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Roy was named after Roland.
Or possibly, "Roy" is a nickname and "Roland" is his full name, kind of like "Lyn" was a nickname for "Lyndis."

Gwendolyn's parents are Oswin and Serra
There are no female A-knights in 7, and they're rare in the setting in general, so if it's in Wendy's blood at all, it must be from her father's side. Gwendolyn has crappy DEF and STR for an A-knight (even taking starting at level 1 into account). Of course, you could argue that's just due to being a girl, but it wouldn't make sense for her mom to be someone like, say, Vaida. It's clear she's uncomfortable with the role and that would make sense if her parents were radically different. Finally, she has pink hair, which is unusual even for Fire Emblem. Now, what canon pairing involves a male A-knight and a non-combat-type female with pink hair? Bingo.
  • Her brother, Bors, has green hair, though, and Oswin's is brown... So if we're using hair color as evidence, that would leave one scratching their heads as to where Bors's hair came from.

Lowen is the cook/meal delivery man in FE6.
We know Lowen as the eager-to-please Pheraen cavalier in FE7, in which he spent an entire set of supports lecturing Eliwood on the importance of proper nutrition, as well as revealed that he had been cooking for the army surreptitiously. In FE6, Lugh mentions in his supports with Chad and Ray that the man who delivered meals to them in the field has given him extra baked tarts. Klein also mentions, in his A support with Perceval, the cook's concern that Percival doesn't like his meals because he eats them without expression. Neither of these men is given a name, but they both seem to share the same concern over making sure everyone in the army gets enough to eat and, what's more, that their food actually meets their preferences and tastes good (which, from what I've gathered, is unheard of in any military). It's likely that at least one of these guys is actually Lowen returning to (half of) his previous role, if the two unnamed caterers aren't, in fact, the same person.

Erk is Niime's grandson and Hugh's cousin.
That purple hair. He's a little too old to be Canas's kid, but Canas notes having several brothers, at least one of whom was probably older. But all those brothers ended up soulless husks due to Dark/Elder magic, and given Niime's special child raising practices, it's not too strange to imagine she might have shipped him off to study under Pent.
  • For bonus crossover points, Lute from Sacred Stones is actually related to this family too.

The Juna Fruit isn't actually exclusive to Magvel.
In Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade, the character Gonzales can be found at level 12 on one route, and level 5 on the other, but his stats are the same regardless. This is consistent with the effects of Juna Fruit. Note that to drop 7 levels, Gonzales would need to have eaten at least two Juna Fruits, as there is a 5-level maximum per fruit. How he managed to get two of what is obviously a very rare delicacy in Elibe is anyone's guess, though the most likely scenario involves the corrupt nobles who push him around, seeing him only as a weapon and therefore thinking only to make him stronger.
  • He's actually Level 11, though, so... It's more likely that the event where he's level 5 happens first, as it's closer to where Roy's party was in the opening chapter.

Binding Blade's Gale is the son of Blazing Sword's Heath
This might seem like a long shot, but hear me out. In Heath's nonpaired ending, he relocates to Ilia and continues fighting as a mercenary. In Sword of Seals, the reason Gale is originally denied the position of Dragon General is because he isn't a native of Bern (despite being one of Bern's "trademark" Wyvern Lords). In other words, my theory is that Gale was born in Ilia as Heath's son, and became a wyvern rider like his father, and eventually traveled to Bern and became a Knight.

Gale was supposed to be recruitable
Let's list some facts:
  • He was shown to be at the very least a Noble Demon and he was not a boss, which is usually a hint that said unit is recruitable (Douglas is a notable exception, though he joined the next chapter if he was still alive by the end of the chapter).
  • In the game, we could get prepromote units of almost every class. Dragon Lords are one of the exceptions, the reason is that Gale was supposed to be the Dragon Lord prepromote unit.
  • He and his units don't attack you sometimes. Of course, this could be chalked up to programming mistakes, but it might also be because he was meant to be a recruitable unit.
  • Some recruitable characters appear as an enemy with his/her own unit, and when he/she was recruited, the unit would become green (Perceval, Klein, Thea). Gale appeared as a reinforcement with accompanying units, presumably the game designers might have intended Gale to be similar.
From all these factors, we can reasonably assume that the game designers originally intended Gale to be a recruitable unit, but for whatever reason, they decided to make him a mini-boss. If the game was to be remade, he might even be recruitable in the remake.

Ogier, Sue and others are reincarnations of Roland, Hanon, etc.
This stems from the fact that Ogier shares the same nickname and even manner of what we know from Roland in his appearance in The Blazing Blade, and Sue is even speculated to be the reincarnation of Hanon by her fellow nomads in Sacae. What if there's actually some kind of reincarnation factor going on here?

Roy and/or Lilina had an older sibling who passed away between FE7 and FE6.
At the end of Blazing Blade, Eliwood/Hector asks the Tactician to name their firstborn child. However, the player is not given the option to enter a name, and during The Stinger, we see that they ended up naming their children Roy and Lilina, without the player's input. It would be out of character for Eliwood or Hector to break a promise that they made to such an important friend as the Tactician... but they only promised to let you name their firstborn children. It's entirely possible that Roy and Lilina are their second-born children, with their older siblings bearing the names that the Tactician chose. What happened to said older siblings? Either they died of SIDS, were assassinated in a political struggle, or committed suicide over the embarrassment of being named Fartface or Twinkletwat.
  • Wouldn't the implication be that Mark actually suggested Roy/Lilina as their names? It seems odd that they wouldn't mention any older siblings, even if they died, and it's possible that Eliwood/Hector would be a bit more protective of them if they'd already lost children, too.

Lilina is the true protagonist of The Binding Blade
She has all of the traditional traits of a Fire Emblem lord note  is arguably a more well-rounded character with more of a stake in the events of the plot, and is the one who becomes a ruler at the end of the game.

Roy takes Lilina’s last name
In ‘’Heroes’’, Valentine Hector makes it perfectly clear that he has no intention of letting his daughter marry into any family. However, he never said anything about the other way around.

In any case of this game getting a remake...
Let's see some 'improvements' that could be implemented. For starters:
  • Lilina gets her own unique class and have more story presence.
  • Roy can PROMOTE before getting the Binding Blade.
  • Thieves can promote into Rogues.

Another one, the game will also double as a remake of Blazing Blade, having both stories in one (kind of like the original Mystery of the Emblem).

Lugh's and Raigh's birth month and blood type
Lugh and Raigh are twins, i.e. born in the same month, but they have different affinities (Fire and Ice respectively). In the Japanese version of The Blazing Blade, affinity is determined by both birth month and blood type, and there are four birth months where you could have either a Fire or an Ice affinity depending on your blood type:
  • January: Lugh O, Raigh A
  • April: Lugh B, Raigh AB
  • September: Lugh A, Raigh B
  • October: Lugh AB, Raigh A

Rutger is Lloyd's son.
Rutger is in his twenties in The Binding Blade, meaning that he was already born as of The Blazing Blade, and Lloyd and Linus were both old enough to have kids in The Blazing Blade. Rutger is also half-Sacaean, half-Bernian, and the only Bernian who has been shown to have any interest in Sacae as of The Blazing Blade is Lloyd. Rutger's hair is also very similar in color to that of Linus, and just a bit darker than that of Lloyd.