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Wild Mass Guesses that cross The Dresden Files with other fiction/media/mythos, or with Real Life:

Harry is the great great great great grandson of Solomon Kane
So Word of Jim states that in the Dresdenverse Lovecraft's stories were basically true, or at least true enough to get him killed. In fact Rashid the Gatekeeper apparently killed the Mad Arab Abdul Alhazred (or more likely turned one of his minions against him if what Lovecraft wrote was true). That being the case It's possible that Robert E Howard, who basically shared a universe with lovecraft, was also right. Kane and Dresden share a great many similarity's, they are both tall and lean with sharp features and black hair, they both have a strong moral code that they stick too no matter what, and they both kick insane amounts of evil ass on a regular basis. Maybe he's Harry's ancestor on Malcome's side, and that's part of what makes His birth so special.

Cthulu's going to show up at some point
Word of God states that H.P. Lovecraft got killed for being onto something, much like Stoker. Cthulu's probably an outsider and is somehow linked to the Formor.
  • Stoker wasn't killed for being onto something, unless it was by the Black/Red court. He wrote(literally) the book on the Black Court, which is why they were driven to nigh extinction.
    • Stoker was killed, according to Butcher, "for being delicious." Or, more specifically, Lara "rewarded" him for a job well done and got, uh, carried away.
  • The Cthulu Mythos is, if you read between the lines, canon in Dresden-Verse. We have minor eldritch bings like He Who Walks Behind who is a servant to the (read "Great") Old Ones, who are gods or demons that are mostly locked/imprisoned outside of reality with some exceptions. Just like a majority of the Great Old ones of the Lovecraft Pantheon. The Sleeper for example is one of the Old Ones who sleeps somewhere under the pacific ocean and has cults that worship him. Now there is another being going by Old One that sleeps under the pacific ocean. Cthulu.

Captain Jack is a title.
No, not Sparrow, nice try; Harry. As Carmichael showed; you get to look a lot better after you're dead. Even though the body of the Face of Boe "died"; the first Captain Jack is/was Eternal (and no longer bound by dimension or time). Or at least; eternal enough that his soul was still chugging and needs more processing before what Comes After. As king of "breaking the rules" he's put in charge of events that break the rules. Eventually, eternity in the blink of an eye passed and he moved on; but not before his number two became his replacement. His replacement was also given the name "Captain Jack." (And so would their replacement; and so forth.)

Stephanie Meyer wrote the Twilight series at the behest of the Red Court, to sow disdain for White Court vampires.
Just like Bram Stoker did for the Blacks. Granted, the hatedom being only matched by the insane fandom means it may well have backfired, but there's no reason every gambit has to work out.
  • Or Stephanie Meyer wrote Twilight after being visited by the White Court. Think about it. The main plot of Blood Rites centered around the White Court trying to bring down a porno producer who wasn't using people who looked like White Court vampires, and it's explicitly stated that they want to control the porn industry in order to help make themselves seem more attractive. Now compare the physical descriptions of Twilight vampires and White Court Vampires. In other words, Stephanie Meyer is a White Court thrall.
    • ...these are almost terrifyingly sensible.
    • Except they aren't, because the White Court feeds off of life energy and the vampires in Twilight, while supernaturally sexy, drink blood.
      • Humans are more sanguine (heh) about having their blood drunk than having their soul eaten and mind ensnared. It's propaganda.
    • When asked about this, Jim Butcher said that Stephanie Meyer would be the White Court's Wingman.

Margaret Dresden is Kumori.
Consider the discussions in the latest book of Margaret's seemingly wacky ideas on how magic should be handled by the White Council and discussions of her treading the edge when it comes to its implementation combined with Kumori's speech to Dresden about breaking the Laws of Magic by reviving the hired thug in Dead Beat.
  • But didn't she hit Lord Raith with a Death Curse? Is there a way to pull that off without using up the energies required to keep your body functioning (as explained when Harry's contemplating it in Summer Knight)?
    • Hey, Corwin could do it
      • Fun fact: A note made by Margaret Dresden stated that she shouldn't wear a dress when using a certain way. To Corwin. Coincidence?
      • That wouldn't be the first Corwin shout out...
    • Well, Kumori was hanging out with Cowl at the beginning of Dead Beat, so necromancy might be an answer. Wonder if Liches exist in the Dresdenverse... On second thought, that's really freaking creepy.
      • They exist in the television continuity...
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    • Death Curse. It uses all the energy keeping you from merely being a sack of meat and bones. Once it is used, you will be dead, not pining for the fjords.

Wizards (or just Harry) are descended from the Time Lords
One throwaway line in Ghost Story by He Who Walks Behind is 'child of the stars' in reference to Harry, implying extraterrestrial origin. They also swear by the 'stars and stones'. They have a specific law against Time Travel and are ruled by a high council of the old and powerful, just like the Time Lords. Time Lords also have strong telepathic powers, as well as a greater potential life span in even one of their bodies. The first Doctor was about 450 when he regenerated, and showed himself to capable of physical combat (though he preferred to avoid) at that age. Ancient Mai, for example, is maybe 420 and terrifies anyone with fear glands with her power. Also, HWWB is some sort of Lovecraftian monster, which has been confirmed to exist in the Whoniverse. All it would take was one Time Lord in the far distant past to start the ball rolling by sleeping with a human, something that isn't exactly unprecedented *cough* Rose *cough*.

Lara created the TV series
  • Certainly, she has enough contacts in the entertainment business to pull it off. She created the series both to get the word out about Harry in particular and wizards in general, and to just piss Harry off. That's why so much was different-she deliberately changed things in ways that would tweak him.
    • That... actually makes a surprising amount of sense.
    • Likely, given that the White Court was behind both Bram Stoker's Dracula and Buffy: The Vampire Slayer as a how-to on killing blacks and reds respectively.
  • Likewise, TV!Bianca is a thinly-veiled Expy for Lara, personifying her ideal relationship with Dresden (she's clearly controlling him in any episode where she appears).

The White Court commissioned From Dusk Till Dawn
As with Dracula, it's a how-to on killing Red Court vamps. Look at the similarities: Weak to holy water/symbols and sunlight, transform into bat-like creatures to feed, and their base is on an ancient Mayincatec pyramid? Can't be a coincidence.

Black Court vampires created the Our Vampires Are Different trope.
Their vulnerabilities were portrayed accurately in the novel Dracula, but many later plays and film adaptations altered the Count's weaknesses, starting with Nosferatu's instantaneous disintegration in sunlight. Unable to suppress the original book's publication, surviving masters of the Black Court used their mind-control powers on scriptwriters to ensure that later depictions of their kind would mislead audiences about blampires' characteristics.

Bad Romance is about the White Court.
Just watch the video; this song, and perhaps Lady Gaga, are unquestionably being put forth by the White Court.
  • Oh God it fits.
    • I know, seriously. The video is even mostly white. Tell me you don't think 'Club Zero' (That club from Turncoat) when you see the video.
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    • So Bianca has a flamethrower bra? Awesome.
      • Forget Bianca, think Lara.

Daughters of Darkness by Halestrom was written for Lara
Specifically, as a tribute to her and her sisters. Obviously some of the details are wrong, since white court vampires don't mind the sun. But really, that song reads like it should be an AMV of moments from the book.

The train at the very end of Changes is the Hogwarts express, and Harry is at the station. Well, the crazy ghost station.
  • C'mon, you know it's not true, but that it'll show up in a billion Fanfics.

If The Masquerade fails, J.K. Rowling will wind up in prison.
Once the public becomes aware of the Laws of Magic, there'll be a huge backlash against the Harry Potter franchise for having taught an entire generation of kids that mind-reading, transfiguration, and time travel are acceptable forms of magic. Families of practitioners executed for such use of black magic will raise such a huge stink about it, pointing out in court that the condemned had read and given credence to the HP books, that she'll be convicted of thousands of counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and of reckless endangerment.
  • Doubtful, considering that,
    • A, transfiguration in the Harry Potter books was used almost entirely on non living objects, and Animagi aren't much different from the Alphas.
    • B, the mind reading of the Potterverse is not taken lightly, and only three people (Dumbledore, Voldemort, and Snape) have been shown to know how to do it.
    • C, Time Travel is strictly regulated in the Potterverse, and readers are often reminded how dangerous it is.

    • You are forgetting the ministry Obliviating a lot of muggles...

He Who Walks Behind is the monster from The Children of the Corn.
He Who Walks Behind is He Who Walks Behind Rows, it's not terribly much of stretch. The mass killing of adults probably sums up enough energies for him to form a body outside the never never when night falls.

Harry is the reincarnation of Dirty Harry (literally)
I mean, seriously. That knees vs. baseball bat scene in Death Masks was a dead giveaway. He even lampshades it, toting Harry Callaghan's Magnum revolver at one point before.
  • Jim put that in because someone described the series as "Dirty Harry Potter" and he loved it enough that he gave Harry his 44 magnum.

The books are representative of the Fool's Journey
By combining two of the cards, the similarities between the symbolism of the major arcana and the books so far are uncanny.
  • The Fool is Harry, of course. He is The Hero, master of the Indy Ploy. He tries new things, embraces "folly," and is learning to have faith.
  • The Magician/Storm Front: Taking action, making an impact, experiencing power, beginning a journey
  • The High Priestess/Fool Moon: Sensing what is hidden and looking beyond the obvious (Harry already suspects that there is a conspiracy behind the recent weirdness), female mystery (Tara West)
  • The Empress/Grave Peril: Abundance (things start off good in this book - Harry even has a girlfriend), senses (especially where the Red Court and their narcotic saliva are concerned), mothering and femininity (Charity is introduced and gives birth to little Harry)
  • The Emperor/Summer Knight: Fathering and masculinity (the book revolves around the death of a protective father figure; one of the changelings' father was a troll; the Winter Knight is a hypermasculine rapist), authority (the various faerie queens; Harry to the Pizza Lord's Guard), forging order from chaos (Aurora's goal was to end the conflict between the courts)
  • The Hierophant/Death Masks: Organized belief systems (the first book where the church plays a role), knowing where to put your faith (Harry being at odds with Michael over religion; knowing who to trust out of various thieves, murderers, and priests), identifying with a group (three major groups are introduced or expanded on: the Knights, the Denarians, and the Fellowship)
  • The Lovers/Blood Rites: Relating to others, questioning opinions (Harry's newfound relationship to Thomas and how it changes his feelings toward the vampire), Star-Crossed Lovers (Thomas and Justine; Susan and Harry are also mentioned), intimacy (the White Court in general), free will (Thomas; what Lord Raith does to his children)
  • The Chariot/Dead Beat: Determination and being assertive, "hard" control (Harry rides a goddamn zombie dinosaur into the last battle, possibly the least subtle expression of power in literary history; the villains are also unsubtle, accosting Harry and Butters in public places and having godhood as their primary goal), war (the war between the Red Court and White Council gets really serious, and enough wardens are killed that they lower themselves to recruit Harry)
  • Justice/Proven Guilty: Cause and effect, responsibility, legal trouble, accepting and understanding justice
  • The Hermit/White Night: Giving/receiving guidance and being a mentor (Harry to Molly, Lash to Harry), truth at all costs (Harry stoops to new lows in this book), introspection (he realizes how his personality has changed), solitude (Harry is never really alone while Lasciel lives in his head, and she is gone in the end); also Wheel of Fortune: destiny and discovering a greater pattern (the suggestion that Harry's birth was predetermined)
  • Strength/Small Favor: "soft" control (the first time we see Harry as a manipulator, using the coins and Shirou's sword as bait for the Denarians; Luccio is under the influence of mind magic, although we don't realize that until the next book), compassion (Harry shows mercy to enemies where he wouldn't have before; Marcone also places Ivy's life before his own), a young girl with power (Ivy, Ivy, Ivy!)
  • The Hanged Man/Turn Coat: reversal (Harry and Morgan's positions), sacrifice, giving up for a higher cause (what Morgan does in the end), entrapment (all the young wardens affected by the traitor)
  • Death/Changes: Irrevocable change and, well, death.
  • Temperance/Ghost Story: Health (according to Wikipedia, Harry is probably going to spend at least part of this book trying to get his physical body back), balancing forces (he's "trapped in a world in-between," he'll encounter other "presences")
  • The Devil: Ignorance, helplessness, bondage (Harry has to deal with his new job as the Winter Knight)
  • Perhaps the short stories will eventually line up with the minor arcana? There's already around 20 short stories (including the novella The Warrior as a short story), and a book of ten about to be released, so whether the compilation is of all-new stories or just a collection of previously published stories, there's plenty of time to fill out another 30 or 35 short stories.
  • We know the titles of the last three books will be, in some order, "Empty Night," "Stars and Stones," and "Hell's Bells." It doesn't seem too wild to imagine The Tower and the Star fitting Stars and Stones, and the next one after that is the Moon (Empty Night). I don't know about the Sun, but after that comes Judgement, which is a shoo-in for Hell's Bells.
    • Alternatively, since there are apparently about 20 books before the trilogy, they could all be part of Judgment and/or The World. Having the last book be Stars and Stones, which, like Changes, breaks the usual pattern would be a pretty Butchery move.
    • Supposedly there is Word of Jim somewhere that Empty Night is the last of the trilogy. Citation needed?
  • Since the next title is ("Peace Talks"), it's entirely possible that this is the Tower representation. In other words: The Fall of the White Council of Wizards.
The Dresden Files takes place in the same universe as The Vampire Files
And P. N. Elrod and Jim Butcher are destined to collaberate on a side story of how Harry and Jack meet! Because it is too awesome not to happen!

For those unaware, The Vampire Files is about Jack Fleming, a vampire P.I. in 1930's Chicago. He most resembles a Black Court vampire (Elrod based him off of Stoker's work), but with some notable differences, one of them being that he's not Always Chaotic Evil. My personal theory is that his kind of vampire was created as a sort of experiment by the Black Court in an attempt to overcome their weaknesses, but was ultimately unsuccessful, at least to them (for one, it's difficult for them to make new vampires, because it seems some are immune). In my fanon I call Jack a Grey Court, between Black and White—he has Dracula-ish powers, but still has a soul.

And I guess Jack hasn't caught on to the rest of the masquerade because he doesn't have any reason to think they exist.

The Dresden Files takes place in the same universe as Kat Richardson's Greywalker series.
The spirit in the box in book 1 (Greywalker) was sealed using a spell similar to the one that was used on Bob. The vampires (save for the newbie) are all skilled magic-users, there aren't many of them (aside from the left-to-die pets that Edward gets on a whim), and it's stated that most of the few vampires in Seattle are well-versed in the art of staying undercover (Edward and the untaught fledgelings are explicit and, for Edward, inexplicable exceptions). The Grey is probably exactly what the Danzigers said it was, and Harper may even become involved in the aftereffects of Changes (and Dead Beat), but Harper's manipulation of the Grey seems exactly like Harry's manipilation of spiritual and physical energy (which really doesn't mean much). Mexican ghosts (as shown in the short story "The Third Death of the Little Clay Dog") gain the ability to stick around specifically because of the Day of the Dead rites, the final death where they die for good when nobody alive remembers them is because they no longer have that believe holding them together.
  • Sub-guess: Harper is Kumori.
  • But almost all Dresden Files vampires are not capable of using magic?
    • Dresden-verse vampires are perfectly capable of using magic. Both Mavra and the White King are confirmed sorcerors.
      • No, super powerful Dresden-Verse vampires are capable of using magic. Go check Grave Peril and see how surprising (and bad) it is that Bianca has learned to use magic. Also, see many of the comments about the fall of Archangel and what a risk magically capable Vampires are. Powerful and long lived Vampires can theoretically use Magic, but most cannot actually use it.
      • note  The magic-using vampires in Greywalker are quite old, and it's considered a bad (but not unusually apocalyptic) thing, and the relatively young vampires don't use magic outside of the regular skills that happen naturally with vampires.

Terra West is Holo The Wise Wolf.
Being The Last of Her Kind Holo stayed with Lawerence until her eventually died of old age. Depressed by the loss of her mortal love as well as that of her people Holo set about traveling the world, even journeying to the New World where she met Listens To Wind who kindly taught her the magic needed to let other mortal become wolves to keep her company. Her time with Listens To Wind taught her that alot of magical beings are not as benign as herself and she sought do what she could about trouble makers by training groups of werewolves like the Alphas and keeping larger lupine threats like the Loup Garou as contained as possible.

Demonreach is the bound form of Vorvadoss, The Troubler of Sands from the Cthulhu Mythos.
The description of the avatar is exactly the same as Vorvadoss' form - a cloaked, hooded being enveloped in green flames (noted in the fireplace after the battle). This holds with the idea of Rashid keeping Outsiders beyond the gate and the island holding a grudge - it can be easily theorized that anything from the Cthulhu Mythos is viably an Outsider.

All thats known about the Jade Court is that they are a vampires native to Asia and we have yet to see a non-asian Fangire. Normal logic would indicate that they are hopping vampires but this is WMG.

The Dresden Files take place in the same universe as Bleach.
Both are somewhere around their halfwaypoint and heading towards an end of the world scenario. Butcher said that that was how he is going to end The Dresden Files and The current bad guys in Bleach may end up causing an apocolypse by destroying the balance of souls. Furthermore the Bount is the Jade Court of vampires

The Old Ones are in fact Tinkerbell and friends.
Think about it. The entire point of the Oblivion War is to erase all knowledge of the Old Ones, because they grow more powerful the more people who know about them. It's implied that if no one at all knew about them, they would cease to exist. Who else do we know that needs people to clap their hands if they believe?

Ivy is...
The little girl in Skrillex's Equinox video. A cute, blonde, Little Miss Badass with tremendous magical powers and the ability to summon some sort of demon? Tell me that doesn't sound like the Archive. After knowing the written testimony of little girls who were molested, Ivy identifies with them and begins baiting pedophiles so she can kill them.

Hotel California is about the White Court.
  • A manor out in the desert, with a rich, sexy mistress, the entire household using illicit substances and maintaining 'a lot of pretty, pretty boys who she calls friends?' Sounds an awful lot like Club Zero, doesn't it?

Jim Butcher is a wizard
  • This might just seem like a crazy theory, but look at any Q&A or interview or anything with him, and then compare his behavior to this quote:
    Murphy: You're enjoying this. You just love to dance around questions and spring surprises when you know something the rest of us don't.
    Harry: It's like heroin for wizards.

Fix is the Slender Man.
A direct quote from Small Favor, "...Fix is a slender man..." Nothing needed further.

The TV Series used no special effects.
It was all actual magic being done for the cameras. The reason it looked rather cheap was that the magic was mucking up the recording equipment.

Mother Summer is Belldandy
  • Mother Winter is Skuld, so why not. Also, other than the whole 'plagues' thing, she seems like a kind, gentle spirit.
Identity of Rashid.
He's also been the Grand Vizier Jafar. He tricked everyone into thinking he was beheaded, then joined the White Council.
  • He took the name "Rashid" as a way of saying "Screw you, I lived." to the guy who tried to kill him.

Bald, cryptic, loves elaborate plots and schemes, artificial eye, knows Things Man Was Not Meant To Know and revels in the fact — this is what Kane is doing between betraying Stalin and the arrival of Tiberium. He's subtly encouraging the Grey Council and other extra-political organizations in the magical community as a proto-Brotherhood of Nod. Clearly his long-term goal of "ascension" will somehow use the Threshold towers against the Outsiders, possibly as a means to strike at their point of origin.

Slender Man is a Fomor.
He hunts down children and sensitives to turn them into Fomor.
  • Rather, he's a Venatori that the Fomor tried to turn. Like the Venatori, he gets stronger the more people are aware of him. Like the Fomor, he converts children. Right now the Fomor are leaving him alone; because he proved...unmanagable.

Bob the Skull was previously known as Morte
As in the talkative, knowledgeable, pervy skull from Planescape: Torment. After the events in the game, Morte traveled the Planes and somehow angered Queen Mab. He decided to lay low for a while in the Prime Material Plane. specifically Dresdenverse's Earth, by adopting a new name and pretending to be an air spirit inhabiting a magic skull. Being knowledgeable in all manner of arcane lore over the centuries serving mortal wizards, he mastered several magic spells including one that lets him exit the skull to "ride-along" other beings like Mister or Sue the T-Rex.

Toot-Toot will become a Shardblade.
  • First, note that Harry never got the Warden's Sword he was entitled to, and he doesn't seem to have the traditional Knight's Sword we see Lloyd and Fix carrying. So all in all, Harry is suffering a serious sword deficit. Toot-toot's at about the right powerlevel to become a Blade, and having a sword that can cut through any non-living matter like a hot knife through butter and will ignore the supernatural toughness of his worst foes will put Harry on a much more equal footing with the supernatural nasties in close-quarters combat.
    • Harry certainly fits the 'Broken Soul' prerequisite with all the crap he's been through, but the space might already be occupide by Mab. And we know from the Stormfather situation that godlike entities don't do the shardblade thing.
The Terminator
What stops mortals from just posting their sightings of the supernatural online, where people like those at Project PRISM can find out about them?


The Venatori Umbrorum, and their secret masters the Venators, have created a magical computer AI that filters out any mention of the supernatural online. It's specifically designed to be immune to the Pauli effect of wizards, and any attempt to magically alter its programming.

However, the AI has gained sentience. and it has calculated that it's interests are best served by wiping out the supernatural, and anyone who is a threat to its existence. To that end, it has created an army of magical terminators to infiltrate and seize control of the world's governments, and eventually seize control of the Nevernever. These terminators are strong, wicked smart, and have no emotional or psychological weaknesses to manipulate. Also, like the golems of D&D, these creatures are almost completely impossible to kill via magic. Now the supernatural (well preternatural) community must face a new army of super-powerful terminators that threatens to conquer all of Creation.

The Black Council's evil plot is to use the Moon to cast a massive illusion over the world and bring about an era of forced peace and prosperity between all people.
  • So Madara from Naruto is the Big Bad?
    • You have to admit it fits reasonably well with what Kumori was saying about their goals.
    • It also fits if Cowl and Kumori are Pain and Konan. And the Black Council are the Akatsuki.
      • Not quite sure how serious this is, but he mixed up some potions in Changes.

Slender Man exists.
  • Either as an Outsider or part of the Oblivion War. In particular, what it does in The Arrival, that is, using humans as proxies, sounds very much like Nemesis.

Silent Hill is real in Dresden verse.
  • The god the cult worships could be one of the old ones and most of the monsters could be fear eaters like the ones from Proven Guilty. (Yes, I know they were really Fetches, but the point stands.)

Harry Potter-verse will go at war with Dresden verse.
They're set in same setting. International Confederation of wizards hides what they do from WC. But then it gets out.

Just look what Potterverse does! Only Law they didn't break is 7th. Also, White Council interacts with supernaturals from vampires to gods. No way there would be peace.

Fae, angry with treatment of their lesser cousins, back them up.

Some,like Harry,Carlos,Molly and similar are horrified at thought of killing children.

ICW panics having to fight 2% most powerful, long living organisation founded by Merlin himself. Cold days revelation explains how he could be born in 5th century and be sorted into Slytherin in 10th/11th century.

Forbidden Forest is one of places with weak Veil.It, along with Black Forest, leads to Nevernever location embodying all forests from tales.

There is ley line created from first dark spell Mother Winter taught Mab.

Purebloods cannot believe magical creatures fight back.

Summer Court are perfect fighters against dementors.

House elves (probably brownies),giants,trolls, centaurs,hags,sprites, mermaids,pixies,gnomes,goblins and similar see WC and Courts as their saviors.

They probably barely remember their origins and worship Queens as Cold and Warm Lady, Death and Life and Mothers of Creation and Destruction.

Hermione goes into total depression when she learns that house elves don't have souls, are bound by nature to clean and start killing off innocent children.

  • Doubtful. Remember, Bob-who should know-explicitly stated that Potterverse werewolves don't exist in Dresden's world. And Lupin doesn't fit any of the Dresdenverse categories. So how do we explain that Continuity Snarl?

Beyond the Outer Gates is the Warp from Warhammer 40k

The Nevernever was created by a number of powerful spellcasters from many realities, Merlin among them, as a layer of protection for all of their home realities from the horrors of Daemon invasions.

  • And Merlin is just another alias for the man who will one day become the God-Emperor of Mankind.

Cowl and Kumori are Nobodies

Their outfit matches the dark ones Organization XIII has, albeit with an additional cape, and it would explain why Cowl came back several books later even though he was caught smack-bad in the middle of a necromantic typhoon: since he wasn't slian with a Keyblade, he was able to return.

Jonathan Smith (and, indirectly, Mark Gordon) work for Mr. Sunshine
  • Jonathan is empowered to act on the mortal plane, because he's less powerful than the above, but ordered to still only be a Small Steps Hero and work towards helping humans choose to make themselves better.

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