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Enemil is Lord because...
  • Descendant of Granadan royalty.
  • He's an edgelord.
  • He's a sith.
    • He's a sith tribute created by Mierdahinco called shit.
  • He is a Time Lord like Mario.

Mierdahinco is controlling Enemil.
In the Tad, the Lost Explorer sequel review, there are parts where MH moves the mouth but Enemil is the one talking. MH could have mad ventriloquism skills for working with José Luis Moreno.

Enemil is actually Mr. Gobo.
A shape-shifting being made of water that rips-off The Mysterious Mr. Enter.

Enemil is a villain.
Since his inclusion into the Revengeverse, he needs a trope to fill. He's said to take part in House Of Darkington, so he could be the Token Evil Teammate.

Mierdahinco/Shit-Five is called like that because...
It's the fifth CanalBall in order of creations. That means there could be other four characters based on Anthropomorphic Personification of Spanish TV channels.

Related to the previous theory, these are the sibling guesses.

The Tad, the Lost Explorer 2 review ends with Shit-Five getting killed by plagiarized properties. Danpena 3 managed to stay relevant buying properties like Shin-chan. Bandolero takes it to the next level showing the death of Channel 2 Andalusia after its most profitable franchises are bought by the competition.
ChannelBalls NEED intelectual properties to survive.

Shit-Five will create his own N-bot.
And its name will be M-bot.

Hooded Person guesses.
  • A robot
  • Andalucidos resurrected
  • The creator of Andalucidos
  • An evil N-bot like
  • Enemil from the future
  • Evil Enemil
  • Emily
  • Uncle Alfredo

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