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Replacement for Johnny Depp

The film series will have to find The Other Darrin as Gellert Grindelwald if it wants to continue, so let the speculation begin:

Richard Coyle’s character
Richard Coyle confirmed in January 2021 that he’s been cast in an undisclosed role in 3 when asked about his facial hair. He says he’s been on set since the beginning which would imply a pretty big role. My ideas from most likely to least likely:
  • Aberforth. He and Jude Law look alike and it’d make sense for him to be in this movie.
  • Elphias Dodge
  • Horace Slughorn
  • Another Hogwarts staff member
  • A member of Credence’s real family. Perhaps an father or uncle. (This is assuming what he’s been told at the end of 2 is a bunch of BS which, imo, all the evidence suggests. )
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  • Someone within the ministry


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