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This section covers the spin-off of the Digimon anime, Digimon Universe: Applimonsters. For WMG regarding the entire franchise, go here. For WMGs specific to another work, go to the following:


Digimon are different from Appmon, and will appear later in the series.
  • It specifically states Digimon in the full title, maybe Appmon are a variety of Digimon and other similar types from other worlds will be revealed later in the series
  • Sort of confirmed, what with the Agumon from the game Haru played in the past appearing in episode 45.

Appmon are domesticated Digimon.
And their data are adjusted to help humanity.

There will be a Pokemon Go expy
And it will be a Take That!
  • I'm personally hoping they will have a Pokemon app and it's Appmon is Pikachumon, which is a stylized Pikachu.
    • I think the writers are less than subtle to do that.
  • It will be an Adventure Game Appmon specializing in finding other Appmons.
  • Confirmed in episode 18, though it's less Mons and more of a Treasure Hunt

Leomon will show up in some form...
...and be killed off, continuing the Running Gag of killing one Leomon per continuity.
  • Considering that Appmon is focused on breaking away from the recurring motifs of the wider franchise, this doesn't look all that likely.
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  • If you count Oujamon as a Leomon type then yeah, Leomon dies yet again. He gets better though.

Leviamon will appear.
Leviathan... Leviamon...

Rei and Hackmon (will) mean well.
Mainly because Hackmon is one of the Token Good Teammates in the Royal Knights.

Alternatively, Hackmon will be a Knight Templar.
Their want to do good will ultimately mean to sacrifice things for the greater good. Then will he and Rei will have a Heel–Face Turn after finding a compromise, maybe.
  • According to the Latest episodes Rei is searching for his little brother, and gives the 7-codes appmon chips he has to the others after they help him beat sukasimon

Leviathan wasn't the real villain of the series.
There's an inside job that does the infection.
  • See D-Reaper below.

All Applimon Types are sub-types of Data.
Expect for Virus from Virusmon, which is the equivalent to the Digimon-attribute Virus.
  • Except that Virusmon is a system-type appmon, while Virus is its classification instead.

Haru will appligattai Watchmon and Calendermon to form Timemon
the two are viable materials for timemon, and timemon is the appli gattai partner for Dogatchmon to become Globemon
  • Jossed. Timemon is a standalone appmon.

The access through the Seven Code Appmon can only be obtained by appligattai.
Just having them is not enough.
  • Jossed. Dantemon may be summon by having all the codes on the tablet.

One of the seven codes is Super-Grade.
So it can fuse (via appligattai) with two Standards to form Perfect, then the remaining four Standards fuse into 2 Supers, then 1 Perfect, and finally, 2 Perfects will fusing into 1 God-graded Appmon.
  • Confirmed that there are 2 Super-Grade Appmon (Medicmon and Weatherdramon). However, the seven codes do not become Dantemon by appligattai.

There will be an episode dedicated to mixing and matching Appmon the heroes currently have.
They need to find another Super-Grade to upgrade their Buddy Appmon further.

The villain will be a Digimon!
Or maybe they will make a subtle hint that the Big Bad is a digimon, something along the lines of a Super Prototype appmon, with a different digital code a.k.a. digimon.

There is a Wargreymon-expy Appmon
It is a game app based on hunting dragons, with gameplay like Monster Hunter. It wields a sword that works like a Dramon-killer. Or Ace Killer.

Leviathan is motivated by Envy
Leviathan is associated with the sin of envy in mythology

Hackmon is Hajime
The 2nd opening somewhat indicates this.
  • Jossed—according to Knight, Hajime is an Appmon residing within the L Corp. It's Sleepmon

Knight is Hajime instead

A Brainwashed and Crazy Ken Ichijouji clone and the one that appli-gattaied Cameramon into Snipemon way back when and made it look like Rei was responsible for it.

  • Jossed. Knight's backstory in Episode 41 shows that they are indeed separate characters, and Hajime is transformed into an appmon and resides within the L Corp.

Offmon will learn to control Shutmon's power.
It will have to evolve to Logamon first to control its smaller-scaled power.

Theories about Yuuji

1) Yuuji's mom works for L corp and robotized Yuuji using him as Test Subject/ Manchurian Agent /Unwitting Pawn for years. She has been on the conspiracy all along and may even be Knight's awesomely hammy secretary. Yuuji was also used to identify Rei as the hacker who attacked them as well.

2) The Applidriver Duo is an Evil Counterpart to the others built by L corp using data by of the others which is why Rei was suspicious of it and why it's so fucking ugly.

3) Yuuji will be controlled at the end by Leviathan and forced against Haru and the others.

4) Yuuji's dark secret is unrelated to Leviathan and not even Minerva knows anything about it when she chose him.

5) Yuujin is a robot, an appmon in disguise, Hajime, or any combination of the above.

  • 5), Yuujin really is a robot.

Knight is an Appmon disguised as a human.

Him being presented in the omake isn't a blooper—it's a foreshadowing.

  • Jossed he is a human who was contacted by Leviathan. The next time he was showcased in the omake (it was together with Charismon) Haru lampshaded that he's not an appmon.

The man with the afro is the father of the Katsura siblings

Can you say Chekhov's Gunman? After all, the man simply can't catch a break and has often changed jobs, fitting Rei's description of him being a good-for-nothing (granted, he might have simply said that because of how hurt he and Hajime were by the abandonment).

Sateramon is the Cameramon from the beginning of the first season

Wouldn't be too surprising if that were the case.

Knight suffered from Parental Abandonment

He sometimes comes of as a Psychopathic Manchild and his backstory states that he was studying abroad, away from his family. This might be the reason he believes that Humans Are Flawed to the point of obeying Leviathan and believing that the evil AI would create a better world. Provided his backstory isn't fake.

  • Jossed. His entire family moved abroad and the ones he was away from was his friends. He also have a different Freudian Excuse.

Yuujin is Leviathan's "son"

Basically Yuujin was created by Leviathan and sent off to be raised by Yuujin's mysterious mom. Which is why he simply doesn't kill him like the others. Minerva knows this and is using him as a pawn to kill Leviathan which would also explain why Offmon was sealed away and his berserk mode. He was a final weapon meant to kill Leviathan then Yuujin and take revenge for Den'emon using Shutmon's berserk mode to "accidentally" deal with Yuujin with the other Applidrivers being none the wiser.

  • Semi-confirmed: Yuujin is indeed made by Leviathan, but it isn't known if he really were the Unwitting Pawn of Minerva or not.

Hajime was transformed into the Protectmon Rei used to evolve Hackmon into Raidramon.
All this time, he was under Rei's nose.
  • Jossed—according to Knight, the resultant Appmon is within the L Corp. It's Sleepmon

Hackmon is connected to Leviathan somehow
Hackmon sought out Rei because he's a skilled hacker specifically unlike the other Appmon's who seem to have stumbled into their partners by chance. (except Offmon) Also Hackmon's cloak looks similar to the ones that are worn by those in the deep web. Maybe Hackmon was banished or escaped from the Deep web and there were Appmon who resisted Leviathan's rule. It's just that they were all killed or corrupted and they were the ones sent against the Applidrivers at the start of the series.

Yuujin IS Leviathan
Of specifically, he's the vessel of Leviathan.
  • Sort of confirmed. Leviathan does use Yuujin's body as his new vessel to protect himself from being destroyed.

Leviathan was always Minerva's Unwitting Pawn
Why else give Yuujin an Applidriver Duo and Offmon? The very Appmon needed for Leviathan's master plan to succeed? Leviathan lost control the moment Yuujin became an Applidriver.

Leviathan is D-Reaper
Who else could ruin the internet again if there's no hazardous program striking again? Maybe an AU version of D-Reaper is behind Leviathan.

There will be an Amazon Prime-exclusive prequel
Following the footsteps of Kamen Rider Amazons and Ultraman Orb: The Origin Saga, Applimonsters will have a Bloodier and Gorier Amazon Prime prequel entry aimed exclusively at adults. Darker than Tamers and X-Evolution if you think.

That last scene at the very end didn't actually happen.
You know, the one where Yuujin apparently returns from the dead and greets Haru. The atmosphere around the scene is too dreamy (the basement has never looked that bright) and Haru's reaction to his supposedly dead best friend suddenly appearing is awfully calm and underwhelming. It seems more than plausible that Haru is just daydreaming.

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