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D-stroy will try to win Skrap it's trust.
He will seize D-structs poor treatment as an opportunity to win over Skrap it because even if he's not the smartest tool, he's very useful like when he made D-structs claw tail
  • Jossed: D-Stroy more or less treats Skrap-It the same as D-Structs would and doesn't really seem to do anything special to earn his favor. Although being Skrap-It, he starts to crave D-Stroy's attention too anyway.
D-stroy is secretly plotting to take the crater and everything else D structs has for revenge.
After what happened with the avalanche, D-stroy harboured a great hatred for his younger brother and is only helping him take the crater is so that he could take it and anything else to make D-structs pay
  • Jossed: D-Stroy never makes a move against D-Structs, D-Structs makes a move against D-Stroy.
D-structs will team up with the Trux to take down his brother in the final season.
  • Somewhat confirmed depending on how you want to define it. D-Structs never explicitly fights side by side with the Trux to take down D-Stroy, but he does allow the Trux to take D-Stroy down for him.

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