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Like how Cranky Kong was the original Donkey Kong, The original Mario (or "Jumpman") is Mario's father
  • And Pauline is Mario's Mother
  • And the Pauline from Mario vs Donkey Kong is Mario and Luigi's sister.
  • This theory makes a LOT of sense, and it would explain all of the discrepancies that Donkey Kong has with the rest of the Mario series. You actually see Mario and Luigi as babies in a later game. And it's specifically stated in one of the Donkey Kong Country games that Cranky Kong is the original Donkey Kong that faced Jumpman, and the current Donkey Kong is either his son or grandson (depending on game).
Mario was Brainwashed by a younger King K. Rool in Donkey Kong Jr.
It's possible.

  • If you really think about it, this makes the most sense. The world the game is set in is different, instead of getting help from family, DK's getting help from odd little monkeys, the "Other Kongs" are not related and are actual bosses, DK himself is more aggressive and has more of a Jerkass attitude, especially if you believe the story that say DK's only beating up these bad guys so he can be known as the biggest badass around. Hell, even the iconic Kongo Jungle theme is massively different from its original version.

The enemies of the next Donkey Kong Country Returns game will be aliens.

Pauline was actually Princess Toadstool/Peach in disguise.
Peach fled the Mushroom Kingdom and hid out in Brooklyn as a performer named Pauline to escape Bowser and the Koopas. She and Mario became close friends before she was abducted by Donkey (Cranky) Kong, who was working for Bowser. When Mario saved her from Donkey Kong, she revealed her true identity to him and asked him to come save the Mushroom Kingdom from Bowser. Mario, along with Luigi, followed her there, where Peach was kidnapped by Bowser. The rest is history...

The Donkey Kong of Donkey Kong Country really is Cranky Kong's grandson, and the Donkey Kong of Donkey Kong 64 really is Cranky Kong's son.
The manuals and dialogue in those games seemed to contradict each other on what Donkey's relation to Cranky was... but what if both are correct? The Donkey Kong featured in Donkey Kong 64 is Donkey Kong Jr. all grown up, and also the
Identical Father/Uncle of the Donkey Kong featured in Donkey Kong Country (both SNES and modern series), but is still young and fit enough for adventure.

Is this merely an excuse for Rare and Nintendo being unable to keep their facts straight? Mostly, but it is worth noting that DK64 is the only game where DK walks bipedally, and that while Diddy's popguns and jetpack became his standard moves in Donkey Kong Country Returns DK's coconut shooter and kicking attack are completely absent.

Also DK64 is the only game where Diddy is called DK's nephew, so by extension he must be the DKC Donkey Kong's cousin (it also of course means that he's Cranky Kong's grandson too, which explains the line "Say hello to your old grandpappy Cranky." in DKC2 where Diddy is the main character).

Donkey Kong killed Stanley's mom/grandma
  • While Stanley is taken to the zoo and he sees a gorilla, and the gorilla was aggressively throwing a tantrum until he sees Stanley's mom, the zookeeper tries to calm him down and after that he forgets to lock the cage, and then the gorilla escapes and takes Stanley's mom and went away. Stanley follows the gorilla and it takes him 2 days to find them and when he finally does, he was in for a shock seeing his mom covered in blood and the gorilla eating off her corps. This traumatizes Stanley for the rest of his life. At home while feeling depressed about his mothers death he sees the gorilla in her garden and refused to leave, so to protect himself, Stanley brings his toy gun and attempts to plan to kill the gorilla for his mother, while also protecting her garden.

"Donkey Kong" is a title worn by the Kong clan's chief protector.
  • When the first Donkey Kong grew too old for the title, he gave it up and became Cranky Kong. Eventually our DK will pass on the title and take a new name as well. In all likelyhood, Diddy Kong might be next in line to become Donkey Kong.

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