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    Undetailed Character Lists 
This is where we will list which characters we would like to see in the game without any explanations, and any that are confirmed will be moved to the top "Confirmed Characters" section. Please note that we won't list any alternate versions of characters (Seasonal variants, Alternate identities, Male/Female versions, etc.) to make the lists easier to navigate.

Confirmed Characters

  • Gustav
  • Henriette
  • Emblan Bow Flier

  • Julian
  • Lena
  • Wolf
  • Rickard
  • Caesar
  • Radd
  • Midia
  • Arran
  • Xane
  • Lorenz
  • Elice
  • Gotoh
  • Frey
  • Horace
  • Etzel
  • Ymir
  • Nyna
  • Gazzak
  • Medeus
  • Bord
  • Cord
  • Castor
  • Darros
  • Matthis
  • Sedgar
  • Roshea
  • Vyland
  • Wendell
  • Rickard
  • Roger
  • Dolph
  • Macellan
  • Tomas
  • Boah
  • Beck
  • Samson

  • Forsyth
  • Python
  • Luthier
  • Tatiana
  • Mycen
  • Valbar
  • Kamui
  • Atlas
  • Deen
  • Conrad
  • Rudolf
  • Seazas
  • Fernand
  • Mila
  • Jedah
  • Nuibaba
  • Irma
  • Silque
  • Jesse
  • Nomah
  • Halcyon
  • Brigand Boss

  • Samuel
  • Arlen
  • Dice
  • Malice
  • Eremiya
  • Kris
  • Cecil
  • Ryan
  • Marisha
  • Warren
  • Jubelo
  • Yuliya
  • Roberto
  • Belf
  • Reiden
  • Frost

  • Naoise
  • Alec
  • Azelle
  • Lex
  • Midir
  • Dew
  • Chulainn
  • Claud
  • Oifey
  • Iuchar
  • Iucharba
  • Shannan
  • Altena
  • Lester
  • Larcei
  • Ulster
  • Diarmuid
  • Fee
  • Ced
  • Arthur
  • Tine
  • Patty
  • Muirne
  • Creidne
  • Dalvin
  • Jeanne
  • Tristan
  • Hermina
  • Hawk
  • Amid
  • Linda
  • Laylea
  • Charlot
  • Ishtore
  • Brigid
  • Edain
  • Beowolf
  • Erinys
  • Hannibal
  • Lana
  • Febail
  • Coirpre
  • Deimne
  • Daisy
  • Asaello
  • Byron
  • Hilda
  • Bloom
  • Reptor
  • Manfroy
  • Aida
  • Lombard
  • Travant
  • Andorey
  • Danaan
  • Ishtore
  • Arion
  • Burian
  • Scipio

  • Dagdar
  • Tanya
  • Marty
  • Ronan
  • Machyua
  • Brighton
  • Lara
  • Fergus
  • Karin
  • Asbel
  • Shiva
  • Selfina
  • Fred
  • Salem
  • Glade
  • Eda
  • Homer
  • Sleuf
  • Sara
  • Miranda
  • Galzus
  • Orsin
  • Halvan
  • Safy
  • Lifis
  • Dalsin
  • Hicks
  • Carrion
  • Kein
  • Alva
  • Robert
  • Perne
  • Troude
  • Tina
  • Dean
  • Linoan
  • Ralf
  • Ilios
  • Misha
  • Shannam
  • Xavier
  • Amalda
  • Conomor
  • August

  • Alen
  • Lance
  • Wolt
  • Chad
  • Saul
  • Dorothy
  • Treck
  • Barthe
  • Sin
  • Gonzalez
  • Geese
  • Garret
  • Echidna
  • Elffin
  • Cath
  • Melady
  • Igrene
  • Hugh
  • Zeiss
  • Niime
  • Dayan
  • Guinivere
  • Jahn

  • Sain
  • Kent
  • Erk
  • Rath
  • Marcus
  • Lowen
  • Guy
  • Dart
  • Heath
  • Farina
  • Louise
  • Vaida
  • Athos
  • Denning
  • Eagler
  • Batta
  • Glass
  • Denning
  • Limstella
  • Leila

  • Ross
  • Neimi
  • Colm
  • Artur
  • Orson
  • Gilliam
  • Vanessa
  • Syrene
  • Gerik
  • Tethys
  • Cormag
  • Saleh
  • Binks
  • Pablo
  • Garcia
  • Natasha
  • Franz
  • Moulder
  • Forde
  • Kyle
  • Ewan
  • Rennac
  • Duessel
  • Knoll
  • Caellach
  • Riev
  • Ismaire
  • Selena
  • Glen
  • Hayden
  • Fado
  • Hayden

  • Nasir
  • Boyd
  • Rhys
  • Shinon
  • Brom
  • Lucia
  • Geoffrey
  • Volke
  • Stefan
  • Devdan
  • Calill
  • Tauroneo
  • Astrid
  • Tormod
  • Muarim
  • Ena
  • Gromell
  • Rajaion
  • Dheginsea
  • Giffca

  • Pelleas
  • Skrimir
  • Rafiel
  • Nolan
  • Laura
  • Aran
  • Meg
  • Volug
  • Fiona
  • Vika
  • Nealuchi
  • Heather
  • Kyza
  • Lyre
  • Sephiran
  • Hetzel
  • Soan
  • Altina
  • Ashunera
  • Ashera

  • Ricken
  • Miriel
  • Say'ri
  • Gregor
  • Basilio
  • Flavia
  • Cynthia
  • Laurent
  • Emmeryn
  • Gangrel
  • Mustafa
  • Yen'fay
  • Anna from Fire Emblem Awakening

  • Reina
  • Orochi
  • Rinkah
  • Scarlet
  • Shura
  • Benny
  • Kiragi
  • Hisame
  • Caeldori
  • Forrest
  • Percy
  • Nichol
  • Candace
  • Layla
  • Daichi
  • Senno
  • Zola
  • Anna from Fire Emblem Fates

  • Jeralt
  • Annette
  • Sylvain
  • Raphael
  • Leonie
  • Kostas
  • Bernadetta
  • Ferdinand
  • Dorothea
  • Linhardt
  • Caspar
  • Ashe
  • Felix
  • Lorenz
  • Ignatz
  • Lysithea
  • Marianne
  • Rhea
  • Dedue
  • Manuela
  • Hanneman
  • Lonato
  • Ingrid
  • Seteth
  • Alois
  • Catherine
  • Rodrigue
  • Gilbert
  • Shamir
  • Flayn
  • Thales
  • Tomas
  • Cyril
  • Nemesis
  • Seiros
  • Miklan
  • Cornelia
  • Judith
  • Lambert
  • Nader
  • Lord of the Lake
  • Lord of the Desert
  • Gatekeeper
  • Fleche
  • Randolph
  • Juris
  • Balthazar
  • Constanze
  • Javi

  • Itsuki Aoi & Chrom
  • Tsubasa Oribe & Caeda
  • Touma Akagi & Cain
  • Kiria Kurono & Tharja
  • Eleanora "Ellie" Yumizuru & Virion
  • Mamori Minamoto & Draug
  • Yashiro Tsurugi & Navarre
  • Mirage!Abel
  • TikiIsMyWaifu
  • Maiko Shimazaki
  • Barry Goodman
  • Mirage!Tiki
  • Mirage!Gharnef

  • Rowan
  • Lianna
  • Darios
  • Yelena
  • Oskar
  • Velezark

  • Jemmie
  • Zeed
  • Audamorze
  • Al
  • Tiena
  • Gant
  • Kilmar

  • Emma
  • Yuzu
  • Shade
  • Randal
  • Alice
  • Valjean
  • Niamh
  • Poe


    General Character-Addition Predictions 
Glade will be the Bonus Boss of Heroes.

Once the Greater-Scope Villain is revealed, Veronica and Bruno will be available through a permanent event
We all know there's something manipulating the Embla royals. However, the way the game works, the only way to recruit them after freeing them would be through a quest or as a Tempest Trial/Grand Hero Battle reward (which would feel cheap and be limited since they expire/end). So, they will be rewards either in a Hero Battle or Xenologue that can only be accessed after beating the chapter you free them. Of course, since whatever is controlling them no longer aids them, they'll be 1* (said battle, however, will have them with stats similar to the ones found on the Tempest Trials' final stage).
  • That, or they'll just flat-out join you for free like the Askrian trio, Virion, Raigh, and Matthew do.

The Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE crew will show up.
It will be part of a Wham Episode that will bring the fight to Earth (the Summoner's world) itself.

Prediction for the '2nd Season' Character batch
As of January 11th, 2018, we're only down to the Thracia 776 official banner (which includes the only main series lord not in the game yet, Leif) and the Binding Blade official banner (even though Roy, the main lord, is already in the game, there hasn't been any new representatives since Klein and that was 11 months ago). FE Switch doesn't count since the title hasn't been announced so predicting them at that point is impossible. But FE Heroes will still continue. So when that was done, I predict that they will revisit the previous series and adds even more characters in sets. This WMG is to predict the sets per games in the next season. Here's how I think the 'Season 2' would play out, using at most 4 characters, discounting possible Grand Hero Battle or Tempest Trial reward or a surprise fifth (like Ayra):

  • Shadow Dragon Season 2:
    • Julian - Dagger
    • Lena - Healer (She and Julian are to respect two of the most recurring archetypes of Fire Emblem, not to mention they are a couple)
    • Midia - Spear Cavalry
    • Astram - Sword Infantry (In addition to him and Midia being a couple, Astram comes with the unique sword Mercurius, the last Regalia of Archanea not yet featured)
  • Mystery of the Emblem Season 2
    • Malice - Sword Infantry
    • Arlen - Blue Tome Infantry (Since we missed out Tailtiu for the first playable wielder of Thoron+, might as well it goes to Arlen, the one who actually wielded it first)
    • Cecile - Spear Cavalry
    • Phina - Sword Dancer
  • Shadow of Valentia - Alm Army Season 2
    • Kliff - Green Tome Infantry or Archer
    • Silque - Healer
    • Python - Archer
      • Kliff is jossed. Not only does he appear in Brave Redux, he is also a blue tome user.
  • Shadow of Valentia - Celica Army Season 2
    • Valbar - Spear Armor
    • Deen - Sword Infantry
    • Conrad - Spear Cavalry
  • Genealogy of the Holy War Season 2 (Variation 1)
    • Lex - Axe Cavalry
    • Azelle - Red Tome Cavalry
    • Edain - Healer
    • Brigid - Archer (Carries the Yewfelle)
      • This represents other main players at Granvalle
  • Genealogy of the Holy War Season 2 (Variation 2)
    • Lewyn - Green Tome Infantry (Carries the Forseti)
    • Erinys - Spear Pegasus Knight
    • Silvia - Sword Dancer (Also possible to be an 'Armor Dancer', Dancers that move slowly but able to refresh more than 1 units, since that's how Dance worked in Genealogy, and Silvia being a foot unit in a game with huge maps justifying her slow movement)
      • This represents mostly Silesse
    • Two out of three. Predictions for Lewyn and Silvia were correct, though Silvia was classified as infantry, but Quan appeared with them.
  • Genealogy of the Holy War (2nd Generation)
    • Shannan - Sword Infantry (wielding Balmung)
    • Ares - Sword Cavalry (wielding a buffed version of Mystletainn)
      • Jossed, he showed up in a banner with Lene and Ishtar.
    • Ced - Green Tome Infantry (wielding Forseti if he doesn't appear in the Thracia 776 banner)
    • Altena - Spear Wyvern Knight (wielding Gae Bolg)
    • Febail - Bow Infantry (wielding Yewfelle)
    • Arion - Spear Wyvern Knight (wielding Gungnir as a Grand Hero Battle)
  • Thracia 776 Season 2
    • Mareeta - Sword Infantry
    • Orsin - Axe Infantry (With access on Pugi)
    • Sara - Green Tome Infantry
    • Lara - Dagger Dancer
      • As a joke, Glade (Spear Cavalry) can be a Tempest Trial bonus to 'celebrate' him being the bottom of the barrel of the first Choose Your Legends event.
  • Binding Blade Season 2 (Variant 1)
    • Lugh - Green Tome Infantry
    • Rutger - Sword Infantry
    • Chad - Dagger Infantry
    • Sue - Mounted Archer
      • The Beyond Darkness banner gives this variant a 75% success rate. Chad's a no-show, Thea and Idunn are playable instead, and Rutger is the Grand Hero Battle.
  • Binding Blade Season 2 (Variant 2)
    • Dieck - Sword Infantry
    • Perceval - Lance Cavalry (wielding Maltet)
      • Perceval hasn't appeared but him wielding Maltet is less likely, because it went to Hector for his Brave variant.
    • Melady - Spear Wyvern Knight
    • Geese - Axe Infantry
  • Blazing Blade Season 2 (Variant 1): Representing members of the Lyndis Legion
    • Kent - Sword Cavalry
    • Sain - Spear Cavalry
    • Rath - Mounted Archer
    • Dorcas - Axe Infantry
      • Dorcas is jossed. He was put in Farfetched Heroes.
  • Blazing Blade Season 2 (Variant 2)
    • Pent - Red Tome Infantry
    • Louise - Archer
    • Dart - Axe Infantry
    • Fiora - Spear Pegasus Knight
  • Sacred Stones Season 2
    • Joshua - Sword Infantry (Being put in Farfetched Heroes but as a Tempest Trial reward)
    • L'arachel - Mounted Healer or Mage
    • Lute - Green Tome Infantry (Being put in Farfetched Heroes)
    • Myrrh - Green Manakete (with the Hone Dragons skill)
    • Joshua and Lute are jossed by the Farfetched Heroes banner. L'Arachel and Myrrh are confirmed, appearing in the Sacred Memories banner along with a variant of Eirika.
  • Path of Radiance Season 2 (Variation 1): Representing another batch of Greil Mercenaries
    • Boyd - Axe Infantry
    • Shinon - Archer
    • Gatrie - Spear Armor
    • Mia - Sword Infantry
      • Mia is jossed. She was put in Farfetched Heroes.
  • Path of Radiance Season 2 (Variation 2): Representing Elincia's first 'royal guards'. Of course, Makalov gets left behind to avoid controversy.
    • Geoffrey - Spear Cavalry
    • Astrid - Mounted Archer
    • Marcia - Spear Pegasus Knight
  • Radiant Dawn Season 2
    • Nolan - Axe Infantry
    • Edward - Sword Infantry
    • Leonardo - Infantry Archer
    • Haar - Axe Wyvern Knight
      • Haar is jossed. He's a Grand Hero, appearing alongside the beasts of Gallia.
  • Awakening Season 2
    • Sumia - Spear Pegasus Knight
    • Gregor - Sword Infantry
    • Maribelle - Mounted Healer
    • Miriel - Green Tome Infantry
      • The Ylissean Travelers banner gives you a 50% success rate: Sumia and Maribelle are both there, accompanied by Libra and a flier variant of Olivia.
  • Fates Season 2
    • Kaze - Thief (To complete the ninja brothers with Saizo)
    • Charlotte - Axe Infantry (Since she already got her Bridal variation first)
    • Shigure - Spear Pegasus Knight (Since he got his Performing Arts variation first)
    • Both Shigure and Kaze are jossed. While Shigure appeared in the Wings of Fate banner alongside Female Kana and a variant of Hinoka, Kaze was given out as a Grand Conquest reward and later dropped into the 3* pool. Charlotte, meanwhile, is still awaiting a normal introduction...
The Children of Fate banner.
Intelligent Systems has released a November calendar, and one of the events is an upcoming banner titled "Children of Fate". This banner could be many things, but there are three main options for what it is.
  • Genealogy of the Holy War 2nd generation banner
  • Awakening 2nd generation banner
  • Fates 2nd generation banner
    • The Japanese name is "Children of Black and White", so Fates it is.

Beast and Bird Laguz will eventually become available
Their weapons will be Beaststones, which will essentially be a physical counterpart to Dragonstones. Panne, Kaden, and Keaton will also be treated as Laguz-likes. Obviously, the major difference between the birds and beasts will be that the birds can fly. (And admit it, you totally want to use Tibarn and Naesala.) Dragon Laguz (Ena, Nasir, etc.) may also show up, but they’d be lumped in with the Manaketes.
  • It might be difficult to include an entirely new weapon type, but Beaststones will be colorless, short range, and use physical power, because there are no short range colorless weapons (without Close Counter).
  • Confirmed since January 2019. So far as of April: Tibarn, Nailah, Reyson, Leanne, Keaton, Kaden, Velouria, Selkie, Ranulf, Lethe, Mordecai, and Caineghis are summonable, while Naesala and Panne are Grand Heroes.

The Legendary Hero representing the Fire Element will hold a colorless weapon (Bow, Dagger or Staff)
Each Legendary Hero revealed so far has a different color weapon:
  • Fjorm is the Legendary Hero of Water with a Lance
  • Gunnthrá is the Legendary Hero of Wind with a Green Tome
  • Vanguard Ike is the Legendary Hero of Earth with a Sword
I assume that the devs are aiming for color consistency for the banners where Legendary Heroes can be obtained. Since the colorless option hasn't been filled yet, apart from Seasonal Event Heroes and normally 5-star exclusive Heroes, and only the Fire Legendary Hero remains to appear in the game, this makes me conclude that this Hero will use a colorless weapon like a bow or a dagger.
  • Jossed. The Legendary Hero of Fire is Lord Ephraim with a Lance.
  • And then un-Jossed by Legendary Robin, a second Earth hero. A colorless Fire hero isn't impossible.

Duma-empowered Berkut will become playable, and will wield the Kriemhild.
Possessed Takumi became playable with the Skadi. Hope springs eternal...
  • I CALLED IT!!!

The Three Houses leads will become playable.
Probably either right before or right as the game itself premieres in order to promote said game. Prediction: The Lords will be pullable, Byleth would be the Tempest Trial prize.
  • The announcement for the 2.10.0 update has an image of you being allowed to name your favorite marks. The example image has them sorted by platform of origin, including the Switch. Hope springs eternal...
  • Confirmed on 7/18/2019. All five (counting Byleth twice for two genders) are playable.

The original characters from Cipher will become playable.
  • Emma - Flying lance unit
  • Randall - Cavalry lance unit
  • Shade - Infantry staff unit
  • Yuzu - Infantry sword or red tome unit
  • Valjean - Armored sword unit
  • Alice - Cavalry staff unit
  • Niamh - Infantry sword unit

    Future Event Roster Predictions 
Predictions for future Heroes Spotlight
Similar things like Siblings Bonds and the one featuring Blazing Sword characters (Karel, Nino, Jaffar, Rebecca, Ninian), but not promoting a series' entrance (World of Shadows for Gaiden/Shadows of Valentia), let's start guessing future themes for future Spotlights.
  • Judging how we got the Greil Mercenaries (okay, only four of them) spotlighted, how about one for the Dawn Brigade? It could have Micaiah, Sothe, Edward, Nolan, Leonardo, and Aran.
    • Micaiah and Sothe are introduced with no other Dawn Brigade members, so not only are they jossed, this puts the prediction at risk of being jossed entirely.
  • We had focuses with pairs of siblings. How about one with parent and child duos? There's Garcia and Ross in Sacred Stones, Brom and Meg from Radiant Dawn, and Eyvel and Mareeta from Thracia 776.
    • If this is the case, there will be many potentials from Genealogy, Awakening, and Fates...
  • Good offsprings may be an idea, based on being children of bad people. Some that come to mind could be... Sonya (against Jedah), Lex (against Lombard), Tailtiu (against Reptor), Sara (against Manfroy) and Pelleas (against Ashnard). Granted, some existing chatacters like Sheena (against Jiol) or the Nohr siblings (against Garon) already fit this bill, but... yea. (Also, despite being a daughter of an 'enemy', Jill wouldn't fit in because Shiraham is a good person being stuck in a villain position.)
    • Father's Day is in June, after all.
    • Celebrating Father's Day by beating up dads that happen to be bad... err... can I say awkward?
    • The focus itself is still up in the air, but having it occur on Father's Day is jossed. Instead, we got units from New Mystery of the Emblem.
      • And even though it's already jossed, Pelleas versus Ashnard wouldn't work because the two aren't actually related. It would have to be Soren versus Ashnard instead.
    • Sonya is also jossed because she appears as Celica's Army banner. Likewise with Tailtiu, who appears in the Holy War banner.
  • How about a Dragon-themed Spotlight? With Path of Radiance characters in Heroes now, they could even advertise a full Goldoan Laguz set: Ena, Nasir, Kurthnaga, and Gareth. Other possible new dragons from games that have already been represented include Nah (Awakening), Nils (Binding Blade), Myrrh (Sacred Stones), Bantu (the original/Shadow Dragon), and Kana (Fates).
  • Considering that there's been a Spring Spotlight featuring characters from Awakening and Fates in new outfits, perhaps there will be a Summer Spotlight featuring Chrom, Gaius, Cordelia, and Tharja in their swimwear from the Awakening DLC, or the Fates Lords/Ladies from their own DLC.
    • There is a June Brides event (may be too early to be considered summer, but June is when summer starts), and Cordelia is among the heroes there. Judging by the timing, it may be too soon to consider this jossed entirely.
    • Final Status: Spotlight theme is confirmed, titled "Ylissean Summer". Of the characters predicted, Gaius is confirmed, complete with the same candy patterned swimtrunks from the Summer Scramble. Joining him, though, are Female Robin, Adult Tiki, and Frederick. Meanwhile, the Nohrians have their time in the sun in "Nohrian Summer". Among the Nohrian siblings, Xander, Leo, and Elise are confirmed, complete with their Paradise Scramble ending attire. Female Corrin joins them.
    • Second Round: Proving that not appearing in the first banner doesn't joss her entirely, Cordelia finally gets a Summer alt, complete with the same swimsuit she tried on in the Summer Scramble DLC. Joining her are fellow Awakening representative Noire along with Sacred Stones's Innes and Tana. The second banner of the year completes the Nohr sibling set with Camilla, who is joined by Hoshido's Takumi. Tagging along are Linde and Tiki from Shadow Dragon/Mystery of the Emblem.
  • Tharja, Gaius, Cordelia, Odin, Selena, and Laslow are all currently in the game, so a banner for their counterparts (Rhajat, Asugi, Caledori, Owain, Severa, and Inigo) could occur after a few sprite edits.
    • Rhajat is jossed. She is among the first Fates kids to appear.
    • Owain is jossed. He is part of the Brave Redux banner.
  • A spotlight involving trainee units. This will include the Echoes villagers (except Faye, who's already summonable); Amelia, maybe Ewan, and Ross (if the parent/child WMG is jossed) from Sacred Stones; and Mozu from Fates.
    • With Tobin obtainable through Tempest Trial and Gray being featured in the Alm's Army focus, they may no longer be in the running for the spotlight. There are still enough for a spotlight, so we're not counting it out just yet.
    • Amelia is introduced in the "Sacred World" banner, so her chances of appearing are jossed.
    • With Kliff's appearance in the Brave Redux banner, this WMG is at risk of being jossed.
  • Headwear: give us Joshua, Nephenee, and a few others that I've either forgotten or never played.
    • Nephenee is jossed. She's part of the "Dauntless Crimeans" banner.
    • Joshua is jossed. He's a Tempest Trials reward. This wouldn't leave much left...
  • Future new units: since the game hasn't gave us a Bow Cavalier Unit yet, let this be a time to introduce some like Rath, Sue, Wolf, Astrid, etc....
    • Further down the line, an update to include the beast units: non-dragon laguz from Tellius such as Lethe, Mordecai, Reyson, etc., Panne from Awakening, and Keaton and Kaden from Fates. (Yarne, Velouria, and Selkie as well if the child units also become available).
      • Confirmed after 3.1. The first batch of beasts did include Reyson, but joining him were Tibarn, Leanne, and Nailah, with Naesala as a Grand Hero.
    • In regards to Bow Cavaliers: they finally come to be playable in the form of Brave Hero Lyn. This will not joss a possibility of such a banner, however.
  • The Fall event will be an All Hallows' Eve themed event, so we can have units dressed for the occasion. Playing the witch will be either Mae or Celica as a reference to witches appearing in Gaiden, or Ophelia, Orochi, or Rhajat from Fates. Whoever gets the role of the vampire (preferably a magic user) will get Nosferatu. There could be a werewolf and maybe a cat; while these roles may be covered by shapeshifters (wolfskin and Tellian laguz), they may be a bit too obvious of a choice.
    • One of the dragons uni will appear in it. Most preferably Fae, who instead of turning into a Divine Dragon transforms into a Fire Dragon.
    • (original poster here) Looks like the theme is at risk for being jossed entirely. We are getting a Performance Arts based banner instead, and it is spanning one month. As a new banner could be added halfway through, there may still be a chance, but only time will tell.
    • Final Status: Just as October winds down, the focus is confirmed. There is a witch played by Nowi as a flyer. There is a vampire played by Henry, but the part of having Nosferatu or anything with that effect is jossed. There is a cat (specifically, a nekomata) played by Sakura. Also available is Jakob as a monster.
    • Second Round: Occuring in the middle this time, we have Mia as a witch, Kagero as a maid, Niles as a devil, and Myrrh as a monster. The Tempest that follows also gave Dorcas as a minotaur.
  • With the banner size making it to 3, you can now start making up 3-characters banner combination instead of only 4.
  • Since there is a specific army banner spotlights after the Alm and Celica bond battles, maybe we can expect new units to come out of the next bond battle. In particular this can introduce units that certain characters meet depending on which lord one uses to recruit them. Most noticeably representatives for Eirika's or Ephraim's Army.
    • The bond battle after Alm and Celica's was Cecilia and Lilina's, which doesn't follow that format. Still possible if one for Ephraim and Eirika is confirmed...
    • Final Status: The Renais twins already had their Bound battle, but no New Hero banner came from it. Let's declare this as jossed.
  • Expect Sigurd, Leif, and Micaiah to be introduced later on considering that they are the only lord characters not introduced in the game yet.
    • By October, Sigurd has his own banner, featuring him, Deirdre... and Tailtiu (Ayra not listed in the banner, but will also appear).
    • Micaiah was released alongside Sothe, Zelgius and Oliver (the latter appearing as a Grand Hero Battle) in January 2018.
    • Leif is teased to be released in April 2018 alongside Nanna and Finn, so all lords are now accounted for.
  • Cool Mask wearers. Among units who haven't already been released, possibilities include Sirius, Gerome, Percy, and Conrad.
    • Gerome is jossed. He's slated to be a Tempest reward.
  • Cornelius archetypes. Possibilities include Cornelius, maybe Rudolf, Vylon, Greil, Emmeryn, and Mikoto.

CYL character predictions
Assuming that the "Choose Your Legends" characters are palette swaps gives us a red-only banner that's unlikely (though not without precedent) to happen. As a result, odds are the CYLs will use different colours. Question is what:
  • Lyn:
    • Bow (plus Awakening's fur trim)
  • Ike:
    • Urvan (with Greil's cape)
  • Roy:
    • DC Binding Blade (with a reflected portrait)
  • Lucina:
    • Lance (tattered outfit from future)
  • Weapon types confirmed. The only jossed points are Lucina's outfit not being in tatters, and Roy gets a variant of Durandal, his father's sword. Lyn does get the fur trim, while Ike does get the cape and Urvan.

Roy and Ike will be featured in the third and fourth costume events
  • Specifically, either Roy or Ike will be in the third event, and then the remaining one will be in the fourth event. Basing this off of Lucina and Lyn, also winners of the character poll, being a part of the previous costume events.
    • Jossed. The third costume event included only Awakening characters.
    • The fourth event included only Fates characters; specifically, the Nohrians, jossing this even further.

Micaiah will be the fourth 40% bonus character in Joshua's Tempest Trial
  • She is higher ranked on CYL, and her absence is a glaring omission...
    • Jossed. The fourth 40% bonus character is Brave Ike, with the other three original brave heroes filling in the 20% bracket along with Joshua.

CYL 2 character predictions
  • Hector:
    • Some sort of sword (with his curtain beard from The Blazing Blade's epilogue).
  • Celica:
    • She will be a sword unit with Beloved Zofia as her weapon. Alternatively, she will be a red mage with Ragnarok Ω.
      • Beloved Zofia is seemingly jossed, as a version of Celica possessed by Duma is going to be packing it instead.
    • Another option, should she continue being a tome user, is that her weapon is the Seraphim spell.
    • Yet another weapon possibility is Celica's Gale from Awakening.
    • Her appearance will be based on Rigain, her Overclass from Shadows of Valentia, her classic design from the original Gaiden, or perhaps her DLC design from Awakening.
  • Ephraim:
    • He will be a horse-mounted unit like his promoted class from The Sacred Stones, with the lance Reginleif as his weapon, which will be effective against cavalry and armored units.
      • Probably jossed. Legendary Ephraim has been confirmed, and is a mounted lanceman.
  • Veronica:
    • Same as her base incarnation, except Promoted to Playable.
      • Jossed. A voiced line from the trailer implies that she's from an alternate reality, as she says she's different from the Veronica you know.
    • Her design will be based on Xander, the only Hero who chose to stay by her side.
  • Final outcome: Hector was totally wrong (he's got Maltet and an outfit based on Uther), as was Ephraim (he's got Garm and an outfit based on Fado). Veronica had a nugget of truth - she is a cavalry unit like Xander, and actually learned to ride from him and Bruno. Celica had one correct prediction in that her outfit is her classic one, but she's packing Alm's Royal Sword.

The mystery banner...
Will focus on the upcoming Fire Emblem game for Nintendo Switch.

There will be a Crossover Event in the future...
Post your theories of what franchise should crossover with this game.
  • Shin Megami Tensei. It's wishful thinking, but it would look great if the Heroine could spam Thoron.
    • Persona 4 or Persona 5 protagonists. They would wield Izanagi/Arsene as personal blue/red tomes, respectively. They would have an effect where they get to move again a la Galeforce if they attack with weapon triangle advantage (once per turn, obviously), but enemies would also get to go again if they hit them with weapon triangle advantage. They'd also get Triangle Adept.
  • Raiden from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. He'd have the HF Blade as his personal weapon and Zandatsu as his personal special skill (a combination of Astra and Sol the way Aether combines Luna and Sol).
  • Maybe For the Frog the Bell Tolls? The characters for the event would be The Prince of Sablé, Prince Richard, Princess Tiramisu, and King Delarin, with Delarin having his illustrations be done by Masayuki Doi, while the other three would their illustrations be done by the original character designer for the game, Tomoyoshi Yamane.
    • They could even have Arewo Shitain-hakase/Mad Scienstein as a Grand Hero Battle unit!
  • Dragalia Lost announced their crossover with Heroes in the near future. Maybe it'll reciprocate here? Likely candidates for the banner are the main protagonist (Canon Name Euden) as a sword or dragon user, Elisanne as a lance user, Ranzal as an axe user, and Cleo as a staff user. Expect them to be infantry with base kits reflecting their skill sets in their home game.
    • As Dragalia's Heroes crossover looms near, Heroes gets...a picnic-themed seasonal banner featuring the Fates maids and some Echoes characters. This does not completely joss the crossover's chances, but it's been made uncertain. The crossover event in Dragalia did get a mention in the notices, though.

Pent and Louise will appear in a Bridal or a Valentine's Day themed banner
They're one of the few Official Couples in the series that don't involve the main lord, and Louise scored in the top 100 in CYL2.
  • Valentine's 2019 focused on the Greil Mercenaries, so that's jossed for now. This doesn't joss Pent and Louise's chances entirely, as they can always be spotlighted in a future seasonal.
  • Both are confirmed for Bridal 2019. Pent is summonable, while Louise is a Tempest reward.

There will be a banner dedicated to heroes who died during their story
Book III takes place in the world of the dead. Hel is the afterlife for people who weren't killed in honorable combat, this can include those who died at Belhalla, or those who died of illness.

CYL 3 character predictions
  • Alm:
    • A cavalier with either a lance or a bow (with a design based on Rudolf, his father).
      • Brave Alm being a bowman has been made less likely with the release of Legendary Alm, who is already packing a bow.
    • Alternatively, his design will be based on his original Gaiden appearance like Celica.
    • Or maybe his design'll be based off of his exclusive Conqueror/Overlord Overclass from Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.
  • Micaiah:
    • Staff infantry (with either her Light Sage or Light Priestess design).
    • Alternatively, her design will be based on Sanaki, her sister. It could even be based on the older Sanaki in the artbook.
  • Eliwood:
    • Some sort of swordsman (with a design based on Elbert, his father).
  • Camilla:
    • Axe armor wielding Bölverk (with a design based on Garon, her father).
  • Final verdict: Alm is a sword infantry unit with his Gaiden "dong armor", although there is lip service paid to Rudolf. Micaiah is in her Light Priestess outfit, but she's a green magic flier this time. Eliwood is a lance cavalier with no particular references to his father, instead wearing the outfit he wore in the epilogue of The Blazing Blade. Camilla is a staff flier, and her outfit does feature a cape similar to Garon's.

There will be a Genealogy event based around the first generation under Hel's employ
These units will be explicitly referred to as ghosts/undead, and will talk about how much they miss their children. Adult Lewyn will be in this group, because he died before the second generation.

July's Mythic will be from Three Houses
With Fire Emblem: Three Houses looming, it may be certain that we'll see heroes from this game around time of release. Why not go the extra mile and have Sothis or the goddess of the game as the Mythic Hero?
  • Parts of this are confirmed. Dimitri, Edelgard, Claude and female Byleth will be summonable in a banner but there is no trace of Sothis and the goddesses.
  • Sothis confirmed! She becomes the second Dark mythic.

2019's Annual "Fan's Choice" Banner
Aka the annual "characters not yet in playable in Heroes that placed high in the CYL polls" banenr
  • Lif and Thrasir if they're not on a banner already
  • Regular Bruno wielding his tome
  • Jill from Path of Radiance
  • Rinea (wielding a staff) and Conrad from Echoes
  • Nils from Blazing Blade

A Banner about Book III
After the end of Book III, there will be a banner where the new Original Characters from Book IIInote  can be summonded.

One of the summer 2020 seasonal banners will feature Three Houses characters.
And one of the units will be a summer variant of Flayn, referencing her love of fish.

    Detailed Future Character Predictions 

Gharnef will eventually be playable
As the driving force between the conflicts of the Archanaea games, it's highly likely that he'll eventually show up. Specific attributes will likely include...
  • Gharnef will use Red Tomes — all prior Dark Magic users have been Red Tome users in this game.
  • Gharnef's ultimate weapon skill will be Imhullu (because why would it be anything else?) It will have Might comparable to other legendary weapons and will passively increase Gharnef's Defense and Resistance by a large value (5 or something like that), to reflect that it made him flat-out Nigh Invulnerable in his home games.
    • Alternatively, Imhullu will straight-up block a large percentage of incoming damage, similarly to Urvan or Divine Tyrfing.
    • Imhullu will be strictly exclusive to Gharnef — other Heroes cannot inherit it under any circumstances.
  • Stat-wise, Gharnef will have titanic Defense and Resistance for a tome user (even without Imhullu) along with respectable Attack, but his Speed will be somewhat lacking. He might also have low HP, meaning that anything strong enough to hurt him at all will be likely to put a huge dent in him, if not ORKO him outright.
  • Gharnef will be unavailable through Summoning, instead being acquired via Tempest Trial and/or Grand Hero Battle.
  • Confirmed playable. Other confirmations: red tome user, with signature tome Imhullu. He's also a Grand Hero, released before Book III.

Julius will eventually be playable
  • Julius will be a Red Tome user like every other Dark Mage.
  • Julius's ultimate weapon skill will be Loptyr, which will be essentially an even stronger Imhullu — If not in terms of Might (which is likely, since legendary Tomes are standardized to 14 Might in this game), then at least in terms of damage-blocking utility. However, it will also cause Julius to count as a Manakete/Dragon in addition to a Tome user, meaning that weapons that deal effective damage on Dragons (like Falchion and Naga) will deal effective damage to a Loptyr-using Julius as well (and potentially ORKO him).
    • Loptyr will be strictly exclusive to Julius.
  • Julius's stat spread will be more offensive than Gharnef's, with greater Speed in exchange for less Defense and Resistance.
  • Julius will be unavailable through Summoning, instead being acquired via Tempest Trial and/or Grand Hero Battle.
    • Called it! Julius is confirmed to be a Grand Hero Battle, slated for release on 5/14/2018.

Nergal will eventually be playable
  • Nergal will use Red Tomes as well — see Gharnef and Julius.
  • Nergal's penultimate weapon skill will be Nosferatu, which will function similarly to how it does in the main games, though the effect may be toned down. (Its Might will most likely be 7 or 8, not 9 or higher.)
  • Nergal's ultimate weapon skill will be Ereshkigal, which in this game will be Nosferatu Up to Eleven — great Might on par with Falchion, Armads, etc. and regaining a greater proportion of health relative to the damage inflicted (if Nosferatu doesn't already heal for 100% of damage dealt, in which case Ereshkigal will also heal 100% of damage dealt).
    • Ereshkigal will be strictly exclusive to Nergal, but Nosferatu will be available for other Red Tome users to inherit (though Flux and Ruin will be prerequisites for it, so a Red Tome user without those skills will need to inherit them, from Nergal or another Dark Mage, before inheriting Nosferatu).
  • Nergal may or may not have a field skill that drains health from allies (but cannot reduce their HP below 1) — essentially Ardent Sacrifice in reverse. Said field skill, if it exists and Nergal has it, may or may not be strictly exclusive to him.
  • The main reason for Nergal's skills revolving around Life Drain is that stealing the life-force of others to empower himself was Nergal's entire modus operandi in The Blazing Blade.
  • Nergal might have a thoroughly stupidly large amount of HP, though he may also have slightly sub-par defenses. This may have the effect of making his Life Drain abilities less efficient just by virtue of a single HP not meaning as much to Nergal as it would to a Hero with lower HP and higher Defense and/or Resistance.
  • Nergal will be unavailable through Summoning, instead being acquired via Tempest Trial and/or Grand Hero Battle.

  • Lyon, being a Dark Magic user in the main series, will use Red Tomes here.
  • Lyon's ultimate weapon will be Naglfar, which will most likely give him a stat boost, similarly to Eirika and Ephraim's ultimate weapons. Alternatively, it may have built-in Escape Route or Wings of Mercy (since its namesake was a ship).
    • Naglfar will be strictly exclusive to Lyon.
  • Lyon will have a unique field skill that allows him to place additional units on the battlefield — either randomly-generated generic units or randomly-selected other Heroes from your roster. To keep this from being hideously overpowered, it would have some sort of cost to use — either draining a large portion of Lyon's HP with each use (and being unusable if it would reduce his HP below 0) and/or requiring Lyon to have a Special Skill (e.g. Dragon Gaze, New Moon, Daylight, etc.) charged up and ready to use (in which case using this field skill would expend the Special Skill charge as if the Special Skill had been used). It might also be somewhat odd to use, considering that it's a Field Skill that doesn't target an ally.
    • This special skill would be semi-strictly exclusive to Lyon and Izuka (who would have it by default as a 5-star skill) and inheritable by two specific other units, namely Knoll and Ewan. (This, of course, would depend on Izuka, Knoll, and Ewan also becoming playable characters on top of Lyon becoming playable and the summoning skill existing in the first place.)
    • If the summoning skill creates generic units, they would come at the same level as the user, with randomly-generated stats, skills, and movement classes (similarly to the generation of non-standard enemy units in non-predetermined maps). The generic units would not be able to earn EXP or SP.
    • If it summons Heroes, they would come from your roster, with all statistics (level, stats, skills, etc.) as is. The algorithm for deciding which Hero you summon may or may not be weighted to call a Hero whose level is appropriate for the map you're on. The summoned Hero would count as if they had been selected to be brought to the mission from the get-go for all intents and purposes — and that means all intents and purposes. If you're playing on a map where you instantly lose if you suffer even a single casualty, it's Game Over if the summoned Hero goes down. If you're playing a mode where you play several maps in a row with the same team (and get to bring along another team if you lose) (such as Tempest Trial or Chain Challenge), the summoned hero is brought along for all future maps in the sequence, and becomes unavailable for re-selection if your team goes down. If you're playing a mode where you play several battles in sequence and have to choose a new team for each one, such as Squad Assault or Arena Assault, the summoned hero becomes unavailable until your game is completely over. And so on.
    • The summoning skill might itself be a Special Skill instead of a field skill (in which case it would likely have a 5-combat or greater cooldown).
  • Lyon would be unavailable through Summoning, instead being acquired via Tempest Trial and/or Grand Hero Battle.
    • Lyon confirmed as a Grand Hero Battle!
      • And ha ha ha wow, I was wrong on EVERY count except Lyon being a Red Tome User wielding Naglfar. I was wrong about its effect — it’s basically a super-Rourraven. And there’s no summoning skill (pity, it would have been nice to deploy more than 4 units on a map) — he gets Vengeance instead.

  • Just like in Fates, Garon will use Axes.
  • Garon's ultimate weapon skill will be Bölverk, which will most likely have an effect that reduces the damage Garon takes or hinders enemy follow-up attacks and/or counterattacks. (In Fates, it buffed its wielder's Avoid, but obviously that's not possible here.)
    • Bölverk will be strictly exclusive to Garon.
    • Or it could grant Distant Counter, being the first axe to do so.
      • Well, not first axe anymore; Dorcas' Stout Tomahawk claimed that honor.
  • Garon will be your typical armored unit, with very high stats all-around and terrible movement.
  • Garon would be unavailable through Summoning, instead being acquired via Tempest Trial and/or Grand Hero Battle.
    • Garon confirmed as a Grand Hero Battle. Well done. What's jossed, however, is the weapon he uses. Instead of being an armored axe, he's a red dragon infantry—with a breath that nullifies dragon weakness.

  • Unlike his many successors, Medeus actually belongs to a playable class (Manakete) and therefore could possibly become a playable character in Heroes.
  • Medeus will obviously be a Dragonstone unit, though what color he’d be is uncertain. His being an Earth Dragon makes me think he might likely be green.
    • Alternatively, he could join Grima!F!Robin as a colorless dragon.
  • Medeus’s penultimate and ultimate weapon skill will be his Earth Breath, which will either straight-up have stupidly high Might or will confer some sort of defensive boost.
    • The Earth Breath will most likely be strictly exclusive to Medeus.
    • Alternatively, Medeus might have Dark Breath as his penultimate (and maybe even his ultimate, though that would quite frankly be underwhelming).
  • Medeus would be unavailable through Summoning, instead being acquired via Tempest Trial and/or Grand Hero Battle.

If Salem is selected, he will have Poison Strike
Dark magic in Jugdral, not counting Loptyr, all used poison. Then again, Salem can't use poison.

Erinys will have Fury
It's in the name!

If Maribelle is selected, she will be a flying Staff user
She can become a Falcon Knight, a lance and staff using unit, but she's not suited for the lance. Given that Hinoka is now a flying bow user, why not a flying staff user?
  • Jossed for the time being. She's a troubadour, as usual.

Azelle may have the 'Fjalar pose' of rising one hand up
Arvis, Saias, Julius. They all have this pose. So what's to say that if they included Azelle, he'll end up doing that too? However, it might clash with his overall shy attitude (Saias was at least decently confident) or perhaps the fact that he's of the Minor Fjalar blood, not Major.

Lex will have his own version of the Brave Axe
Kinda the same way Arden has the Follow-Up Ring, referencing the Guide Dang It! Pursuit Ring sidequest, and Ayra has her own unique version of the Astra skill since it's her Signature Move in her home game.
  • The axe would have vantage or quick riposte built into it and cannot be inherited.

Vaida will have the Uber Spear
It would boost all of her stats (or give her fury to balance it out) as well as probably giving her distant counter too.

Although whether it's inheritable or not could be left up in the air due to the likeliness of it being utterly broken, as having it be inheritable could be a Mythology Gag to the mine glitch that would allow it to be obtainable by the player.

Larum, Elffin, and Tethys would become Adaptational Badasses and be able to fight
Unlike other refreshers in the series, the ones in the GBA trilogy do not have any capability of wielding weapons. Ninian, however, became a manakete-refresher unit in Heroes due to her dragon heritage and it's very likely that Nils would be one too.
  • Tethys could be a magic unit, because her brother Ewan is a mage.
  • Larum could be a lance unit, referencing her adoptive father Douglas.
  • Elffin could be a bow or a magic unit where he uses his harp to fire music notes.

Kellam will be summonable, but not announced
He'll essentially be a secret character who won't appear on any banner, not even his banner or debut video. He will seem like a glitch for ages.

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