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Future Disney acquisitions will include.
  • Nintendo
    • Highly unlikely. Besides the tricky logistics of acquiring a Japanese company, there's the bad blood between Nintendo and Disney in general which dates back to the poor reception of the Super Mario Bros. Movie. There's a reason Nintendo went for Universal for its theme park.
    • Jossed. Nintendo appears to have fully thrown its lot in with Universal.
  • Hasbro
    • Definitely possible—in fact, I've been predicting this for a while. Toys are the one sector of the children's entertainment market that Disney doesn't control in-house, and Hasbro (Which manufactures many Disney-related toys) would give them access to that sector.
      • On the other hand, the downfall of Toys 'R Us, continued trade tension with Asia (specifically China) and some legal troubles from shareholders may have affected the value of the company's assets going forward. Plus Disney wasn't very competent on the video game front, so its not clear they'll treat the toy industry any better. Plus their stock price is expensive which would mean having to find more cash and thus take up more debt, which they're already getting from the 21st Century Fox acquisition.
  • Big Idea
    • Plausible, but unlikely. Disney is a pretty liberal company these days (think of how they dropped PewDiePie like a hot potato one he make offensive remarks about Jews), and it would be a pretty shocking swerve for them to suddenly pick up an explicitly Christian company like Big Idea.
      • Jossed as Universal shut down the company's main Nashville studios and have more or less totally integrated it into DreamWorks Animation. Plus Veggietales is effectively a dead franchise with no future cartoons in the pipeline.
  • Fresh TV
  • Nickelodeon
    • Nope. Nickelodeon is firmly part of ViacomCBS, and is one of that company's most valuable assets. And it wouldn't provide Disney with anything they don't already have (i.e. cartoons, movies, characters).
  • Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
    • Jossed. Amazon acquired it in March 2022.
  • Aardman Animations
  • Activision Blizzard
    • Nope. Disney has made it clear it's more comfortable licensing their properties out to other game developers instead of self-publishing their titles again. They're not stupid.
      • Completely jossed now that Microsoft announced their plans to acquire the company.
  • DHX Media
    • Unlikely. There's a big taboo with American companies buying Canadian firms. Plus Disney never respected the DiC library during their brief tenure there.
  • Sony Pictures
  • The Jim Henson Company
    • Very likely. They already own The Muppets so I don't see why they won't bag the main company as well. In fact they were even going to merge at the beginning of The '90s but then canned those plans after Jim Henson's death. Also, with Disney working with TJHC to bring some of their co-productions to Disney+, as well as the series Earth to Ned, it's not hard to imagine that there may be some acquisition talk happening behind the scenes.
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  • Charter Communications
  • Vodafone
  • Cartoon Network
    • Same explanation as Nickelodeon, only with AT&T/WarnerMedia.
    • Warner Bros would NOT allow Disney to get even an inch of Cartoon Network.
  • Capcom
    • Nope. Same reasons why them getting Activision Blizzard would be a no-no.
  • PBS
    • PBS is a nonprofit organization, they wouldn't want to get bought up by any company who would go against its values, especially not one like Disney, who is effectively the exact opposite to PBS.

Disney's first R-rated movie, released under its own name (as opposed to an imprint like Touchstone), as well as its first PG-13 animated movie, will have the word "black" in its title
The first PG-rated movie from Disney was called The Black Hole, in 1979. The first PG-rated animated movie from Disney was called The Black Cauldron. The first PG-13 movie from Disney was titled Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl. Notice a pattern here? It seems to be a Disney tradition, whenever a film becomes the first (either the first overall or the first animated movie) to get a particular rating, for that movie to contain the word "black" in its title. So it follows that when Disney eventually releases a PG-13 animated movie, or releases an R-rate movie under its own name, that movie will have a title containing the word "black."
  • Going along with the idea of Disney creating it's first PG-13 animated movie, it will feature some amount of blood, in the same way the Dark Knight Returns animated movie in terms of blood.
    • The plot would revolve around two rookie superheroes having to save a city after an older superhero is murdered by the city's most major super villains ganging up on him and attacking him all at once.
    • Basically an off-brand Batman if he was murdered by his rogues earlier into his crime-fighting career, and two off-brand Robins had to continue off-brand Batman's legacy at young ages.
  • Going along with the idea of Disney creating it's first R-Rated live-action movie under it's own name, it will feature a blood-soaked Disney logo in the title screen, complete with blood soaked castle and instead of a shooting star flying above the logo, it will be a splash of blood flying above the logo until it splats on the ground.
    • The plot would revolve around a team of heroic knights fighting against templars who blame various innocents for the Black Plague, the templars using torture devices that are just as scary then the Black Plague itself. The knights fight back by freeing as much people as they can, and waging bloody war against the templars. Most of the templars have literal holy magic to use besides their torture devices, yet have (metaphorical) hearts of stone, whereas most of the knights have literal demonic magic yet have (metaphorical) hearts of gold.
    • Think SAW meets Assassin's Creed meets Darksiders.
  • Going along with the idea of Disney creating it's first R-Rated animated movie under it's own name, it will feature the Disney logo except made of flesh, then a nightstick shows up to beat the flesh-made Disney logo to death, reducing the castle part to a wet mess of blood, bone, and meat.
    • The plot will revolve around a group of corrupt cops who have been convicted of their crimes, put in prison, and killed in prison, but they come back as vengeful Revenant Zombies who blame all of New York City for their deaths, and so they start murdering all sorts of people, innocent or guilty, in an attempt to take over the city, thinking that they can control the city better. The city goes into quarantine as the undead corrupt ex-cops recruit various violent criminals into their make-shift "police force". A surviving rookie cop, a surviving veteran cop, and a black-ops soldier who was formerly a criminal but is trying to redeem himself and become a hero have to form a truce with an anti-hero cop and an anti-hero gangster in order to help a group of civilians in order to escape the city.
    • Think an animated version of Maniac Cop with elements of Escape From New York, Training Day, and Die Hard.
  • Maybe it will be THE BLACK DEATH.
  • The chances of Disney releasing a R rated film under their name (especially nowadays) is pretty much non-existent. Disney has a certain image and reputation they want to maintain (that being a family friendly studio) and a R rated film would go against that image greatly and hurt their reputation (there's a reason why they prefer to release adult fare under separate divisions such as Touchstone and Miramax instead of Disney). Even a PG-13 animated film under the Disney name is very unlikely (at least, not something on par with Princess Mononoke).
  • To be fair, Archie Comics used to be exclusively a kid-friendly company, until Afterlife With Archie got made and ever since then Archie Comics makes both kid-friendly and +18 content (+18 is the comic book equivalent of the R-rating), so if Archie Comics can go from “kid-friendly only” to “we can also make bloody and gory content too”, then it’s possible that Disney may someday go that route too.

Once the Disney/Fox merger is finalized in Summer 2019, Anastasia will have a presence in the Disney parks, eventually resulting in a Live-Action Adaptation of the original movie.
Where Anastasia will become a Disney Princess is up for debate, but now that Disney has acquired the rights to the film, it can be incorporated into the parks just as Star Wars and Marvel were. Maybe through such aspects as including "Once Upon a December" at a winter fireworks show, having Anastasia and Dimitri as meet-and-greet characters, and selling merchandise based on the film again. This could culminate in Disney doing a live-action adaptation, including all the songs from the original film. Maybe one or two from the Broadway show if they feel so inclined.
  • Jossed. Anastasia remains firmly separated from Disney.