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Whatever the Dials dial into is meta-conscious of what is considered a hero.
Villains who used the dial were forced to act heroically as heroes. Now, in Dial H Jent implies some of his "heroes" are monsterous in action/form. Boy Chimney heroically saves Jent's friend, but only holds off killing due to considering it a good thing to do wantonly. The difference between times? Darker and Edgier happened to heroes. Former certain villains being giving more sympathetic views/freudian excuses. Heroes Grim Darking into effectively being near villains themselves. Maybe this is even why the Dial in Dial H is broken/breaking. It is starting to lose the ability to know what is a hero.

The three dial users of the reboot once all is said and done.
Classically speaking there were three dial users. Two males, one female. We have a male and female now. Jent and Manteau. Both have their problems. Jent dislikes himself and is using the the dial as an escape from who he is. Manteau has an Granny Weatherwaxian view on who she is, but due to her age needs the dial to be able to do anything productive. Escape to another person, need to be another person, and then there is the third character in Dial H who exhibits a similar personality trait. The desire/longing to be other people, and he's male thus filling the dial user legacy. To match the darker tones of this series he comes into this from the opposite angle. The Squid. He was roped into his crimes by Abyss and then Ex Nihilio. His motivations were to explore different places, and on Earth he's been stated to love humans so much he mentally switches between different personalities as often as Jent changes physical forms. In other words, Jent/Manteau are humans who become monsters. Squid has the chance to be a monster that becomes human heroes. Unless he gets his wish to return home after this arc there is a good chance he'll become the third dial user once it turns up.

The Omnitrix is an Alternate Universe Hero Dial.

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