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The impostor is Zenon's son.
I first started suspecting it when one day I noticed that Zenon and the impostor have the same eyes and skin color, from there I wondered how a fake could be able to summon Zenon's symbol.

I also remembered that part of the reason why Zenon is the way she is, is because EVERYONE betrayed her, so could it be possible that she had a son who she loved but who eventually got power hungry and tried to usurp her? This would explain not only the above, but also other plot holes like why Zenon spared his life when they first fought. (She still loved him) Why she decided to reincarnate into Rozalin (She had crossed the Despair Event Horizon because of it), and the meaning behind their conversation in The Truth: he had discarded his name to take hers, so he was a "nameless fool" now and he wanted to be seen as her father as a rebellion against paternal authority. Her killing him was Zenon deciding that this time, she wasn't going to show her son any mercy.


Rozalin is Going Commando
  • Just look at her reaction in the one-time-only tutorial, and every time she's picked up. That's the look of sheer embarrassment folks. I think there's something more (less?) going on that just being touched by a peasant like Adell.

Adell isn't wearing a tie
Rather, that's a part of his body. If you'll notice, his parents are also wearing ties, despite their shrouded-and-masked appearance and it being incongruous for ALL of them- one would be a coincidence, but all three means there's some other reason. The only reasonable explanation is that their particular species of demon has a large wattle that looks remarkably similar to a tie. He either thinks its a real tie, that all ties are like that, or doesn't know what real humans look like due to Zenon's curse; presumably he figures it out eventually offscreen postgame.
  • Nah, it's a regular tie. If you've read the manga adaptation, you'd see that he's picked up the habit from his father, and the fact that they all wear 'em connects them in some way. Jossed.
  • Overlord Zenon is wearing the exact same tie as Adell's parents (and none of them are wearing the exact same tie as Adell). It's probably a heraldic thing, like the clover seal.
    • Also considering that Adell is seen several times without the tie (post-Etna battle in the manga), I'd say this is Jossed.

Yukimaru's children will be half-human
Since Adell pretty much drove out every demon in Veldime, there's only 2 male demons left in Veldime. Both are out of the question for differrent reasons, so in order to rebuild the clan (the bolstering of numbers part), she's going to have to marry a human. Given her previous flirting with Adell in Episode 7 (when she thought he was human), she isn’t exactly opposed to the idea.
  • Unless she also became human (and why wouldn't she?)
    • Well, the problem with that is that Yukimaru is a full-blooded demon, as she explains that the Snow Clan was already in the world of Veldime long before the Fake Zenon came calling (and as the story points out, those whom are already demons can't be branded with Fake Zenon's Clover Seal). Besides, who's to say that she couldn't begin with recruiting other people to begin bolstering her ranks?

Baal is a time-travelling version of Worst Ending Zenon
Makai Kingdom establishes that Baal is a conglomeration of evil spirits that possesses the strong in order to take physical form. Sounds remarkably like what happens in the worst ending, doesn't it? Bonus points for similarities in Zenon's backstory to Japanese myths involving putting large numbers of venomous creatures in a jar and forcing them to fight in order to concentrate the toxins in the last survivor.

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