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Red October was a Night Witch.
Energy X just made her a literal witch.

Energy X is the origin of ADAM.
I'm not sure how, but something had to mutate those Slugs...and what if one canister got time displaced and burst open in the ocean?

Time Baby is either Timemaster as a baby, or his son.
Time Baby is the last surviving member of a race of time-giants...and what is Timemaster? A purple skinned giant who controls time, he's even got a similar hourglass symbol. It's possible that Timemaster might have fathered him and later died (no doubt after yet another antagonizing of Freedom Force) or that this baby is Timemaster as a toddler, which also explains his downright omnicidal lust for immortality, because being the last of your kind cannot be stress free at all. Granted Energy X plays some part in Timemaster's power but I'd chalk that up to being more like a freak mutation that it caused, or something like that.

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