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Vivosaur Island is artificial.
This is why the place is shaped like a T-Rex head, it also explains why you can find fossils from around the world on it, the rock used to build it was taken from around the world, this also explains the volcano having a pressure valve, they use a pipe system to redirect the magma from the secret island (which did form naturally) in order to keep the island fertile and intact.

The kid with the pith helmet shown in the sequel previews has an Ambiguous Gender.
The previews for the sequel show both male and female potential main characters this time, plus another kid off to the side. Early screenshots suggest that the kid is the "Rosie analogue" of this game—they follow the player around and are their semi-annoying sidekick. However, in order to facilitate them being one of the potential Love Interests for the PC, like Jamie, they will always be the opposite of the player's gender.

  • Such a shame this one ended up getting Jossed. Rupert and Pauleen fill the role of Love Interest for the female and male protagonists, respectively. Still a great guess, though!

Frigisaur and Ignosaur aren't the only legendary vivosaurs.
The sequel will probably feature more legendary vivosaurs corresponding to different elements such as air and earth. Have to keep things exciting, right?

The Stone Sleep Resurrection Device doesn't care about scientific taxa or genetics when it comes to resurrection.
Although some dinosaurs in the game are "under debate"—like Shanshan or the various pachycephalosaurs—in real life, the machine doesn't resurrect them based on genetics. It's based more on individuals; hence why, even if certain dinosaurs can potentially be of the same species, they can be resurrected into different vivosaurs. The machine reads their individual characteristics as different, thus gives them different attributes when they come back to life. So they become functionally different creatures.

Zongazonga lives.
Let's face it, he's a flippin' undead sorcerer's skull who has lived for centuries without food in a stone box. Yet somehow, at the end of Champions, he just blows up. I don't buy it. One does not simply kill a magician of that magnitude with such a simple revelation. To further my case, ZZ's Sorting Algorithmof Deadness score is a meager 27. He'll be back.

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