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Thunderbolt will flip his shit once he finds out about what really happened in A Canterlot Wedding
Namely that Twilight warned the others about Chrysalis and that she was disowned almost immediately. Considering how his daughter was killed during the Changeling Invasion, he'd have more than enough reason to take Celestia out.
  • In that case, the confrontation might be similar to the climax of Captain America: Civil War, where Tony flipped his lid when he discovered that Cap knew for two whole years that his parents were killed by HYDRA.
Flurry Heart will end up being affected by RARA, causing Cadance to cease all support for the act
Think about it: infant or not, Flurry Heart had enough magical power to nearly destroy the Crystal Empire during her Crystalling, it wouldn't take much for a politician or politicians to have the filly added to the list. After seeing the true face of RARA, Princess Cadance and Prince Shining Armor will begin opposing the act, while the citizens of the Crystal Empire may end up lobbying for secession from, and even outright war with, Equestria.
  • Thunderbolt shoots down this accusation in Chapter 10, saying that since he knows what it's like to lose a daughter he wouldn't take an innocent child away from her family.

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