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Ted Kord, the second pre-New 52 Blue Beetle, is alive.
Ted Kord, a dead superhero pre-New 52, has yet to be seen or mentioned in the New 52. However, in the beginning of Forever Evil #1, Lex Luthor is talking to a man named Thomas Kord, who was Ted Kord's father pre-New 52. Luthor mentions Thomas having a son and is the owner of Kord Industries. Could this mean Ted Kord is alive, but not a superhero?
  • Well, as of #2, we know Kord Industries has a gun that shoots super-concentrated sunlight, we know Ultraman is deathly averse to sunlight, we know Tom Kord died as a direct result of Ultraman's actions and we know Tom Kord had a son. Origin stories have been built from less.
  • Confirmed. Ted Kord will make his New 52 debut in issue seven.

One of the fictional cities of the DC Universe will be wiped off the map
The Flash 23.1 has already established that Grodd has taken Central City in the Flash's absence, and Forever Evil 1 ends with Ultraman pushing the moon out of orbit, which logically would screw up the sea levels. With the exceptions of Gotham City & Metropolis, every city is on the chopping block - and with the past examples of Coast City, Bludhaven & Star City, a very real possibility.

The Crime Syndicate will not be the Final Boss of Forever Evil — the Legion of Doom will.
Forever Evil is said to be a love letter to the classic DC villains, so it will probably go as follow: Lex Luthor founds the Legion of Doom (with Catwoman, Captain Cold, Sinestro, Black Manta, Black Adam and his creation Bizarro joining him); against all odds, they'll wind up successfully defeating the Crime Syndicate and banishing them back to Earth 3 (symbolically defeating their archnemeses at last, just not the ones from this world)... and then they'll take over from them; the Justice League will somehow come back, but the war isn't over yet — they still have to take the world back, from the Legion of Doom.

Therefore, the Final Battle for Forever Evil will be the Justice League facing against some of their most classic, iconic rogues. Obviously, the Justice League will win, but the Legion of Doom will probably escape. The good guys will notice that, even though the Legion of Doom technically saved the day first, they didn't change at all — because they don't want to, because this is who they are and will always be. Forever evil.

  • Jossed, The Final Boss is Mazahs, AKA Alexander Luthor of Earth 3. The Justice League have little involvement in the final battle

Power Ring won't make it to the end of the series.
Because Volthoom, having escaped death at the hands of Nekron during Wrath of the First Lantern by hiding his consciousness inside his ring, will have completely consumed the ring bearer. The ring's parasitic hold on Power Ring, as noted by the large, corroded, veins going up his arm have been said to get worse with every large scale use of his powers. Since Lex Luthor's Legion of Doom, along with the other teams of resistance, will be stirring up trouble he will no doubt be forced to take action within these various fights. Until, finally, his mind is wrested from him and he is utterly under Volthoom's control.
  • Confirmed Power Ring is killed by Sinestro.

Nightwing's status quo post-Forever Evil
With the Crime Syndicate outing him as Dick Grayson to the public, Nightwing will wind up distancing himself from the rest of the Bat Family to avoid people connecting the dots and figuring out who Batman, Red Hood, Batgirl and Red Robin are, eventually forced into adopting a new civilian identity, abandoning his Nightwing identity and becoming Red X instead.
  • Interesting, but jossed. He's going to be a secret agent now.

The Legion of Doom's Batman is...
  • Thomas Wayne of Prime Earth; last seen adopting the name Owlman, now taking his presumed dead brother's mantle.
  • Dick Grayson; having been unmasked as Nightwing, Dick takes up the anonymity and mantle of Batman once again following Bruce's assumed death
  • Thomas Elliot/Hush
  • Jason Todd/Red Hood
  • Owlman of the Crime Syndicate, creating a unified resistence which will be hard to beat but easy to fight, as part of his plan to kill Ultraman and give his child the world.
  • Someone new
    • None of the above. It's just plain old regular Batman.

We will see the Good Counterpart of the Legion of Doom.
They'll be called "The Legion." Instead of directly allying with their alternates, they'll know that any battle involving Evil vs. Evil won't go well-Lex Luthor will probably use this opportunity to overturn the Justice League. The Legion will play the Batman Gambit, supposedly helping the Legion of Doom only to set up their defeat at the hands of the Justice League. The main members of the Legion will be composed of alternate versions of the arch-enemies we Love to Hate:
  • Their leader will be Alexander Luthor, who will be just as much of an egomaniacal Magnificent Bastard as Lex, but with a key difference: he doesn't let his ego get in way of being genuinely heroic. While the prisoner the Crime Syndacite is heavily implied to be Alex Luthor, I wouldn't put it pass any Luthor to have a Thanatos Gambit on hand. We may even get to meet the new version of Alex Luthor Jr.
    • Up until the second comma, the description fits Alexander Luthor/Mazahs down pat. In fact, you can make a point that it's his ego that drives him into thinking of himself as a hero, simply because he opposes the Crime Syndicate who take their villain cards everywhere, when in fact he's pretty much every bit of a bastard as they are.
  • The Jokester, who will be Crazy Awesome like The Joker and The Lancer of the group. While Batman fears the Joker and recognizes that his craziness is a threat, Owlman will dismiss the Jokester as being a harmless hero. Cue The Jokester beating him Looney Tunes style.
    • This one is jossed as Earth-3 Joker died at the hands of Owlman a.k.a. Earth-3 Batman.
    • The Cat who will be sort of a mother figure like Batman is/was a father figure for the Robins. And like Catwoman, she does what she does because she finds it exciting, only she feels doing good instead of stealing things is more entertaining..
  • White Hand, the undead defender of his Earth. Able to live thanks to a white ring fueled by his willpower, he is naturally immune to Power Ring's fear powers. Unfortunately, his larger-than-life determination comes at the expense that he is extremely emotional and thus easily distractable, bouncing from rage to hope to love to greed like something out of a shonen anime.
    • There's no good counterpart to the Legion of Doom in Earth-3 simply because there is no good in Earth-3, period. Also, there's no information whether there actually are Earth-3 versions of Catwoman and Black Hand.

Deathstorm is more than just a reference
The Crime Syndicate's Deathstorm is clearly a reference to the Black Lantern Firestorm who took the same name (in both name and face). But what if it's not just a reference, and the original Deathstorm has somehow returned and joined the Crime Syndicate? This might be related to the latest resurrection of Black Hand (and possibly also Hal Jordan's actions in Wrath of the First Lantern).
  • What? Ridiculous! Why would a member of the Black Lantern Corps be interested in tormenting a version of Hal Jordan - oh.
  • Impossible. The Blackest Night event was stated to still have happened to some capacity in DCnU, yes, but before the start of New 52; in the new continuity, however, Firestorm doesn't even exist before the start of New 52. He didn't exist in the previous years, when Blackest Night happened; therefore, it's impossible for Deathstorm to have existed too. It's just a reference.
  • Deathstorm is actually Earth-3 Martin Stein, in a corrupted Firestorm Matrix.

The Crime Syndicate's differences will lead to their downfall.
While they're powerful, it's pretty clear that the Crime Syndicate is not one big happy family. Johnny Quick and Atomica are unpredictable, Owlman has a soft spot for Nightwing, Superwoman is cheating on Ultraman with Owlman behind his back, Power Ring is a coward, and Ultraman sees his teammates as tools in his quest for power. With such tension, the whole team is a powder keg ready for detonation if someone lights the fuse of discord.
  • One thing to notice: Ultraman, Superwoman and Johnny Quick, at least, have had the same behavior since back before the New 52 (possibly even before the Crisis), but none of this ever stopped the Crime Syndicate from operating as a team in a professional manner. It's probable that they tolerate each other long enough to get the job done.

Arkham War is gonna come down to Pyg vs. Ragdoll
And there won't be enough Brain Bleach in the world...
  • Probably not serious but still, Jossed.

The Syndicate, and especially Owlman, is defeated by a returning Joker

Maybe they get closer to killing Batman and it's a only Joker gets him situation, or maybe they're about to conquer the universe and the clown just drops in. Either way I'm guessing that the Joker returns, his face inexplicably restored, and deliberately destroys the Syndicate, with Owlman dying of Joker venom.

The Creature that destroyed the world of Crime Synicate will be revealed to be...

Darkseid. Either the true one (in which case his reach extends across alternative universes) or a reverse aligned "good" Darkseid that destroys evil planets like Ultraman's Krypton and Earth-3.

  • I'm starting to think it's the Anti-Monitor, possibly with a different name. After all, didn't he destroy Earth-3 in Crisis on Infinite Earths? And the whole universe-destroying thing fits him more.
    • Confirmed - it's the Anti-Monitor, with the same name as before.

Jessica Cruz is going to receive the Earth-3 Power Ring.

They labeled that she would appear in Forever Evil and now that Power Ring is dead it seems likely that she is going to be the new candidate.

The father of Superwoman's baby isn't Ultraman or Owlman...
It's Alexander Luthor/Mazahs, and the baby will be Alexander Luthor Jr. (of Infinite Crisis fame).

Darkseid destroyed the Anti-Matter Universe.
The end of Forever Evil has the Anti-Monitor trying to gain power in order to fight Darkseid. Note that Multiversity’s Map of the Multiverse doesn’t have the Anti-Matter Universe. While it never counted as the main DC Multiverse, the map contains other worlds like Apokolips and New Genesis, which like the Anti-Matter Universe are in Another Dimension and thus should fit somewhere on the map. And it can’t be the New 52 never had the Anti-Matter Universe, since its existence is massively integral to Green Lantern lore. So what happened to it?

Darkseid destroyed the Anti-Matter Universe. We know he remembers the previous continuities, so he knows about Crisis on Infinite Earths. The Anti-Monitor is one of a few entities more powerful than him that’s a direct threat, and being the only one (asides from maybe Nekron) who’s stuck around after more than one mini-series. So what does Darkseid do to neutralize the threat? Neutralize it at its weakest.

Crisis on Infinite Earths hasn’t happened in the New 52, so the Anti-Monitor hasn’t gotten the chance to devour whole universes yet. And while there’s the distinct possibility that he may remember what’s happened (which given he’s sporting his pre-got-the-crap-punched-out-of-him-by-Supergirl armour seems unlikely), the universes he devoured never existed and thus may not have their power. He somehow survived, and is currently trying to get revenge on Darkseid.

Volthoom's team is responsible for Pandora's Box being in the Earth 0 universe.
The Crime Syndacite's plan was to send the box into the main DC Universe, however said box had been in long enough to predate even the Greek Gods, and was found by Pandora a good 10,000 years before their plan came to be. This plot doesn't make much sense unless some form of time travel was involved. What character is associated with Earth 3 and is a interdimensional time traveler? Volthoom. In his origin, its revealed that he was a human astronaut who traveled through time and universes to 10 billion years ago, when Krona looks at the beginning of all things and mucks up everything. On the page we see him transformed, we do see there are other people associated with him.

We're never given a reason why his team traveled back to this essential moment in history, and just what they'd want from the Maltusians. Perhaps it's to deliver a vital cargo? That, or Volthoom had ambitions on his own and planned something with Pandora's Box in the distant past, which got back the long way around. Eventually he gets transformed, dominates the universe and seals them away. This begins the Maltusians/Guardians of the Universe creating the Manhunters, then the Green Lanterns and the massive echos it'll leave in history. Pandora's Box ends up on Earth, and after 10 billion years it finally lines up with the CSA's timeline.

Why sent this far back in time? It might go to explain why the Outsider stated that Earth 3 is "the origin of evil". While Krona started the ball rolling since his actions created the Antimatter Universe at the very least, Volthoom's actions caused the future Guardians to close their heart; an action which would lead to a lot of trouble in future. And of course, Pandora's Box which would eventually be opened by Pandora and release the Seven Deadly Sins upon the world.

As for the Ring of Volthoom, it could be that what he became and going through The Slow Path for so long meant his spirit didn't act normally. Instead of passing on, it ended up returning home but in another time. That, or someone else called Volthoom made that ring and the Volthoom we knew took his name.


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