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The protagonist of Don't Escape 2 is an older version of Cody.
It's implied that the universe of the second game is canon to the Don't Escape multiverse; on the website for Sidereal Plexus, there's a list of worlds to which traveling is forbidden, including a universe suffering from a "worldwide pandemic of an unknown rage virus." Assuming that this pandemic is the cause of Don't Escape 2's Zombie Apocalypse, and that the dream Cody has about zombies chasing him on day 3 is real, then we could reasonably assume that he was experiencing a memory from the eyes of Don't Escape 2's protagonist; himself.

The giant eye you briefly see in Don't Escape 3 is a Shout-Out to Jacksepticeye
The same game also contains a Shout-Out to Markiplier with the pancakes, so why not?
  • Yes, it's possible, but it's not likely. Both because creepy disembodied eyes are common in tropes, and the Markiplier shout-out was likely just because Markiplier had been playing other games in the series at that point.

the protagonists of games 2-4 all have some form of time manipulation
They only have to worry about spending time whenever they're either moving a long distance or doing some strenuous task, beside that, they don't lose a minute of time. How else can you explain it?

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