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Lenarche is a descendant of Vestoria and Aldius.
It's basically canon that she definitely has some relation to the Leingold family, but I doubt she's a granddaughter of Valen or something because:a) That's too predictableb) That'll make any possible relationship with Thanos virtually incestuous as Thanos is Oswald's other self.c) If she's Leingold, where are those trademark red/pink eyes?Which makes me wonder - just what could she have to do with the Leingolds? And how does she have her power? Is she immortal? I believe so. I think Lenarche is immortal. And immortal means Leingold, right? No. Don't forget. Thus I think Lenarche is a descendant of Vestoria and Aldius. As ridiculous as that might sound. But she has Vestoria's blue eyes and her hair is shades similar to hers. And I don't think her powers just came from the Mary Sue goddess.

Thanos and Lenarche is going to be the Canon Pairing.
Confirmed by Word of God.

The truth behind Zephyr's mask is...
He has a scar on his forehead that sparkles in the sunlight. Because of that scar he has been known as Zarry Votter, the boy who lived. He got that scar from battling with Lady Valendemort when he was younger. He is now the #1 most wanted criminal on the nation hit list because he tried to kill an immortal. So he hid himself under the totally inconspicuous name Zephyr Vanguardion. And at night, instead of sleeping, he transforms into Zephrodite, the god of love. And he sparkles in the moonlight, too. He has an intense fear of donkeys.And if you think that that is not likely because it doesn't abide by the rules of Fantasia, it doesn't matter.Screw the rules, Zeph has green hair.

Zephyr has a fear of snails.
You know when you went on a mission with him? For the first few battles with the snails, he was always ridiculously underpowered! And then he leaves you for one battle on the pretense of "I am going to fight the bigger ones you fight the small ones." BUT THERE ARE NO MORE BIG ONES AND HE JUST WANTS TO ESCAPE THEM WAHAHA-*ahem* Yeah.

Lenarche is the reincarnation of Vestoria.
Because it would be incredibly cool, that's why. In a reversal of the first game, she has an unrequited crush on Oswald! Thanos, who didn't give a damn about Vestoria in the second game, as the canon love interest! All of the irony points!... And, as previously mentioned, Len's color scheme resembles Vestoria's a bit so basically yeah.


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