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Phryne was raped in the past by Barrot.
The leading theory behind Phryne's PTSD in Episode 7 after Gail's attempted to rape her is that she was raped in the past, and the most likely candidate is Barrot; even the dark figure from her vision morphs slightly and seems to resemble him. Alternatively, abuse could have been the contributing factor since Barrot was pretty determined to check if Phryne was still a virgin, which would eliminate the rape theory.
  • It steadily more likely through Moeran's off-hand comment that Barrot has sucked the life and love out of the Phryne clones, Phryne mentioning that Barrot has "defiled" them numerous times and her repeatedly referring to Nessa (who resembles Phryne in her childhood) as when she was "beautiful," and Barrot's claim that Phryne and he have to tell Clain that they are bound by "abundant love."
  • Barrot does mention an "experience" that made the original Phryne had, and thus made Phryne have the same experience so she would be eligible as the "key."
    • The endless medical in-depth examinations (done the old-fashioned way) are probably terrible enough to make her feel defiled. Especially when it's 'paired' with the not dissimilar, hinted-to-be-VERY-lively (genetic) memory of her source person, who indeed was raped, probably multiple times, most probably by her own father. ("And the last thing any of us want is for dad to get upset.")
Fractale will have a Bittersweet Ending.
The Fractale System will either become restored or will collapse, and not everyone will be pleased with either outcome. And if Phryne and Nessa do unite as one to become the "key," they may not retain their personalities or bodies, possibly leading Clain to choose which girl he wants be with or one of the girls might pull a I Want My Beloved to Be Happy and sacrifice herself.
  • Phyne and Nessa becomes the "key," the temple is destroyed and can never produce the "key" again, and Sunda is implied to have died in the final battle. A year has passed. Lost Millennium live in peace growing their crops and living their natural way while Clain stays at home watching over Phryne, who's been asleep ever since. She finally awakens, only to have Nessa's personality mixed in. In spite of this, Phryne still contains her original memories as she tells Clain that she's always liked him too. Clain hugs her and cries as the series ends panning over the photo of the trio.

An anime character's hair changes another color of the rainbow with age.
Once it's revealed that Nessa, Phryne, and the Arch Priestess are all clones of Phryne, when you consider their ages, their hair will start out as red, and then slowly fade into purple. This could possibly be said for a number of other anime characters in other shows, even though we never see them in different ages, and are never mentioned.
  • That particular plot hole has more to do with the animators suddenly deciding to change the character designs. In the manga/novel art/whatever else the three stay with the same purple hair.

Fractale will have a sequel of some sort.
It makes sense, given the ending.
  • What part of the end exactly "makes sense" with regards to a sequel here? As far as I can tell Fractale can justify ending at this season because of the massive parallels between this and End of Evangelion. The two major plots were resolved — i.e. Clain's budding romance with Phryne and the Temple's attempt to reboot Fractale. Unless there was some outright declaration that something is to be continued in the last minute of credits, the Fractale anime can be considered a complete work for something with that much Mind Screw.

Misplaced parental affection has been theorized as one of the roots of moe (e.g., by Ken Akamatsu), even though sexual attraction often comes into it as well. The disproportionate value placed on her virginity mirrors the infamous incident when the female lead of Kannagi (the anime adaptation of which shares a director with Fractale) turned out to have an ex-boyfriend and readers were reportedly outraged. Otaku hold a desire to possess and believe it to be "pure love;" Barrot represents the logical conclusion of that mindset.

"Phryne" was completely destroyed in the end.
Nessa is regularly called the "mind" of the two. When they are joined, Phryne's psyche is completely eradicated and replaced by Nessa. Thus, it was Nessa claiming her love for Clain in the end.
  • Barrot calls Phryne the 'body' and Nessa the 'soul' of the original Phryne. My guess is that they have both united their personalities (the body of Phryne and the soul/personality of Nessa) probably with a mix of both their memories, which would turn them into a pretty close approximation of the source person. (Both girls seem to have some memories of the original, they both know the song, after all.) In my opinion the girl we see in the end is Phrynessa, all three girls in one, with twice as much love for Clain and the untouched love of a third girl inside her, ready to be won by him. note 


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