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The mysterious woman from Servo's past is...
  • Jennicor Tricou
  • Mrs. Crumplebottom
  • Kaylynn Langerak
    • Supported by her being both a childhood friend of Mortimer and present at Parker's wedding. Complicated by the implication that the woman is dead (or "destroyed") while Kaylynn is alive and kicking in TS2.
      • Confirmed in Chapter 8 to be the Kaylynn Langerak from TS3, with the character from TS2 being her niece.
  • Jennail Tricou
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  • Samantha or Kimberly Cordial
  • She's probably not Bella or Rainelle because her skintone is too light.
  • Brandi Broke
  • Faith Goodie
  • Anabelle Oinkslopes. Glasses, black hair, and light skin? Check. Likes the color white? Check. Lived in Sunset Valley where Mortimer grew up? Check. Death by electrocution? HMMM...

Jon Tricou was murdered.
  • How or why remains to be seen, but his wife or any of the women he impregnated seem to be good contenders.
    • Bella Goth is also a suspect. It was implied that she was arguing with his ghost in Chapter 5, and if he was the one who painted "Bella Squared" there's a good chance they had an affair at some point. He could have showed Nina the cowplant as a clue.
  • How? Someone put cowplant juice in his drink.
    • Rainelle was the bartender so she could easily have done that. Maybe the wolf brainwashed her so she couldn't remember it afterwards? If the wolf is indeed "a cursed wizard out to get revenge" Jennicor could be the target.

Bella's abduction will mirror Ocean's.
  • The aliens will do it to "help" Dina so that she can marry Mortimer, without her permission.

The aliens are trying to get on Dina's good side.
  • In hopes that she will help them learn the Goth family secrets, since they cannot abduct them due to Bella's magic. Dina will teach them how to break the enchantment and abduct Bella.

The activator of Servo is... .
  • Brigit! The eyes match at least.
    • Seems pretty definite at this point, what with Brigit's stats being absent from the character stats page, Servo feeling Brigit's pain in Chapter 13 and Skell stating that there's a meaning behind the Nina/Brigit kiss in the April Fools Day teaser.
      • Jennicor describes Servo as being "pure of heart". In Chapter 12 we learn that rescuing animals is a common Secret Test done by fairies to see if someone is pure of heart, and then see that Brigit rescued a fox (Titania in disguise) when she was younger.

Don's blind date will be... .
  • Bonehilda. Undead? Check. Sleeps in a coffin? Check.
    • Not fat? BIG check.
      • Confirmed in Interlude V.

Someone will die at Jennicor's ball... .
  • Think about it. We all know that all Tricous will die. Bella and Jennicor are the suspects for Jon Smith's murder. He died at a party (BELLA's party). And now when Jennicor is holding a ball, wouldn't it be interesting if another Tricou died there?

Ichabod is the Grim Reaper in disguise... .

  • In his conversation with Jennicor he says “Well it is a masquerade. Maybe I’m in disguise.” When Jennicor points out that he is not wearing a mask he replies “As far as you know.”
  • Junior calls him daddy, which he called the Grim Reaper in chapter 3.
  • Servo and Michael see the Grim Reaper through the window, but when they walk in only Ichabod is inside. And when they wonder why Death himself would be there, Ichabod replies: “Having a good time?” and laughs.
  • Skellington changed his zodiac sign to Taurus, the same sign as the Grim Reaper has.
  • In his first scene he's looking at a statue of the Grim Reaper.
  • This line: “Come to think of it I did catch a glimpse of a tall bony specter in that mirror over there, but I figured it was just my own reflection.”
    • Confirmed as of Interlude VI.

Rainelle Neengia was Servette's activator


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