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This section covers the sequel and side story of Digimon Xros Wars. For WMG regarding the entire franchise, go here. For WMGs specific to another work, go to the following:


Kiriha and Nene, or at least their Digimon, will reappear in this series
Seems a given. As a corollary, if Mervamon appears, she really needs to get an evolution this time.
  • If they do show up, I'm calling Big Damn Heroes. Just cause it'd be epic.
  • They made a cameo appearance in the second episode. So it's possible that they can appear again.
    • Nene cameos again Episode 5. It's seems a bit more likely that she will reappear, not ruling out Kiriha's return though, and personally, I think that maybe she'll have a Double Xros, maybe with a Heel–Face Turn-ed Airu.
    • Recent episode summaries say that our heroes will be visiting Nene in Hong Kong- so we get more than just a cameo! Kiriha fans, don't lose hope yet!
    • ZeigGreymon, MetalGreymon, and the back of Kiriha's head was seen in the episode 14/68 preview.
    • And they become main characters from the third to last episode onwards.

The clock owner is manipulating the three rivals for his own evil purposes, OR he secretly sent them there (at least Ryoma) to capture Digimon to stop a great evil.
It's quite obvious he isn't a regular clock owner. And I just don't think that three middle school kids have what it takes to be the
Big Bad.
  • This isn't a given? Knowing digimon, we haven't even seen the Big Bad yet (won't till the second half of the series, which is episode 25-30+), and the Clockmaker is very likely factored into his plan, perhaps being an Unwitting Pawn. Gumdramon may also be involved somehow, as we know nothing about his past, besides that he knows Shoutmon.
  • Half confirmed and half Jossed. The last episode reveals the Clock Owner as Bagramon, the Big Bad of last season! Who was indeed manipulating the three rivals for his own purposes. His purposes just happened to be saving the world.

The rival characters (and possibly our heroes) will have a new Digivolve gimmick.
Some of those evolutions seem quite random and illogical. The new evolution gimmick for this season? Multiple evolution paths for each Digimon. It's been in the for ages but the idea hasn't been touched in the anime, with the dubious exception of Frontier (whose rules for evolution were pretty far from the norm as-is), and 02 with the Digimentals (which were abandoned after the first arc anyway). Each Digimon will probably have a favored path, but Taiki and co. will have to use the various strengths of their partners' various forms strategically. It would be a good way to introduce a new form of evolution while not outdating the old ones or making the new too ridiculously overpowered.

  • This may make sense. Dracmon to Yasyamon makes very little sense in my mind as Dracmon has an X-antibody and Yasyamon does not. With any luck, we may see Sangloupmon yet! Oh, and alternate armor-digivolving was touched upon in one of those pesky Japan-only CD Dramas, where they mixed up their D-terminals.
  • I don't think the X-Antibody even EXISTS in the Xros Wars world (like levels), so this isn't really a good point. I'm honestly doubting this will happen, even if it does sound awesome, and indeed the new Super Evolutions (Gumdramon excluded) are particularly weird (like, Tailmon-level weird. Cat > Dog > Cat > Angel > Dragon weird).
    • They are pretty weird, but not if one attempts to follow the train of thought, I think. Astamon was obviously picked first, and then Psychemon retroactively because there is some slight resemblance (gaudy humanoids with horns), and Phascomon (a dopey narcoleptic koala bear) is Astamon's "standard" evolution but wouldn't fit the role of being the Lancer's mon. We got Yashamon over Matadormon because Matadormon was already a minor arc villain last year. And Opposumon and Cho-Hakkimon are just the result of them desperately searching for female Digimon - there are hardly any, and the ones that do exist are already used. Annoyingly, Lunamon was an option, but she was featured too heavily last season to bring her into the fold. The easiest female Digimon to find are the armor evolutions for Tailmon, since that gives you 9 or so to pick from. And Cho-Hakkimon is being promoted in the cards (and the first new female Digimon in FOREVER), might as well use it as it's evolution. Of course, none of this would have been a problem if they had invented new Digimon, but they're obviously going for a Digimon Tamers feel and Digimon Tamers was well-known for reusing old and unfeatured Digimon like Marine Angemon and Guardromon as main characters.
      • Actually, there are a lot of unused female Digimon that come to mind, even if some of them aren't as well-known. Witchmon comes to mind (basically a female Wizardmon equivalent), or D'arcmon from the Frontier movie.
      • To be blunt none of that matters in this continuity. We have already seen opposite gender like the father Bastemon the previous King of the lake zone was a male Bastemon.

Digi-Quartz was created as a direct result of Bagramon's assault on both worlds near the end of Xros Wars.
Maybe jossed. Back in Xros Wars, Bugramon threw the gang into a "parallel dimension between the Digital World and the Human World" using Eternal Darkmare. And that matches the description for the Digi Quartz area.
  • Even though it looks nothing like Digi-Quartz. And there could be more than one parallel dimension.
  • Also a possibility- Digi-Quartz as it is now is a result of Bagramon's final attack.
  • Confirmed word for word as of the second to last episode.

Why Damemon now has to evolve into Tsuwamon
In Xros Wars, Damemon could shift between that form and Tsuwamon with ease, all on his own. Now, it seems he has to evolve the same way everyone else does. Why? Well, only one thing for sure changed between seasons- he doesn't have Chuchumon anymore. He probably needed the little rat as a symbiote to help him bypass normal evolution rules, and without him he's stuck with the same limits as everyone else. He and Yuu probably don't mind that much, though.
  • Jossed. He states in episode 5 that he has to evolve now because he came back as Damemon, not Tswumon, losing his ability to transform.

The kid with the Dobermon is a sixth ranger

You can see a kid with a Dobermon in the final shot of the opening. It seems a given that he'll be introduced later down the line.

  • Based on recent episode titles/summaries, we should be seeing him in episode 8
    • Jossed. The boy with Dobermon was a one shot hunter. There's no need for him to be a part of the main team, considering his reasons for hunting, unlike with Kiichi.
    • NOT Jossed. He isn't a consistent part of the team, however that still doesn't mean he can't become Sixth Ranger in time.
    • Well, he was never a consistent part of the team, so Jossed indeed.

Ballistamon will appear, and digivolve into Beetlemon/Blitzmon
They look so similar.
  • Finally, someone else who thinks this way. For him to digivolve though, he needs a partner... Hmm it WOULD be nice if said partner was Akari or Zenjiro, because they are the only characters who went to the Digtal World in the original who DIDN'T end up wielding a Xros Loader. I'd say Zenjiro is more likely, as it would allow for Akari to partner with Cutemon.
  • Actually, he could evolve on his own, but only if it was permanent. Don't forget that evolution also happens as part of a Digimon's normal lifespan.
  • Alternatively, Taiki could count as the partner due to Ballistamon being one of the first Xros Heart members.
  • Would that mean some of the others would hypothetically be able to evolve too? Because a Dorulumon evolution would be pretty rad. Imagine Starmon evolving into SuperStarmon! Or all the X5 or X7 Digimon evolving and then Xrosing!
    • Being an expy of a Tiger, Dorulumon will turn into the giant bird he searched for. This also means Sparrowmon won't get one because legendary Pokémon don't evolve.
      • I always thought Dorulumon became Jagerlowemon.
      • Or DinoTigermon, if not something new entirely.
  • The Xros Wars manga gave Ballistamon, Dorulumon, and Sparrowmon evolved forms: AlturBallistamon, JagerDorulumon, and RaptorSparrowmon

Building off the last theory, Zenjiro and Akari will show up later, with Ballistamon and Cutemon as their respective partners.
Honestly, I am just curious as to what Cutemon would hypothetically digivolve into.
  • Turiemon? Shellmon?
    • I was thinking if Cutemon appeared, he would probably evolve into Rabbitmon. They both have scarves, and similar coloured bodies. Incidently, Turiemon and Rabbitmon wear similar scarves. Alternatively, Cutemon will get a tophat and monocle like his father, or just representing age like shoutmon.
    • Shellmon? No thank you. How about Bucchiemon? Similar concepts, both Fairy Digimon, and they're using the Armor guys quite a bit already this season. Or just as likely, something completely new.
      • Maybe Shellmon could be a Dark Digivolve, while Turiemon or Bucchiemon is the true one.
  • A brief summary for a future episode mentions a Kotemon appearing. Personally, this troper finds that far more fitting for Zenjirou than Ballistamon.
    • Got a point there... however I note the lack of arguement for Cutemon and Akari. Zenjiro really doesn't have any digimon he's specially bonded to thus far, therefore, we just use ann already existing digimon who doesn't have a partner yet. However, IF he gets Ballistamon as a partner, how about Megakabuterimon in the Blue variation?
  • In anycase, Cutemon becoming Akari's partner is jossed, as he decided to go with Yuu.
    • Wait, was that permanent? I thought he gave Cutemon back to Taiki?
      • He did. Cutemon temporarily joined Yuu to get him out of his , which happened when Yuu got Damemon back.
  • While the manga is its own continuity, recent chapters have shown Ballistamon and Dorulumon using Zenjirou and Akari's power to evolve on their own. Oh, and Nene's manga-only sister evolved Sparrowmon as well. They're all completely new designs instead of older Digimon being used.
  • Sort of confirmed. Near the last episode the Clockmaker gave Akari and Zenjirou Xros Loaders so they could fight with Xros Heart. Taiki split his team into three, with Ballistamon/ Revolmon going to Zenjirou and Dorulumon, Cutemon, and the Pawnchessmonz to Akari.

The Watchman is actually the upper half of Clockmon.
Normally Clockmon have a humanoid torso attached to them, besides just the mechanical part this one seems to be. It could just be a simplified redesign, but the Watchman's cane is pretty much the same shape and size as the humanoid part of the normal Clockmon's staff, and it wouldn't be the first season a Digimon disguised themselves as human.
  • Another thing to consider- at the end of the opening, Clockmon is the only Digimon who doesn't show up with their partner. Even that random kid has his Dobermon...
  • Alas, this one is jossed as the Clock Man is revealed as Bagramon at the end of the final episode.

If the rumor about jumping to the universes of other seasons is true
...then the big bad will be ZeedMillenniummon. After all, he's been said to be capable of traveling through space and time, and what better Digimon for all the heroes to fight than that?
  • That I'm positively agreeing with, it would be awesome.
  • Ryo may freak out a bit though. Especially if it means what I think it does for Cyberdramon...
    • Given ZeedMillenniummon already appears in the Xros Wars manga, it would be surprisingly fitting.
  • Ren has a captured Chimarimon/Kimarimon. You can see it for like a second when he shows off all his captured Digimon to Tagiru in one of the early episodes. Technically, all Ren would have to do is do a Xros Evolvution of Mugendramon and Chimarimon. I don't think he would be the same Mellinniummon as the one from Adventure/Tamer continuity though. They would probably leave it ambigious, like Omegamon's appearances.

The Watchman is Taiki from the future.
If this season will really have Time Travel, this is possible. His hair is kinda similar if Taiki had gray hair and a mullet. Even his pants are similar to those Taiki is currently wearing. It would explain why he knows about Digimon and why he has spare Xros Loaders. He might be Taiki from a Bad Future that has come back in order to prevent said future from happening. Because his personality was partially changed by the events he experienced, and to prevent a Time Paradox he has taken on the form of the Watchman.
  • Wait, so are you saying he never once changes pants in all that time? Ewwwwwww.
  • Jossed. At least, seems to be jossed, given who the Watchman turned out to be.

Expanding this guess further:

The Digi Quartz is actually a Bad Future that is resulted by a collision between the human and Digital worlds, or the Digital World "leaking over" to the human world.
This would explain many things: Why is the command to open a portal to Digi Quartz "Time Shift"? Why does the Digi Quartz look like the human world except all wrecked up and covered in moss? Why do Digimon live there?

Sometime in the future there will be a cataclysmic event that will destroy the human world and turn it into the Digi Quartz unless stopped. Most likely it will involve the two worlds colliding together, or Digimon attacking from the Digital World in masses and turning the human world into the wasteland that is Digi Quartz. The plot of this series will revolve around trying to stop the cataclysm from happening. The true Big Bad of this series is the one who is going to cause the collision, probably a Digimon or other digital being who is powerful in warping time and space, which will cause the collision in the first place and also brought the Digi Quartz close to both the human and Digital worlds of the present.

  • Even though it was stated that it is a space between the worlds that has always been there, people can't just leave it at that.
    • We love WMG-ing. Besides, this would explain the destruction and evil digimon. My one argument against is the fact that some humans would probably survive such an event, and Digiquartz seems to only have Digimon. Have to remember though, time is kinda an eternal ball-thingy, so as long human and digital world have been in existence, Digiquartz can be said to have existed by this WMG, as it is a merging between the two worlds.

The Pinocchimon in episode three is the one from Xros Wars under the control of Breakdramon's spirit.

Many have theorized that the Pinocchimon in episode three is a different one from the original since he seems to be acting evil, but what if he were the original Pinocchimon under some kind of control? It seems like he's using a human to create what looks like Breakdramon, so it's possible that the Breakdramon from the first series somehow took control of Pinocchimon, and had him go to the human world/DigiQuartz so they could use a human being's power to revive him.

  • Exactly what this troper thought. Take a look during the episode preview- at first his eyes are covered up, then at the end they're revealed and they're pretty obviously Mind-Control Eyes. If it's not Breakdramon, it's something else, possibly our first recurring baddie of the season.
    • Well... we were partly right?
    • It has yet to be disproven that the Digimon attacking humans aren't being mass mind-controlled or something. So no, not Breakdramon, but judging by the Mind-Control Eyes, definitely something.

All four Journey to the West character expy Digimon will be involved in this season.
Cho*Hakkaimon is the evolved form of Airu's partner, and Tagiru captures a Sagomon in the second episode. This leaves Gokuwmon and Sanzomon. Assuming they end up captured by the Hunters, I'd wager that Yuu ends up with Gokuwmon and either Ryouma or Ren gets Sanzomon.
  • There's also Shakamon, allowing one for each of them (aside from Taiki).
  • Ah, forgot about that one. Well then, there we go. That or, since Shakamon is Mega, it could be a Xros between the other four. Or Ryouma gets it since he's probably the most important of the three rivals.
  • Two new Journey to the West digimon were introduced in the card game: Kinkakumon and Ginkakumon. That makes one for each character, with a six-way xros for Shakamon.
  • We got Sagomon, Cho*Hakkaimon, Sanzomon, and Gokuwmon. Four out of seven ain't bad.

Every important human in both series is meant to represent a Crest.
In the previous series, Omegamon states that Shoutmon's Super Evolution happened due to Akari's Courage and Zenjirou's Friendship, and Deckerdramon is constantly talking about Kiriha's Love. Furthermore, the DigiMemories state that Yuu's yellow Xros Loader has the colour of Hope. This already gives us four out of nine Crests (counting Kindness and not counting Miracles and Fate). As such, we can guess that the other humans are meant to represent the other Crests: Taiki is Knowledge (since he's a genius kid and The Strategist). Alternatively, he is Light (since it's the virtue the other eight orbit around). Alternatively alternatively, he might be Kindness (since he's no doubt a really Nice Guy); Tagiru is Sincerity/Faith, since while he's most certainly an idiot, he's also an incredibly nice guy who has nothing against saying what he thinks, and you can put your faith in him (He's trust-worthy, even if a bit too Hot-Blooded); and Ryouma, Ren and Airu are three of the four Digimentals that only appear in Ryo's second game: Ryouma is Pride, Airu is Desire, and Ren is Tenacity. Alternatively, they are Knowledge, Purity and Kindness (leaving Taiki as Light), if only to have all of the Crests.
  • What about Nene? Also, does this imply there will be a human villain for Darkness? Or some movie-only characters for Miracles and Destiny?
    • I believe Reliability has been forgotten. That would fit Taiki better than Light in my opinion, cuz' he can't turn his back on anyone. Also, Ren as Kindness? Ryouma's the one who actually has acted nice to Taiki and the others thus far.
      • Honestly Taiki seems like a combination of traits of all the crests to me. I think we could come up with a lot of possibilities, but I don't think the characters were designed with any specific crest in mind. And the sub I saw translated Yuu's Xros Loader color as representing "determination," not hope.
  • Reliability = Faith/Sincerity in Japanese, while Sincerity = Purity in Japanese, on this, i put up my theory as: Taiki (Faith [hottokenai]), Ryouma (Knowledge), Airu (Purity), Tagiru (Light), Ren (Kindness [one which he must still develop]), Nene (Fate), Dobermon Guy (Destiny), ot maybe the last two switched up, or one of them as Darkness.

The Watchmaker is trying to train the kids up for something.
The rules for the hunt seem rather odd, but if you look at it as a form of training the kids to make them tougher and getting them to catch strong Digimon, it makes sense that maybe he's aware of some greater force of darkness out there and is trying to get them toughened up so they can fight it. This would certainly explain why he let Taiki join in so easily, despite his past experience.
  • This... could work. It would explain Digiquartz sudden existance, and the Digimon attacks, and, well, just about everything so far. Maybe the 'rules' of digimon hunting will serve a purpose against the Big Bad?
  • I thought of it more as intentionally limiting their abilities so as to force them to think better on their feet and get stronger faster. That process would weed out the weak and enable the strong to become stronger faster. Honestly I came up with this WMG to explain a reason why the Xros Loaders got nerfed, and that's the best I came up with on the evidence we have.
  • Confirmed. He was training the Hunters to hunt Quartzmon, sending the strongest of them alongside the six goggleboys of previous series to get the Brave Snatcher.

Astamon is actually the normal form for Ryouma's partner.
Three episodes in and we haven't seen Psychemon once. However, the other two rival hunters have had their Digimon show up only in their lower-level forms. It'd certainly be an interesting twist- after all, evolution is basically the same as growing older in this series, and (as far as we know) there's no rule saying the kids have to partner up with young Digimon. If Astamon is his natural form, he may just devolve to Psychemon when he expends a lot of power in battle or his size works against him in a given situation.
  • Jossed. Psychemon appeared in episode 5 evolving to Astamon and not the other way around.
  • Not necessarily. Did you even read what I wrote? It doesn't say "Astamon evolves into Psychemon" anywhere in there. If you're going to claim "jossed" on a theory at least make sure you actually know what that theory proposed.
  • And whaddya know, confirmed. "Astamon" was really just a disguised Quartzmon. No wonder he preferred to spend so much time in that form.

If the intro isn't trolling us and the kid with a Dobermon really does show up
...then Dobermon will super-evolve into Cerberumon or Anubismon.
  • He did, Mashimo Hideaki, although his Dobermon hasn't evolved yet.

The kid with a Dobermon is...
...Takato from Tamers. I know this doesn't make much sense, but hear me out. It's been confirmed that old characters are returning right? What if the Digimon Sovereign of the Tamers universe brought him to the Xros Wars universe for some unknown reason? I know he doesn't have Guilmon in the OP or his goggles but he could have heard about the Digimon Hunt and it using it as an excuse to search for Guilmon.
  • Actually, that wasn't confirmed. We're still not sure if that was a mistranslation or not.
    • Oh. I heard from somewhere that this was confirmed in the same interview/article that revealed Nene was an idol and that Kiriha wasn't showing up because he'd already finished his character arc.
      • Nope. Lotsa myths flying aroudn these days.
      • Possibly jossed since the boy is apparently named Mashimo Hideaki, but we'll have to wait to see him.
    • Jossed he is a compleely different character.

Gumdramon will get forms past Arresterdramon
They did this in prior Digimon shows.
  • Not in Xros Wars, though. Anyway, at the moment it seems like they'll be using Xrosed forms in place of higher evolutions.
  • Confirmed, surprisingly. Say hello to Arresterdramon: Superior Mode.

The "mecha-Gumdramon" imaginary digixros in the Imagine Spot will appear as an actual evolution or xros.
It's too cool-looking not to. They will just redesign it slightly to make it less of a Joke Character (changing around the head to make it more fitting for the mecha body, for example). Maybe it will even be Gumdramon's/Arresterdramon's "triple xros" form achieved when all three main hunters use their Xros Loaders to add one of their Digimon to the Xros.
  • Or Gumdramon's next evolution.

Tagiru's captured Digimon represent the Chinese scheme of the classical elements.
Borrowed from a Digimon blog comment, and posting it here because I like it- the Chinese elements are Fire, Water, Wood, Earth, and Metal. At the end of the fourth episode, he has Digimon representing four of those elements: Metal (MetalTyrannomon), Water (Sagomon), Earth (GigaBreakdramon), and Wood (Blossomon). That just leaves a Fire-related Digimon to add to his collection, so I'm guessing that's what his next capture will be. Personally, Volcdramon or (Pile)Volcamon would be really cool.
  • Based on what's been spoiled so far, the next captured digimon is most likely Kotemon, which fits the fire element.
    • On the other hand, there's every chance that it could also go to Yuu (assuming Damemon returns in episode 5 like the previews suggest). Not to mention a ninja Digimon and a samurai-in-training would make a good pair, along with the fact that that Digimon only has a fire attack and is not actually based around the element.
  • Also, Gumdramon/Arresterdramon could arguably qualify as being the fire element of the team.
    • Like mentioned above, Gumdramon only has a fire attack, and he's only used it once at that- Arresterdramon doesn't have one at all.
  • Other possible options- FlaWizardmon, Salamandermon, and pretty much anything evolving via the Courage Digimental.
    • Coming back later to just point out- holy crap, FlaWizardmon's actually going to be in the next episode. Nice call, past self.

The three male leads are intended to represent The Three Faces Of Adam.
Tagiru is Hunter (duh), Yuu is Lord, Taiki is Prophet. Check out the page definitions of the three, they seem appropriate enough.
  • The same could be said of the rival hunters (Even though Airu is a girl.) Airu is the Hunter, Ren is the Lord and Ryouma is the Prophet.

Future Xros Up forms will involve the following
We've seen Arresterdramon Xros Up with MetalTyrannomon and Sagomon so far, so let's muse on what the cast's other digimon will contribute.

For Tagiru and Arresterdramon:

  • Blossomon: Gains combat tentacles, and/or a spiral flower at the end of his tail.
    • Maybe he would turn green so as not to have a ridiculous color scheme?
  • GigaBreakdramon: Gets Breakdramon's shovels on his shoulders, while the tail trident gets replaced with a drill.
For Ren and Yashamon:
  • Kimeramon: Yashamon gains Kimeramon's multiple arms and Garurumon legs, wielding swords in each hand like some sort of demonic samurai Kali statue.
  • Phantomon: Yashamon gets a cloak and his swords are replaced with a hook and sickle kusarigama. Or he just wields Phantomon's Soul Chopper.
What about Ryouma, now that we know he has a Jagamon?
  • Jagamon Xroses with Psychemon, giving Psychemon tough armor like Jagamon's, and his tail turns into Jagamon's vine as well.

I can't really think of anymore for Ren, but anyone who can think of a cool DigiXros with Nanimon or Plesiomon, you instantly have my respect.

  • Nanimon might work a bit better with Dracmon considering the size; he would probably gain Nanimon's Cool Shades, and maybe the gloves and boots too.
    • Also his muscles would bulk up and he'd start using lots of wrestling moves.
  • Plesiomon, depending on its size, could grant Yashamon some sort of cannon similar to the Dorulu Cannon.
    • Or, completely random idea, it could turn into a motorbike that Yashamon could ride. No real reason for this beyond potential for extreme badassery.
      • That seems a bit off the wall even for this show.
      • Rule of Cool. And perhaps Beelzemon could show up and jack it for a reference to Tamers to boot.

Speculation on Airu's digimon team.
She prefers cute digimon, right? Well, just speculating, but that could include digimon like Piccolomon/Piximon, Prairiemon, Pucchiemon, Butterflymon, Lunamon (perhaps THE Lunamon, after wandering into DigiQuartz), Yukidarumon, Galgomon, or Turuiemon.
  • Episode 5 shows she has Candlemon. Not that that rules out any of the others, though.
  • This troper thinks something like Plotmon, Tailmon, Black Tailmon, and Mikemon are likely. Also, Patamon and Tsukaimon.
    • And also Terriermon, Kumamon, Cutemon (not THE Cutemon, though), Lalamon and Tsuchidarumon
      • No ones mentioned Calumon yet?
  • Can we start an Ugly Cute list now that we know she has a Parasimon?

Most of the Digimon that have been hunted so far were under the effects of Mind Control.
We already pretty much know this is what happened with Pinocchimon, even if we don't know who caused it. This is also why none of the new digimon except for the partners seem to have recognized Shoutmon.
  • Also, digimon that have been successfully hunted are freed from the mind control, which is why Sagomon actually said something intelligible when he was used as Xrossed with Arresterdramon in episode 4. In his debut episode he just screamed like, well, a monster.
  • This troper wonders if it's not exactly mind control- personally, I think someone has tampered with the various Digimons' data causing them to become more aggressive and, in most cases, mindless.
  • I could be wrong, but didn't Shoutmon say that digimon were disappearing from the digital world in episode 2? Seems like someone/thing is taking digimon, making them go feral, and dumping them in the Digi Quartz.

Sagomon considers himself in debt to Tagiru and Gumdramon
Based off of one line from episode 4, I think he's actually an intelligent creature who was just being mind controlled when he first showed up and was feeding on teenage angst. Tagiru and Gumdramon freed him from that mind control (Taiki/Shoutmon did too, but they didn't capture him), so he now owes them a life debt.

Kotemon will Evolve
We know that Kotemon will be the enemy Digimon in a future episode. Now, every Digimon Tagiru and the rest have fought until now are giant, dangerous as hell things. Kotemon is a Child Digimon who was beaten by Zenjirou with the Rare Star Sword in the previous season. It'd be one underwhelming challenge, don't you think? That's why I think that Kotemon, using Musashi's energy, will Evolve during the battle against Xros Heart, probably into Dinohumon or Musyamon.
  • Evolutions aren't always the most logical in this season, though, so it could potentially evolve into just about anything, though hopefully still with swords. Zanbamon comes to mind.
  • Amd this one was ultimately jossed. Kotemon wasn't even the villain!

This season will contain a reference to the Goldion Hammer.
Gumdramon already has a hammer on his tail. All we need is him to gain a new evolved or Xrosed form that amplifies the Drop the Hammer aspect.

There will be a Xros between Opossumon and Cutemon.
And it'll be a Lethal Joke Character. I can only imagine that the lack of a joke Xros in 59 was a wink and a nudge to the audience saying there'll be one eventually.

In episode 6+, Zenjiro and Akari will appear in some form
They've give Kiriha and Nene cameos through photo, these two need a turn. Besides, episode 6 has a kendo tournament, and a Continuity Nod to the Taiki-Zenjiro kendo match would make sense.
  • Or, if the milestone celebration rumor proves to be true, Iori/Cody could at least make a cameo.
  • Turned out to be jossed. At least the specifics were, Akari's showing up fairly soon.
  • And they now got Xros Loaders and became major characters in the second to last episode! I can't think of any better way to appear.

Unless the Hunter/General chooses otherwise, they will automatically be partnered to the first digimon the meet.
Well, we have yet to recieve proof to the contrary, but Yuu, Tagiru and Taiki were each partnered to the first digimon they met. If there is contrary evidence in any of the other Hunters/Generals, it hasn't been stated/revealed yet.
  • The first Digimon Nene met was DarkKnightmon as well.
  • I think that varies by your definition of 'met'. DarkKnightmon really just dragged her into the Digital World. Sparrowmon was the first Digimon she was on friendly terms with.

Taiki will eventually be put on a bus once the season reaches its second half.
In the last series Akari and Zenjirou suffered this, so they could give more focus for Kiriha and Nene. So, once the rival trio gets a Heel Face Turn it may happen to Taiki. By this point Tagiru and Gumdramon will also take some level in badass, thus ending Taiki's role as his mentor.
  • Unlikely, since interviews have stated Taiki is part of the show in order to appeal to the fans of the first season, so sending him away would be a bad move. Not to mention that he and Shoutmon are hugely popular, and unlike Akari and Zenjirou, they were the main characters.

At the end of the first arc, Cutemon will Digivolve to Pidmon
Mirroring Patamon-Angemon from the first season.
  • Pidmon? I'm looking on Wikia, and quietly shuddering at the idea of a subspecies of the awesome Angemon... wearing PINK. Besides, Pidmon's appeared in both Heaven Zone arc and during Frontier apparently, so I think that we've seen enough of him.

There's a reason Kotemon didn't go berserk like the others
At the end of episode 6, Taiki notes that they learned that not all digimon in Digiquartz go nuts. Kotemon was pretty on the ball the whole time. All the others have been crazy, and even Puppetmon took a while to get his head straight. Tagiru also notes that Gumdramon wasn't berserk either. Now that it's been brought up, there's bound to be a reason for it. It makes me wonder if there's anything Kotemon and Gumdramon had in common that we haven't noticed yet.
  • The only thing I can think of is that they were both equivalent to Child/Rookie level... of course, that doesn't really count in this season, but if whoever or whatever is dumping the Digimon in Digi-Quartz thinks the younger Digimon are too weak, then that might mean they didn't consider them worth brainwashing...
    • OK, I've just watched the subbed version and come back with an alternate theory- the thing that Gumdramon and Kotemon have in common is that they both have pure dreams and goals. Gumdramon wants to become strong enough to surpass the king, and Kotemon lives to teach others the honorable path of the sword. They're both strongly devoted to those dreams, and considering how much this series is based around pursuing one's goals (just look at the theme song!) my guess is that those with strong determination and clear goals aren't capable of being corrupted by whatever influence Digi-Quartz has.

There's a lot more than just six hunters.
OK, yes, there's the obvious Dobermon kid in the opening, but here's what I thought- why would there only be hunters in Japan? If it's a competition, it would make more sense for there to be lots of entrants. And if Digi-Quartz is basically a slightly altered copy of our own world, then it's not too large a leap to assume that there are Digimon everywhere, and hunters for many different regions as well. It'd be the Xros Wars version of the international Digidestined from 02.
  • One of the scenes in the opening, with all the Hunters holding up their Xros Loaders, would seem to support your theory.
  • Besides the main six, we have Hideaki and Kiichi, along with three minor hunters who show up in episode 14. This theory seems to be more and more plausible as time goes on.
  • Then Haruki, Nobori, Ken and Mizuki. I'd say this is pretty much confirmed as hard as it can be.

The kid in the opening's Digimon, Dobermon is actually a pun.
There are quite a few clock related puns in this season. The Young Hunters Leaping Through Time. Digi Quartz. (Quartz Clocks.) Clockmon and the mysterious Watchman. Shouting Time Shift to enter the Digi Quartz. Dobermon is a -watch-dog. Also, I searched wikipedia for the meaning of guard dog and ended up with this computer term. "A watchdog timer ... is a computer hardware or software timer that triggers a system reset or other corrective action if the main program, due to some fault condition... neglects to regularly the watchdog... The intention is to bring the system back from the unresponsive state into normal operation." Maybe this has some importance, that hints to the purpose of the kid and his Dobermon. Perhaps resetting the Digital World to its original state, after whatever happened to cause the Digi Quartz? It could just be a huge coincidence, considering you have to accept that the watchdog pun was intentional.
  • Jossed he appeared in episode 8.

Digimon can reproduce both sexually and asexually.
Proof of digimon producing sexually is Cutemon's family (Though, it could be possible that Cutemon's only adopted him), but Pagumon is proof that digimon can also reproduce Asexually, via budding. Which brings us to the next WMG.

DarkKnightmon wasn't Bagramon's brother. He was his son.
That's where the other half of Bagramon's body went and why DarknessBagramon is Bagramon's 'true form', despite requiring a Xros with DarkKnightmon to access it.

There will be a DigiXros between GigaBreakdramon and Pagumon at some point.
Think about it: GigaBreakdramon is powerful, but lacks a mind to control it. Pagumon is polite and respectful, but lacks any real power. They seem like a good match.

Super Evolutions are based on the Hunter, rather than the Digimon.
Excluding OmegaShoutmon and SiegeGreymon (who both seem to be from a different source than most Super Evolutions), most of the Evolutions we've seen seem pretty random. The reason? The Super Evolved form is dependent on the energy of the human providing the charge, rather than the digimon receiving it.
  • Ryouma appears to be a skilled, calculating leader- but he's oddly slothful. We've seen him pass up potential hunts on several occasions by this point, and he only really seems to jump in after someone else has done most of the work- or he knows he can mop up quickly. Astamon is a digimon related to the Demon Lord of Sloth- representing a lack of action, but definitely capable of getting things done if necessary.
    • The choice of a demon lord-related one may also imply something about Astamon’s true nature...
  • Airu comes off as cute, and tries to give off that sort of demeanor- but on the inside, she's a rather horrible person, both incredibly mean and selfish. She shows no regard for rules, or the feelings of others- and of course, her partner's evolved form is Cho-Hakkaimon, a greedy pig dolled up in a costume to conceal her true nature. But even further on the inside is a beautiful woman stated to be a fallen angel, showing her and her masters’ true inner beauty under their layers of vanity and desire developed and shown later in the series.
  • Ren didn't use any of his own energy to evolve Dracmon at all- instead, he stole that of a kendo willing to use an unfair advantage to win. Due to that, Dracmon's evolved state is Yasyamon, a Kendo fighter using two swords and wearing a mask to conceal his identity. The little doll on his back represents his atrophied skills and confidence, with him being little more than a parasite, a grim reminder that he would be better-off following Airu and her partner on the path to redemption.
  • Yuu's only real desire was to get Damemon back again so he could start over again with his best friend. Consequentially, he's able to evolve Damemon back into his true form as Tuwarmon.
  • Tagiru wants to exceed Taiki. Arresterdramon is a larger, more regal and powerful-looking Gumdramon with a crown motif on his tail- furthermore, one of his attacks invokes Excalibur, implying a connection to King Arthur.

Going by this logic, not only do the Super Evolutions now make sense, but they're actually kinda clever.

  • This still makes a bit of sense with OmegaShoutmon, as he got the energy for his Super Evolution not from Taiki, but from Omegamon's Digimemory through Akari and Zenjirou. Perhaps the OmegaInForce?
    • SiegGreymon does make a little sense as well, seeing as how Dracomon's hope was one of the big factors in his evolution, explaining why he still looks draconian as opposed to the Bishōnen Line most of the Greymon line usually pulls off.
    • Wait, the Geo-ShineGrey evolutions are Bishonen Line-d? I thought it was somewhat logical...
    • It's far more proportioned like a human than its previous forms, so yes.

Shoutmon is wearing a power limiter of some kind.
Given that he's had direct contact with the Code Crown for some time now, it would make sense that he's only gotten more powerful. However, he seems to have actually gotten a bit weaker, especially when he evolves- before, OmegaShoutmon could curbstomp Tactimon or an entire dragon army with little effort; here, he's been forcibly restrained by a run-of-the-mill Blossomon. The most likely explanation for this sudden plummet in his abilities would be some kind of restraint on his powers so that he doesn't accidentally kill every Digimon he hits. In fact, I'd guess the restraint is in the form of the armor he now wears on his chest- it disappears during his Xros with Puppetmon, which is the only time he displays anything near the kind of power he should currently have. Once a strong enough foe shows up, the limiter will probably come off and we'll be treated to the epic ass-kicking we're accustomed to seeing from the Digimon King.


  • Oddly enough, according to his profile, Gumdramon wears a power limiter on his tail. It's actually based on the power limiter from Journey To the West. Not sure how this is related to your WMG, but I felt like it deserved a mention.
    • That'd certainly be an interesting episode, wouldn't it? Gumdramon challenges Shoutmon to a fight, takes off his limiter, then seems to be getting the upper hand til Shoutmon takes his off...

Each of Shoutmon's new accessories is a memento of some of his friends from the original series.
The belt came from Beelzemon (he has plenty to spare), Olegmon crafted the armor, and Apollomon gave him the scarf (it's the same color as Apollomon's mane). No real reason for this, and as for the new earbuds, they probably came straight from the Code Crown itself.

Ryouma is actually a girl named Ryouko.
I got this idea when I was randomly thinking about him, I realized that Ryouma was wearing earrings (not a big hint but still). I wasn't convinced until I watched episode 9, when Tagiru talks to him, he uses the pronoun "watashi", commonly used by girls. I always thought someone like him would use "ore" instead.
  • I always thought the way way Ryouma constantly brushes his hair to the side is very feminine. I kinda hope this is true; it'd be awesome.
  • (OP) I also think that the shape of his body is more emphasized than that of any other male character.
  • Not that this wouldn't be a good twist, but "watashi" is a gender-neutral ("atashi" is feminine pronoun) and polite version (though not as polite as "watakushi") of 'I,' fitting of his polite tone to everyone he talks to.
    • (OP) I know it's gender-neutral, I'm just saying that it's more commonly used by girls than boys. In the Digimon universe, boys normally use "ore" or "boku".
    • Ryouma's also far more laid-back and formally polite than most other Digimon boys.
  • If he's a girl, that's one hell of a manly voice (s)he's got.
    • (OP) He can be doing what voice actors do. And it's not a rule that girls must have a high-pitched voice.
    • The problem with that is that Tetsuya Kakihara's voice, especially in the register he speaks for this role, is too deep to be convincingly imitated by a woman. Most, if not all, woman-as-male voices are relatively high.
  • While the idea would be a good one, this troper thinks that he's just Ambiguously Gay, or as much as anyone in this franchise can be.
  • Can we call this one jossed now?

Tagiru will surpass Taiki by managing to Super Evolve his entire team

Matching Superior Mode is out right off, but super evolving an entire team of digimon would be quite a feat rivaling something like X7. Just to speculate:

  • MetalTyrannomon -> Machinedramon
  • Sagomon -> JumboGamemon
  • Blossomon -> Gryphomon
  • Kotemon -> SlashAngemon
  • Pagumon -> This one's tough. Maybe Cherubimon Virus?
  • Harpymon -> Valkyrimon

Obviously, it has some holes in it, like GigaBreakdramon, but I think it's workable.

  • Makes sense, actually. I'd disagree with some of the evos, though- MetalTyrannomon could become Chaosdramon or something while Kotemon could be anything with a blade- Gaioumon or Zanbamon come to mind, or he could become one of the Royal Knights (it'd certainly fit his honorable character). That's mostly because I don't think they're going to reuse something heavily featured in the last season, though. Blossomon'd probably become something more plant-related as well, and Pagumon could be either Cherubimon form since he's not really evil, per se. I definitely agree that it'd be a great idea, though- after all, there's no rule stated that the other Digimon can't be evolved as well. As for GigaBreakdramon, there's no real need for him to evolve since he's pretty much full-grown as it is- maybe his Xros with Arresterdramon would make up for it?
    • I picked Cherubimon Virus because it fit best with Pagumon's looks and status as a virus type himself, rather than him being hood or evil. As for Blossomon, there aren't really any plant based Ultimate digimon that aren't Rosemon and Lotusmon, and none of them really seem to fit this Blossomon.
    • Good point, though hopefully they'd introduce a new Mega-level plant to fit Blossomon should this happen. So, going along with this theory and the events of the most recent episode, any theories for FlaWizardmon?
      • Skull Meramon perhaps? To avert the fact that practicly every one so far has been a villian? That, and Skull Meramon just looks plain awesome. Alternatively, Chaos Dukemon/Chaos Gallentmon shows up a lot at the end of Fla Wizardmon's lines, so maybe him? ("Chaos Dukemon, Arrestdramon, DIGIXROS" doesn't exactly sound bad...)
      • He's not an Ultimate, but I'd have to suggest Mistymon for FlaWizarmon.
      • Throwing in Barbamon as a guess for Phelesmon, tying in with someone's WMG about Barbamon appearing in this season.

Taiki's (and Kiriha's) Super Evolution is not equivalent to that of everyone else.
Our thesis, before getting into the Wall of Text: OmegaShoutmon and ZekeGreymon are equivalent to Ultimates, with their version of Super Evolution boosting them to that level, but Arresterdramon and Tuwarmon are not, and their version of Super Evolution boosts them instead to the Perfect level. The main reason for this train of thought derives from the evolution sequences - not any details from within them, but the mere fact they're different to begin with; this is supported by quite a bit of evidence, some of which I admittedly may be straining to see.

So far, most of the opponents fought by Arresterdramon and Tuwarmon have been Perfect; GigaBreakdramon is the only one who wasn't (he is of undefined level, but given that the normal Breakdramon is Ultimate, it makes sense Arresterdramon wasn't able to bring him down (Shoutmon doing it makes sense because a) he was Xrossed with Pinocchimon, an Ultimate, and b) he's proving to be a story breaker in and of himself so far).

This is also supported by the very existence of Astamon, Cho*Hakkaimon and Yaksamon. The former two are canonically defined as being of the Perfect level, and while Yaksamon is of the Armor level instead, that's always been rather fluid in its treatment and could be accepted as being Perfect-equivalent here (remember, some sources treat Magnamon as an Ultimate, and he derives from a more powerful Digimental). The form of Super Evolution used to evolve them is obviously identical to that of Tagiru and Yuu.

There's also the fact that extra power sources went into enabling Shoutmon and MetalGreymon to Super Evolve; as discussed by Omegamon, Akari's courage and Zenjiro's friendship went into enabling Shoutmon to evolve, Dracomon's something-or-other played a role in MetalGreymon evolving (probably should rewatch that episode), and we all know how much this franchise treats emotion as a powerful source of evolution. On the other hand, everyone else so far (Tagiru, Yuu, Ryouma, Airu, Ren) has been able to do it without similar assistance; note that Yuu and Damemon in particular picked up on it almost immediately, no drama involved. This carries the implication that greater power, and thus achieving a greater level, goes into Taiki and Kiriha's Super Evolution than it does anyone else.

As for what makes me think OmegaShoutmon and ZekeGreymon are of the Ultimate level? This assumption is based on several factors. The big one is their names - "Omega" is the final letter of its alphabet, traditionally associated with finality and the best/strongest iteration of something, and so ZekeGreymon's association with the letter Z would've been intended to carry the same connotation. Their combat prowess during Xros Wars is also worthy of note here - they proved themselves very capable of standing up to canonically-defined Ultimates and other undefined Digimon likely to also be Ultimates (Tactimon, the Death Generals); compare to the aforementioned inability of Arresterdramon to do anything against GigaBreakdramon, logically likely an Ultimate. Finally, it's the only possible way up for ZekeGreymon, assuming one considers XW!Greymon and XW!MetalGreymon to match their original versions in level (making them Adult and Perfect respectively).

tl;dr This is my way of hoping that effectively reusing Shoutmon's old Super Evolution sequence and not having all the others follow its style is more than Toei simply not caring about internal consistency. The expectation here isn't necessarily that exact level terminology is expected to be used (it'd be nice though), but merely that OmegaShoutmon's level of power is beyond that of Arresterdramon and Tuwarmon to an extent where there is some equivalency to the average power range of the Perfect and Ultimate levels.

I'll shut up now.

  • I don't want to sound mean, but the Xrosverse don't makes use of a level system. The strength of every Digimon just oscillates a lot, Omega Shoutmon may be strong enough to defeat the strongest of the Bagra Army head officers without getting a scratch or mess up and get ensnared by the monster of the week. There's not a power consistence, mainly if you are basing yourself in the long ignored level system.
  • To be fair, this does make a lot of sense, as ZekeGreymon basically evolved from an Ultimate, making him Mega, and OmegaShoutmon was about the same power as him. All the known levels of the hunters' super-evolved mons are Ultimate. Even Yashamon, as Armor tends to be treated as Ultimate-equivalent in various media.

The plot as started and we don't know it
There have already been mass-attacks on humans(see episodes 9 and 11), there is a hint that the rival hunters are working with the Clockmaker, and the heroes are getting targeted. This generally means something; people, or rather, the hunters, maybe less the rivals, are in a heap of potential danger. And that sort of thing generally moves the plot forward. There are hints of plot; theres just so much filler that we don't notice them and/or Chekhov's Gun may be in play.
  • Considering the recent revelation that 68 will feature the return of Mr. Digimon Adventure himself, Taichi Yagami, this may well be true.
  • This troper's theory is that the plot actually kicked off starting with brainwashed Pinocchimon.

The watchmaker is ENIAC
Eniac can travel through dimensions at will, explaining how Taichi shows up and allowing for future crossovers.

Masaru will punch something when he shows up in this show.

It seems like a given.

  • And what if he punches someone?
    • I'd get a mop ready.
  • He won't need to punch anyone. Everybody will be knocked out by the revelation of a human who can fight digimon on his own. Masaru's completely different from anyone who has come before him.
    • Not everyone would be knocked out by that revelation. Taiki Judo-dropped a hangyomon and kicked a ball-and-chain into an Arkadimon's face last season.
    • Episode 14 has Marcus readying his fists. It seems like it's happening.
    • Confirmed. He punched both Venom and BelialVamdemon in the second to last episode, the former so hard to make the three of them domino and fall. And it was awesome.

Kiichi's partner Locomon is a resurrected, reformed version of the GranLocomon from the first season of Xros Wars.
Hey, if MadLeomon could get purified into a normal Leomon, it could've happened with other baddies as well.

Barbamon will make an appearance in this season.
He's the only Demon Lord who hasn't made an appearance in the anime, he's been the villain of at least two , the main villain of the second major manga (Next) and he deserves a slot in an episode!

Tagiru is going to get a different Xros Loader at some point.
The last time two people had digivices of the same color (Digimon Tamers), one of them (Takato) eventually shattered his only to get a replacement with a color change. Possibly the same thing could happen here.
  • Umm, who had the second red D-Arc in Tamers? Jen's was green, Ruki and Ryo's blue (though backwards from each other), Hirokazu's brown, Kenta and Jen's sister's pink (with Kenta having a darker shade, IIRC), Juri's orange, Ai and Makoto's purple, and I'm out of Tamers...Also, they aren't the same colour, Tagiru's is crimson. It's just that it's very hard to see in the anime proper mostly, but Tagiru's is quite a bit darker than Taiki's.
  • Actually, Kazu's was orange and Jeri's yellow, but the point stands. Regardless, it's a common theme in the series to have the digivices get upgraded and become different colors. Either way, it's not a huge stretch to guess that the hunters who make it far in the competition might be rewarded with an upgraded Xros Loader.

All the returning characters are just different versions of themselves.
For example, Takuya would have his own digimon partner EmperorGreymon (KaiserGreymon) instead to spirit evolving to him.
  • Almost certainly jossed, as their cameo in the latest episode shows Takuya is the only leader without an actual Digimon partner, meaning he'll still be spirit evolving.
  • Jossed. They're the originals, brought to the XW-verse by the Watchmaker since he needed six heroes who had saved the world to obtain the Brave Snatcher.

The whole Hunting thing is an Evil Plan.
The future Big Bad who will be revealed to have been behind everything from the start organized the Digimon hunting. He/She took copies of the original Xros Loaders and sent the watch man with the copies to give them to humans and enforced the hunting rules in DigiQuartz. It is possible that the DigiQuartz as a whole is the creation of the villain (being that he/she is most likely extremely powerful) and the hunters catching the Digimon that have wound up in DigiQuartz serves some currently unknown purpose in the plan, possibly to do something like collide the real and Digital Worlds or open a huge time portal or something like that.
  • Huh, so why'd the Watch Man bring the previous digimon leaders into Digiquartz? Wouldn't they be a potential threat? Unless... they're in on it/brainwashed? Anyway, this explains why DigiQuartz looks like a ruined human world, s/he based it on an existing world so as to not waste time/effort creating an original one. Given the above theories, it could potentially be Milleniummon, meaning that there could possibly be more than one set of human/Digital worlds that are in danger. Especially given the appparent crossover.

Takato, out of all of the returning people, will find himself the least likely to be evil.
the others may be turned evil by a big bad showing them images of a destroyed earth and destruction and saying they have to do things... but Takato's been through fighting the D-REAPER. Things don't get much more fucked up than that.

On the other hand, Masaru (I haven't seen his season, but lets put it down to Hot Bloodedness) and Takuya (who's turned into Sasunoomon twice and seen the entire digital world unmade before) are also likely candidates.

  • Wait a second, you're kinda jumping the gun a little. Who says they're evil? However, I reckon Taichi and Daisuke are going to blindly listen to anything Clock Maker says, due to their experience with Gennai telling them that the mysterious old dude is a good guy. Masaru is too Hot-Blooded to listen to anyone really, sort of a Chaotic Neutral, he just wants to beat up enemy Digimon. Takato will probably not want to fight at all initially, but fear of destruction of the human and digital worlds/losing his partner could be used as a motivater from either side. Takuya will probably not want to fight a human opponent unless they are corrupt, proof as seen in Duskmon arc. So it seems that the 'team' is probably going to split up, if this is true.

There will be confusion about levels and terms for digivolution
This one is obvious. The Xros crowd are going to be confused about levels in general outside of Digi Xros, everyone's going to be confused (aside from the obvious) about Takuya's level system, and everyone but Masaru and his Agumon are going to be confused by burst mode. And thats not getting into technichal terms, Chou Shinka has at least three different meanings now (Adventure + 02, Savers, Xros) and thats just the start.
  • Less confusion in the dub, where many of the terms were changed. Warp digivolve/evolve is a big Data Squad/Savers issue, as is matrix evolve in Tamers subs.
  • The evolutionary terms are:
    • Rookie/Child -> Champion/Adult = Normal Digivolution/Evolution, normal Spirit Evolution
    • Champion/Adult -> Ultimate/Perfect = Matrix(Tamers), Super(Adventure/Xros???), Jogress(02), Warp(Savers), Beast Spirit Evolution
    • Rookie/Child -> Mega/Ultimate = Warp(Adventure, Savers), Biomerge(Tamers dub), Matrix(Tamers sub), Fusion Spirit Evolution(yes, this includes Unified Spirit Evolution, however not Susanoomon)
  • Well, Zenjirou did get briefly confused about forms of evolution until Tentomon cleared things up...

If Xros is dubbed, then whoever dubs it will try their best to use original VA's and music for returning characters from other continuities
A guy can dream, can't he?
  • It's good to dream. Just don't argue over it.
  • If that happens we might get the original dub theme from Adventure.
    "Digimon! Digital Monsters! Digimon are the champions!"

The Watch Man is recruiting kids to help save all the The Worlds.
This is to counter the theory that the Watch Man and Digimon Hunting are part of an evil plan. The Watchman is recruiting a lot of children to become Digimon Hunters. He's essentially giving them a motivation and opportunity to catch armies of Digimon. As of the latest episode, we have Cameos by Tai and Masaru. The other 3 protaganists from the earlier series are probably going to return. You don't recruit an army of kids, when you are savvy enough to pull out 5 of the lead characters of previous Digimon seasons if you want an evil plan to succeed. Perhaps, the 5 other tamers will fight Taiki and the others, to help them develop character and learn new ways to evolve. Also, Ryouma is seem talking with the Watch Man. Ryouma is also a friendly rival type character to Tagiru. For example, when he gave Tagiru back Gumdramon when he ran away. He could have easily kept Gumdramon hostage if he was truly evil.
  • All five appeared in the episode.

Kiichi is related to the I like trains kid
They both have an obsessive love of trains, and a train answers them when they call.

Taiki has a heart condition
As a result of Wisemon stopping his heart so they could escape Hell's Field last season. He got diagnosed between seasons and didn't tell anyone so they wouldn't worry.The reasons I have for this include:
  • Taiki collapsing: In the last season, he collapsed after helping the basketball team win a game, and was said to have been tirelessly practicing for days, or helping the residents of Lake Zone soon after nearly drowning. In this season, he collapses after helping the baseball team practice.
  • Double Xros-ing: We never saw him get tired when he and Kiriha Double Xros-ed Shoutmon DX, but we see him tired after he and Yuu Double Xros Shoutmon X4.

Gumdramon will have branched evolutions/gimmicks based on previous series
This includes Armor shinka from Digimon Adventure 02 series, Card Slash augment from Digimon Tamers, Spirit Shinka from Digimon Frontier and have access to Burst Mode fom Digimon Savers. It can already Super Shinka (Digimon Adventure) and Digi-xros (from the previous series).
  • Spirit Evolution is called as such even in the Japanese version, and the Super Evolution of Xros Wars can't count as the same as Adventure's. Nonetheless, this is a pretty interesting theory. It'd make the whole crossover thing stronger for sure...though to be honest, I'd prefer Tagiru not to get that much power.
  • This trope could actually see this working, with the corollary that it only works if he Xroses with one of the Digimon from the given season- so a Xros with Veemon would allow him to Armor evolve, one with Savers Agumon would enable Burst Mode, etc etc. It'd be a good way to show off new forms without the risk of getting godly.

Airu and Ryouma will Heel–Face Turn
Episode 16 made it pretty obvious that Airu will probably switch sides at some point, and Ryouma hasn't really done anything to antagonize our heroes (and even outright helped them in some instances). Ren on the other hand has done too many bad things intentionally to have a convincing redemption leading to...
  • Airu used Parasimon on Locomon, tried to outright steal Cutemon and insulted her main partner. Several times. Episode 16 may have redeemed her, but that is a decent amount of bad things
  • Half-confirmed, half-jossed. Airu makes a Heel–Face Turn, as does Ren. Ryouma is being controlled by the Big Bad.

Ren will side with the series Big Bad
He's made it pretty clear that he's willing to hurt both digimon AND humans to get what he wants so it wouldn't too surprising if he ended up becoming a major human antagonist like Yuu was last season.
  • Give him time, Airu had her episode, he's probably going to get one too.
  • Jossed. Ryouma did, not Ren.

Tagiru will go through some rendition of Break the Haughty
Last season the writers did an amazing job of creating Taiki. A more level headed and strategic protagonist as opposed to the usual hot-blooded protagonist. So why would they do a full reverse this season and create Tagiru, a character that almost comes across as a parody of their own typical hot blooded protagonist. (Steam comes out of his nostrils people!) I could understand it if Taiki had been an unpopular character but people liked Taiki and Shoutmon! Also Tagiru has a ridiculous winning streak. This is what leads me to believe that at some point Tagiru will go through some serious trauma and will be the first main protagonist to have a major and lasting change of personality. This may link to one of the above theories about Tagiru getting a different Xros-loader.
  • A "ridiculous winning streak"? After the first episode, he got stomped whenever he didn't have any help, up until the FlaWizardmon episode.
  • Yes but Tagiru always deals the finishing blow and, with the exception of Superstarmon and Ganemon, he always manages to hunt the digimon. As of this edit he has managed to hunt 11 digimon to Yuu's 1 and Taiki's 0. That's not to mention the ridiculous amounts of screen-time he get's as opposed to the other characters.
  • He's the protagonist, this is hardly a new development in shonen anime. Besides, Taiki's not even interested in the hunt beyond figuring out why Digimon are being snatched from their world, so that's hardly relevant. In fact, he does have Puppetmon (and if you discount him you have to discount Kotemon from Tagiru's side). Yuu isn't much interested in hunting either, after all, he's sort of opposed to treating Digimon as pieces in a game. He likely only got SuperStarmon so he has something to Xros with when he needs it. This all really just comes off as looking for an excuse for Tagiru-bashing...
  • I'm sorry if it came across that way. All I'm saying is that Tagiru get's the majority of the screen time and Digimon is a character based show, therefore, if Tagiru is getting the most screen time then it must mean the writers are planning a major character arc for him. One that I believe will result in a permanent and major change for him and may result in him receiving a new X-loader. That is all I meant and I did not mean to offend. This is, after all, only a WMG.
  • Really, this only has a negative effect on Yuu, who only has Super Starmon and ones he lends off others to Digi Xros. Tagiru is gathering them up rapidly, and Taiki has the entirety of Xros Heart.

Shakamon is the "Big Bad" of the season but isn't really evil
So we've seen Gokuwmon and Sanzomon in the most recent episode, seemingly confirming the presence of the Journey to the West Digimon as major players in this season. Check out the official description of Shakamon:
"Shakamon is the one that has protected the eastern Digital World since ancient times. It is a being replete with love, but it will occasionally impose an ordeal upon the Digital World in order to have it leap forward even further. Those ordeals are also Shakamon's love, and it is said that Shakamon is still waiting for the arrival of the Digimon that will overcome the ordeals."
Need I say more? (as an additional note, Clockmon may or may not be a devolved form of Shakamon keeping an eye on the hunters incognito.)

Dark Knightmon is the true partner of the Clockman
I base this on the fact that his Xros Loaders color scheme and the way he tends to act towards our heroes when they are useful to him, he also knows the full potential of the Xros Loader, which is why the Clockman is able to put restrictions on them.
  • Nope. The man himself, being Bagramon, appears to be unsure as to his brother's status, though this sure as heck explains some of the other things. The restrictions, however, were a result of Quartzmon's power.

Going by the above guess, the Clockman is Bagramon, reincarnated
He acts all shady, his true motives are not known for now and there's the possibility that they are evil, his face has a few passing similarities with Bagramon's face if you know where to look, and they are voiced by the same VA. It can't be a coincidence, right?

When the Xros Wars manga is complete, there will be a Hunters manga
And, complimenting the anime, V-Tamer Taichi and Tsurugi will appear. With maybe a cameo from Kentaro.
  • At least one kid from Digimon D-Cyber wouldn't be unwelcome either, even if it wasn't made in Japan. Doesn't seem likely to happen though, and pretty redundant as well since the manga just added everything anyway.

Based on the above Break the Haughty guess, one of the other Goggle Boys (And/Or Masaru) will be the cause
Basicly, One of them, most likely Masaru or Davis, who are also renowned for hotbloodedness, will see Tagiru acting cocky, and decide to teach him a lesson in battle, which Tagiru accepts due to being overconfident... the only problem for him is that the opponent doesn't hold back in the slightst, which will end up with, using Masaru as the example, Gumdramon facing off in a curbstomp battle against his favour with ShineGreymon Burst Mode.

The resulting battle either humbles Tagiru, or if he keeps acting cocky, maybe have Takato go in, both for a verbal and physical beat down of being overconfident and cocky in your own skills, like he was at certain points in early Tamers.

  • Really? ShineGreymon BM against, at best, one of Arresterdramon's Xros Up forms? That wouldn't be a curbstomp, if they "weren't holding back," that'd outright kill him.
    • Kinda my intention that Tagiru's overconfidentness gets him into a battle that not only will he not win, but likely almost loose Gumdramon in the process... notice I said almost. If Taiki doesn't arrive in time for Omega Shoutmon to deflect the attack (Omega the Fusion helps) or Yuu and Tsuwarmon(Replacement), then either one of the other Goggle Boys (I can see Davis or Tai pointing out that killing him is a bit much). If it would be better for disbelief, then maybe just ShineGreymon with Arresterdramon Xrosed with... say, Dragomon? Also, its partly to be used as a Worf Effect with Tagiru as Worf. Although it does seem kinda cruel now that I look at it.
  • It's more likely that Tagiru will be too focused on capturing digimon rather than the others safety or treating it as a game, as well as being too over-confident. When one of the others almost got hurt because of this (causing one of the Goggle Boys to save them), Masaru or Davis will confront him about it. When he treats it ok cause they caught the digimon, he might try to hit Tagiru, only for the others to break the fight up. Afterwards, they'll meet up and plan for battle. They might plan for either Taiki, Masaru or Davis to battle Tagiru; but Takuya will cut in and convince the others to let him fight. Then the above happens: Tagiru gets utterly curbstomped.
    • It's more likely to be Takuya, cause he's been through the same thing before. It'll also prove that he's not just one of the goggle boys due to his headgear and that the weak can also be strong; cause he seems to be the weakest in this current timeline. He might go a bit too far and almost kill Arresterdramon Xrossed with whomever in the process, but it's probable that he did it to just prove a point (like that the digimon would have been dead if he chose to exert a bit more force.) then he tries to cheer him up by pointing out the good points, only he partially succeeds. It patches up their friendship, but caused him to be too cautious instead. Or something.

All of them (DA 01, DA 02, DF, etc) are now stuck in the digital/human world of digixros and needs to be found and/or saved in order to send them back due to error/problems/ etc.. Or something.
Maybe the watchman made a mistake or the big bad of the next season had done something. Or some other reason. Anyway, they can't go home, so they ended up thrown around the digital/human world and separated. Then one of them finds a digixros member/ get attacked/ whatever, and digixros helps out just in time. Then after recovery, they tell what they know and join the others to search for their missing partners and/or friends, awhile showing/ telling/ whatever their stories from what happened in their own world and how they feel bout it and the others, amongst other weird stuff. They'll also give the digixros people a few lessons, proving why they're the heroes and stuff. They won't go home till every last one is collected, since the energy used to send them back only once, or something. Then they vs the big bad and prove why their the ones capable of saving the digital world. Oh, and they stay in their houses/ digital world/ whatever, and hilarity ensues when they have to explain why/ what/ how their there in order to stay. Or something.
  • this would be totally awesome. If they don't do this, shame on them for wasting a perfectly good plot-arc. Can't wait to see Yamato's and Digimon 02 Takato's reactions to each other...

Takuya will show up early
This one is kinda a no brainer, given the latest episode preview shows the Beast Spirit of Metal appearing, and scans saying that Takuya will become Sasunoomon
  • This is a different series. The Ten Legendary Warriors event doesn't exist here. Remember Lucemon?
    • Arguement seconded, we saw a Mercuremon in the first half of last season, it could be the same guy. On the other hand, it would be cool if Sakkakumon had escaped from Takuya's D-Tector and decided to wreak some havoc.
      • Original editer here, yeah, thats my main reason for wanting it to be the actual Mercuremon. After all, how cool would that be? Maybe just have Sakkakumon defeated, but he runs off, then at the end of the episode, show Takuya kill him and absorb him into the D-Tector/X Loader, showing all 10 element symbols at the same time... I mean, imagine how much awesome foreshadowing it would be. Hmmm....
      • And that just got shot like a clay pidgeon. Not only did Takky fail to show up, Tai and Marcus are showing up next episode. So Takuya might be late...

Related to the above, there will be some forshadowing for each of the Goggles
Perhaps one weak has a Skull Greymon rampaging, and at the end both Tai and Davis look at the battlefield where it happened, mentioning how they've seen Skull Greymon before... or a few Royal Knight Digimon show up (evil, possibly), when suddenly when they're about to win, the Dukemon (Takato in disguise) leaves, causing the balance of power to shift to the hunters... but the fact the Dukemon is Takato isn't revealed until a later episode, when Takato actually shows it off.

Alternatively related to the above, Yuu will obtain Sakkakumon
Lets Look at his hunted digimon so far: A Perfect/Ultimate with a strong defence skill and was rather strong, and a Perfect/Ultimate with a tough skin and rather strong (Super Starmon and Rook Chessmon). What is Sukkakumon? A Beast Spirit (roughly Perfect/Ultimate, roughly) with a powerful defence (reflecting attacks) and a strong attack (again, reflection).
  • Jossed

Alternatively Alternatively, Tagiru willget Sakkakumon
No real reason for this one, bar the fact that Tagiru's been getting all the weird leveled Digimon so far bar Submarimon and Opposomon (Fla Wizardmon and Harpymon are both Armours), and he's also got a habit for getting weird digimon too (Dragomon, Fla Wizardmon again, Giga Breakdramon, Betsumon, the rare Blossomon) and collecting metal themed digimon (Metal Tyrannomon and Giga Breakdramon)
  • Confirmed

The hunter sacrificing Digimon to Quartzmon is Ren not Ryouma.
In episode 22, MetallifeKuwagamon states that a hunter sacrificed him to Quartzmon. The episode heavily hints that it's Ryouma, as he's shown not keeping many digimon and makes some suspicious glances about the episode. But think. Ren has a massive digimon collection... which he's never seen using. Whereas Ryouma has both neglected to hunt digimon and states that he prefers quality over quantity. Ren has shown himself to be willing to make others suffer, and has over 100 digimon. Where have all those digimon gone? Thus, Ryouma is a red herring and Ren is the real culprit.
  • Jossed in episode 24. Ryoma himself admits to being allied with Quartzmon.

The hunter sacrificing digimon to Quartzmon is Kurata, from Savers
Related to this, Quartzmon is an amalgamation of previous Big Bads, under Kurata's command
  • Part 1: Quartzmon is revealed at the end of the latest episodes, yet digimon tradition is to reveal the final enemy in the last two episodes, this one being the first of the last three. Since this is a crossover, with the goggleheads playing a big part in the next episode, we can have a crossover villain, such as Kurata, who was lost between dimensions in Savers, and possibly could have landed in Xros Wars!Earth or the space that became Digi Quartz be revealed at the end of the episode to be responsible for everything.
    • As an added 'bonus', his hunting partner would be Piedmon from Adventure, who was previously banished through the Gate of Destiny, and who knows where that actually went?
  • Part 2: We've already seen it go through the Keramon line, up to Diaboromon, who was the final battle for the Adventure team (as well as its evolution, Armegeddonmon, who was the final battle of the Adventure 02 team.) It also has a D-Reaper like eye on it when it reveals its "true form" of Quartzmon. The next episode preview also shows Vamdemons and a VenomVamdemon, also prominent villains from Adventure/02. Not too hard to stretch that its comprised of all of them, plus Lucemon of Frontier. This ties in with the first point, as Yggdrasil, despite being the final battle of Savers, was not a villain like Kurata. Having Kurata be responsible for Quartzmon's existance would give representation to all five seasons before Xros Wars.
  • Jossed. It was Ryouma after all

Watchmaker will erase the memories of the previous heroes before they're sent home
  • Since Taichi and the others are their 1999 ages and with the appearance of Grani and Ruki's broken heart shirt, most if not all of the previous heroes were plucked before the conclusion of each of their series. In order not to break the space-time continuams of each of their universes, the Watchmaker will erase the memories of the crossover event. Of course, the better alternative will be a memory lock, which would be in place until a few minutes after the conclusion of each finale. That way, no Timey Wimey problems and the heroes get to remember the friends they made in this adventure!
    • Taichi/Yamato can jogress their partners to Omegamon, so they were clearly picked up after the battle with Diablomon, aka the final battle for Adventure 01. Also, Takuya becoming Susannoomon is something that only could have happened during/ after the final battle, same with Takato knowing he could fuse with Grani instead of just riding it. Masaru also rides in on Agumon Burst mode, another evolution only seen during his final battle. THEY were very clearly picked up after the events of their series concluded. Daisuke. . . Ken was still calling him Motomiya during the Belial Vamdemon fight, but in the penultimate Xros Hunters episode, he called out "Daisuke," but that's the only thing that could hint to being after 02's final confrontation. Also, I really doubt Ruki just threw away her old shirt. She could be wearing it for the nostalgia of having to do something with Digimon again.
      • Point taken with some of the series but some of of these evolutions could have happened in the Xros Wars-verse before this Grand Finale, then their memories were erased, and they repeated in their respective series. Sounds convoluted, but...we'll see how the final episode handles this (If it does at all).
      • Pretty clearly, these all take place after the respective finales of each series. It makes sense- you'd want the old heroes to be at their most powerful, yes? This also likely means that the Adventure kids are from before they gave up the crest powers sometime before 02, since we see several of the Mega and Ultimate forms from that season.

This crossover isn't canon to the other universes
Explaining all the seeming timeline problems. The universes the previous protagonists are from are Close-Enough Timeline versions of the original anime universes with minor changes to allow a crossover to occur. So for example in the true/original Digimon Adventure timeline this crossover event didn't happen, but in the continuity of Digimon Xros Wars it did, and Xros Wars shares continuity with a slightly different version of the Adventure timeline.
  • The only real timeline problem is with Adventure, and that's fixed with an easy memory wipe of these events.
    • Actually, it wouldn't really necessitate a memory wipe either. All of the adventure chosen children were teamed up with non-02 characters during the shots we see. The only adventure kids who saw a 02 tamer were Matt and Tai seeing Davis. And both Matt and Tai seem way more confident than they should have been about having Davis be the leader of the group in 02.
      • That's not completely correct; Yamato arrived together with Ken, so if there was no memory wipe, he (and possibly Taichi as well) could go "hey, I saw this guy in the huge teamup working together with Daisuke, maybe he's not so bad after all" in the first half of Zero Two, which would have lead to a completely different approach to the Digimon Kaiser arc. In other words, memory wipe is neccessary to retain the status quo of Zero Two.
      • Tai actually did canonically meet Ken before the events of zero two (in the wonderswan games), so Matt also meeting him shouldn't cause any extra problems. Though relying on plot holes to justify your theory is a bit of cheating, I'll admit.

Ryouma is trying to invoke a Utopia Justifies the Means plot.
Ryouma already stabbed Taiki in the back and admitted he was working with Quartzmon for some time. He's an expy of Neo Saiba, who was trying to do the same thing in V-Tamer with the same method: reformat the world with a super powerful digimon. Two+Two=Four.

Astamon has a second evolution.
Both he and Arresterdramon were holding back when they fought in episode 24, and Astamon has a brief Red Eyes, Take Warning shot in the preview.
  • Jossed, Astamon was just Quartzmons true form in disguise.

Ryouma partnered with the big bad because he was promised he could have his dead parents back.
He mentioned them in the ep before, and since he doesn't seem completely evil something like that would make sense
  • Jossed, Ryouma didn't even know about Astamon and was brainwashed.

Gumdramon is SkullKnightmon's Reincarnation
SkullKnightmon's so short because he's actually a tiny dragon in armor. Shoutmon's aware, and it's why he made Gumdramon his apprentice- both to keep an eye on him, and because he has legitimate potential. This is naturally why Shoutmon didn't want Gumdramon to wander off on his own. Gumdramon doesn't remember his previous life, but he retains his wish to surpass Bagramon; of course, not remembering Bagramon, he's inducted Shoutmon as a kind of surrogate.

Bagramon reincarnated into a human form because he died in the human world.
Normally a Digimon reincarnates into another Digimon (resetting to a Digitama, Baalmon evolving to Beelzebumon etc.) but due to dying in the human world, Bagramon's data was forced to take a humanlike form to "comply" with the "requirements" that the human world sets to beings inside it (Digimon are not naturally supposed to exist in the human world). Clockmon is simply a way for him to access the powers he otherwise couldn't (since he's in the body of a human, and humans need a Digimon partner/Digivice to realize their inner powers in most cases).
  • So... does this mean Tactimon might be out there somewhere as well?

Jeri now has some competition for Takato, which now involves Nene.
This is a Crack Pairing in the works, people; Outside just how much punishment the boy can take, his infectious purity and generally wholesome goodness from Digimon Tamers shines through perfectly if he's willing to Biomerge right in front of her, just like all the other girls he's done it by. The one he got with him is Jeri-who is not a girl I would mess with in terms of those who give her affection on that level- and now his natural charisma and childhood innocence is expanding into other worlds. And clearly, Nene didn't mind too much.

The clock maker was lying and is either a future big bad or working for one.
There are a couple of reasons for this but the most important is the problem of Taiki. The Clock Maker tells us that the reason he didn't want Taiki hunting was basically that he'd be likely to win and he was already a chosen champion. Firstly so what? Unless there is a rule that you can only have one Taiki in the room that shouldn't be a problem anyway. Second and more importantly why didn't the Clock maker go back and snatch Taiki from Digimon Xros wars? He didn't grab TK from Digimon Adventure 2 who would have been a better overall choice simply because of age and experience. He grabed TK from Digimon Adventure, then traveled a few years into that world's future to snag Davis. So he should have done the same thing and gone back and snatched Taiki from Xros Wars. Since he didn't do that it's possible that the entire thing was a lie to get Bagramons arm back into the digital world.
  • We never even saw TK, how do you know it was the Adventure one? We just saw Angemon. And besides, it makes sense to get him from after Adventure, before he gave up his crest powers. He likely only got the one to avoid too much timeline problems, plus it'd be little awkward to meet your past self.
    • OP here. Completely forgot there was a TK in that series and that I couldn't abreviate (Honestly to many people have similar names here.). Tai, partner of Agumon is snatched from the finale of Adventure 1 (or there abouts) insead of just snatching the one who would presumably be still around and with Davis of Adventure 2. So obviously the when is important. Why isn't it important to grab Taiki from Xros Wars for the same reason it was important to grab Tai from Adventure 1?
      • Probably because there was a Taiki there who wasn't more or less powerful than he was at the end of Xros Wars, and that would require even more timeline finagling. It's generally assumed the Adventure crew is from a point between Our War Game and the events of the kids giving up their crest powers, so they could evolve without outside help and also create Omnimon. The stronger they are, the better, and at the ends of their respective series each group of kids is the most powerful, experienced, and bonded as they could be.
      • but they need TK from digimon adventure 02. How else would Iori/ Cody do fusion digivoultion into Shakkoumon?

Young Hunters will have a movie
About Bagramon's return.
  • Or perhaps DarkKnightmon's return, as the old clock shop guy who is, of course, Bagramon himself said he was looking for our favorite evil aristocrat in the real world.

Jokermon is a subspecies of Piedmon.
For cryin' out loud, look at him! He's a got a Phantomon scythe, Piedmon's face, and his disposition.
  • He could be a new canon Ultimate for Piedmon.

The Watch Maker has created a Weirdness Censor
Think about it, in various situations Digimon are ignored in favor of the inconveniences they create or, after revealing themselves, seem perfectly normal. For instance, in Episode 20, even though they've been whisked to a different dimension by a masked boy and a centaur, all they seem to care about is that they're precious cards have been stolen. And when that chef is terrorized by Pagumon, he doesn't even try to call the police or anything, he just allows them to control him. The examples go on and on, but the most reasonable explanation is that the Watch Maker (or whatever he's called) has made it so that any non-Hunter humans have a mental block around the concept of how foreign and bizarre these monsters are.
  • That, or just calling the police to say you were terrorized by a bunny-eared monster who pulled you into another dimension would make you look like a crackpot. Or maybe this is just business as usual in Japan...

The Tamers team actually come from after the end of their series but before Runaway Locomon.
After the first time Takato and Guilmon reached Crimson Mode (against the D-Reaper), the residual energy from Grani actually dissipated and they were unable to go Crimson Mode. Then the watchmaker brought the humans and Digimon back together to fight Quartzmon, and he resurrected Grani from bits of floating data, hence his appearance here. After the fusion against the Myotismon army, Gallantmon was able to permanently keep data from Grani since the steed wasn't dying this time. Quartzmon gets beaten, everyone is sent back to their respective verses, but the humans and Digimon are allowed to stay together in Tamers. Runaway Locomon comes around, Takato and Guilmon can become Crimson Mode on their own thanks to their adventure in Young Hunters.

Bam, continuity error solved.

If Young Hunters ever gets dubbed, Airu's name will be changed to Isla.
Airu's name, which is in Katakana, can be romanized as "Isle", and Digimon dub names tend to sound similar to the originals. Therefore, it would be natural to change her name to Isla (probably pronounced as "Aila" or something) in a possible English dub.

The Watchmaker is Bagramon disguised
Similar to the case with Arukenimon and Mummymon.

The English dub will "pull a Willis" and allude to later events/characters even before they happen/appear.

The Astamon that Quartzmon first absorbed was a reborn, yet incomplete, Belphemon from Digimon Data Squad.
As Astamon is officially Belphemon's Ultimate (Perfect) form in his digivolution line. Also, we never saw what happened to Belphemon's egg in Digimon Data Squad. Chances are, it went to wherever Kurata went.

The others...
Excluding fusion partners (Yamato and Ken) and Juri (who lost her Leomon and Calumon is pretty much useless in combat), we still have Koushiro, Jou, Hirokazu, Kenta, Shaochung, Tomoki, Izumi, Kouichi, Yoshino, and Touma unaccounted for. If they are partnered just like the others shown in silhouettes, this is how I imagine the pairs/trios would be:
  • Jou and Yoshino: both are the oldest of their group, and often play the Only Sane Man and Butt-Monkey roles around them. Both also have two prodigious older siblings from whom they got their inferiority complex. Plus, Lalamon is an Expy of Palmon, which makes their partnership a sort-of reference to when Jou and Mimi leave the group during Dark Masters arc.
  • Kouichi and Touma: both have family issues that was caused by their grandmother and Jerkass father. Touma is a wolf-themed lancer just like Kouichi's twin brother Kouji, and Kouchi used to be held hostage by the Big Bad just like Touma's sister Relena. Both also have experiences with being attacked by Crusadermon/LoadKnightmon during the final arc of their respective series.
  • Koushiro and Izumi: both are named "Izumi", though for Koushiro it's his last name while for Izumi it's her first name. Izumi, being a partial Expy to Mimi, can form a Savvy Guy, Energetic Girl dynamic with Koushiro just like he does with Mimi. Tentomon is also a lightning-elemental insect-type Digimon, a reference to lightning-elemental insect-themed Junpei who has a unrequited crush on Izumi.
  • Hirokazu, Kenta, and Tomoki: Hirokazu and Kenta physically resemble Katsuharu and Teppei, the two bullies who bullied Tomoki. The three of them also had an unhealthy fanboyism around their respective idols, although they learned to be True Companions with them.
  • As for Shaochung...she can join Kouichi and Touma so that Touma can have a "little sister" figure in Relena's place, or join Koushiro and Izumi so that Koushiro can deal with two extremely Genki Girl.

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