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Morwen's cats represent aspects of her personality.
It makes sense—most witches only have one, black cat, because they conform to the witch stereotype, while Morwen, who most assuredly doesn't, has 9. Fiddlestix represents her lazy, innocent side, Trouble represents her aggressive side, Miss Eliza represents her sophisticated, feminine side, and so on.

And if you take into consideration that Scorn had feelings for Horatio, the cat of a certain red-haired fire witch...

Telemain and Morwen fell in love sometime between 'Calling on Dragons' and 'Talking to Dragons.'
They don't seem the type to act on a spurt of the moment feeling in the midst of battle, and had to be doing 'something' while Daystar grew up. Since they couldn't visit Cimorene without drawing the wizards' attention, the castle was completely surrounded, (in every sense of the word), and it doesn't seem likely that they trekked to the Mountains of Morning to visit with the dragons all too often, it's reasonable that they spent a lot of time together.

Alternative - Telemain and Morwen were ex-lovers
Pretty evident in the way they bicker right off the bat, and Morwen doesn't go into much detail about her past.
  • Which gives so much more meaning to their first dialogue when they meet again in Searching For Dragons...
  • Most likely true; Telemain seemed rather shocked/starstruck to see Morwen again and was actually rather tongue-tied at first - though he quickly recovered.

People live a lot longer in the Enchanted Forest Chronicles
Cimorene isn't exactly young when she meets Mendanbar, but she doesn't seem all that old by the end of Talking to Dragons in which she has a sixteen year old son. Morwen and Teleman are also sprightly enough to engage is not only a magical battle, but a physical altercation at the end of the book. They seemed closer to 20-30 years old rather than 40-50.
  • Besides, it's an enchanted forest.
  • Cimorene was 17 when she and Mendanbar met. How young did you want her to be?
  • Cimorene should be about 35 years old when she and Mendanbar are reunited. (16 at the start of Dealing, plus a year and a bit with the dragons, 14 months past her wedding at the start of Calling, another several months until Daystar is born, and 16 years for Daystar to grow up and go questing). Morwen and Telemain should both be at most 46, given that they grew up together and Morwen is stated as "not yet thirty" at the start of Calling.

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