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The devil is going to show up.
Many of the Grimm-stories featured the devil in some form or another. Like 'the devil with the three golden hairs'. Nevermind that Ever After is modeled after western-stories and the Grimm's stories aren't the only ones to feature demons and devils. He will probably use a pseudonym though.

In this 'verse, the Beast isn't cursed because he's done anything wrong, necessarily. Someone in the Charming line will be the Beast, thanks to Auspicious and their 'family curse'.
Since Darling/Dexter/Daring's grandfather Auspicious was formerly the hero Siegfried, then (as noted on the character page), the family curse Dexter mentions likely is from his side of the family, and is presumably hereditary. Since the Beast is initially cursed by a witch who realized he had no goodness in him, the chivalry of the Charming family in general could be an attempt to prevent any member of their family from inheriting that curse. However, since a family curse would probably need to take effect in some way or another, regardless of whether the man recipient deserves it or not, maybe the Charmings realize that one of them is doomed no matter how inwardly good they may be. This could also somewhat explain why Dexter notes that his family hope he'll be the beast. Either they *really* don't want a child of theirs not to have a destiny, and would consider a bad destiny preferable to none at all, or they think that it's better for Dexter to be cursed as the Beast than for another Charming to be in that position. Since Dexter's not a very good hero (or so we've been told), the rest of the family may feel that it would be a waste for a Charming that *was* suitably heroic to be the Beast, and would rather the roll fall to Dexter.

The child of the protagonist of The Snow Queen will appear... and be Asian.
Mattel is clearly aware of their own fandoms, constantly referencing them on official accounts, and they're in charge of Disney Princess merchandise. They must be aware of the This Could Have Been
Frozen project, which has been all over the Internet since before Anna's design was released. A Race Lift as a nod to this (and to give the franchise more diversity) wouldn't be out of the question.
  • If anything she'd be black, since so many people were enraged that Elsa was white and the only black princess is Tiana.
    • And the only Asian princess is Mulan (who's not even a princess). Your point is moot. And even if she is a POC in Ever After High, it's not going to have as much impact as Disney having more Asian/Black/POC princesses would/will.
      • I never said she couldn't be Asian, I said if they only looked at the "This Could Have Been Frozen" campaign and based their choice off that, they'd be more inclined to make her black based on what I personally have seen from it. I'd love to see the Snow Queen also be a Japanese Yuki Onna as much as I would have her be a Russian Snegurochka (Puns aside, I'd love to see more diversity, too). I very much agree that Disney needs to expand their horizons since the only POC Disney ladies I know off the top of my head are Jasmine (usually the first to go in a collection set), Esmeralda (largely forgotten), Pocahontas (usually not even included in said collections), Mulan (also often never included), and Tiana, though I wonder if they don't add anyone else out of fear of being accidentally racist in the movie, especially because people get more and more sensitive about racism so that one tiny misstep has everyone crying racist from the mountain tops. Though they're stuck in a lose-lose situation where if they DO make a movie and accidentally include something that comes off as racist (which is really inevitable), they're in trouble with the people, and if they don't make the protagonist a POC they're racist for having only white princesses. The logic being that it feels worse to make a huge public mistake you can't take back than to just avoid the mistake entirely and make a different one instead that you can just hum loudly over. I apologise if I came off as insensitive, it's really not my intention to. Again, my initial comment was referring to the campaign, for which I personally have only ever seen campaigns for a black Elsa.
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    • Jossed, there's a Snow Queen's daughter...and she looks pretty white...and I doubt she'll rise above being a background character since Mattel would have Disney up their ass.
    • Jossed abut being a background character at least, since the special Epic Winter will revolve around Crystal Winter and her family.

The three leading fan theories about Cerise are:
  • That her mother is Little Red Riding Hood but her father is the Wolf;
  • That her mother is not Red at all and she's only the daughter of the Wolf;
  • That her mother is Red and her father is not the Wolf, but that Red was scratched or bitten and became a werewolf, and this was passed on to Cerise (as we all know lycanthropy is genetic).
    • As of the most recent episode, the first one has been sort of confirmed (after being asked by Raven about it, Cerise never really confirmed it).
    • Cerise's diary further supports the first as Mr. Badwolf is at Ever After High and teaches General Villainy. In addition it's established he is Cerise's father and Red's husband.
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    • Once and for all confirmed in Cerise's Picnic Panic.

The reason why certain fairy tales have multiple different variations...
... This could be the result of certain characters accepting their roles, but not fulfilling them EXACTLY as their original stories dictated in the next generation. That's why some details in certain tellings of certain fairy tales aren't exactly as they are in the original tellings, or most tellings.
Ever After High is much older than it's implied to be.
  • It was originally founded by an ancient evil masquerading as a villain who convinced all of the fairy tale characters that each new generation had to follow in the footsteps of the previous EXACTLY or there would be dire consequences. Naturally this evil also blinded the majority of the citizens of Book End to the poor logic of this idea. However in the most recent generation, the magical blinding has begun to fray and certain children (Raven and Cerise are probably in this group and may be joined by others if this is canon) will eventually uncover the truth about fairy tales: that in following in their parents' footsteps, the children are sending their own stories to the Vault of Forgotten Stories since they're telling their parents' stories rather than their own. The evil will then take several characters (those who like tradition and insist on following it) hostage and Raven, Cerise and their allies will be forced to fight it and take their destiny into their own hands. I'm going to eventually write fanfics based on this premise so it will end up on the Internet. And my reasoning on Cerise seeing through it is because her father is the son/nephew/other male relative of the Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood and her mother became able to see through the lie shortly after she discovered who her secret admirer was. Red and her husband will likely be the Designated Parents for the heroes who could see through the lie.
    • Actually, it's The Big Bad Wolf himself.
      • Still am standing on Cerise's parents being the Designated Parents if the above guess turns out to be true.

Milton and Giles Grimm aren’t real people.
Related to the above theory. As an unforeseen twist on their namesakes, they’ll be revealed to be personifications of stories. Milton is the classic tales, Giles are the stories still being or yet to be written.

Raven isn't one of the first characters to try and escape her role.
Cerise's mother, instead of following only her plot, ended up falling in love with the wolf. They were careful to not let it impact the story, and so no one was really the wiser. At some point, whenever Cerise's backstory gets revealed, Raven will seek Red Riding Hood out for advice on how to escape her destiny.
  • Building on this, the Big Bad Wolf (or, as Red Riding Hood refers to him, Big Bad) will actively discourage Raven from trying to break the cycle. He could be the more logical, "safe" voice not necessarily agreeing with the "you have to be evil because the story says so" but wanting the characters themselves to still exist. They followed their story and carved out a decent life, didn't they?
    • Raven does seek out Red in "The Unfairest of Them All" book to ask about not following her destiny. The Wolf doesn't interact with her much, though. It does lead to Cerise revealing her secret to the Hood and Wolf clans, and she gets away with it...for now.
    • She really isn't. Bella and possibly Bruta Sister were.
    • Even earlier than that, one of Cerise's multi-great grandmothers rejected her destiny and got to live happily ever after rather than being eaten by the wolf and dying (which is what happened in the first version of Perrault's Le Petit Chaperon Rouge.)

Kitty Cheshire only appears human outside of Wonderland.
When she's on her home turf, she's far more feline in appearance. After all, she is something of a Reality Warper, and Wonderland is the kind of place where a human infant can inexplicably metamorphose into a pig.
  • In A Wonderlandiful World the Jabberwock influence starts changing the students of Ever After High into objects inspired by their names/interests, but the Wonderland girls are unaffected. So this WMG may be Jossed.
    • I don't think that would Joss this; the Jabberwocky affected the Wonderland-ers differently than the normal students. He didn't make Kitty into a cat, but he didn't make Maddie into a hat or Lizzie into a heart either. The most noticeable affect was that it made them more reasonable, which shocked all three of them.
    • Seemingly confirmed by Kitty's Way Too Wonderland transformation granting her a tail.

Briar Beauty will outlive all her friends
It's obvious that Briar WILL sleep for a hundred years, much like her mother. Most fairy tales have Missing Mom and since each generation repeats their parent's stories, all of her friends will have been dead for decades before she even wakes up.
  • While not stated outright, it's heavily implied that all the unpleasant consequences of the fairy tales are still true: Ashlynn notes that, in order for her to follow her mother's story, her mother will have to die so that her father can re-marry and give Ashlynn an Evil Stepmother. The side-effects of this repeating-your-parents'-story-exactly thing gets increasingly horrifying the more you think about it, though at least Briar gets to keep her family, since the entire castle's supposed to fall asleep alongside her.
  • I never seen Ever After. But I really think either you or the writers are confusing Snow White's story with Briar Rose/Sleeping Beauty's story. In no sleeping beauty story has their ever been a wicked stepmother. and I have read Tablia (a very early SB story, Perrault's and also Grimms' Sleeping Beauty stories. As well as have seen the ballet. So are you sure it's not Apple you're talking about?
    • We're not saying that the Evil Stepmother is part of the Sleeping Beauty story, we're citing the fact that the Unfortunate Implications of each fairytale apparently applies, so - just like Ashlynn/Cinderella will have to get an Wicked Stepmother - Briar/Sleeping Beauty will, by necessity, outlive her friends, since her hundred-year sleep means that the others will die while she's in her magic slumber.
    • As of Thronecoming, Briar has gone rebel because she's afraid of this happening.

Headmaster Grimm is not actually the Big Bad, but a Knight Templar / Well-Intentioned Extremist.
The Bigger Bad is, of course, the Sealed Evil In The Mirror from the end of The Tale of Legacy Day, either the Evil Queen or some entity connected to her. The Headmaster's fixation on things going "according to plan" is because, in fairy tales, Good always triumphs over Evil. If the latest generations goes off the rails, it could weaken the 'rules' of their world and allow the aforementioned evil to not only escape its prison, but to win. The 'if you don't pledge your legacy, you'll disappear' thing is a cover-up, either because most people aren't aware of it or because it's something you only learn once you've pledged, which seems to be the point at which you're considered an adult. As more people rebel, the evil force will make itself known; of course, they'll find a way to defeat it without forcing everyone to follow in their parents' footsteps.
  • Seems to be heading this way after Thronecoming.

Either Raven's mother, who may be able to travel or manifest through multiple mirrors (and, given her power and how feared she was, may have something to do with why it's so important to follow your story in the present), or some other entity with a connection to the Evil Queen.
  • My theory is that Raven's mother will try to take advantage of the fact that there's a vacancy in the Snow White story. since she and Raven have the same destiny, she will use Apple's desperation for her pre-planned destiny against her, and manipulate Apple into release her with the promise of giving Apple the destiny she wants
    • That would make sense, especially since Apple seems naive enough to think that being a villain is just a role that some people are assigned, much like her role is to be a Princess/future Queen; she might not actually realize that some people - like Raven's mother - really are evil villains.
    • She meets Raven's mother in the books and seems pretty scared of her, so it's unlikely Apple will be the one to free her unless she gets really desperate.
  • In the animated special Dragon Games Apple actually does let Raven's mother out in a desperate attempt to have her Happily Ever After, but she eventually realizes her mistake and helps trap her again...not before falling victim to a poison apple though.
    • And to be fair, Apple breaks the mirror on accident after the Evil Queen baits her into losing her temper, then uses Apple's Happily Ever After to blackmail Apple into helping her.

There really is something wrong with the Storybook of Legends.
Though originally benevolent or benign, the Book has become corrupted and sentient: When the mirrors shatter after Raven refuses to sign, it doesn't appear to be caused by her magic. The book shows Apple a perfect future, making her more determined than ever to achieve it, and shows Raven her worst nightmare, which pushes her into rebellion. The book wants to create dissent, and the main characters make excellent lightning-rods. They can't just get rid of the Book because it really is tied into the bedrock of their world, and the "Pledge Your Destiny!" push is to get reluctant students to sign, even if the Book shows them terrible "futures" to try and discourage them.
  • In Thronecoming, it's revealed the book they have is not the real Book of Legends. Raven's mother stole it and hid it in her room while she was at school, and at the end it gets dropped down a well.

The Storybook is a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy.
Its illustrations change according to the viewer, but it just shows you what you think your future might be, which is why most people are happy to sign it. If you're a hero/heroine, like Apple, you'll see the great future you expect; if you're like the Wicked Queen (who seems to be more typical of villains than Raven is), you'll see yourself having a grandly-villainous time. Because what they see is what they want to happen, they go on to achieve their respective futures, and the Storybook gains a reputation beyond its actual abilities. The future Raven sees isn't necessarily what will happen, but it's what she thinks will happen if she signs the book and follows in her mother's footsteps.
  • Could be intentional; keep telling everyone that this happens keeps the "good guys" winning each generation and creating a sort of caste system.
  • "Thronecoming" makes things less certain. As the book shown on "Legacy Day" is in fact a fake.

How The Music Video Fits Into Canon...
It's a show the school is putting on for the new kids. And the girl singing is a rebel, which is why she is singing lyrics supporting the rebellion. Headmaster Grimm foolishly let her write the lyrics. She's trying to plant the seeds of "Support the Rebels", and having fun at the same time.

The franchise is what would have happened if Regina didn't create Storybrooke.
Emma and Apple are both the blonde daughters of Snow White. Maybe they're the same person.
  • Or alternate universe counterparts.
    • Well, Raven DOES look a great deal like Regina.
      • Spoiler for Once Upon a Time season 4:The Evil Queen was always destined to try to write her own destiny. Regina's current arc is about finding the storybook author and making them write her a happy ending.
    • Lizzie Hearts is Regina's half-sister who was born after Cora got sent to Wonderland. Also, along with Cora being the Queen of Hearts, she and Eva were a previous generation of Evil Queen and Snow White, but in their case the Evil Queen succeeded in killing Snow White.

The reason that Headmaster Grimm wouldn't tell Dexter his destiny is because he doesn't HAVE one.
Elements get dropped in adaptations all the time. Every few generations, a student will born who no longer has a preplanned destiny. This is probably less likely to happen to royal characters, which explains their high stasis. The reason Grimm hasn't told him yet is because he doesn't want to deal with the problem of a royal with no destiny on top of everything else. Once Dexter's lack of destiny is exposed, he will drop to the bottom of the social ladder, and that (combined with his crush on Raven) will make him turn to the rebel side.
  • Kinda jossed by the appearance of the O'Hair twins. Poppy doesn't have a destiny either, but Headmaster Grimm doesn't seem to be concerned about her as long as her sister plays by the rules.

Other reasons Headmaster Grimm wouldn't tell Dexter his destiny...
  • His destiny is to end up with Raven, and he thinks that Raven dating a dorky adorable royal will make her look less evil to everyone else and encourage her to keep rebelling.
    • His destiny is to be the Good King from Snow White. Traditionally the Good King is Snow White's father, but since Apple's happily ever after is with Daring and Dexter is his brother, having Dexter be the Good King would still make Apple and Raven in-laws.
  • His destiny is a new story that doesn't fit in with any of the already established fairy tales, and he doesn't want to admit that that sort of thing could even happen.

Raven will have a sister.
If Raven's dad is the good king wasn't Snow White the daughter of the good king and his previous wife, or Apple White herself is Raven's sister with the evil queen (the later would be an interesting development).
  • Well, in one of the original versions of the story, the evil queen is Snow White's real mother, while in the Grimm version, she's her stepmother. Since most of the destines seem to be based on watered down versions of the Grimm stories, that means Apple and Raven are technically step-sisters at the least (although, considering Raven's childhood and her mother's vendetta, I don't think they were really allowed to interact together).
  • There isn't any indication that they have the same father though - you'd think that would have been brought up by now if it were true. Actually, if we follow the Grimm version Raven's dad would also be Snow White's dad and Apple's grandfather - unless they "adopted" Snow White to fit in with their re-enactment of the story, or Snow White's real father died and the Evil Queen remarried to Raven's dad so she could have a heir to take her place in the story.
    • Or The Evil Queen "married" Snow White's dad just long enough for the story to play out and then afterwards properly married an unrelated Good King so that she could have Raven.

The daughter of The Snow Queen will appear, and she will be an Expy of Elsa.
  • Crystal Winter has finally appeared, but she doesn't look like Elsa. Time will tell.

The reason why the Evil Queen/Mirror is pleased that destiny has been defied:
She, too, believes that defying your destiny will cause your tale to disappear, and is banking on that as revenge for being trapped in a mirror (if she's really evil) or being forced into her destiny (if she isn't or didn't used to be).
  • The Evil Queen seems to really enjoy being evil, and encourages Raven to follow in her footsteps, but it seems like that would be counter-productive if she wanted Raven to avoid pledging her destiny and undo reality. Unless it's reverse-psychology, since she clearly knew that Raven had non-evil tendencies since childhood...
    • In the book, Raven tore out her page, resulting in a ripple of magic to spread throughout the land. With one small flaw, the world has become unstable, which could result in the Evil Queen breaking out of her weakened prison.
    • The Evil Queen technically defied her destiny too, by being even worse than she was meant to be and messing up other people's stories instead of poisoning Snow and leaving it at that. She wants Raven to defy her destiny to be stuck in Snow/Apple White's story, not her destiny to be evil.

The child of The Little Mermaid will eventually appear, and turn out to have similar motives to Duchess.
Since in the original story she also had a tragic fate.
  • Meeshell is here, but it's unknown if her story has the original tragic ending or not.

Blondie will turn to the Rebel side at some point, much like Ashlynn did in True Hearts Day.
  • I can't really see what her motivation to do so would be. She likes hanging out with the Royals. Unless she does it because she wants to become a real princess...
    • Same motivation as Maddie, if anything. The whole "not everyone has to follow their set path, but I think I will" thing.

Madeline's never-mentioned mother is Gemini Integra...
...who married the Mad Hatter for the same reasons Jessica Rabbit married Roger Rabbit. While Integra did teach Madeline Galaxian Explosion, she knew her daughter took more after her father and, to a lesser extent, her aunt Paradox, and thus would be a better Mad Hatter than Gemini Saint. It could explain where Paradox took the tea party shtick from episode 31 from.

Madeline will eventually have a love interest in the form of the March Hare's son.
Nothing more appropriate for the Mad Hatter's daughter!

There will be something between Sparrow and Melody later on.
Either a romance, or a rivalry. Or both.

Alistair Wonderland, Alice's son, will not attend Ever After High.
Instead, he'll stumble upon it out of curiosity, with no idea that, unlike the other characters, he's already following his destiny. Either that, or he'll be a New Transfer Student from a normie school, with an Only Sane Man attitude, and Maddie, Kitty and even Lizzie will be excited about his arrival.
  • Jossed He appeared as a major character in Spring Unsprung after escaping Wonderland.
  • Partial confirmation. While he did not stumble onto the school, he wasn't a student until he stumbled onto the book of fairytales. Returning it was his reason for going to Ever After High and if he hadn't stumbled onto the book he wouldn't have had a reason to go to that school and he wouldn't have ended up stuck in there and eventually enrolling I assume. Finding and returning the book had nothing to do with his destiny. And once he did stumble onto it he really did become a New Transfer Student just not from a normie school with an Only Sane Man attitude -he is from wonderland after all, he's more than used to magic and fairytale characters- though he is pretty normal for an 'Ever After High' student and having not been originally from Wonderland doesn't share any of his compatriots' special skills apart from comprehension of riddlish. Kittie, Maddie and Lizzie WERE extremely excited about his arrival though. So roughly 3/7 conditions were met, making it a partial confirmation and not an outright Jossing.

Lizzie Hearts will play a more important role later on
Look at where she positioned in the opening: She's surrounded by Brier, Ashlynn, Blondie, Ceder, C.A., Maddie, and Cerise. All important supporting characters, while Lizzie's the odd man out because she hasn't really made an impact in the story other than a few throw away lines. Obviously she'll be a bigger player in some upcoming event. Perhaps in an upcoming story arc about the fate of wonderland...
  • Confirmed in A Wonderlandiful World. She is the main character along with Cedar.
  • She's a major character in Way Too Wonderland as well.

Raven IS fulfilling her destiny.
By refusing to follow what she thinks is her destiny, she's apparently unleashing some horrible curse that could end her and Apples story. And, by inspiring others to rebel too, she's inadvertently destroying their stories too. Bringing obliteration upon her story and others out of spite for her own role seems about right for an evil queen.
  • Raven (and Apple) actually worry about this in the books.

The Evil Step Librarians are working as a penance.
The two are clearly the last Wicked Stepsisters, and judging from the glimpses we saw on Legacy Day, evil character are clearly punished for their roles in the story. The Wicked Stepsister were probably assigned to the library, since their crimes of abuse and forced labor aren't as serious as kidnapping or attempted murder, which are the usual crimes committed by fairytale antagonists.

The narrators are...
  • Raven's parents: The female voice wants to maintain the status quo; the Evil Queen enjoys being evil. The male voice supports the rebels; Raven's dad has a good relationship with her and would probably be happy if she didn't follow the same path as her mother. The only problem with this is that the female voice seems a bit too nice for an evil queen.
  • Two of the main characters from the future: they talk about the stories like they were flashbacks, not things happening in the present day.
    • The female voice could be future!Apple White.
  • Giles Grimm after the curse gets broken and one of the female teachers who supports the royals, narrating from the future.
  • Characters from Wonderland, which is why Maddie can hear them and others can't - it's because of Wonderland magic, not because she's a Cloudcuckoolander. Either Kitty isn't as magical as her, or she can hear them too but she just chooses to ignore them, or doesn't bother with them because she doesn't hear them as much since she's a side character.
    • Possible candidates in this case: Male - the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat, the White Knight. Female - The Red Queen or the White Queen, Alice.
    • Kitty is confirmed to hear the narrator in the bookverse. Not sure if this trait will carry over into the webisodes.
      • It does, as of "Kitty's Curious Tale", though it doesn't make sense since the Narrators both seem to fight for some order which is very un-Wonderlandian. They're not riddles, they're very straightforward.
  • The Chief Chronicler and the narrator from the book series.
  • Literal Narrators. They're the actual, disembodied voices of text, just like the voice of thought that reads the book inside your head. Lady Narrator represents the stories where a woman is the lead, and Sir Narrator represents the stories where a male is the lead. They also represent First and Third person narratives with Sir Narrator representing the first-person Rebels who tradition would call self-centred for selfishly refusing to sign the Storybook of Legends and potentially dooming the entire story/stories they hail from (or even endangering the world), and Lady Narrator representing the third-person Royals who want to follow their stories so they and nearly everyone else in the kingdom will benefit in the end, in a "needs-of-the-many-outweigh-the-needs-of-the-few-or-the-one"/"end-justifies-the-means" kinda way. First-person representing the self-centred-ness due to being told from one POV where Third is told in no general POV and so is selfless. The Narrators literally represent narration itself, just like how everyone in-universe represents a story or in the case of Milton and Giles, authors.
  • None of the above. They are really reading the story as it happens as evidenced by the younger one being able to change the events as she sees fit, and none of them are characters in the book, and that's why they can't (wont) change anything in the story, because if they have too much of an impact they become characters on the pages and probably lose their immortality and get transported to the book they're reading. As for their identities, they're not anybody from the story, so it's not possible to guess who they are, however the younger one was given a name: Brooke Page, indicating their family name is Page. According to a wiki she goes to Ever After High but we've never seen her at school so that might be an embellished fact. Also Holly O'Hair may go into writting and since she's a Royal and since the female narrator roots for Royals it's possible she becomes Mrs Page in the future, if they really are characters in the show/book.

How the "Raven poisoning Apple" thing is gonna go down:
Raven will knock Apple out, but she won't actually poison her; it's a sleeping spell or something like that. She does it to make everyone think she poisoned her to protect Apple from the Big Bad who was going to poison her for real with intent to kill (Raven's mom, maybe?). Daring (or whoever you ship Apple with) is either still going to have to kiss her to wake her up, or Raven will make it look like he did when the spell wears off and she wakes up normally. Apple still mostly fulfills her destiny, Raven avoids hers because she didn't actually do anything evil, and everything works out for them.
  • If Apple keeps acting the way she does, she might poison herself just to ensure she gets her happy ending. After all, Snow White is home alone when she eats the poisoned apple. Cut out the middle man, so to speak.
  • In Dragon Games Raven's mom actually poisons Apple, and Darling wakes her up with CPR. It's unsure if everyone else counts this as Apple's destiny being fulfilled, however.

Dexter will go Rebel
He'll either do it due to Raven and/or Cupid's influence, which shows him that being stuck in the story might be safer and seemingly more logical but it's horrible for some people and doesn't allow for true love, or because he starts thinking that people like Daring and Briar in charge of kingdoms might not be the most sane plan.
  • He doesn't seem to care that much about what side everyone's on, plus it's hard to rebel against your destiny if you don't even know what it is.

There are at least three Great Glass Prisons, and the third will appear in the last novel of the first trilogy.
We've already seen two: The mirror imprisoning Raven's mother is introduced in The Storybook of Legend, and the glass unicorn imprisoning the Jabberwock is introduced in The Unfairest of Them All. Following the sequence, A Wonderlandiful World will feature the third Great Glass Prison, possibly containing a threat even more dangerous than the Jabberwock.

The whole franchise is really The Matrix for kids.

The everlasting black ink will be a Chekhov's Gun.
Many chapters later, when Apple reaches her ultimate low, she will use it to try and dye her hair.

It won't be the Rebel movement that makes Apple rethink her Destiny...
It will be the realization that, by becoming Snow White, Apple White will be forgotten.

Apple's mother was almost a Rebel.
The last Snow White, let's call her Lily, and the infamous Evil Queen, let's call her Evie, were friends at Ever After High, not unlike their daughters. At some point after Legacy Day, the two of them figured out a way to rewrite their story and rebel against Headmaster Grimm: they would play their parts, until it was time for Lily to be awoken. Instead, Evie would deliver True Love's Kiss for her friend (no not like that,) and prove that destiny and Grimm's rules were not absolute. Unfortunately, something went wrong with the plan. Evie would go on to Rebel in a more Evil method, and Lily sadly decided that destiny is inescapable and adopted the character of a Stepford Smiler. But Lily still secretly hopes that Apple and Raven can be friends despite it.
  • We'll be getting a comic book in the future about the current generations parents, so we'll see.
  • Maybe the book version was, but the cartoon version seen in Dragon Games is a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing who has a major rivalry with the Evil Queen.

The franchise will end with all of the Rebels accepting their destinies.
It's because Milton brainwashed them into signing the book.
  • This is a kid's show. It's not going to have a Downer Ending like that.
  • Also the book doesn't exist as of Way Too Wonderland, so no.

The evil laugh in Headmaster Grimm's mirror...
Wasn't Raven's mother. It was the FIRST Evil Queen!

Apple's glasses will become symbolic.
The more she becomes used to wearing them, the more she accepts herself as more than "the next Snow White."

The only way to change one's destiny is with The Power of Love.

Maddie will become a narrator someday.
In a Wonderlandiful World the narrator is corrupted by the Jabberwock's influence and Maddie has to step in to finish the story. The Chief Chronicler awards her one of the highest honors a narrator can receive and then gets a 21 chapter salute from narrators everywhere. She'll take up narrating on the side while she follows in her dad's footsteps.
  • She was carrying around a book on how to narrate which suggests she's been reading up on it in her spare time. Plus she seems to really like the book's Narrator.

The son of the master of Puss in Boots will be shown as a Rebel.
Puss's "master" had a pretty hassle-free path to success. He simply got Puss a pair of boots and ended up following his orders into a cushy life married to a princess. It would be interesting, then, to see his son actively reject this easy path. Maybe he feels he doesn't deserve such a great life yet, or wants to avoid being pushed around by a talking cat.

Cerise is a lesbian.
According to her bio, Cerise is shy around boys, being drawn to the leader of the pack. In this case, the two "leaders" of the franchise are Apple and Raven. In the webisodes, Cerise is shown to be very hostile towards boys and comfortable hanging out with other girls. She is also dressed more masculine than feminine, a common trait in lesbians portrayed in the media. If that wasn't enough, her werewolf traits are treated like homosexuality. The reason Cerise hasn't come out of the closet yet is because homosexuality is not normal due to heterosexuality being the norm in fairy tales.
  • She seems shy in general to me around both boys and girls, usually hanging back if any people are around (like at Maddie's tea party to bring back madness to the Grove). I just finished watching the entire series and as far as I remember, she only really speaks to Raven. Her werewolf traits are treated more like cancer than anything. She hides her ears like how chemo patients hide their hair loss under wigs, false eyelashes, eyebrow pens, and hats. She and her parents are the only ones who feel like it has to be kept secret because tradition is so important in this world, and her parents deviated from tradition despite technically finishing their story. Seriously, not every case of lycanthropy is an allegory for homosexuality, though for some reason any time it shows up anywhere, it's automatically deemed as one even after Word of God states otherwise. The "leader of the pack" could mean Daring since he's the most popular boy in the school (and just as popular as Apple, if not moreso because he's male and most of the school is female) and y'know, she could be more comfortable around girls because she is a girl and doesn't know how to talk to boys or because she's worried she'll react to boys in a way that gives off her lycanthropy, like she did in the pilot episode with Daring and his smile.
  • If Cerise isn't it's been implied Apple is due to Raven's mom actually poisons Apple, and Darling waking her up with CPR.

Nanny Nona is Holly's future Gothel.
In Rapunzel, the titular heroine is taken from her parents by the Madame Gothel. It is possible, depending on how traditional the O'Hairs are, that Holly and Poppy were raised by a godmother figure, like their mother before. When Holly graduates and her story starts, it is Nona who is tasked with locking her granddaughter in a tower. Depending on how you look at it, that makes it better or worse.

Headmaster Grimm is actually the Bigger Bad to the Evil Sealed Evil In A Can.
Maybe because it's Jamieson Price's voice and I've twice heard him as a main villain in a video game, but something seems very... off about Headmaster Grimm. Like the fact that his brother is sealed away in the library. It's possible Maddie is the only visitor he ever gets because she can do anything as long as she knows it's not impossible, so she can enter and exit his place at will (Kitty can probably do this, too, if she ever knew about him). Headmaster Grimm's not the Bigger Bad because he wants to ensure destiny gets the last say, he's genuinely evil, and he's the one who put the spell on Giles to make him speak "Riddle-ish" and make him just as barmy as anyone from Wonderland so he can never tell anyone what his brother really is AND that Headmaster Grimm stole Giles's magic (so he'd stay trapped). Headmaster Grimm is also the reason WHY there's something wrong with the Storybook of Legends. He himself put a curse on it. Headmaster Grimm is simply acting like he's only The Dragon or the Big Bad to the Evil Queen's Bigger Bad, when he's the one with all the power. Their power, however, doesn't manifest like Raven's does; it works only through the written word. The thing I cite as the biggest support to this is that "Grimm" is kind of the Odd Name Out in the cast, seeing as it's the name of an author of stories, and not a character. After all, who would have more power than any character in a story? Their authors, who decide their paths and their actions.
  • He could be a villainous author, like the Big Bad in Princess Tutu.
    • The stories, at their barest bones, do resemble each other, provided Giles and Milton are authors with an absurd amount of power over their students. An author is, of course, the most powerful person in the entire universe to a fictional character. But if those characters rebel against the author and push the story to go their own way, acting outside their designated paths... the author gradually loses his or her power. Drosselmeyer handled it better, though, because he improvised and used it to his advantage until the very end when his powers totally broke. Grimm is going nutter butters because one person refused to accept her destiny. It's possible the first sign that Milton's powers are fracturing (thanks to Cerise's parents) is that Maddie can visit with and take people to see Giles, if he's supposed to be sealed away in the library. Also note that Grimm hired the evil stepsisters to fill his brother's role as librarian after Giles was cursed. Why did he hire villains? Because they're less likely to be swayed by the idea of free will and freedom; ESPECIALLY those two villains. Villains usually want other people to suffer because they did. They'd be more likely to make students follow their destinies.
    • Seems to be Jossed after Thronecoming, since we find out the reason Milton is obsessed with following the story is that when he was younger not believing a story almost got his brother killed. And more importantly at the end after the girls free Giles from his curse he and Milton actually make up with each other, so Milton isn't actually terrible after all.
      • Was totally right that he put the Babbling Curse on his brother, though.

The real reason Headmaster Grimm is so desperate for the stories to follow through to the letter is because every single deviation causes him to lose some of his power over everyone in the land.
  • ...What power? Magic power? Authority power?

The paths they're going down now actually are their destiny.
Apple White is blonde, though every Snow White before her has had Raven Hair, Ivory Skin because that's exactly how she's supposed to look. It was already written that her story would deviate from what was originally written. Further, Briar doesn't have the blonde locks Sleeping Beauty is supposed to have (in the actual story, not just the Disney rendition where she has "gold of sunshine in her hair" and "lips that shame the red, red rose").

If/When they turn up, the child of the Snow Queen will not be portrayed as villainous.
After all, they (rightly) pointed out that Lizzie isn't destined for villainy, just being "a riddle" with a bad temper. The Snow Queen was not evil in her origin story; the evil was from the mirror crafted by the devil (or rather, a being that was a stand-in for him). In fact she technically rescued Kai after he was affected by a shard of the mirror. I also say "child" because I'd like for her to have a son, seeing as for non-romantic roles they don't mind switching around genders (the Hatter and Pinocchio were both male in their origin stories of course, but have daughters).
  • Confirmed, Crystal Winter is portrayed as a good person, and it's her dad who (somehow) turns evil and starts threatening people.

Cerise and Sparrow are both members of the Hood clan.
Or at least, there will be a webisode devoted to people thinking they are, as they both have the surname "Hood", a common ground that can't be all that common when people have such a wide array of surnames as 'Queen', 'White', 'Wood', 'Ella', 'Charming', 'Swan', 'Hatter', 'Hearts', 'Beauty', 'Huntsman', and 'Cupid'.
  • In "Unfairest of Them All" Cerise admits to Raven that she and Sparrow are distantly related ("emphasis on distantly.")
    • Oh, I've not read the books yet! Thanks!

Headmaster Grimm will make it look like Raven is trying to poison Apple.
Specifically, he'll make it look like Raven is gifting Apple with a new comb for her hair, and the comb will be poisoned (or at least cursed). This would be a very neat reference to the original Snow White tale where Snow was given both a comb and a corset before finally eating the apple that does her in. Presumably the comb thing would fail because either Apple loses it before she can use it (such as someone crashing into her and knocking the comb out of her hands and out a nearby window and into a swamp where it's eaten by a fish (or something) OR he bought the wrong comb and instead it's enchanted to make Apple's hair extra luxurious rather than be cursed/poisoned. He could try again with a cursed dress, only it fails somehow, too (unless it's a plot in the books, where he succeeds and the entire lot of the book is kicked off because everyone thinks Raven poisoned Apple and they need to go on a Quest to figure out how to save Apple.
  • Ah, I think I have to Joss my own guess! It looks like with the Thronecoming trailer that SOMEONE does poison Apple, but it seems unlikely it's Headmaster Grimm that did it.
    • Actually Apple got stuck in Briar's story and pricked her finger and fell asleep. She wasn't poisoned, and she gets rescued.
      • True, but the shot referred to was actually when Briar got stuck in Raven's story and Briar is leaning over the sleeping Snow in her coffin.

Duchess is Odile, not Odette. Meaning she's not the actual daughter of the Swan Queen.
Does this count as a guess? I mean think about it this way; Duchess looks and acts exactly like how Odile is supposed to; she's a black swan, and her goal is to usurp someone else's destiny. Y'know, that thing Duchess does. Odette never gets to marry her prince, because she stays trapped in Swan Form forever (according to Duchess) when Siegfried announces his love to Odile. Meaning that he always marries Odile, and she has his children, and that Odette never has children. MEANING... that Duchess is the daughter of Odile, and therefore destined to inherit HER destiny of usurping Odette's happily ever after she never gets. I think Odette and Odile must always be born identical twin girls (as they must always be virtually identical) and that the older twin is always taken by the von Rothbart of the story to raise as his own to inherit her mother's role, and this year, the twins were switched so Odette is actually being raised to be Odile, and vise-versa. If this makes sense.
  • Duchess does name Odette as her mother at some point though. (In the books, I think)
    • Yeah, but here's the thing: Odile actually steals Odette's identity. Prince Siegfried actually believes Odile is Odette, and he knows Odette's name. If she's living as Odette, her daughter wouldn't know that.
      • But then is Duchess Odile instead? If she is, who is Odette in her story? If she isn't, who is Odile if not the daughter of the original Odile? Do we just have some random princess/magical girl taking up the other role (which could happen in this universe)?
      • ... Did you read the WMG? Yes, Duchess, according to this WMG, is Odile. The role of Odette herself is not passed down by Odette, but by Odile, who always gives birth to two identical twin girls- one who is always taken by von Rothbart to be raised as Odile, and the current Odile raises the other daughter to be Odette. Odile AND Odette are the daughters of the previous Odile, as Odette is, canonically in this universe, transformed forever into a swan. Meaning she probably isn't going to go birthing any human daughters. Odette and Odile have to be identical, or nearly so, for the story to work, so we haven't yet met "Odile" (read: actually Odette) yet. Which twin is which is answered by what you learn in "O'Hair's Split Ends"- the oldest twin inherits the role of Odile (as she's Odile's daughter by blood) and the younger is raised to be Odette. Except unlike the Rapunzel twins (where the younger Holly inherits the role of Rapunzel), it DOES matter which twin inherits which role- Odile can transform, willingly by necessity in her story, into a black swan. Long story short?
  • This is actually discussed in one of the books, Duchess goes to her only real friend, Faybelle Thorn (Daughter of the evil Fairy from Sleeping Beauty), about why no one seems to like her. Faybelle points out, yeah, she's not exactly the humble, modest princess she should be so maybe she's the Black Swan instead.

The side panels on the site will change around four times to suit the four Homecoming Queen nominees.
As of this writing, the side panels that usually are purple/red depending on if you're a Royal or a Rebel are blue, and Blondie is one of the four candidates for the Homecoming Court. There's no real other reason why it would have turned blue, if not to represent Blondie. The next colour is likely going to be pink, to represent C.A. Cupid, and finish off with purple for Raven and red for Apple. I should also note that when I was on the site yesterday, I was a Rebel (though I firmly believe I'd be a Royal...), and now I'm a Royal, exactly like Blondie is.
  • I believe that the royal blue is just the official colouring of the Thronecoming line.
    • Ok then explain my being a Royal when I'm usually a Rebel (not that I'm complaining)? I mean that's perfectly reasonable, of course (that this blue is the Thronecoming colour).
  • Pretty sure it's blue for everyone right now, regardless of votes.
    • This WMG came up before the voting was even up, so it wasn't about that.

Snow White doesn't actually want her daughter Apple to follow in her footsteps.
According to most versions of the fairy tale, the reason Snow White had her white-skin-black-hair-red-lips complexion was because her mother made a wish for that. Apple is blonde. Her mother, Snow White, presumably decided she didn't want to die, have her husband marry her half-sister/step-sister (assuming that, with the Evil Queen being her stepmother, that makes Snow White's father also Raven's father) who would then try to kill her daughter, and then have her daughter die so that Snow's granddaughter and neice (Raven's presumed daughter) would follow the same cycle. The whole idea is pretty disturbing if you look at it from that viewpoint. Anyway, trying to thwart destiny, Snow decided not to make the wish that every 'mother of Snow White' has made for generations: to have a daughter who was red as blood, white as snow, and black as ebony. Possibly, her wish for her daughter Apple to be free of the Snow White legacy even had a magical influence on Raven, giving her the idea of rebelling.
  • Maybe the book version of Snow White, but the cartoon version seen in Dragon Games seems very set on having Apple follow in her footsteps.

The EAH logo is Raven’s mother.
The hooded girl symbol aka Brooke Page is ubiquitous in the whole series, but appears on mirrors in the cartoon. The Evil Queen is currently serving a sentence in mirror prison. However, being such a powerful sorceress, she can move from mirror to mirror. Which means she’s always there. Always watching.
  • A strange thing: in one of the jewelry kits that symbol/charm is described as representing "Muse-i-cal Life". So maybe she/it's a muse or something?
  • Brooke makes her first appearance in "Spring Unsprung". She's the daughter of the two Narrators and is a Narrator-in-Training herself.
  • Jossed thanks to "Way Too Wonderland" where we see that Brook is the logo as we see the girl speak for the first time.

Someone set up the Grimm brothers as kids.
The whole "scary ogre cave adventure" from Thronecoming was all someone's ploy to traumatize Milton and/or Giles, so (t)he(y) would never question the legacy system.

Apple doesn’t really like the colour red.
She just associates herself with it because it’s Snow White’s Color Motif.

The girls will go back in time and meet the original fairy tale characters…
And they are shocked to see that their ancestors’ tales aren’t as fable-ous as they were taught, but real peoples’ very hard lives. For example, Snow White is an abused maidservant to seven dwarves and is more concerned about reconciling with her stepmother than meeting a sexist prince, and the Evil Queen is a slave to her Magic Mirror with serious self-esteem issues.Seeing this, the girls realize that the Legacy system isn’t honouring the past at all, just an insulting caricature.

Duchess is both Odette and Odile.
Reasons for my cockamamie theory:
  • Duchess has aspects of both - she says her mother is Odette, but she turns into a black swan like Odile, and her hair and outfit have both black and white in them.
  • In the actual ballet of Swan Lake, it's not uncommon to have Odette and Odile played by the same person. (see: Black Swan)
  • If there was a separate person who was destined to be the next Odile and steal Duchess happy ending from her, wouldn't Duchess be harassing her instead of messing with everyone else? Even if she wasn't going to change her story to that degree - she does still consider herself a royal - she'd probably still pick on her out of spite or something.
How this would work: I have no idea. Evil split personalities or something I guess? The bad guy will split Duchess's essence in half to create Odile from her and she's unaware that this will happen?I guess we'll know more about it when her book comes out.
  • A possible take is that Duchess is the daughter of Odette and Rothbart (as some versions of the ballet have Rothbart turning Odette into a swan when she refuses his love) OR as another troper theorized above, she may be have a twin sister who is the *actual* daughter of Odette. Another take is that both (the future!Odile and future!Odette) are both daughters of Odile (since Odette couldn't have children since so many versions of the ballet end up with her doomed to be a swan or dead.

Duchess can CHOOSE to be either Odette or Odile
Following the theory above, no matter who her mother actually is (Odette or Odile) there is the chance that Duchess can choose which role she will take for some reason (as stated above, she has aspects of BOTH the white and the black swan), however, she doesn't want to be either due to their endings. The most popular versions of the ballet end this way: 1) Realizing she is cursed to be a swan forever, losing not only freedom but love, Odette throws herself into the lake and dies, while the prince mourns her forever, never taking a wife (meaning, Odile ends up alone. In the ballets, Siegfried realizes who Odile actually is, so he knows she is not Odette). 2) Odette AND Siegfried kill themselves, being reunited in death. 3) Odette, as a swan, is taken by Rothbart and flies away. Siegfried tries to follow, but Rothbart calls upon a storm and Siegfried dies, to Odette despair. Meaning, in ANY role Duchess chooses to take, black or white swan, she most probably ends up alone and sorrowful.

When Cedar becomes the next Pinocchio, her father the current Pinocchio will become the next Geppetto.
It seems like a logical theory; since her dad is fully human now there's no reason he can't take over as Geppetto. And if Cedar followed her destiny then someday after she had become real she would carve her own wooden child that would come to life and when that child grew up and became Pinocchio she would become Geppetto. If this is correct, then she has two roles ahead of her that she needs to play instead of the usual one.
  • The same can be said for Cerise, if she does accept her destiny, it will eventually give her the role of both Red Riding Hood and her Grandmother, once she gets old enough. Unless the story uses the paternal grandmother, not exactly a happy fate for Cerise's Mother-in-Law...

Briar will eventually become a full Rebel.
Given Briar's actions during the Thronecoming special, she will likely join the Rebels by the Spring Unsprung special.

Sparrow Hood is not the son of Robin Hood, but the minstrel Alan-a-Dale.
Seriously there is nothing Robin Hood about him. He is loud, obnoxious, and plays unbearable music like all minstrels do.

The Bigger Bad is the spirit of the first Evil Queen...
Up until it's revealed that even she is second banana to the real Bigger Bad: the evil spirit inside her enchanted mirror.

Raven's mother will manipulate Apple into becoming evil.
While the Evil Queen usually causes trouble for the sake of it, there are three reasons to torment Apple: she's the daughter of her rival, Headmaster Grimm's pet pupil and the epitome of following destiny. Using her ability to travel through mirrors, the Evil Queen will speak to a vulnerable Apple, who's illusion of a perfect world is crumbling, in the guise of her Magic Mirror and play with her head, possibly even getting the princess to think it's not her legacy to be Snow White, but the Evil Queen.
  • Jossed in the Way Too Wonderland special as Apple embraces the idea of choosing destiny.
  • And then almost confirmed in Dragon Games, where she manipulates Apple into helping her escape and gets her to help try to turn Raven evil so her destiny will go as planned. Apple eventually turns back after a "The Reason You Suck" Speech from Raven.

Milton will reinstate Giles as school librarian.
If the Headmaster is going to repair the relationship with his brother, what better way to start than giving Giles his old job back?
  • Giles seems to have been re-instated as co-Headmaster according to the Spring Fairest program that comes with (one of the?) Spring Unsprung dolls. That doesn't exclude him from being the Head Librarian as well though, so semi-confirmed?
    Spring Fairest: 5pm Prize Winners with Headmaster G. Grimm

The Swan Queen can still turn human post-story.
To further serve as a foil to Raven, Duchess also has a…dysfunctional relationship with her mother. Though a swan for most of the year, Odette can change back into a human form if certain conditions are met. Once a full moon, something like that. Unfortunately, living out such a tragic tale mentally destroyed Odette, and she became The Ophelia. Growing up seeing her mother in such a miserable existence is what convinced Duchess to avoid becoming the next Swan Queen at all costs.

The Storybook of Legends is being misused.
Centuries ago, It was normal record of fairy tales, basically a history textbook, created to ensure the mistakes of the past generation would never be repeated. Then someone, possibly the original Brothers Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm, enchanted it as part of a Genghis Gambit to rule the land. Whenever the next generation signs their name and takes the character’s place, the book tries to magically correct the recording of history by setting it up to happen again. Whether or not it happens exactly to the letter depends on the people's choices.

The Beast is not a legacy.
While daughters of Beauty and the Beast-turned-Prince become the next Beauty, the role of the Beast is chosen either by random fluke, or depending on the potential prince's actions. Most stories say that the Prince was turned into a Beast as a punishment, usually by a Woman Scorned putting a curse on him.
  • This seems to be the case, since in Dexter's diary he says it's about time for a new beast and his family is hoping he'll get the part. Presumably the part goes to one of the generic Prince Charmings hanging around.
  • Maybe if their first-born child is a girl a random prince becomes the next Beast and if the child is a boy he becomes the Beast and a random princess gets Beauty's part.
  • Seemingly confirmed, as, after the revelation that Daring isn't Apple's prince, he's shaping up to be the next Beast with Rosabella.

The Queen of Hearts' Deck of Instructions was not made for Lizzie.
It's actually a Hearts family heirloom.

The role of Peter Pan is not hereditary.
It would be weird for the Boy Who Never Grew Up to actually grow up and settle down and have kids even after his story is over. Maybe fate chooses a random orphan that fits the part from the mainland and brings them over to Neverland when it's time for a new Peter. This could be the case for the Lost Boys as well, as they were also orphans. Otherwise, the Lost Boys who went back to the mainland and got adopted and grew up would have to die really early so their kids could be orphans - which could very well happen in this world, but I prefer the "random orphans" theory.
  • It's possible the role Peter Pan isn't a role that is ever replaced, because he would be much too old by the time high school rolls around and Neverland grants him, and only him, immortality and eternal youth. Most of the cast, excepting the adults in the story, are all primary school aged. It's possible that they're homeschooled, though, about fairy tales. Those descended from Wendy most certainly are. Peter Pan and The Little Mermaid are two stories that have characters in them that cannot attend EAH because it would violate their very story. The Little Mermaid first walks on land in her own story and has never met a human before the prince, and like I said, the entire cast of Peter Pan, barring the parents, the Pirates, and the Indian tribe except Tiger Lily, would be much too old to be in their story at high school age (as Wendy, the eldest, is no older than 12, and Peter "just her size in both mind and body"). That said, the Lost Boys aren't all orphans- they're also kids who got lost or ran away from home or were abandoned and were brought to Neverland.

Other worlds Bella and Brutta could have ended up in:
  • Wonderland - the portal is through a well
  • Monster High - it's a cannon parallel world
  • Neverland or Oz - random other fantasy worlds

Spring Unsprung will feature a "Narrator-in-training" subplot.
The teaser is narrated by a voice that sounds younger and less formal than the regular narrators. In the special, this junior narrator will try to tell the story in the stead of her superiors, much like Maddie and Kitty did in A Wonderlandiful World. Bonus if she turns out to be the mysterious Brooke Page.
  • Mostly confirmed. The younger narrator is not only Brooke Page, but the daughter of the narrators!

The Cheshire Cat will curse Ever After for revenge.
Kitty's mom seems to be set up as the main antagonist of Spring Unsprung. Her motive will be getting back at the Evil Queen for poisoning Wonderland, basically, "you ruined my home, now let's see how you like it!" But since she's imprisoned, Cheshire Sr. will go after the whole realm.
  • Jossed. The Cheshire Cat sees the whole thing as one big prank.

Ever After will do a crossover with Monster High for a Halloween Special
We've seen the webisodes do a Valentine's Day-like holiday for one special, they may have Cupid bring her Ghoulfriends over for a Halloween-like holiday. Perhaps one that celebrates the villains that keep the stories going.
  • A crossover seems in the works as Raven and Apple have a cameo in The Stinger following Monster High's latest special.

Lizzie's Spring Fair-est dresses will protect Ever Afterians from the Cheshire Cat's curse.
The curse doesn't seem to affect Wonderlanders, and the outfits are an extension of Lizzie.
  • Jossed.

Madeline is the adopted daughter of the Mad Hatter.
They look nothing alike, although that could just be by virtue of being Wonderlandian. Maddie being adopted would bring a whole new layer of sweetness to their loving relationship.

The parents of the Wonderland kids are the original characters.
We know that Ever After High and the Legacy system has been around for over 100 years, so the original characters are long gone. However, there are no such status quo in Wonderland. The Wonderlanders are only in Ever After, and attending EAH, because of the Evil Queen's curse. Therefore, the Wonderland parents are the real characters from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Maddie's father is the Mad Hatter and Alistair's mom is the Alice.

Kitty's mother's name is Catrina/Katrina.
Not all WMG have to be plot-related or serious. It may be slightly unlikely, because all of the named Wonderlandian girls (Maddie, Lizzie, Kitty, and Bunny) all end in ie/y sounds, though two of those are nicknames. Then again, Catrina/Katrina can be shortened to both Catty and Catie/Katie.

The Storybook of Legends is actually a cursed item.
There are a few tales where it would directly contradict the Story if the leads attended EAH (to name two, Peter Pan and The Little Mermaid), which put the system into a new perspective and seems to put more light on the Rebel's side of things: Do you have to sign the Storybook of Legends and attend training so that you CAN follow directly in your parents' footsteps in order to preserve everyone's Happily Ever After? Since this cannot be true, due to both stories I just mentioned, why does Headmaster Grimm think it is? Could the Storybook of Legends actually be a curse in pretty wrapping? Does it force someone to follow their Story, by creating an evil side for someone like Raven, and a sugary-sweet and fragile side for someone like Duchess? If so, is Raven's mother truly that evil, or is she good deep down, and that's why she stole the Storybook of Legends? To prevent her daughter suffering the same fate? I mean, if Pinocchio and Snow White have stories that exist, then certainly Peter Pan (which like Pinocchio, is a book, not just a fairy tale) and Little Mermaid have to have stories. Yet all of the core cast of Peter Pan are under 12 years of age (excepting Wendy and possibly Peter, whom are twelve), nowhere near high school, and the Little Mermaid walks on land for the very first time in her story. They cannot sign the Storybook of Legends nor attend EAH. It's impossible, if they want their stories to go exactly. Even if you disregard the fact that the Little Mermaid isn't supposed to go on land before her story (as Rapunzel is out and about despite living in a tower her whole life), there's no getting around the fact that Peter, Wendy, John, Michael, the Lost Boys, and Tiger Lily are all far too young to attend EAH. It would pose a huge contradiction. If their story exists, then it stands as proof that the Storybook of Legends isn't needed to choose your fate or guarantee everyone's Happily Ever After; instead, it most likely forces one to, and this is why it's thought to be needed.

A variation of Snow-White and Rose-Red will play apart of the franchise.
We heard Rose Red's name mentioned in passing in The Storybook of Legends, so we may see a cousin of Apple White. Or at the very least the story may be how Raven and Apple solve their problem by becoming that pair.

The White Knight has the Storybook of Legends.
The last person seen with the book was the Cheshire Cat, and the Knight aka Darling was following her. So, she at least knows where it is hidden, and she will have to make a tough decision: Do the knightly thing and return it, or do the rebellious thing and let it stay gone.
  • Jossed. The Cheshire Cat kept it.

In a future chapter, Briar will become an unintentional pawn for Raven's mother.
Briar is terrified of following her destiny up to the point that after finding the Storybook of Legends, she tosses it down a well and unknowingly into Wonderland. Maybe the Evil Queen will prey on her insecurity in order to trick her into letting her out?
  • Jossed. It's actually Apple that becomes the pawn.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves was not always Ever After's most crucial story.
It seems strange that the Evil Queen is the epitome of Evil when she "just" tries to kill the one person, rather than, say, the Evil Fairy who curses a baby to death, and a kingdom to an eternal sleep. Apple and Raven's story is getting so much focus because Raven's mother went off the page and almost turned the tale to a Happily Never After. Without the previous generation's calamities, Raven would be feared no more than an ordinary future villain.
  • This could be a part of the apparent friction between Raven and Faybelle, if the Queens usurped the title of Evilest Villains from the Thorns.

A story going "Poof!" is hyperbole.
The stories can't disappear, because past history cannot simply vanish. The story ceasing to exist is the cycle of legacies being broken.

Ginger is Cerise's Secret Secret-Keeper.
According to Ginger's profile and diary, she is Cerise's childhood friend. Having known each other for so long, Ginger put the pieces together, and found out the Big Bag secret. But because Ginger is quite literally the nicest person in the world, she is just going to let Cerise tell her when she's ready.

Gus and Helga are NOT Ginger's Hansel and Gretel.
They're her mom's. The Candy witch, at the end of the story, is throw into an oven and killed but the books reveal that Ginger's mom is still alive and Raven sometimes goes to visit her and Ginger. This is because she's waiting for Gus and Helga to graduate so their story can begin and she can take her role, after all she's just a "secondary character" to their "protagonists". That way, the Candy witch has time to have and raise a daughter for the next generation of Hansel and Gretel before her tragic end and can grow old enough to fit the "old crone" archetype.

Ever After is not where stories come from…
It is stories brought to life! In Spring Unsprung, we learn that the fairytale world’s magic and vibrancy comes from Wonderland. If Ever After was already a magical land, why does it’s existence depend on another land’s influence? Unless it depends on the creativity and imagination of the writer just like any story. So, unless the author is no longer around to shape the tales, there will be some Rage Against the Author action in future chapters.

Alistair has never met his mother.
Alice suddenly disappeared shortly after her son was born, before she could even give him a name. So Alistair was adopted by Alice's Wonderlandian friends, and named after his mother, explaining why he's living in Wonderland rather than London, and why his name is so...uninspired. Alistair became a master of riddles so that he may one day solve the greatest puzzle of all: finding his Missing Mom.

Way Too Wonderland will feature a Timed Mission.
Clocks, schedules and time in general is teeming in the assortment.
  • Confirmed. The girls have to warn the Queen of Hearts of a usurpation plot before her birthday party at tea time.

Time travel will be a part of Way Too Wonderland.
Raven will try to use magic to reverse her Mother's curse on Wonderland, but instead, it causes her, Briar, Apple and the Wonderworms to go back in time, to stop the curse before it's even cast.
  • Jossed.

Kitty is a Half-Human Hybrid.
Her mother, the Cheshire Cat, is really a cat with Voluntary Shapeshifting abilities, and Kitty's father is a human. Or Human Alien, depending on what Wonderland is exactly. Kitty was born in a human form, and has yet to show that she has her mother's power to transform. Worrying that she never will, Kitty tries to be what Momma Cheshire wants her to be to make up for it.

Cerise's parents are from the Vocaloid song.
There's a Vocaloid song called "The Wolf that Fell in Love with Little Red Riding Hood". In the song, Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf sing about how they are in love, but could never be together no matter how many times they will see each other because their story forbids it. Cerise's mother and father broke their story's rules by falling in love and eventually had Cerise. Wouldn't it make sense if they were the ones from the song? I donna, just putting it out there.

Apple is not destined to be Snow White the princess.
She is destined to be Snow White the peasant from Snow-White and Rose-Red. There is common confusion and merging between the two in real life, so why can't the Legacies make the same mistake?

Madeline's side of the story in The Day Ever After wasn't a daydream.
To recap, what she saw was Apple becoming a dictator and banishing the Rebels. It's probably intended to just be a joke from mad Maddie, but in her profile and diary, the Hatress claims that she can sometimes see the future. If this was indeed a vision, then Apple heading for a scary place any day now.

The next Beast is actually Daring.
In 'A Wonderlandiful World' when everyone gets transformed into things relating to their story (Cedar becomes a real girl, Ashlynn becomes a glass slipper etc.), Daring becomes a small creature with grey fur. This seems much more reminiscent to The Beast than Prince Charming. Plus he's very vain and self-absorbed, so it makes sense that he would be cursed to become a hideous beast to teach him a lesson.
  • In a BatB prequel written by it's original author, the Prince was transformed by his Fairy Godmother when he refused her advances. Daring's a good guy, but really, what are the chances of him leaving a Woman Scorned?
  • Pretty low, actually, seeing as he's rather chivalrous and makes an effort to hang out with all of his female admirers.
    • Considering they take cues from Disney sometimes, it's possible he'd spurn the advances of a fairy in disguise as an old, hag-like, beggar woman. Even if he turns her down with reasonable politeness, The Fair Folk aren't always very nice (Faybelle certainly isn't).
  • Might be confirmed since Dragon Games showed he actually isn't Apple's prince as his kiss failed to wake her, and he's apparently getting a doll 2-pack with Rosabella for the next special.
  • Looks to be confirmed by his Epic Winter doll. Not only is he in a two pack with Rosabella, the mirror he comes with has the image of a lion-esque beast in Daring's clothing.

Raven is really the next Snow White
Okay, I know it sound crazy, but hear me out.

As more and more characters join Raven and the rest of the Rebels, Apple will being getting desperate. Raven will slowly become more popular than she is, making her worry that the people dislike her and that she won’t be a good queen. Somehow, she’ll get it into her head that she can replace Raven as her villain. (It was mentioned in a webisode, but treated as a joke.) It will be something along the lines of there always needing to be an evil queen (seeing as so many fairy tales involves evil queens and wicked stepmothers). But first she needs to get rid of Raven. One story can’t have two evil queens.

Trying to kill Raven would be too dark for a kid’s show like this. However, she could try to get Raven transferred to another school. (All those other Charmings must be attending school somewhere, right?) So she tricks Hunter to help her frame Raven so that she can get a new evil queen, but Hunter realizes what’s going on. Being the genuinely nice guy he is, he refuses to go through with it and helps Raven get out of the mess he unwittingly helped put her in.

Things happen. Hilarity ensues. Events culminate in Apple trying to poison Raven to get rid of her. Apple isn’t an evil person, so maybe it was something that got out of hand or a potion she mixed the wrong way. She ends up in the death-like sleep and Dexter Charming, rather than his older brother, ends up being the one to wake her up. (It can be with a kiss, it can be with a counterspell. All depends on how you ship it.) The school turns on Apple for doing something so horrible to Raven and she is either expelled or transferred to another school as punishment for her behavior. Raven continues to gain popular support in the school and eventually ascends to the throne, despite the fact that Snow White and King Charming are not her parents. (Though Snow could act as a surrogate mother for Raven after everything is over, seeing as she knows what it’s like to be poisoned by someone she trusted and how Raven currently lacks a mother figure.) As has been mentioned a couple of times in the show and as a part of her name, Raven Queen IS royalty by birth.

To support this crazy theory:

Raven has dark hair (yeah, it’s purple instead of black, but work with me here) and pale skin. Everyone assumes it’s because she’s a villain and, well, she fits the villain’s color scheme. She’s been shown to have an affinity with animals and is very attractive. She’s also very kind-hearted and has the whole “friend to all living creatures” thing going on. She has significant chemistry with Dexter Charming, and they’re even going out on a date in a coming webisode. She’s also very hard working and isn’t afraid to get dirty, as one would naturally become if one was forced to live with and clean up after seven miners.

Apple White does NOT fit the color scheme of her story. She’s blond. She’s also obsessed with being the fairest (remember the episode where her magic mirror broke? Or the one with the beauty pageant? And her character bio even says that her “secret heart’s desire” is to be the “fairest of them all”) and with one day being queen. However, she doesn’t believe she can be queen unless Raven agrees to play her part, so Raven is essentially blocking her path to the throne. Also, she never seems worried about the apparent lack of dwarves or the fact that Raven will assumedly send Hunter (since he’s the only Huntsman we’ve seen) to cut out her heart. She’s fixated on Raven poisoning her. Additionally, despite the fact that she’s supposed to be woken from the poison by True Love’s Kiss, Apple isn’t shipped with anyone, not even her own designated soul mate. The riddle that turned her evil demonstrated that she has the capability of being incredibly cunning (even if it’s normally hidden by her good nature) and she made an evil plant cower in fear when she enrolled in Evilnomics. No one ever said that the Evil Queen couldn’t be competent. Plus, everyone knows that Snow White was poisoned by (an) Apple.

Beyond their personalities, Raven and Dexter have much more chemistry than Apple and Daring. If Raven is Snow White, it allows her and her Prince Charming to build a meaningful relationship prior to being poisoned. Considering how Apple responded to Daring’s flirting on the first day of school, it’s incredibly hard to imagine them sharing True Love’s Kiss. Dexter doesn’t think he has a legacy yet because he thinks it’s his brother’s story. (As an aside, assuming that Dexter is destined to be Snow White’s Prince Charming, I could see Daring inadvertently angering an old witch and being cursed as the Beast, since the other WM Gs have suggested that they need a new one.) In fact, everyone thinks it’s Apple and Daring’s story, which is why Briar saw Apple in the coffin when they were in the Storybook. Milton Grimm isn’t obsessed with the stories, he’s obsessed with the caste system that the stories promote and he doesn’t want any of the four of them to find out the truth because it would cast everyone’s roles into doubt. Anyone could be a Royal and anyone could be a Villain.

(Also, the irony would be wonderful: Apple could have achieved her dream life if she had been willing to let Raven live her own life. Instead, her fixation on destiny and forcing Raven into a role she never wanted is what ends up destroying her fantasy.)

  • Well... No, not really. Apple really couldn't have her story without Raven following it as well, because finding a replacement character for one's stories is just as out-of-bounds as refusing to follow your story yourself; regardless of Apple's actions, her Storybook Destiny is (as far as anyone knows right now) still not happening unless Raven is willing to be the Evil Queen, which she's clearly not. Additionally, while Apple is certainly driven to be "the fairest," it seems to be interpreted as "the best person she can be," which is shown multiple times to cover not just looks, but all other worthy qualities displayed by the ideal fairytale heroine; Apple's a little sheltered/naive/dense, but she very quickly comes around, as seen to her reaction by the end of the pageant and the way she happily becomes co-President with Maddie.

  • Completely jossed by the end of Way Too Wonderland, thank god. Apple believes deeply in Raven's goodness and realizes that the Storybook of Legends is way too powerful for its own good, deciding that everyone should just pick what they want.

We all know her mother is a fairy, but unless fairies reproduce via Mystical Pregnancy or the Delivery Stork, the matter of her father is still up in the air. Of course, one wonders who would want a child with the wickedest fairy of them all. If we're looking at a case of Unholy Matrimony, you can't get any more nasty than goblins as far as fairy tales go. So Faybelle's father is a royal goblin (because a baddie like the Dark Fairy would never settle for a commoner,) which serves as a foil to Raven's parents, the Good King and Evil Queen Odd Couple.

Raven will act as The Leader in Way too Wonderland.
Raven's doll accompanies the line's play set, a spot reserved for a central character. As Raven gains Character Development, learning to take charge, Apple will actually take a backseat as The Lancer, and learn about being a good follower.
  • Mostly jossed. Raven is an central character, but Lizzie acts as The Leader.

The Queens of Hearts has not even realized Lizzie is gone.
The aftereffects of the Evil Queen's conquest of Wonderland has left Lizzie's mom more touched in the head than the average Wonderlander. So now, the Queen is unwittingly using a doll or a painting as her Replacement Goldfish.
  • Jossed. The Queen sends Lizzie an invitation to her birthday party, and is later bemoaning that her daughter is not with her.

Duchess will undergo a Literal Split Personality.
Now that she can write her own story, it will cause a flux in destiny, and her white swan and black swan sides will separate into two Duchesses. After many hijinks, the two Swan Princesses will finally join back together after the students convince them that they prefer the real Duchess.

Signing the Storybook of Legends results in possession
Specifically, the person who signs their name will be possessed by the spirit of the original character whom they are agreeing to become. This is what compels them to repeat the stories even if they initially don’t want to, and probably why there is no mention of the identities of the previous generation: sharing a body is messing with their memories. Of course, after the event of Way Too Wonderland this means Raven now has The Evil Queen that started it all somewhere inside her

The Legacy System started as a way to rewrite the first stories.
Continuing from the above WMG, if the Storybook of Legends is actually a vessel for multiple Soul Fragments, then the legacies were conceived as a way for the original characters to either Set Right What Once Went Wrong or to Make Wrong What Once Went Right. If the former, it is because many nemeses of the Heroes were their Evil Former Friends, so they wished to redeem their loved ones and live Happily Ever After in another life. If the latter, the Villains found a way to defeat the Heroes from beyond the grave. Whichever it was, the ploy was eventually forgotten, and following destiny became to commonplace to question.

Everybody already knows Cerise's secret.
The Big Bad Wolf was a horrible liar and Cerise makes it way too obvious as to who she's related to, she obviously takes after his side of the family. So when she finally decides to reveal her secret, it will be a surprise to no one (except Daring, since he's a bit airheaded).

Duchess is following the destiny of Odile.
Black swan? Trying to hijack another princess's happily ever after? She may be Odette's daughter but she's definitely not the one getting screwed over at the end.

The Legacy system was originally meant to protect the villains' children.
Because Raven, for example, will be so important to Snow White's story, she is accepted (and even given a degree of respect) by fairytale society. It is entirely possible that, without the Legacy system ensuring her niche in society, Raven would have been ostracized by everyone (because who'd trust a girl who burns flowers by touching them?) and possibly killed out of fear and/or revenge. Under the Legacy system, tradition itself protects Raven- she is allowed to learn about her magic, to socialize with people freely, and- frankly- live in the lap of luxury. Even when she accidentally turns people into chickens, no one gives it a second thought.

Maybe the book's makers just thought "Hey, maybe these innocent kids shouldn't suffer because of their parents' crappy life choices." The life Raven lives under the system is stifling and prejudiced in many ways, but at least it is a life.

Why Raven is so determined to contradict Apple no matter what, in the Yearbook story arc?
Simple, because despite her decision to destroy the Storybook, at the end of Way Too Wonderland, Apple implies that she still wants her story going according to the script ("Oh, don't get me wrong, I still want my Happily Ever After!"; in the exact moment Apple says this, you can see Raven's smile fading away) and this would mean that Raven still should have to be the villain (it may be not true, but the Queen girl could have wrongly assumed so). This obviously pisses off Raven, and consequentially, she, perhaps unconsciously, shows hostility towards Apple, who apparently didn't learn anything after all they passed through. Again, this would be just Raven's impression about all the affair.

The destruction of the Storybook of Legends will eventually have negative, perhaps even catastrophic, consequences.

The Storybook of Legends being shelved results in students following their destinies.
This doesn't necessarily mean becoming their parents. Apple's destiny was to be poisoned by the Evil Queen and to be awoken by True Love's Kiss (aka Darling). However, Raven isn't the one who poisoned her. Perhaps her destiny all along was to stop her mother from taking over once again.

Chase Redford is Lizzie's brother.
It's just a rumour floating around the fandom, but there is a certain resemblance between them, and he did admit the Red Queen adopted him.

Apple will wear her Royally Ever After dress in Dragon Games.
According to the trailer, Raven's "Evil Queen" costume from the Comic-Con exclusive doll will make an appearance. As the dolls are considered Evil Counterpart to each other and come from similar "what-if-destiny-was-followed' scenarios, maybe Royally Ever After Apple will appear as well, most likely from Raven's mother's tormenting tactics.
  • Jossed. Royally Ever After is marketed as a daydream of Apple's future should she follow her destiny.

Blondie Lockes' destiny is actually that of Pretty Goldilocks.
But somehow Goldilocks ended up in The Story of the Three Bears instead of an old woman or a fox.

At some point, if Mattel decides to release a third high school-based doll line like Cosmic High or High Seas High, Cupid will have to leave Ever After High and start attending the school in question.
This will officially cement her as a Decadesque world-hopping character.

Apple ISN'T the next Snow White, or at least, wasn't supposed to be.
It's apparently known that she almost drowned as a child when she wandered off on her own. But Perhaps she had an older sister who drowned instead, perhaps trying to save her, or something. Apple was supposed to be Rose Red, hence the 'red' themed name.

Blondie has OCD
I feel her tic of wanting everything just right goes beyond being a perfectionist. It seems she has it under control though.]]

Kitty's true destiny isn't to follow her mother's footstep's
But rather to become one of the demon cats of the Japanese story The Boy Who Drew Cats.]]

Farrah Goodfairy is also tied to Cedar Wood's story.
  • Note that her color scheme is blue with silver accents. As both serve similar purposes, who's to say that the Fairy Godmother and Blue Fairy aren't the same person?
    • For what is worth in "Fairy's got talent" Mrs. Goodfairy is outright called "Blue-haired fairy", which is how Pinocchio's fairy is named/described.
      • Farrah's diary confirms this at the end, with her vowing to take over the job of the Blue Fairy after she poofed from existence.

Cupid's wings aren't real.
Since they change multiple times, and the doll versions are attached by an arrow-shaped neck clip, it's safe to assume that Cupid's wings are purely ornamental accessories to look the part of a cherub. She isn't biologically Eros' daughter, so it makes sense that she'd have to dress up for the part.

Possible SDCC dolls...
Since they all follow the trend of the character's personal Bad Future, here are some ideas for the next one.
  • Duchess Swan as the Black Swan/Swan Queen: As-is, she's undecided, and maybe she doesn't want to be flat-out evil, and she does feel unhappy with the destiny she chooses to follow.
  • Lizzie Hearts as the Queen of Hearts: The tyrannical version she wants to avoid.
  • Ginger Breadhouse as the Candy Witch: Ginger wants to be a kind baker, not a predator. It'd be a way to give her a doll with explicitly witchy themes, as well.

The Evil Queen (I'm gonna call her Eva) was the one who hid the real Storybook of Legends, but she wasn't the one who stole it. Little Red Riding Hood was.
  • In Thronecoming, Giles Grimm states that he doesn't know why the Queen stole the Storybook and when you think about it, she didn't really seem to have a reason to and no explanation has come forward since.
  • Red on the other hand, had a very good reason to replace the book with a fake: in order to prevent her and Badwolf's destinies from coming true. No book, no signature, no destiny.
  • Eva knew about Red's plan and helped her by creating the fake book and then hiding the real one so that if/when the ruse was discovered, it would be traced back to Eva and not Red.
    • And also, Eva and Red were roommates and friends, so how could Red not have known that one of the most powerful objects Ever After was hidden in their doom unless she was involved.
    • Plus, this is a way more interesting concept than simply laying the blame on evil all time. Red knows what she did was wrong but she did for the right reasons.

The reason we haven't seen anyone from Arabian Nights is because that's a whole other school
Ever After High is in the Europe-like part of the fairy-tale world; in the universe's equivalent of the Middle East is the Arabian Night School, where the principal is Scheherezade. God willing they'll eventually have an exchange student program with Ever After High so we can see these Middle Eastern fairy tales.

Courtly wasn't Easily Forgiven at the end of Way Too Wonderland...
Instead, Giles and Milton Grimm brought her to Ever After High in order to keep a close eye on her so that she won't do anything dangerous like freeing the Evil Queen sometime in the future. Courtly also isn't reformed; she's still pretty pissed off at everyone involved in her defeat.

C.A. Cupid's Story
So let's say the Storybook of Legends wasn't shelved, and Cupid would have to follow her destiny. My guess is that she'd be inheriting Eros' role in the story of Eros and Psyche. She would be married to someone who would never see her face, but believing that she is a monster. The story will then lead to Cupid's spouse betraying her trust and attempting to kill her. Thankfully, despite this, the story of Eros and Psyche does end happily, so Cupid will have her Happily Ever After, whether she decided to follow this destiny or not.

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