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Raimy will end up forced to take sessions with a counselor/psychologist, or committed to an asylum.
With the disparities she bears witness to between the original timeline and the changed one, along with her being the only one who remembers the way things were, there's bound to be some who look at her strangely. In her position as a police detective, that kind of perceived instability could lead to suspension, demotion, or dismissal.
  • Her near-hysterical reactions to her friend Gordo just wanting to know what's going on, or be a shoulder to lean on, could add to that perception. The audience understands it because there's context; her peers and friends won't.

Thomas Goff is a red herring.
The fact that we never see the face of the individual in the hospital elevator — who has a hospital ID badge, and doesn't appear out of place — along with the fact that few people working a nursing residency end up investment bankers makes the chances of Thomas Goff being the Nightingale Killer spectacularly unlikely. That doesn't mean he's not a murderer and sexual predator, mind you, just that he isn't the Nightingale Killer, so bringing Goff to justice won't have any effect on the disappearance of Raimy's mom.
  • Confirmed : the Nightingale is still alive and murdering after Goff's younger self commits suicide in 1996, causing his present self to vanish before Raimy's eyes. Furthermore, Eva's description of the Nightingale doesn't match Goff.

The car accident that kills Frank in 2011 was no accident
The dirty cop, Stan (?), or any of the other corrupt officers in the NYPD, orchestrated the car accident to kill Frank Sullivan in 2011, in the new timeline...probably because he continued to investigate their corrupt activities and gather evidence on them over the past 15 years. Or maybe he did end up exposing Stan or any of the other corrupt cops, back in 1996-7, that led to them being put away for years, and killing him was retaliation for that.

Frank will survive to the present days and save Raimy from the Nightingale Killer in the series finale
The series does not follow the exact story of the movie, but the major plot point were left in : just like their movie counterparts, Raimy saved her father's life thanks to the ham radio, which, through butterfly effect, caused the death of her mother at the hands of the Nightingale Killer. Assuming the series keeps following the movie's plot, it's not unlikely that, at some point, something will happen to prevent Frank's death in 2011 and he will appear in 2016/2017 just as the cornered Nightingale is about to kill Raimy. He will then save his daughter and probably kill the Nightingale himself in the process. Also, the father/daughter team will succeed in preventing Julie Sullivan's murder, just like Frank and John managed to do in the movie.

The Nightingale Killer is using the radio to send himself temporal messages to stay one step ahead
He could do this during the day while the house is empty. A clue to this is the photo that was stolen and used 20 years later. An initial message from a child to a parent could have averted his death, allowing him to go on killing. A good candidate to send a message back to his father is Gordo.
  • This theory gains a bit more evidence in episode 10, when "Big Gordo" appears for the first time. He is a strong possible candidate to be the Nightingale Killer.
  • Jossed in episode 13, except that the killer does receive one real message from the future, from Raimy.

If Frank fails to save Julia, Raimy and him reset the timeline
While on the surface, time travel works on San Dimas Time (time passes at the same rate for Raimy and Frank) which would suggest that whatever happens in Frank's timeline is set and that therefore he only has one chance to save Julia. But there is a way for father and daughter to reset the timeline in case Frank fails to save Julia. How? Its simple - At some point between 1997 and 2016, Frank can arrange for Raimy to know everything that happened originally during the course of the series, either by telling her personally before his death in 2011 or by leaving her a letter or a journal to be read by her in 2016. This way, Raimy is now armed with information she originally didn't have and so when she starts communicating with 1996 Frank, she knows to instruct Frank to not make the mistakes they did the last time around. They can keep doing this until they create a timeline where Julia is saved.

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