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The Power Crystal is actually on Mandanna's headband.
  • Am I the only one who thinks this is incredibly obvious?
    • You're not alone. I actually thought the dialog said it was on "Mount Mandanna" at first. Or perhaps the headband is just some kind of key needed to access it (which might actually explain why the villains bother with the heroes).
  • Alternatively it could be a diversion from the real one, but it's not likely considering the writing so far.

The series takes place in a district of Germany
  • Similar to Polish districts or Chinatown that one finds about in cities. It might explain why arabic is used, and the fact that everyone has to wear a veil could be chalked up to being set in an Alternate Universe.

Mandanna is a Broken Bird
Her personality in the present is wildly different from how she was in the past, and then there's the fact that her dress is torn...something happened.
  • This looks to be confirmed. Third episode showed a very tragic moment in Mandanna's past.

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