, Zeus is more concerned with where his lightning bolts keep disappearing to...

The Emotions: This is technically cheating. As thanks to the scientific and magical work of 7 different Disney geniuses, they discovered that there are actually little people living inside any sentient being's head, allowing them to react to problems emotionally. However, the girl they discovered this with had a very special set of emotions. Based partially on human science, the emotions of one Riley Andersen interested the high council because they provided a test case in why you can never be happy while in denial of what is happening around you in the worst times. In time, the Blue Fairy cast a spell to enter headquarters and talk with Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Fear. Fear freaked out for a bit, and upon hearing about the war going on outside them, Anger didn't want the council dragging a 12-year-old into a war. However, the fairy went on to explain that the friends would never stop until all things from hockey to children were broken and suffering, and so made them a deal. If they would be willing to be cooperative for research projects in the future, then Riley can one day play with their signature hockey team: The Mighty Ducks.

Miguel Rivera: 4 generations before his time, Miguel's Great, Great grandfather left the family to become a traveling musician. Miguel's relatives reacted...harshly to this, choosing to ban all music within earshot of the family. However, when Miguel was only a small boy (younger than seen in the movie), professor Owl came to him, and began teaching him the beauty, the wonder and the joy of music. It was a longshot and a hard way to try and bring a family on both sides of life back to music and joy, but ever the music lovers, the high council had to try. They partly wanted to wait until Miguel was a teenager before trying anything, but when he was conversing with a mariachi (really Zeus in disguise), they realized that Miguel was going to try and tip his hand sooner.

  • Unfortunately, things...didn't quite work out. But that was when they came upon a new idea. The Council had discovered "the land of the dead" before the friends as there is always an element of venerating the past with the council, but they needed someone to save the family on the other side before Miguel's Great, Great grandfather Hector died without being redeemed in both worlds. As such, with a twinkle of magic (and some help from the enchantress, whom they had a brief truce with for this), they enchanted the family's skull guitar so that when Miguel played it, he would enter the land of the dead to save his family and the music that was rightfully theirs.
    • On that note, Miguel wasn't just cursed until he could fulfill a family blessing. No, that kind of magic lacks potency to change an enchantment like they cast. The true power they cast upon the guitar was that Miguel would become as the dead until he could redeem his family's honor and stop Ernesto's shadow games in the Land of the Dead. Thankfully, they had a very special warrior from Dodger's team to carry out their will. A street smart mutt named Dante...

Ebeneezer Scrooge: After his Heel–Face Turn thanks to the three ghosts, Ebeneezer's embrace of his second chance impressed the forces of good, who approached him to become one of their ranks. Scrooge is mainly used to help those who have become selfish and embittered to see the light as an agent of redemption. He was slated to work with the Prince before the Enchantress got to him. He also helps any High Council business due to his tough yet Gracious business practices.

Doc Static: Recommended by Mickey to the High Council's scientific department after having helped him over the years with various adventures, Doc Static is working with Flynn and Cornelius Robinson on various ventures.

Ormen and the Dragon Council: Though his kind tends to question allowing non-Dragons to wield magic, Ormen has always been open-minded to collaboration with different species and has been a longtime ally of Zeus's. The library of the Dragons, a vast depository for magical secrets of both the Dragons and various High Council members, is kept well protected from dark wizards like the Blot and his minions.

The Tamers of Nonhuman Threats (TNT): A secret organization with their seat in Duckburg, appointed by the High Council to deal with low-powered Friends and clients threatening Calisota and surrounding nations, as well as keep mass-panic and hysteria from spreading among the Muggles by covering up as many Friends-related activities as possible. The organization mainly consists of Badass Normals and Gadgeteer Geniuses who employ their own skills and high-level technology. Donald Duck has in recent years been part of the organization on a freelance basis, partly because assignments pay well but mostly at the prompting of his cousin Fethry.

  • Fethry Duck, a fairly recent addition to TNT, is a somewhat special case in that he for the longest of time wanted to help the Council out and made several attempts at getting them to recruit him (often pulling off the most foolhardy stunts or wildest Zany Schemes in the hope of impressing them, even creating a superhero identity for himself in the form of the "Red Bat"), but thanks to his general incompetence and tendency to screw things up for anyone he tried to "help" the Council were reluctant to employ him. It certainly didn't help his case that his cousin Donald would constantly argue against the recruitment of Fethry, summing him up as a Nice Guy but a walking disaster. His persistence eventually convinced the Council to give him a chance, though, and so he was recruited as a TNT agent. To the surprise of all (especially Donald), TNT turned out to be exactly right for Fethry; an organization where his unorthodox ideas and non-standard solutions to problems could thrive and even be put to good use. His go-to partner for missions and assignments is Donald, though if he continues to improve the way he has, he might at some point be entrusted with solo missions.

Video Games

Oswald: Oswald is a unique case. Originally one of the first agents for The High Council, he was originally lost to time, before being sent to the wasteland, the purgatory and nursery of the Disney multiverse in order to protect it from the Friends. Despite his position though, he grew resentful of his more popular and favored younger brother Mickey Mouse, and after Mickey’s accident with the paint and thinner while training with Yen Sid, The Wasteland was ravaged by two menaces: the Shadow Blot, and the traitorous Mad Doctor. Fighting the two for a long time and guarding a glass jug containing much of the Blot's essence, Oswald's grudge grew worse and when Mickey arrived to help, he was tempted to seize an opportunity to get out with Mickey's heart. However, he kept to his mission and after defeating the Shadow Blot, the two reconciled, Wasteland was restored and Oswald regained his beloved Ortensia who had been taken by the Blot years before. Oswald remains in Wasteland to protect it, but Yen Sid is allowing him to come and go as he pleases, rotating duties with fellow Wastelander Julius the Cat, as he slowly is regaining his heart. After having constructed his own Disneyland, he may soon visit the real thing.

Sora: With the advent of Chernabog's interest in this world and in the Heartless, The High Council had to get in on the action. In looking over the worlds, they initially thought of picking the more mature Riku as their bearer of light, but wary of his willingness to use the enemy's weapons against them, the council instead chose his teenage friend with astronomical amounts of The Power of Friendship and a powerful drive For Great Justice: Sora. Giving him a in-universe MacGuffin, the Keyblade (created by Zeus long ago as a super sword of sorts), an attack by the friends on his home world sent him on a course to travel the many worlds doing good. Though many in the council had a certain degree of skepticism about his role, Sora proved to be one of the best Keyblade wielder, defeating two sets of evil organizations, and as a reward, was finally returned to his oasis home, Destiny Islands.

  • Who'd the council send as helpers and friends? Why, in-universe equivalents of some the Council's best agents: Donald and Goofy. Furthermore, as Sora's adventures continued, the Council set up meetings so that Sora would meet Yen Sid, the Good Fairies, and Mickey Mouse. All of his summons are also high-ranking agents for the Council.
  • This Universe's Mickey was specifically traveling with Riku to keep tabs on him and sway him towards the Council's side, and like his main universe counterpart, has an adventurous streak and skill hard to be matched.
  • The hardest part of protecting this universe was the complications arising from the deaths of so many heroes. After Sora's Heroic Sacrifice in Hollow Bastion, it complicated things for the council, especially with the birth of Kairi's nobody Namine, and the splintering of Sora into his main self, Roxas and Xion. Fortunately, within a year, and through some help that unfortunately invoved Shoot the Dog tactics, the 5 selves were united, and Xehanort was defeated for good, or at least they all thought.
  • Now that Master Xehanort and his 13 Hearts of Darkness have all returned thanks to the head Xehanort's Evil Plan, and with it, the failure of Sora's Mark of Mastery Exam due to the Nightmare Armor Ventus incident created by the Friends, the High Council is now more than determined to try and make Sora the keyblade master he always wanted to be. Because they know that even though Sora seemed to not react at all to failing the exam and went off cheerfully on his way, inside, though, he's practically miserable with his lot in life.

The Dickens Detective Agency: A family detective agency, they are sometimes called in for their opinion on certain cases. And with Olivia's experiences in the villainous guise of Mr. Valentine, she provides a way of looking into how a villainous mind works.

Live Action

Once they used Jack Skellington’s portal to reach into our world, the Gods realized that the Friends were already hard at work here, so they set to work finding recruits…

Giselle, Robert, Nathanial (after his Heel Face Turn), Edward, and Nancy: Naturally, they looked for people with experience in portal usage, so these five were their go-to-people. Giselle, Robert and Nathanial all work to help uplift those who are down-trodden and disheartened (Nathanial’s book in particular about gaining self-respect has proven spectacularly helpful). Edward and Nancy meanwhile work to restore Andalasia from the Crapsack World it was under Narissa, making it a stronghold against the Friends. All five assist as go-betweens for the animation and live-action world.

Herbie: Much like Lightning McQueen, Herbie is a High Council transportation vehicle. Given a heart by the blue fairy, Herbie continues to race for the betterment of his masters, though that doesn't stop him from getting into mischief along the way.

Aslan: The High Council sent Aslan back to Narnia to stop Friends clients the White Witch and King Miraz, and Zeus himself wrote the magic laws that enabled Aslan to return from the dead. Only briefly connected to the Disney universe, Aslan still continues his work elsewhere.

Jack Sparrow: Sometimes, even the heroes need someone who's willing to play a little dirty. That's where Captain Jack comes in. There are many powerful artifacts around the world that could be devastating in the hands of the Friends, and Jack is the world's best treasure hunter. Jack still technically owes a debt to the Friends (through Davy Jones), so Zeus gave him a charm that protects him from them in exchange for his service. He's an occasional ally, and spends most of his time treasure-hunting for his own purposes. He is usually teamed with Aladdin, another expert treasure-hunter, to keep him on-mission.

Will Turner: Once he became the new Captain of the Flying Dutchman, he was in control of a vastly powerful magical force that had previously been used for evil. Much like Davy Jones, he uses it to collect wayward souls - but not for the purpose of claiming them, but rather to help them find a new purpose and keep them out of the clutches of evil. He mostly keeps to himself, traveling the far reaches of the world in search of those who need a second chance.

Tia Dalma/Calypso: Nuff said'. This powerful sea goddess was the daughter of Iapetus, a.k.a Stratos the wind titan. That doesn't look good in her resume in Zeus' eyes. Eventually, after helping Jack Sparrow and Will Turner defeat her former boyfriend, Davy Jones, the Gods decided to pardon her and let her stay as a minor member of the High Council.

The Cromwells: Though their magic is now passed down genetically, it first entered the family tree when Agatha Cromwell's ancestors learned it from the Gods and the High Council. The current Cromwells are unaware of the battle (which is why they never discuss it amongst themselves in the films), but many of the things done by past Cromwells that Agatha is so proud of were actually in service to the High Council, and the council has also secretly aided the current Cromwells in their adventures. That part of the original film where Marney is unconcious on the pumpkin but then wakes up just enough to drop the talismen in and thus foil Kalabar? That was the High Council magically giving her the strength she needed. The Council also helped the family break the portal between the worlds open in the second film.

Kevin Flynn: After seeing the Friends step up their efforts on the technological side (and getting wind of Flynn’s defeat of the Friends), the Council approached Flynn to serve as an advisor for the new world of computers. After a while, Flynn realized that he would need to do much more to stop the Friends in cyberspace, so after much angst about leaving his family, Flynn digitized himself permanently and spent the next twenty-five years monitoring networks for Friends activity. Unfortunately, his age soon caught up with him, as CLU, the very program he designed to run a perfect computer world, began to take his mission to seriously with the arrival of the enigmatic ISOs. In fact, CLU decided to enact a scheme that would allow him to enter the real world and take it over as easily as he did with the Grid. So, the evil program made a false call to the only people that would try to help Kevin – Bradley and his son Sam. Although Clu's plan nearly succeeded due to Sam taking the bait, Kevin was able to defeat him by merging with the monster in order to destroy him. Although Kevin was dead for good, the High Council still has hopes to try and resurrect him for the final battle against Chernabog and Xehanort, especially since the MCP is back online.

TRON: This security program was designed to be the head security in protecting the Grid from the friends. He served valiantly alongside Kevin Flynn in the fight against the MCP, and remained on for the grid 2.0 as Flynn's left hand man. However, when Clu 2.0 seized control, Tron ended up getting corrupted into the dark warrior, Rinzler, and was repurposed as Clu's answer to Sark. Even though Sam Flynn was able to break free Tron from the darkness, the security program was still too weak from the corruption, and was easy prey for Clu to drop into the Sea of Simulation, with his fate now vague. However, there are copies of Tron existing in other timelines such as Ansem the Wise's copy of the old ENCOM system and in a world where it would be Alan Bradley's son Jet who would journey into the Grid.

Alice Kingsleigh, the White Queen, and the Rebels of Wonderland: Alice was one of a rare group of children born with a strong connection to chaotic magic, allowing her to sense Wonderland and be drawn towards it. When she first showed up as a child, the Hatter and the other residents of Wonderland were tasked to protect her from the Queen of Hearts' machinations. Ten years later, Alice returned to a changed Wonderland, corrupted by the Friends. (Its vastly different appearance was due to the chaotic nature of the place, allowing the Friends to warp it in their image more easily) The Hatter, who has become the leader of the rebels, served as Alice's guide and helped her along the way until she became the warrior needed to defeat the Jabberwock. After Alice's victory, the White Queen took control of the land and restored it, and the Hatter and his allies became its first line of defense against the Friends. Alice, meanwhile, returned home until the next time the High Council needed her help.

Mary Poppins: A guardian angel of sorts, she is sent to families and people who are particularly susceptible to the Friends’ influence – those who have slowly fallen apart are brought back together through her work. Also serves as a go-betweener with her portal power.

Elliott the Dragon: A Guardian Dragon that specializes in helping children, he often works with Mushu and Jake Long. Too good-natured to be much of a warrior, he still serves as a formidable bodyguard. Also a bit of a trickster, he learned some of his techniques from Genie and the Cheshire Cat.

Woody Wilkins: Finding out about the High Council through sheer dumb luck after his escapades in Paris, he promptly volunteered his services. The Council didn't have the heart to say no, but assigned him to be caretaker of the cat shelter to keep him out of direct confrontation with the Friends.

Wayne Szalinski: Sure, he's a bit of an Absent-Minded Professor, but a genius one. He has the same connection to chaotic magic that allows Phineas and Ferb to create their inventions. The High Council has been keeping track of his mishaps, and they see promise in him - so long as someone's keeping an eye on him. No one wants him to shrink Olympus next. He works in the tech department with Cornelius Robinson.

Professor Brainard and Professor Crawford: Again, two more Absent Minded Professors. Both scientist came up with the formula for Flubber independently, and were thus assigned to work together to determine further uses for Flubber, as well as any other useful chemicals. Like Wayne they need someone to keep an eye on them lest they inadvertently blow up the lab, but they've proven extremely useful. Work alongside Wayne and Cornelius Robinson.

Santa Claus: Exactly what you'd expect, he's an ancient force of good that has been helping the High Council for hundreds of years. An immortal wish-granter whose powers work in a similar way to the Blue Fairy and Fairy Godmother, he built a massive operation to grant wishes to the whole world once a year, and used the same technology to keep tabs on the Friends (they've all got a prominent position on the naughty list, natch). He was offered a spot on the High Council, but declined, wanting to keep his focus on Christmas Town, though he did once accept a brief assignment to visit Narnia and give the Pevensie sisters and their older brother items to help them in their war against the White Witch. Eventually, he decided to retire and pass on his powers (he didn't die, as it appeared in The Santa Clause, but rather simply disappeared leaving his suit behind), and Scott Calvin (who the original Santa had been keeping an eye on for a while) took on the mantle. It wasn't the smoothest transition, but he grew into the role and has recently been introduced to the High Council and picked up where his predecessor left off. The original Santa is enjoying retirement in Christmas Town with the Missus, though he still has command over Prep and Landing to help his successor in his job as well as spy on the Friends.

Eglantine Price: A harmless British spinster who had heard rumors of the High Council's activities and wanted to help the war effort, she did research into magic and eventually wound up with enough power to protect the children she was guardian of on their journey. While not a powerful witch, she impressed the High Council enough with her determination that they granted her a little extra magic and brought her into their ranks as a part-time agent. She usually sticks to Britain, sometimes working with Mary Poppins.

Benjamin Franklin Gates: Pirates are notoriously unreliable, and sometimes the High Council needs a treasure-hunting agent that's a little less of a loose cannon. Benjamin Gates and his team have been responsible for finding some of the most legendary treasures in human history, and they do it all for the love of discovery and adventure, as opposed to financial gain (mostly, though they do get great fringe benefits). Gates is also a genius, the High Council's best code-cracker, and his team all have unique skills as well. They usually keep busy with their own adventures, but are more than willing to serve when the High Council has a high-priority artifact in their sights.

The Swiss Family Robinson: Their island not only serves as an Oasis location, but also as a survivalist training ground as Father trains agents of the High Council in the fine art of living in the wilderness by one's wits.

Davy Crockett: After his death at the Alamo, Davy was brought before the High Council, who were impressed with his wilderness skills and unwavering honesty. He now pursues the FOTOS through the wildernesses of different worlds, using his woodcraft to trap, hunt, and outwit the Friends wherever they may be.

Jacob: For every force of evil in the world, there must be an equal force of good. A mysterious immortal who lives on the Island to counter the Man in Black, his origins are shrouded in mystery, even to the High Council. He knows more about the island than anyone, and while his tactics (and allies) may be more ruthless than the High Council approves of), he remains an invaluable ally, and the only member of the Gods' army who can stand against the Man in Black. Although recently killed, he lives on in spirit, guiding the residents of the island towards the light.

The Russos: Jerry Russo was a long-time agent of the High Council in their magic department, but the rules of the type of magic he uses forced his retirement when he married a mortal. However, his kids did inherit his powers, and are currently being tutored in its use by agents of the High Council who run Wiz Tech. Justin is skilled enough to run low-level missions for the High Council. Alex is aware of the Friends, but not allowed to go on missions yet. Max is still in basic training and isn't aware of the Friends.

The Tipton Hotel: An Oasis location and a place to stay in the Live Action world. The resulting chaotic magic that comes from this influx of enchanted visitors explains some of the crazier shenanigans that go on there.

The Diffy Family: This stranded clan of time travelers has access to some powerful futuristic technology, and while none of them are warriors, the High Council still made contact with them so that their science team could learn from their tech, replicate it, and use it in their battles (despite some concerns about creating technology paradoxes). The family currently serves as occasional tech advisors.

Sacred Heart Hospital: The name of the hospital comes from the fact that it was built on land that was blessed by the Gods. It serves as a hospital for anyone injured in the war. JD is actually an Unreliable Narrator, and is intentionally not telling the audience about the hospital's true purpose in order to hide the location from the Friends. The Janitor is a man who can use very low levels of chaos magic. Since the grounds are blessed, it occasionally causes some of the more surreal things to happen, when the Janitor isn't causing it.

The Muppets: A collection of dogs and frogs and pigs and bears and chickens and...whatevers, with a similar immortality to Mickey and his friends. (And notably, in one of these lifetimes, they've happened to befriended a Live-Action version of Jim Hawkins.) They run their theater as a place for the High Council to relax as an Oasis. The monstrous looking Gentle Giant Sweetums has also been useful in acting as the High Council's mole when going after the occasional dealings of the Friends in the worlds of the Muppets.

The Tucks: This immortal clan serves as the guardians of the Fountain of Youth that gave them eternal life. A powerful source of good magic, this fountain is heavily sought after by the Friends. While the Tucks aren't warriors, their ability to withstand any kind of punishment in a fight with the Friends makes them valuable allies for the High Council.

Sky High School: Another training ground for future soldiers of the High Council, this superhero academy is the destination of choice for any high schoolers with superpowers or special skills. Although only a select group of students have been seen so far, it's likely that some of the High Council's best agents will have passed through here at some point in their training.

Witch Mountain: In one world, it's a military base. In another, it's a haven set up by the High Council for the crash landed colony of aliens, safe from prying eyes...including the Friends.

Seth and Sara: These two pacifist alien teenagers were key in preventing an alien invasion of Earth. While their planet may be militaristic and ruthless, they and their parents are noble dissenters who have been working with the High Council to preserve the peace between the worlds. When they get older, it's likely that these two will wind up being intergalactic ambassadors.

Jack Bruno and Dr. Alex Friedman: These two humans got involved in Seth and Sara's plan to save their world, and wound up getting the attention of the High Council. Alex joined the High Council's science team, and has been a strong asset (despite many of the other scientists being distracted by her. Jack, meanwhile, Badass Normal that he is, has become the High Council's courier/transporter. When you need something delivered safely, no matter what the Friends throw at it, he's your guy.

The Guardians of Alamut: This one gets a bit complex. The holy city of Alamut, hidden from the linked worlds until recently, is actually the keeper of one of the main sources of all good magic in the worlds - the Sands of Time. The sands' powers over time and reality bear huge similarities to the magic used by just about every bearer of good magic in the worlds, from the Genie to the Fairy Godmother. Were the sands destroyed, magic might die with it, allowing the Friends to rule unopposed. That's why the Sands are guarded so fiercely, complete with a self-destruct system to ensure that the Friends are never allowed to triumph. Tamina is only the latest in a long line trusted to guard this secret.

Dastan: A cocky young warrior with a good heart, most people remain unaware of his amazing actions during the war for the Sands of Time. Not the High Council, however, and after his defeat of Nizam, he was approached to join their armies and treasure-hunting brigades. His father and brothers may be invited in as well at some point.

Blake Balthazar, Veronica, and Dave Stutler: Naturally, being apprentices of Merlin, Balthazar and Veronica quickly became high ranking lieutenaunts for the High Council, often leading other magic casters into battle. Dave, of course, is their new recruit, and with his powers as the Prime Merlinian, he's seen as a threat great enough to the Friends that Chernabog himself is considering whether to take things into his own hands and fight the boy himself.

Kazaam: One of the few genies to survive Mozenrath's hunt (see Mozenrath's description under "Friends on the Other Side, Part II"), Kazaam was hidden by the Council. His lamp was deposited in an apartment building about to be demolished, where he somehow transferred into a boombox. He was freed by a boy named Max, who became the first friend the genie had for a thousand years. It was thanks to Max that Kazaam was freed; after that, Kazaam disguised himself as a human, to keep an eye on Max, keeping him out of the clutches of the Friends, and also something about a rap career. The High Council just figures, "Hey, if he's happy with it..."

Ernest P. Worrell: Sometimes heroes come in the least likely of people, and surely nobody seemed less likely than Ernest P. Worrell. The Council had noticed when he had saved a summer camp from closing, keeping children from falling into despair. Then there was the time he busted Santa out of a wrongful imprisonment. But, it was when Ernest saved his town from the evil troll Trantor that the High Council came knocking. As a part-time spy for the Council, Ernest uses his many disguises to see what the villains are up to, but his greatest disguise is his own self. After all, who would suspect the rubberfaced buffoon of being any sort of threat, knowwhutimean?

Ned The Piemaker, Charlotte "Chuck" Charles, Emerson Cod, and Olive Snook Although normally only working in Peyton Coutny and the neighboring town Coers d'Coers, these investigators gained the attention of the High Council due to word reaching Zeus about their exploits. Edward "Ned" Edwards can ressurect the dead for a minute and, after making a buisness arrangement with Emerson Cod, uses this power to interrogate murder victims, and thus some of the friend's victims as well. Although he is a pacifist, and doesn't believe in magic himself, he joined the cause after the Council showed him the abject evil of the Friends. Chuck, Ned's girlfriend is also an invaluable asset since Ned ressurected her. It has been discovered that anyone Ned ressurrect has the ability to withstand injuries that no living person can. Although hesitant at first, the council has also hired Emerson (paying him his standard fee) and Olive as a method for gathering information. Together, these four act as agents who investigate the aftermath of attacks by the Friends. Perhaps some sort of pattern can be divined from seemingly random attacks.

John Carter, Dejah Thoris and Tars Tarkas: Former Confederate Captain John Carter became inadvertently involved in the war when he found his way to Mars/Barsoom via a Thern amulet. With Princess Dejah Thoris and the Thark tribe of Tars Tarkas, he managed to slow down Matai Shang and the Thern Order's plans for the planet, but was tricked into being sent back. His ten-year search for a way back and the need for his return on Mars eventually received some High Council assistance as they helped him set up his Batman Gambit. After his long absence he returned and has been helping on the Barsoom front, while his nephew Edgar Rice Burroughs served as a chronicler of his adventures and another hero of the council after meeting him on a trip to Africa.

Storybrooke: It was a regular patrol day for Snow White and her prince, when they accidentally stumbled upon Storybrooke. A town brought into existence by magic, transplanted from another realm, Snow immediately recognized her counterpart, and sent word to the council about this most strange of situations. The RAS was given monitor duty at first, due to the Dark Curse keeping most newcomers out, but after the curse was broken by Emma Swan, Zeus attempted first contact. Sadly, due to the, well, awkward situation of being doubles, initial attempts at forging an alliance were difficult, until he sent Rapunzel, who was different enough that Mother Superior (their version of the blue fairy) agreed to start formal relations with the council. However, she also warned them not to interfere too deeply with their conflicts, as it would create some really awkward situations afterwards. Archie (their Jimminy Cricket) added on that once things calmed down more, they'd be happy to help in the war.

  • Princess Abigail and her true love Frederick already help some in negotiations and field operations due to them finally getting their happy ending.
  • Cinderella and her prince thomas also occasionally go on visits to the other worlds, traveling with their daughter as a sign that princesses and princes have permission to start families.
  • Ruby (Red Riding Hood) and her Granny both help with scouting and fighting thanks to being part wolf.
  • Archie helps with keeping the mental health of the council high.
  • The 7 dwarfs act as an elite strike squad, while also helping with labor operations with Wreck it Ralph.

The Charming FamilyWhile their true surnames aren't known, the charming family is the Badass Family that lives in Storybrooke. This family consists of Snow White the Pretty Princess Powerhouse, Prince David "Charming" the brave, their 29 year old daughter Emma Swan, and her son Henry. In the enchanted forest, Snow and David had many adventures, helping Red Riding Hood and Princess Abigail get closer to their happy ending, meeting up with Princess Anna in their travels and gaining aid from various other fairy tale people like Archie and Lancelot. Their family motto "I will always find you" was a promise to the realms to always help them find their happy endings. Allied with other friendly kingdoms, their defeats of King George and Queen Regina brought about several months of peace and harmony in their lands. This peace was shattered when Regina came back to take her revenge, and thus they had to send their daughter away at birth to ensure her safety and her will to break the dark curse.

  • 28 years later, Emma's son henry (whom she gave up for adoption) brought Emma back with the express purpose of breaking the curse. It took a lot of time and patience, but eventually, it did happen. As the curse lifted and magic was brought to their world, the charming family was reunited, though with some deep scars on Emma's part that needed time to be healed. The council managed to contact David while Emma and Snow were trapped back in the enchanted forest, and proposed an alliance. David said this would work just fine, but that Zeus shouldn't expect too much of their family while they were still sorting out what they were going to do with their lives.
  • When Regina had to break the Dark Curse in order to save everyone, the clan was split up again, with the fairy tale characters returning to their world, while Emma and Henry were forced to lose their memories in order for that curse to work. Realizing this would give the friends a key time for revenge, the RAS were assigned to keep watch over them until they could figure out a way to restore travel between their two worlds.
  • In the end, snow and david brought people back over to the land without magic, by casting a new dark curse, sharing half of Snow's heart in order to keep David alive afterwards. The High Council was very impressed at their dedication, and being one of the best representations of True Love and sacrifice. After Zelena was defeated, they sent a message to the two of them. "We will remove the limits on storybrooke's new dark curse if you will pledge yourselves to helping in our cause." Being of noble spirit, the whole family was happy to help, but added that they'd need more time to get settled before going world traveling.

Regina Mills/The Evil QueenThis was, shall we say, a difficult point to reach for the council. They didn't have anything against Regina per se. While they disliked her mother Cora, they saw that her father might give her the positive influence necessary to fight off her villainous legacy. However, once she rejected tinkerbell's chance at a second love (No, still not THAT tinkerbell), the Council was forced to accept that she had chosen/been pushed into the path Grimhilde set for her. The council was distressed, watching her descend into great evil and malice, particularly towards her stepdaughter snow white. They thought the final straw was her casting of the dark curse, cutting them off from the enchanted forest for 28 years, losing all hope of protecting their counterparts from her wrath.

  • However, 28 years later, they found much to their surprise that Regina still had a small shred of hope left in her centering around her adopted son: Henry. The grandson of snow white and prince charming. They were ASTONISHED when she actually made a serious attempt to return to the side of the angels. Though still suspicious, they sought to walk with her and perhaps make her the first major villain in Disney history to actually seriously reform.
  • It was not easy, and Regina backslid several times. The council almost gave up on her. However, after she destroyed her dark curse rather than Kill 'Em All, the council realized that although they might not fully trust her for a while, they could at least depend on her in their war against the friends. Though Regina is still under HEAVY probation officially, Zeus is considering giving her a medal of honor if she continues on her path in opposing the wicked witch and helping the citizens of storybrooke for the rest of her life.

Alice and Cyrus: Not related to the other alices, this alice fell in love with the genie Cyrus, cursed by the a mistress of fate. Though she thought Cyrus was killed by the Red Queen, in actuality, he was captured by Jafar as a ploy to change the laws of magic. Devistated, Alice fell into depression, but thankfully she was shaken out of it by the white rabbit. Going on one last epic adventure, she eventually bested all enemies in her way, and even married Cyrus formally back home.

The Musketeers: France during the time of King Louis XIII is one of the crossroads in which the Disneyverse overlaps "our" reality (and several others, but that's a long digression). Athos, Porthos and Aramis were all recognized as potential allies. The Council arranged for their recruitment into the Musketeers in part to save them from their own mistakes: Athos' tragedy with Milady; Porthos the Pirate's infamous career (which was also an inspiration to Captain Jack Sparrow); and most dangerously, Aramis' time as one of Cardinal Richelieu's best students, since the Cardinal was already an Associate of the Friends. It was Zeus' mastery of time that created the remarkable set of coincidences that allowed D'Artagnan to join them and defeat the Cardinal, including though not limited to:

  • Gerard's brothers arriving just too late to surround d'Artagnan
  • D'Artagnan arriving in Paris at exactly the same time as Constance (and the Queen)
  • D'Artagnan provoking a duel with all three of the Musketeers in one day on his first day in Paris (one of the common features of his story across the Multiverse, interestingly)
  • D'Artagnan escaping his cage in the Bastille at precisely the right moment to overheard the Cardinal and Milady plotting (though not to see her face; Zeus can't cover everything)

  • Zeus also extended his protection to the rest of the team:
    • Aramis and Porthos (somehow) escaped half a horde of bounty hunters.
    • The other half of the bounty hunter horde had Athos cornered, but made the mistake of all firing their single shot flintlocks at the same time. While they were all reloading, Athos slipped away, which is why he was in Calais in time to intercept Milady.
    • And, speaking of flintlocks, the Cardinal's pistol shot happening to to strike Aramis in the one location that would save his life.

Inspector John Brown: Much like how the Friends briefly attempted to tap into other multiverses and potentially corrupt them, the High Council did the same, thus providing John Brown with the technology needed in his world to save his life and turn him into a hero. However, after at least one other counter attack against the Friend's agent, Dr. Claw, his universe drifted out of contact.

Shoeshine/Underdog: Again, much like Brown- Friends found another multiverse to invade, High Council picked an agent to stop their plans. Once Bar Sinister was defeated, his version of Earth also lost contact.


Wayne Kretsky: Someone who was once Walt Disney's most trusted Imagineer, he has constantly watched over Disney World, trying to stop members of the Inner Circle from crossing over and causing damage. With the DHI program in place, he mostly guides Finn and the others through their trials now.

Disney Theme Parks

The Sage of Time: An immortal agent of the gods, the purpose of the Sage's Walking the Earth efforts is to sow the seeds of compassion and cooperation and keep the sort of things that lead to people turning to the Friends from taking root. This ability grows especially strong every new year or on certain landmark years.

Figment and Dreamfinder: Once a young inventor named Blairion Mercurial that harnessed the power of the mind that brought his childhood imaginary friend to life, these Anthropomorphic Personifications of the power of imagination itself and collectors of the very sparks of imagination that help bring the world's players into being, Dreamfinder was a former member of the High Council and an expert on dealing with the fears the Friends try to spread and he and Figment take strong efforts in sealing those evils in a can within the Literature sections of the Dreamport. However, a whirlwind of events manipulated by the Friends lead to the Imagination Institute's encroachment on their home and the two were separated, Figment being left behind in the wake of what the Institute had done, the organization not even being aware of the Friends' influence. He helped Dr Channing see the error of his ways and have him try and atone for what happened and help find some way to locate Dreamfinder. Also works well with Peter Pan and some of the people of Wonderland.

The Dreamseekers: Taking on a similar role to the Sage of Time, Elfin, Cosmo and Leonardo travel the world collecting Dreamtales and using the powers of the dreams of the young to spread hope and cheer. Being rather similar people, they got along with Figment well in the time they spent around Epcot, though like Dreamfinder, the war got in the way of that friendship. Their mission now seems to be finding the Dreamfinder and training their dream collecting skills along the way.

The Yeti: A guardian beast of the Himalayas, the Yeti is one of the more ferocious fighters within Zeus' ranks. He takes his duties of guarding the Forbidden Mountain seriously enough to not let anyone pass: friend or foe, save for the truly divine. He's only called in when some serious brute strength is needed. His smaller relative, familiarly known as "Harold," performs a similar duty in the Alps, maintaining the sanctity of the Matterhorn.

Captain EO: After his success at restoring the Supreme Leader's inner beauty, the good captain and his heroic crew was recruited by the High Council to explore the galaxy, find other world, and try to head off the Friend's agents before they could set up shop in these other worlds, while helping the helpless. Unfortunately, during a battle with the forces of evil, Captain EO sacrificed himself to save his crew. Very recently, rumors have begun to spread that EO may still be alive somewhere.

The Imagination Institute: Scientific department that has worked with Szalinski and Brainard, circumstances manipulated by the Friends ended up with them taking over the Dreamport's facilities and tearing it down in favor of a more sterile scientific department. Figment's mischief made Channing see the error of his ways and he desperately seeks to atone for what he's done to the dragon, putting the Institute's research into finding new ways to combat the friends as well as make efforts in trying to locate the missing Dreamfinder.

  • Eventually, the Dreamfinder returned to find the Institute. Pleased to see that human science was able to co-exist with imagination, Dreamfinder accepted the position of Dean of the Institute. Now, with his imagination and Dr. Channing's scientific genius, the Imagination Institute has begun branching out into solving some magic problems for the High Council.

The Small Worlders: A group of mischievous spirits of (mostly)) good magic in the form of doll-like creatures, their mysterious river is a haven for those who are still children at heart. Their song is soothing to those who embrace their odd ways, and off-putting to those who cannot. Agents of the Friends cannot enter their world for this reason, so the river has become a haven for retreating High Council soldiers.

The Dino Institute: After bringing Aladar to the present and a few others, they've collaborated with Cornelius Robinson and other members of the science department for new high-tech gear and ventures requiring more heavy duty means of Time Travel.

Commander Fulton and the crew of Sea Base Alpha: The underwater branch of the science department, they're devoted to exploring the depths of the oceans and monitoring and opposing attempts by the Friends to cause trouble there via pollution and the like. Currently in a period of intense collaboration with the denizens of the Great Barrier Reef.

The International Space Training Center: Another branch of the science department, focuses on training new agents for missions in outer space and developing technologies that they can use on said missions.

The Country Bears: Run another Oasis spot, Country Bear Hall, that provides some folksy entertainment to visiting High Council agents.

The Wardens: The Wardens have been counteracting sinister supernatural threats for centuries, having trapped the Reaper King inside the Coffin Clock as well as using the Museum of the Weird as a means of sealing dark artifacts away.

Aseema and Aditya: A pair of shamans with elemental powers that channel the powers of an assortment of nature spirits to commune with the Great Spirits, they travel to many different places to help protect the balance of the natural world and have been training apprentices Ambu and Ketu to follow in their footsteps.


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