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Resurrection F will be patched in later, or added as DLC
For how soon the movie is going to come out, and the fact that Xenoverse is a much more modern game open to DLC and patching, it makes sense to add this in somehow!
  • Agreed. This troper felt that since DLC is confirmed for Xenoverse, we can count on additional content come the release of Resurrection 'F'.

Towa and Mira messing with the timeline will lead to events from GT
I found it strange that even though this game seems to focus on Z canon, there is still a small handful of characters from GT. I think that one of the goals that Towa and Mira will accomplish is to use negative energy they gather from turning the characters evil to summon Omega Shenron, who will most likely be the final boss or at the every least a Bonus Boss.
  • Averted—the Time Breakers' goals revolve around Demigra, the GT characters were added in for fans who missed having them in games, and they are unlocked through gathering the Dragon Balls and using a wish to unlock them, except for SSJ4 Goku, who you need to beat all the parallel quests for. Furthermore, GT is established in DLC story chapters as an Alternate Timeline that Demigra's wormholes start messing with.

Demigra will not be the Final Boss
I honestly think, especially with how little they have shown of him so far, Demigra will not be the final boss of the game, and even after he is defeated, Towa and Mira will still be around and continue a last ditch effort to mess up the timeline.

Near the end of the game, the player will have to fight a Time Breaker-possessed Goku!
If Piccolo, Vegeta, and Gohan can fall under their control, it's a fair bet that they'll possess Earth's greatest warrior as well.
  • Averted, Goku and Beerus are both incorruptible due to their God status—though Beerus is willing to play along at first.

Xenoverse is a prequel to Dragon Ball Online.
Xenoverse 's present time is Age 850. Online takes place in Age 1000. This would also mean that Online 's version of Mira is a rebuilt version of Xenoverse's, as was teased in Xenoverse 's Sequel Hook.

The Time Patrol don't just fix distortions in time.
That's just the job Trunks brought you to Tokitoki City for - they also ensure that alternate timelines from the main ones don't go too awry (see Percel's timeline, where everything went horribly horribly wrong - too horribly for it to have not already ripped time a new one and no way it could end in a 'good enough' way for the timeline to go back to normal). And hey, if the Supreme Kai of Time who allows Trunks's alterations to stick because they were 'for the better' then I don't see why this couldn't be a job for the Time Patrol.
  • Additionally, this is why GT characters can exist despite the apparent Continuity Snarl (as the events of GT are not touched upon in Xenoverse, and Super Saiyan God kind of invalidates the need for Super Saiyan 4), GT just happens in a separate timeline where Beerus didn't try to find a Super Saiyan God.
    • The way it's explained is that, while most people can't alter a timeline, just make a new one, like Trunks originally did, the Time Patrollers can. Problematically, so can the villains, and when you alter a timeline, the scrolls get bigger. If the scrolls end up too big, the universe is destroyed. The more alterations happen, the worse it gets. So, the Time Patrollers try to make things as the same as possible.

There will be a sequel to Xenoverse
Yes we know about Online, but that game still had some unresolved plot threads. The sequel may...
  • be called XenoVerse Infinity
  • Either retell Dragon Ball Online's plot or adapt it
  • Will feature alternate timelines and universes that are meddled with (such as GT, a Mirror Universe, one where Frieza didn't destroy Planet Vegeta)
  • Actually explore the impact the players presence had on those universe (as well as further detailing what hoe the For Want of a Nail aespectsaffected the universe)
    • This troper got the impression that making sure the end result of each event you traveled to stayed the same basically forced time to snap back to the way it had been - while changing the end result would have torn time asunder, naturally - which would explain why nobody seems to remember you.
  • Have the Supreme Kai Of Time as a playable character
  • In an ironic twist (and maybe a Discontinuity Nod), have the Pan from the Xenoverse timeline join the Time Police
  • Involve all the player avatars from Dragon Ball Heroes (likely as Character Customization options)
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  • and include characters from the non-canon movies.
  • Actually be an updated worldwide release of Dragon Ball Online, possibly coinciding with the debut of Dragon Ball Super.
  • Focus on more "What If?" type situations, rather than alterations to the original timeline. Basically, an entire game of "What If?" stories.
  • Include story and scenarios based on the original Dragon Ball.
  • Confirmed!

The main character was created by Shenron.
Think about it, the guy(or girl) hardly speaks, has no backstory whatsoever, and people know so little about him(or her) that they mistake the gender on various occasions. Heck, Trunks doesn't even refer to them by name, at all. While it may just be because making up a good backstory would have costed more money, it does seem like some decent fanfic material.
  • Not likely. Shenron tells you right before the character creation that you were summoned, not created.
  • Jossed by Jaco the Galactic Patrolman. Several times he talks to you as your master, he responds to things you said without you saying them. It's the Pokémon method.

The main character was chosen by Shenron because of his/her ability to learn any attack (s)he sees.
It explains why (s)he seems to be the only character in game who is able to learn attacks just by defeating enemies.
  • Jaco the Galactic Patrolman adds a bit of support to this. He finds out you do that and is a bit bothered by it.

This game was created to (indirectly) "canonize" every DB/Z/GT fanfic in existence as a "thank you" to the fans

"Canonize" in the sense of "this totally happened in an alternate universe somewhere", not "this happened within the 'main' Dragon Ball continuity".

This is, by the way, not that far-fetched a WMG as it sounds on paper, considering that the "Vegita has a long-lost sibling" standard plot of many fanfics became Ascended Fanon in the 2008 OVA.

The catalysts for the split between Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball GT were Future Trunks and Pilaf.

Think about it: in GT, we see Pilaf, Shu, and Mai as old and rather frail. However, Super's manga reveals that they apparently wished to be younger shortly after Trunks' birth and, by extension of Future Trunks' timeline, Goku's death. When Trunks went back in time, he led to the events that resulted in his working for the Supreme Kai of Time later on in his timeline, and the alternate universe he created resulted in GT. There may have been a ripple effect that caused the gang to never find the Dragon Balls in one timeline, resulting in them somehow finding out about the Black Star Dragon Balls (how they managed that is another story entirely), while the other has them find all seven and wish themselves younger.

There is a Time God of Destruction

Though the Supreme kai of time was created before Kais were linked to a God of destruction, it would still make sense that She would have a God Destruction counterpart after all her job is to maintain and balance timelines, similar to the Kais and their universes. So what happens when a timeline goes wrong and get corrupted beyond the point of repair that the Supreme Kai is capable of? It must be destroyed. This would explain why we never see or hear of this god, they only appear to destroy what can not be saved.

  • Probably Jossed: in Super, Future Trunks's timeline is rendered unsalvagable, and it falls to the Omni-King Zeno to wipe it clean (which he does).

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