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Joshua died for your yuri!
Let's be honest Yuki and Stellar were being shipped by Tatsunoko since day one. And if Joshua was alive he would hate Stellar's guts on principle alone. He was going to die because there aren't enough episodes to give him an arc without resorting to a Kannazuki no Miko situation.

Stella is going on a murder spree.
Stellar is unstable. She could give the cast of Happy Sugar Life a run for their money when it comes to being a powder keg let loose on society. And she will eventually be the death of a good chunk of the cast.

Stella is Leila's daughter
  • Not much of a WMG but Ep 4 hints at it considerably.
    • Confirmed in the final episode.

Yuki will temporarily defect to Stellar's squadron.
After the events of Episode 6 Yuki has most likely lost all trust with her minions and considering that Stellar's squad has a child her age as a fully fledged member and the commander would likely take advantage of such an opportunity to capture Yuki for the Empire with no fuss she would likely order Stellar to befriend Yuki and convince her to switch sides. Something that will blow up in everyone's faces once the manipulations are exposed and both Stellar's squad and Yuki's minions are forced to take sides.
  • Not exactly, but both Yuki and Stella work together to end the war.

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