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Tinker Bell is much more intense and animated in everything that she does after she leaves with Peter Pan because she has more to lose.
In Pixie Hollow, she was around others of her own size, language and culture. When she is with the Lost Boys she is forced to make every emotion more obvious because she is barely there to them. She also becomes more spiteful and jealous because she left everything to be with Peter Pan, and has that much more to lose.
  • The movies do take place before the Peter Pan movies. Tink is shown to have affections for Peter, so that might count as Love Makes You Evil.
    • Actually, Tink was never "in love" with Peter. As Margaret Kerry (the original live-action reference model for the character) has said, "Tinker Bell was never in love with Peter Pan, she was sort of a groupie. Peter would go on his adventures and she would get to go with him, and what she was really worried about with Wendy was that maybe he wouldn’t take her on the adventures anymore, he would take that ugly old girl! So that’s what she was jealous of".
  • Alternately, we can find the explanation with Barrie. In the original book, it's claimed that fairies are so tiny that their body only have room for one emotion at a time. Which is why Tinker Bell becomes almost evil when dealing with Wendy; her jealousy is filling her up completely and temporarily pushing out all other emotions such as compassion or even rationality. She doesn't stop to consider that she may be taking things too far or that her tactic of lying to the Lost Boys is likely to be found out, because she's literally incapable of such thoughts at the time.
  • Now, there's no sign in there movies or books that fairies are following the one-emotion-at-a-time rule, but it could work if we alter the statement a little and say that fairies only have room for one strong emotion at a time. Which does seem to fit Tink in this franchise; when she has a strong feeling she has a tendency to get carried away with it, even if it never becomes as extreme as it did in the Peter Pan movie.
  • There is also the question of why Tinker Bell left Pixie Hollow in the first place since she was obviously happy there. She had many friends and even a boyfriend. Why would she give all that up to live with humans? In a possible Fridge Horror scenario, maybe something terrible happened that destroyed Pixie Hollow and all its residents, including her beloved friends and sister, which she somehow survived. That could account for the reason she clings so jealously to Peter, especially since he’s the only one who can understand her. He is literally all she has left.
    • Actually, the movies are set before but the books are all set after. (The Trouble with Tink and Far From Shore confirm that Tink was half heartbroken, half just done with Peter's crap when she came back home.) But there was an offscreen disaster in Pixie Hollow that destroyed the original Pixie Dust Tree, and the survivors lived thanks to Mother Dove, who became a fixture of their society from there on when they grew the new Home Tree. So, though Tink's friends all (mostly) lived, you're still on the right track!
      • It's also important to note that, by the time the events of the books happen, we never see any of the Winter fairies anywhere- or others like the Ministers, Nyx, Zarina, etc. Tink also is more antisocial, working alone instead of with the others, and rarely interacts with characters like Silvermist, Fawn, Iridessa and Rosetta, who all seem to have separate friend groups. So even though some of her friends survived, assuming this is canon, her sister Periwinkle and several other friends like Zarina did not- and the ones that did changed completely. Vidia reverted back to her previous Jerkass personality, and though the rest of the fairies are amicable, only Rosetta and Fawn seem to still have a close friendship- everyone else seems more like acquaintances. So at this point, Tinker Bell's social circle is split apart, her sister is (presumably) dead, and there's a sudden decrease in Pixie dust availability- which would be a perfect reason for her to leave.
    • The books seem to be more AU than sequels, especially since one of them, Tink, North of Never Land, eventually became Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure. Also, in The Pirate Fairy, Zarina had grown an “extra” Pixie Dust Tree, so there still wouldn’t be a need for Mother Dove if the original one was destroyed.

Queen Clarion and the Minister of Spring are having an affair.
Hence he tries hard to impress her and is so nervous around her.
  • Sounds more like a crush than an affair...
    • Seconded.
  • Well, the Secret of Wings' Trailers have now heavily implied Queen Clarion actually has something going on with the Ice Lord
    • Confirmed! In the movie Queen Clarion states that two fairies that lived on opposite sides of the border between Summer and Winter fell in love, but one broke a wing. This prompted Clarion to enact the law that no fairy from opposing sides of the border is allowed on the opposite side. It is revealed that Lord Milori and Queen Clarion are the two fairies that fell in love and had to seperate from each other because of the law.

The Pixie Dust Tree is the heart of the island.
And Peter is the island's protector.

Queen Clarion and the Winter Lord are Tink and Peri's parents.

All fairies are born from baby's laughs, correct? The two babies who's laughs gave life to QC and WL grew up, met and married, assuming a fairy follows the life of the human who gave them life. The baby from the first movie, who gave life to Tink and Peri, is their child. Or at least some sort of descendant since Pixie Hollow seems to have been around for a long time before Tink and Peri. Wings aside, Tink looks a lot like QC and they appear to be quite close for only a queen and a tinker. The same can be said for Peri and WL, though not much of them is seen.

May or may not explain why fairies have genders when they clearly don't reproduce like we do.

  • That's biological sex right there. Not gender.

Fairies almost always look like the owner of the laugh that made them.
I say almost for cases like Tink and Peri, in which the laugh mutated a bit so they wouldn't be identical. Alternatively, Peri's being born in the Winter Woods made her a frost fairy.

The fairy Dr. Griffiths saw when he was a kid was Clarion before she was queen.

The series is set in an Alternate Continuity
That's why the Tinker Bell in Disney Fairies has a different personality from the one in Peter Pan.

The series takes place in the same continuity as Sofia the First and Elena of Avalor.

The series takes place in the same continuity as Jake And The Neverland Pirates

Zarina's alchemy is off-limits to most fairies.
Ironically, Zarina's alchemy faces a bunch of restrictions in order to maintain order in Pixie Hollow. The public isn't allowed to use her talent-changing pixie dust because changing your talent would cause a lot of trouble in trying to adjust to it and would decrease workload, which is important in Pixie Hollow.

The seventh and eighth movies were gonna be about Silvermist and Iridessa.

  • Jossed. The 7th film, titled Tinker Academy was gonna be about Tinker Bell going to the mainland to meet a group called "city tinkers," though it's up in the air for the 8th film.