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Xenoverse 2 will have all of Freeza's forms playable
Since they are bring in new characters it makes sense to give Older characters all their forms.
  • Jossed. only first, final, and gold are playable.

We will see all of King Cold's and Cooler's forms.
They have not shown them so now would be a good time to show them.
  • Confirmed and Jossed. Cooler has all his forms (First, Final, and Metal), but King Cold doesn't appear in Xenoverse 2

Dragon Ball characters will be in Dragon Ball Xenoverse.
You can change the timeline so it makes for Dragon Ball characters to be in the game so we can change the Dragon Ball timeline.
  • Jossed. There will be no Dragon Ball characters or events in the game since they can't fly.
  • Chi-Chi and Bulma will still be in the game but as Non Player Characters like the Elder Kai.
    • Bulma has been confirmed to appear as a NPC who will help you.

Cooler will try to kill Goku before he can reach Earth.
In Cooler's Revenge, Cooler sees the infant Goku's space pod fleeing the destruction of Planet Vegeta, but lets him escape to earth. The Time Breakers will manipulate Cooler into pursuing the space pod.
  • Jossed. Towa brings Cooler during Goku's fight with Freeza, meaning he didn't have as much free will as Turles and Slug.

Beerus is already aware of the timeline being tampered with
Since Xenoverse has already put Beerus through this situation, and the fact he can resist being controlled, it's possible that when his saga comes, he will already know everything that's going on. Any fight that occurs will be him pretending as if this is happening for the first time, only for him to explain everything once everything is back to normal. As he had the highest level of awareness in the first game, he might be the same in the sequel.

You'll be able to fight your old CaC.
And when they lose, they transform into the new forms added in Xenoverse 2.
  • Confirmed, but they ended up being mind-controlled by Towa.

There will be lock on capabilities.
What I mean by that is, players who buy XV2 for the same platform as they have for XV1 will be able to transfer their original character(s) to XV2, maybe into a second slot. Assuming extra character slots are locked until you beat the story mode, this would imply that you can't do so until then. For those who don't understand what I mean by "lock on", I mean a similar thing done by Sonic 4 Episodes 1 & 2 on one console gave you Episode Metal, for example.

There will be a Super Saiyan God Gogeta.
If this is done, it will likely be locked behind the same requirements as Super Saiyan 4 Goku in the first game (100% both Story and Parallel Quests, then wish on the Dragon Balls for a new character 4 times).
  • Sadly jossed.

The Time Patrol of Universe 6 will appear, if briefly
Reflecting the less chummy nature between the Universe 6 Kais and mortals compared to those of Universe 7, this time patrol will be more ordered and strictly run. Chronoa/Supreme Kai of Time will not be too fond of her U6 counterpart.
  • Jossed. Your time patroller joins Universe 7 during the Tournament of Destroyers, but Champa and neither Vados ever find about your nature.

The Time Breakers will target Gine, Bardock, Gohan, Roshi, King Kai, and Goku's other mentors.
They will try to kill Bardock and Gine before Goku is born, to stop Goku being a threat to them. If that doesn't work they will try to kill Gohan before he can raise Goku. If that won't work either they will try to kill Goku's mentors before they can train him.
  • Jossed.

One of the fights will be against King Piccolo, his children including Piccolo Jr
Piccolo Jr before his Heel–Face Turn will be brought to the past to help his father King Piccolo.
  • Jossed.

Kid Buu and Janemba are going to team up or will otherwise wreak havoc alongside each other.
  • Jossed. Janemba joins Broly, as the two are quite the beasts by themselves.

Cooler will teach you his version of Supernova attack and his Nova Chariot move.
Cooler's Supernova attack will be stronger and faster, however it takes much more Ki than Freiza's and you have to be at a high level to learn it. His Nova Chariot will allow to dodge Ki beams aimed at you but not other Ki attacks to prevent it become to great a move.
  • Confirmed.

Movie Cooler will encounter his canon verse self
We find differences between the Universes where the Movie verse had Goku killing Frieza on Namek, while the canon verse when Cooler finding out both Frieza and their father being killed on Earth and the Canon Cooler not knowing about Future Trunks believed it was Goku who did it and realise anyone who was strong enough to kill both Frieza and King Cold was not worth challenging. So he took the pragmatic decision to leave the Sayian alone and used the power vacuum to annex the territories that were once owned by his brother which is why we don't see him in the series.
  • Jossed. Cooler is implied to exist in the canon (?) version of Xenoverse, but this one is from an alternate universe.

Bardock will meet Goku's family.
In one of the cutsences Goku will introduce Bardock and Gine (if she is in Xenoverse 2) to his family members Gohan, Chi-Chi, Goten, Videl, Pan, Hercule/Mr Satan/Mark, and mention the Ox King and Grandpa Gohan.
  • Jossed. Bardock doesn't meet Goku either due to his Masked Saiyan influence.

Gine and Tarble will be in Xenoverse 2 but as NPC's.
Unlike the rest of the Sayians Gine and Tarble do not like to fight, so they will help you as NPC's, like Bulma.
  • Jossed.

One of the DLC's would give Saiyans the ability to go LSSJ
Because come on, how cool would it be to be able to fight like Broly for once?
  • Jossed.

Future Gohan will be a big deal.
Future Gohan, specifically his death, is a massive part of Future Trunks back story, and he features heavily in the promotional material, and getting his own character slot. This troper believes he'll join the Time Patrol alongside his pupil. Besides... He's Future Gohan.
  • Sorta. He is made a big deal in story mode, and Trunks will save him, but is mostly just a mentor.

New Characters Including...
Makyouka Demigra, Time Patrol Goku, Gohan, Goten, and Vegeta, Past Timeline Chronoa (Supreme Kai of Time), and Baby Hatchiyack appearing in the story, after their introduction in Dragon Ball Heroes. Time Patrol Vegeta will likely be controlled via a mask like Bardock was before joining.
  • Jossed. Would have been cool to see Baby Hatchyjack, but Baby himself is Out of Focus (just a boss fight in golden Oozaru form).

DLC will include more GT, Super, Movie and OVA characters...
Including, but not limited to: Chilled, Baby Vegeta (non ape form), Champa, Oceanus Shenron, Tarble, Avo, Cado, Aka, Cooler's Armored Squadron, Bojack, Hirudegarn, General Rilldo, and Pikkon.
  • Jossed in almost everyone sans Champa and Bojack. Amusingly, they choose Tapion over Pikkon.

Gohan's Super Great Saiyaman form will be dlc.
His Ultimate move will be his Super Great Saiyaman beam.

One of the next DLCs involve what happens next on the What-If scenario of Future Gohan surviving...
And the main villain is Black and Zamasu. It'll be interesting to see Future Gohan, Trunks, your character, Goku and Vegeta face these foes. Plus, it's a great chance for not only to see how Vegeta is proud of Future Trunks, but to see how Goku himself will be proud of Future Gohan.
  • Partly Jossed, Black and Zamasu are arc villains in their own DLC pack but Future Gohan is still dead long before then.

The fact Future Gohan survives is what's causing the latest distortions.
Xeno Trunks saving Gohan is causing a ripple effect resulting in minor changes in history with potentially devastating consequences, such as Goku failing to remember when the tournament against universe 6 is.

The playable characters from the Tournament of Power for Xenoverse 3 or a future DLC (But most likely 3).
Let's be fair, we want to play as many characters as possible, since is a videogame, and thanks to the Universal Survival Arc introducing many characters, from powerful foes to the common fodder, I will theorize which characters will end up appearing.

  • Universe 2: The three magical girls will appear. Ribrianne is one of the most advertised characters, and she already has an appereance in Heroes. The game will include Kakunza and Rozie too due to balanced gameplay. However, they will be the only ones appearing, though Jimeze the Yardrat has a good possibiity of appearing.
    • Ribrianne will be a mentor and allow you to join the Maidens as their fanboy/fangirl.
    • Thanks to the time rifts from the Demon Realm, is very likely Universe 2 gets either Baby Vegeta or Hatchyjack as villains, due to the actual Universe 2 having tuffles.
  • Universe 3: It will either be Adapted Out, or will make one of its fighters an Adaptational Badass, since none of the fighters have put a good show.
    • Katopesla will be one of the fighters, Maji Kayo will be the second, he will fight like the members of Buu's race. Aniraza and Koichiarator will be a non-playable bosses.
  • Universe 4: Very likely to be Adapted Out, though there is the possibility for Ganos to appear, as he has a named attack. Expect him to be Weak, but Skilled, as a low-tier fighter, and only appear in his base form like Zarbon, Bojack and 13.
    • Thanks to the time rifts from the Demon Realm, is very likely Bojack is chosen as a fighter for this universe, due to him having green skin.
    • Darkori could be a npc who generates illusions of playable characters, like Jiren, Beerus, Cell who you have to fight instead of her.
  • Universe 6: Everyone sans Magetta, Botamo, and Doctor Rota will appear, so 8 (Incluiding Kefla) of the eleven fighters, plus Cabba Super Saiyan 2. Kale will probably have two versions: Normal with controlled Super Saiyan and Berserker, where she will be a Moveset Clone of Broly, meaning 8 playable characters from Universe 6.
    • Cabba, Caulifla and Kale will have some side quest similar to Frieza's and Cooler's, with Caulifla being the leader. Hit is already a mentor.
  • Universe 7: Everyone on the roster is the same sans Roshi. Your character will take his spot. Ultra Instint is his own individual character, and Golden Frieza will get some of his new moves.
  • Universe 9: The Trio de Danger will be the only playable characters as they have a very clear moveset, and already appear in Heroes, thought Hop could be teased like Jimizu due to having a standard moveset.
    • The Trio will be mentors, and allow you to become the fourth unnoficial member.
  • Universe 10: Very likely to get Adapted Out, as none of their fighters were interesting enough. Obuni could end up appearing, and maybe Lilibeu could receive some Composite Character and Adaptational Badass status, thanks to her having some standard moveset.
    • Or history will be changed so Zamasu is one of the ten fighters from Universe 10.
      • I guess Zen'Oh will allow it becaue he thinks is cool, so Goku Black will end up appearing too thanks to the "evil influence" in the U6 and Future Trunks sagas messing up with the timelines.
  • Universe 11: Jiren, Toppo, and Dyspo will appear without a thought. Kahseral and Cocotte could end up appearing too thanks to their standard fighting style. All of them will have banter with the Ginyu Force.
    • Toppo will allow you to join the Pride Troopers and be your mentor. He will be angry if you work with Goku, Ginyu or Frieza, but will react positively if you are being mentored by Beerus or The Great Saiyaman.

There you go, around 20 new characters for the sequel. Storywise, The Trio de Danger, Kale and Ganos will gain a supervillain mode.

Playable Races for future DLC or sequels
  • Shinjins / Kais: For how they fit in the story, they'll be apprentices of their universe's Supreme Kai.
  • Androids / Cyborgs: How they'll exist is that Bulma used the blueprints for Androids 16, 17, and 18 to create protectors for Earth. However, unlike with 17 and 18, the people used to make Cyborgs volunteered.
  • Bio-Androids / Cell Race: Much like with the Androids above, Bulma will have tried to recreate Dr. Gero's results, but unlike the real Cell, he won't have Freeza's malevolence. Alternatively, they will be the offspring of Mentor Cell. The player can select a group of characters for his DNA for him to inherit.
  • Tuffles / Tsufuru-jin.
    • Very unlikely given they are extinct except for one being in Universe 2.

One of the changes in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3 will change the events of the Bio-Broly movie.
The change will be that Broly will resurrected properly in this time line instead of being brought back as Bio-Broly.

Tournament of Power will have a changed of rules.
In the game someone will change the rules so everyone can fly in battle, so the gameplay is like the rest of the game. They will make the Zenos think it will fun if everyone can fly.

DLC 7, featuring Baby Vegeta as a playable character, will introduce at least one new PQ in which he teams up with Goku Black.
After all, both are characters known for their Fantastic Racism who pulled a Grand Theft Me on the main characters.

  • Jossed. There is no quest of this nature to be found in the dlc pack, none even involve Black.

DLC 8, featuring new Broly as a playable character, will introduce at least one new PQ in which he teams up with old Broly.
Or alternatively, a PQ in which you help him fight against old Broly!

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