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Itachi will live
  • Or at least, survived long enough for Sasuke to learn the truth.

There will be major character(s) death outside of canon
  • As a result of Shikako's meddling. So far, Haku and Zabuza lived, but Karin died instead. Shikako might try to avoid some deaths she knows in canon, but she cannot avoid things she can't foreseen (and probably caused by herself).
    • Seems reasonable. A better question is who? We'll need to smack up some more WMG's for this.
    • As of Chapter 130: It's finally happened. Aoba died to the machinations of the Jashin Cult. The Jashin Cult, for its part, was nuked by Shikako shortly after.
    • And as of Chapter 134, war is breaking out, so Aoba's death likely won't be the last.

The trick kunai will be a Chekhov's Gun
  • Shikako's gift to Shikamaru seemed convenient enough to fake death or injury.

Baby Nara will be another reincarnation!!
  • C'mon, everyone's thinking it.

Baby Nara will die
  • It will be emotional enough for the characters and served as Character Development, plus it won't contradict canon in any way. Bonus points if it is caused by a stillbirth.

Gaara talks about Shikako constantly
  • Just look at the anime, he talks about Naruto, thinks about Naruto, quotes Naruto every time he gets screen time... Which is awkward, because Naruto is sort of a dumbass... But here, Shikako made at least as big an impact as Naruto did, and quoting her is less embarrassing. So... that explains why the sand team behaved as they did during the second chunin exam, right? Gaara was trying to keep her out of action because he reveres her as a walking fountain of wisdom like Naruto.

Suigetsu is going to steal Shikako's lightsaber
  • Or at least try. Since the Kubikiribocho isn't easily available, he's going to need a sword. Shikako will be pissed.

Shikako's shadow will become another Black Zetsu
  • If she keeps splitting it off from herself, eventually it'll grow independent and start calling her "mommy".
    • Not a bad idea. After all we never got to know how Black Zetsu happened. He could very well be some form of proto Shadow Jutsu. He definitely showed similar property's comparable to the Kagemane and Shadow stitching Jutsus.

Shikako will be on the Commando Unit, in the 4th war
  • Her varied skillset, sealing skills, and combat experience could well place her on this squad.
  • This also happens to be the squad that encounters fellow Art is an explosion worshiper Dedara, his S rank partner Sasori, and Keki Genki Shinobi.

Shikako will not join ANBU until after the Mist exams
  • As discussed here Tsunade has final say on whether a ninja joins ANBU or not and, due to Shikako's recent trauma, will decline her request to join ANBU, until she's had time to heal from that trauma.
    • Jossed as of side stories chapter 22, and main story chapter 136

If the Five Kage Summit somehow still happens, Danzo's plan will work.
  • After all, Ao discovered his use of Shisui's eye through the stolen Byakugan, and it would be a faux pas to bring someone with a stolen bloodline near an ally tied to that bloodline. Zabuza might be Mei's other bodyguard along with Chojuro.