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Mila and Duma are members of the Dragonkin.
  • Duma's appearance resembles a dragon, and Duma was capable of providing a sword that the wielder could use to deal with both himself and Mila, and said sword happened to be called The Falchion. And FE (as well as TearRing Saga) has several examples of Dragons being worshiped by humans.
    • "Duma's appearance resembles a dragon..." No it doesn't. Duma's appearance is a cyclopean pile of muck which can extend Combat Tentacles.
    • However, the mural from one of the trailers for Shadows of Valentia appears to depict both Mila and Duma as warring dragons, giving this some weight. Admittedly, this may just be a stylistic choice for that one mural and not what they actually are. It's also worth noting that Naga, the godlike manakete who created the Archanean Falchion, is worshiped in Valm by the time of Fire Emblem: Awakening some 2000 years later alongside Mila.
    • Confirmed as of now. Gaiden's remake, Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, states that Mila and Duma are Divine Dragons who were exiled from their home continent.

In the upcoming Gaiden remake, they will localize Robin's name as Reflet.
  • It would be the same thing as the Ettard and Alondite in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn.
    • Jossed, it's actually Tobin.
    • They did however change Leo's name to Leon.

Alternatively, Faye is created to subtly bank in on Cordelia and Tharja's popularity.
  • She has Cordelia's unrequited crush (Catria started this trend, but she is more known for other things, such as being the "middle sister") and Tharja's Yandere tendencies.
Duma had a child before his madness fully took him. It was Nowi.
  • Nowi's around a thousand or so years old, and came from the "left". When one looks at the map of the world, Valm-I mean Valentia is on the "left", because it's west. Not only that, but look at Duma's hairstyle and at Nowi's. They're very similar...
    • Except Gaiden/Echoes occurs in between Shadow Dragon and Mystery of the Emblem, both of which occur 2,000 before Awakening, meaning that unless one of the two can time travel, Nowi has to actually be 2000 years old when she is stated to merely be 1000.

Lima IV was slowly poisoned by Desaix before his death.
  • It's quite odd for someone who keeps the land's riches for himself to appear unhealthy levels of skinny.
    • And it would be an entirely in-character thing for Desaix to do.

Sonya did not become a witch in her ending.
  • Her ending only says it was a rumor, not that she exactly became one. Duma is dead/asleep at that point, so there would be no way she could have lost her soul to him. Plus, she could have just taken Nuibaba's sweet crib as her own during her journey.
    • Alternately, the Witch class exists just fine in Fates, which (presumably) takes place long after Duma's defeat. Or, at the very least, he's never mentioned in that game. If women can become witches without selling their soul to Duma, it's possible for the ending to be technically right while still having Sonya be okay: she became a Fates Witch and still has her soul intact.

Sonya did become a witch in her ending, but it wasn't Duma she sold her soul to.
  • Most witches are were sacrificed Duma, so they are devoted to him at the cost of their sanity. The only exception is Nuibaba, who has her own agenda that happens to be in line with the Duma Faithful's. The Valentian Accordion gives us her backstory where Nuibaba sold her soul to Medusa after being murdered. Who's to say that Sonya sold her soul to Medusa to further her research, while standing a better chance of keeping her sanity intact.

The blood Forneus used to create Grima was Naga's.
  • Thabes is said to be the final resting place of Naga. Maybe some of Naga's blood was kept there as a holy relic and Forneus somehow got a hold of it. It could explain how the two of them are so linked despite Grima being an artificial super dragon. Sure, Naga is a Divine Dragon who is strong against other dragons, but Grima can only be defeated by Naga's power or utterly destroyed by his own power.
  • The general idea is sound, but the timeline doesn't quite add up. Naga was still active when Duma destroyed Thabes (presumably because of Forneus' experiments), as she was the one who exiled him in response. Naga might have discovered later that Duma had a point about Thabes and moved to the city's ruins to keep watch in case whatever drove him to attack the city revealed itself, and died (or "died") in the interim.

Genny's husband was Ike.
Priam's lineage had to come from somewhere.
  • This would explain why Priam shows up in Valentia/Valm in Awakening. Got curious about his distant ancestors, maybe? It does leave the question of how Ike got there, but, well, he did travel the world, and time travel and other dimensional shenanigans exist in some FEs...

Sonya is the "canon" choice over Deen.
  • Much like how Arran is implied to be the canon choice in Shadow Dragon, there seem to be a number of factors pushing Sonya as the canon choice in this game:
    • Her increased plot importance as Jedah's daughter, complete with a unique boss conversation with him in the remake.
    • Her appearance in the "Celica's Army" summon focus in Heroes.
    • In the remake, Sonya is the only person that Genny has a support with. Deen's only support partner, Jesse, can already support with Saber.
    • In Awakening's Gaiden Spotpass team, Deen occupies the tenth slot, which is normally reserved for the villains.
    • In the manga adaptation, Deen sacrifices himself to save Sonya and Celica from Grieth.