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Dunkirk is meant to be a Cosmetically Advanced Prequel to 1969's Battle of Britain
The latter film literally opens with the aftermath of the Operation Dynamo being a beach littered with abandoned British equipment and vehicles. Not only do both films utilize composite characters for more efficient storytelling purposes amidst a otherwise authentic and painstakingly researched settings, but Michael Caine even plays a role in both as an RAF officer.

Mr Dawson is a veteran of World War One.

He's about the right age, and shows an understanding and sympathy towards the shell-shocked soldier, suggesting he's seen it first-hand or suffered from it himself. His boat also flies the blue ensign, rather than the red, signifying he is an Royal Naval Reserve officer.

  • He also shows knowledge of evasive maneuvers against attacking aircraft which are presumably not taught to every civilian who owns a boat. He may also have been in a commanding position since he handles the soldiers on his ship like he's used to it.
    • He states he learned that from his son, an RAF pilot.
  • Since he's based on Charles Lightoller, he was likely a Royal Navy officer.

The blind old man at the end of the movie is a chemical attack survivor from World War One.

Farrier ends up at Stalag 13.
Is there any other German P.O.W. camp you'd prefer him to end up in?

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