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Minato and Akita will get a Ship Tease.
They have already hugged during the prologue. Both of the characters seem to know each other pretty well, with Akita always saving him. This can eventually come a full fledged ship with lots of evidence.
  • Confirmed. Although it is not a lot, there's definitely a lot of these. Especially Minato, after they learn that Akita might be dead, gets depressed and denies the reality of the situation.
  • Confirmed even more! In Ayano's first free time event with them, Minato reveals that they were in love with Akita, although it seems one-sided.

Either Kazuhiko or Ayano will kill the other
Due to them being an official couple, there are already death flags for the both of them. One of them might kill the other, accidentally or purposefully. This can even turn into a Romeo and Juliet scenario, where the other kills themself afterwards.
  • Jossed. Kazuhiko kills Akita Yamazaki.

One of the jewelers will kill somebody and frame the other
Kira and Cassius are already on bad terms, and they have just meet. One killing the others would make the mystery too easy. Plus, their personalities do not match up that well. One of them, most likely Cassius, will probably kill someone and try to frame the other, Kira in this situation, as the murderer.
  • Jossed. Kira and Cassius are both the possible murderers of Shinichi Fujimoto. Neither one of them tried to frame anybody.

Either Takayuki, Kyoto, Mitsuru, Hayato or Minato will be the first killed
Takayuki, Mitsuru, and Minato for how close they are to Akita. Both Kyoto and Hayato look important to the plot, so they are in trouble too. If not any of these characters, it will be either Tsukiko, Ayano or Kazuhiko.
  • Jossed. The first victim is Akita Yamazaki.

Takara is misunderstood
By what we have with Takara now, he seems to be creepy and loves observing people by a far. But what if this isn't the case? What if he is afraid to talk to people thanks to his deafness, and just watches over them to imagine having friends, or something like that? Seems less like a creep now.
  • Confirmed. Takara is indeed a precious cinnamon roll.

Kira and Cassius will be the victims of chapter three's double murder
Once again, it would be too obvious if one of them killed the other. There are multiple ways that this can be carried out.
  • Both of them get murdered together, probably based on the both of them being jewelers.
  • Like the first game's third case, one of them will kill the other and then be killed by the true culprit of the case.
    • Jossed. Cassius was executed during the second chapter for 'killing' Shinichi, while Kira was not one of the victims in chapter three.

Either Ayano and Kazuhiko will be killed and the other a survivor
Because it is pretty clear that at least one of them will die. There is actually evidence for it going each way.
  • For Kazuhiko surviving, Ayano has a NG code and not him. Kazuhiko also seems to have an interesting character arc with Akita, which can end up with him getting enough development for being a survivor.
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  • For Ayano surviving, Kazuhiko and Akita have too much of a relationship. Also, if Minato dies, then it would feel like a cop-out to have her die too. So that makes for a possible survivor spot.

The surrounding will play an interesting role in possible murders
Because there's a lot of focus on the setting, just like most DR games...
  • The hospital can be interesting for murder. Only people that are injured are allowed to get in. A person might be injured and the killer purposefully injuries themselves to get in. They will probably think that nobody will find out, even though Monokuma opens up places in case of a murder.
  • The map itself can be used as a murder tool. You know where everybody else is at all times. The murderer can use this map to find any classmates that are unlucky enough to be out alone.
    • Confirmed! The hospital was the scene of the fourth murder.

Mirabilis/Rosalina will be punished for 'purifying' Monokuma
We've already seen with Mirabilis purifying Akita that the process involves hitting people on the head, and she has made it clear to Monokuma that she wants to do the same with him. Doing this might count as violence towards the Headmaster. And we all know how well that played out for Mukuro...
  • Confirmed but jossed. Mirabilis was punished, but it was for breaking three rules: not voting for a culprit, not misleading the trial since she was given extra information, and destroying Monokuma. While she did attack Monokuma with her wand, this was not to purify him.

Akita is not a mediator
This theory is fairly complicated, but here's goes nothing...
  • One possible outcome is that she is actually the Lucky Student. Instead of having any skills in mediating, Akita is just lucky that the situation looks like she mediated it. This means that nobody else knows that meditating isn't actually her talent, but luck.
    • This can have more evidence since Akita's luck seems to work like Nagito's, in case that this is true. She, like Nagito, has a fairly complicated backstory, but it is more believable since this is After the End.
  • Another idea is that the Committee tricks her into thinking she is a mediator. In this situation, Akita doesn't have a talent. Her family may somehow even be paying the Committee into tricking Akita into thinking she is more special than she actually is.
  • Confirmed but jossed. It's complicated. Even though Akita is not the Ultimate Mediator, she is revealed to be the self-proclaimed Ultimate Ringleader. Also, in its sister story, the Despair in Our Stars, it is revealed that the Committee is against the idea of having another Ultimate Lucky Student, considering it a repeat talent despite having one.

Akita and Kazuhiko used to be friends
This is mostly based on dialogue that is totally hinting towards something. With Akita saying things like I trusted you, and Kazuhiko commenting about how much she has changed.

The reason why Yasu, Kyoto, and Hotaru do not get much focus in the prologue is that of their importance in the plot
By this, the author is focusing on characters that will get less time focused on them during the actual story during the prologue, like those who die early on. With this theory, Yasu, Kyoto, and Hotaru will all possibly live beyond chapter 3.
  • Confirmed. Kyoto is the Ayano's only living friend after Kazuhiko from before the Killing Game, Hotaru is the Komaeda/Ouma of the group, and Yasu seems to be the Morality Pet.

Kazuhiko posted the article to protect Ayano or even Akita.
Ayano hints that Kazuhiko is unable to talk about the article, but it is never stated why. This theory claims that Kazuhiko was forced to do it against his will to protect Ayano or Akita, even perhaps both of them. He does seem to actually care about Akita and does not actively hate her for punching him in the face.

Akita is a Despair
Akiza, Akita's alter ego, clearly loves despair. This theory states that Akiza is somehow the real or past Akita, and she was one of the members for the True Despairs.
  • Confirmed. The original Akita was turned into a Despair by Kaneshiro before dying.

The Committee used Akita as an experiment
This theory is mainly crafted by Chapter 1-4, where Akita experiences a dream with all of her alters in it. One of her alters, Akiza, calls Akita Chiyo after all and another one Sae.
  • For some reason that this troper does not yet know, the Committee decided to do an experiment on Akita Yamazaki and added all of these personalities inside her head. Of course, Akita either does not know this or had her memories erased.
  • The Committee, if this is true, is up to something. But, hey, at least they made Akita a real dog of the Committee.
  • Confirmed! Akita was revealed to be one of the subjects in Personality Experiment #045 in Chapter 3-2.

Takayuki will be the second victim.
There has been a great deal of foreshadowing on many important details of the story. One of them may be Mirabilis's 'purifying.' The evidence that supports this is that Akita was successfully 'purified' by Mirabilis in the prologue, and subsequently became the first victim. In the cafeteria, Mirabilis attempts to 'purify' Takayuki, who ran away, and Mirabilis gave chase. It is currently unknown if she succeeded. Following this logic, being 'purified' sets the 'purified' student as the next victim.
  • Jossed. The second victim is Shinichi Fujimoto.

Akita's Past
In the first execution, a number of Akita robots make an appearance. Multiple characters later ask after the execution about her hands, which were revealed to be robotic. Originally, Akita had robotic fingers, leading to the question why she had fully robotic hands after death. This troper theorizes that the Akita we knew throughout the beginning of the story is an upperclassmen to the students, taking the place of the real Akita Yamazaki for the game, while the robots took her place in everyday life.
  • Jossed. The writer makes it pretty clear that all versions of Akita Yamazaki are dead. Also, Mei's actions in The Despair In Our Stars further debunk this.

The Second Murderer
Because of how much Kaneshiro Kazuma is referenced and appears in the second chapter and since an unidentified person interfered with Ayano retrieving the oxygen tank tube, Kaneshiro appears to be a likely culprit. This troper theorizes Kaneshiro decided to intervene and murder a random student, in this case Shinichi to continue the process of the Killing Game since the water motive wasn't enough. Kaneshiro may have even used his talent to brainwash another student to place the drinks and poison one of them, so he would not be executed as Shinichi's killer.
  • Jossed. Although Monokuma did help with a murder, it was because somebody fell for the motive, Kira Iwata. There was no brainwashing involved and Monokuma really wanted Shinichi to die.

There was an accomplice for the second murder
There are a lot of hints that point to there being an accomplice for this case. First, the trick would only work if there were multiple people working on it due to the low amount of time. Second, somebody locked both Ayano and Naoko in the Hospital, and it has been stated that it is neither the mastermind or culprit. Third, there was a note that was in different handwriting than the letter, which is presumably written by the culprit of this case.
  • Confirmed. The accomplice was actually Monokuma himself!

Either Hayato, Satoshi, or Naoko will be the third killer.
  • Hayato is a salesman and cannot be trusted. It is even stated in his character profile that his smile is fake. Although the students all trust him, especially Cassius (which might lead to good character development with him), there is a trend with all the third killers that they are hiding their true selves. He might be hiding something huge.
  • Satoshi is an idiot, but there's small hints here and there that he is smarter than he looks. He may as well be hiding his true self like Hayato. Something about him just doesn't seem real.
  • Lastly, there's Naoko. She has death flags all over the place but is important to the story. Though she might end up like Mikan and break under all of the pressure of the Killing Game.
    • Jossed. Although Hayato and Satoshi killed in chapter three, and Naoko died, none of them are the third killer.

Another Possible Second Murderer
Though it may be true that Kaneshiro Kazuma may have manipulated Namita into killing somebody. She would still be considered the true murderer.
  • Namita has the talent to pull off such a complicated scheme. She also has the charisma to fool others, possibly Tsukiko and Miyuki, to helping her. She is also one of the only students that can successfully pull off things like 'starting' the party and leaving the investigation without raising alarm.
    • Jossed. Even though she was a suspect for a time, Namita had a clear alibi and lack of motive.

Satoshi will be a murderer.
Although many other tropers have theorized this already, there may be even more evidence for this.
  • Much like the first murderer, Kazuhiko Hiraoka, Satoshi has been hit by Mirabilis's wand, unlike others who she has purified that have wound up as victims. Although this trooper does not know when he may commit murder, they believe Satoshi will be guilty of murder sat some point.
    • Confirmed! Satoshi killed Mitsuru Banda because she fell into despair and thought she was the attacker.

The reason why Mirabilis's 'purification' victims keep dying is that of the mastermind targeting them.
Most of the people that Mirabilis has purified are dead, and, because of her wanting to be a magical girl, and a possible symbol of hope for the students, Monokuma targets her. Monokuma wants her to fall into the despair of thinking that she is causing the deaths of all of her classmates.

One of Akita's alter egos tried to kill Naoko during the first chapter.
After rereading the mind screw of chapter 1-4, something caught me as odd. Akita being directly where Naoko is. One of Akita's alters slit her wrist with a knife, but what if there's more? What if they did that to scare Naoko? This can be viewed in one of two ways.
  • One, one of her alters, most likely Akiza, found Naoko in the storage closet and couldn't get in. She found this a prime time to kill since there was nobody else around. So she got a knife and decided to cut herself to lure Naoko out.
  • Two, Naoko was somewhere else before Akiza chased her down. She then hides in the storage closet until Akita comes back in control.
  • Hinted at more during the third chapter, though it still hasn't become canon. Naoko was shown running away into the storage closest and Akita was following her. Then Akita cut herself. Kazuhiko saw this, and, well...bye Akita.

One of the third chapter victims killed another one.
There are three people dead in chapter three, and a person can only kill up to two at a time...which means there's something else going on here. And somebody could have killed another student and then be killed by another one sometime later.
  • Jossed. There are three different killers but none of them could have possibly been one of the victims.

Satoshi accidentally killed Kyoto.
Because Satoshi acts incredibly suspicious when he asks what happens if somebody killed one of the students accidentally. It would perfectly be in character with Satoshi. He could have been showing Kyoto something about Akita's diary when he accidentally shot Kyoto.
  • Jossed. Hayato is the one who killed Kyoto, even though the mastermind still messed with his plan.

Satoshi Nakajima is Atsuto Togami.
A theory Rin supports so much she would not shut up about it in her reviews and reread the whole story to fully develop. Here it goes...
  • This theory states that Satoshi Nakajima, the Ultimate Bartender, is Atsuto Togami, a character revealed in the Christmas special. The evidence includes...
    • In Satoshi's introduction, he knows who Akita is, even though she clearly does not know him (and we were never provided an answer, which Miyuki, the other person there, notices and finds suspicious). There's also the fact that he introduces himself like this 'The name I go by HERE is Satoshi Nakajima. I might not look like it, but I'm the Ultimate Bartender.'
    • There's also the very weird fact that Satoshi is the only student that nobody knows starting the game and Ayano even notes that his talent is completely illegal. This would make a lot of sense if he used to be part of the Future Foundation and would be running away from all the other students because of their connection to the Committee.
    • Satoshi actually seems legit upset that Akita died, even though Ayano doesn't focus on this much because this was before her argument with Kazuhiko.
    • This is a stretch, but Ayano does note that Satoshi would love Akita's cleavage in her ringmaster outfit. The outfit Akita was presumably in while they were in the Christmas scene together.
    • Note that Satoshi starts doubting himself at the beginning of the second daily life. He says that this is all his fault. Ayano thinks that he blames himself for Kazuhiko's death, but Atsuto might be blaming himself for what happened with Akita. Because, if this is true, Atsuto would have a clear connection to Akita's past and Hideyoshi, two subjects of Personality Experiment #045.
      • Also Satoshi would know a lot more about them as well due to having access of their diaries. He probably has read them all which is why he wants Takayuki to do so as well.
    • With Satoshi being the son of Byakuya, it would make sense why he has so much knowledge about alcohol. Byakuya probably told him about it while raising him, especially the ones of higher quality that Satoshi knows so much about.
      • Also Satoshi could have developed his crushes on women from his mother. They seem to have a similar type as well. Miyuki is stoic like Byakuya and does not like Satoshi.
    • There's also that suspicious scene right before the second trial that Satoshi carries Yasu and leans on the forth wall with him knowing that his character is an idiot.
    • Satoshi outright admits in an already out of character moment that he has tied to the Saviors of Humanity, which he shouldn't have because Shinichi clearly doesn't know about him while being one (and he knows Shinichi is a member). This can be explained because the Future Foundation and Saviors of Humanity are highly hinted to be allies.
      • Also this is when Monokuma takes him away during the second trial. He clearly wanted to shut Satoshi up about something because he was already revealing too much.
    • He notes that the third motive doesn't match the pattern. Ayano notes that this is weird. If Satoshi knows it's a pattern, he would have to know there has been more than one game with motives unlike most of the other characters.
    • Satoshi figured out the entrance to the hidden library before anybody else. This shows a certain agree of wit, and the thing is that he doesn't even show it to anyone. Atsuto would have a clear motive to be wary of the other students.
    • There's also the TWO times where Satoshi saves Yasu. The first notes how strong he is, while the next is an act of pure selflessness that seems out of character for somebody like Satoshi. With all these moments, 'Satoshi' is probably a persona created by Atsuto.
    • Also note that the first person that Satoshi trusts is Takayuki. Even though they would not have met, Akita would still discuss her Childhood Friend to Atsuto considering they were friends.
      • Note that during this scene Satoshi tries to tell Takayuki something else. What else could there be to discuss than something concerning the mystery at the whole?
    • This is probably why he has gun experience, which is hinted by his possible role in Mitsuru's death. He would have to train himself in defense to stay alive with the Committee hunting him down.
      • Confirmed! Somebody give Rin all the cookies.

Rosalina is related to the Irvings
Kaleigh should just stop talking to Rin about her story, or this will not stop. Blame Yellowthe Writer.
  • This could explain why she's so secretive. Rosalina seems to know a lot more than the rest of the case about experiments and the Committee.
  • Rosalina has purified only people related to the Committee, or at least tried. Akita, Kazuhiko, Satoshi, Takayuki, Shinichi. All of them fit.
  • Could be the reason she has a fake name and doesn't like associating with her talent. Because she's ashamed of her family, probably caused by watching so much anime and developing her own view of the world.
  • Rosalina is the only character from the United States. Emilynn and Kyoto's parents are from there but they never lived there, or at least don't remember, living there. Renee is from France. So Rosalina stands out because she's the only person who is from the starting place of the Committee.
    • Confirmed! Rosalina's true name is Rosalina Irving and is second-in-line for the Committee. Rin knows all.

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