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Cheasel T. Weasel is partially responsible for Lady X infiltrating Marketropolis.
Dex Dogtective was right about him possibly being a spy for Brand X - Cheasel seems to know Lady X a.k.a. Prune Mascot particularly well, and,given that Cheasel is pretty much a drug dealer (who might be leading the criminal world behind him) with a vendetta against Dex Dogtective, Prune Mascot would resort to his help to get to Brazil and return back. However, Cheasel's plans to use Lady X's power against her failed, and shespread the word that he is a second-class product. Dex failed to realize that Cheasel is dangerous, however....
Dex asking Lady X how she could've done stuff out in the regular human world is a very dumb question.
....because the answer is the human-sized Christopher Lloyd mecha laying there a few feet away!
The movie was a big fat act of Author Appeal to showcase Lawrence Kassanoff's sexual tastes.
Why else would this movie have....
  • The protagonists are, inexplicably, an anthropomorphic dog and a Cat Girl (the latter which really makes no sense concerning she's a raisin mascot).
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  • The villain is a sultry dominatrix who enjoys fetishy costumes like "Catholic School Girl".
  • Lady X's chief officer is a Camp Gay weird pervert who enjoys stuff like wetting himself.
  • All the other endless innuendos that are a bit much even for Parental Bonus.
The theft of the animation disks was deliberate.
  • One of the animators became painfully aware that they were working on a horrible movie, so they stole the disks hoping to cancel the project.
    • More likely, it was industrial espionage carried out by Disney to prevent Threshold from becoming a threat to Pixar. Or it also could've been DreamWorks, again to destroy the competition before it could develop.
Before the disks were stolen, the movie was legitimately going to be good
The movie we know as "Foodfight" today is the result of the studio having to start over from scratch, and many sponsors being dropped during the process. Had that not happened, and had the movie's development been smoother, it might have been, well, an actually respectable movie. Maybe not as good as something Disney or DreamWorks would make, but good enough to be considered passable. Point being, it didn't have to be this bad.

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