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WMG / DuckTales (2017) S2E16 "The Duck Knight Returns!"

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Future Episodes and Spin-offs
  • Some speculation is going around that this episode might be a Backdoor Pilot for a Darkwing Duck spin-off series. Given how Della has returned by this point and how she was the one flying Scrooge and Dewey to Von Drake's vault instead of Launchpad, it's possible that Launchpad could leave the show and appear intermittently due to helping Drake Mallard be a real-life Darkwing Duck.

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  • There's also speculation that Donald Duck may become Paperinik/The Duck Avenger to team up with DW and Gizmoduck while also bring the mostly Italian comic-based hero to a more mainstream presence. A big contributing factor is Donald being in a place to deal with an Alien Invasion, like it happened in the Duck Avenger comics that were also made for a US audience. Also, it would create a superhero trio to match up with the other trios of the show.

  • About confirmed speculation is that Gosalyn will be real in-universe. Frank Agnones did say that "Darkwing Duck is not Darkwing without Gosalyn", after all. The real question is whether Drake has already adopted her or if that is coming up in an upcoming episode either on DuckTales (2017) or a new Darkwing series. Some might even believe that she'll be the kid that Drake ends up inspiring as he hopes.
    • Gosalyn has been confirmed.

The classic Darkwing Duck villains will appear...
...And they'll all be Refugees from TV Land. Either via magic or some technology gone wrong, the villains from the In-Universe TV show will be brought into the show's reality, either not noticing or not caring about their origins as TV show characters.

  • ...They'll be Punch Clock Villains hired by Negaduck to act as henchman, figuring the money is worth putting up with goofy costumes and a crazy boss. Of course, some of them will eventually get a little too in character.

The Justice Ducks will appear...
There's already Gizmoduck, of course. We'll then be introduced to the reboot's Morgana McCawber, Stegmutt, and Neptunia, likely in separate episodes that will give them their own origin stories before they come together as a team.

That Bully was Herb
The bully who Drake overcame in highschool is Herb Muddlefoot, who is his well-meaning oafish neighbor in the present.


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