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There will be a sidequest involving Eris Morn and raisins.
Possibly as a Festival of the Lost-based quest. Maybe even allowing players that got the Superblack Shader (and thus, the Piece of Celery) during the 2016 event to have a head-start. And the final prize of the sidequest would be... peanut butter.
  • As of now this is Jossed. Eris Morn does not appear in game, and as such no quests relating to her appear either.
    • Though one of the items you can get from Cayde's stashes is "Ascended Celery"....

Following Theory may also double as Fridge Brilliance and Fridge Horror...
The Cabal have Come for the Traveler, they're also more advanced than we are...what are the chances that Ghaul uses advanced Cabal tech to jump start the Traveler and bring it back to "Life"? pretty high, admittedly. If he succeeds by the time the raid rolls around and we succeed in killing Ghaul/the Cabal? a potential new Golden Age, with reverse engineered advanced Cabal Tech/Weapons at the forefront of our Arsenal, meaning we'll be ready for the next attack. If we fail? Well, we're already following in the footsteps of the Fallen...
  • Mostly Jossed. The Traveler does come back to life at the end of the campaign, but not for the reasons you describe.

Cabal presence in the Inner System will lead to an Enemy Mine or Teeth-Clenched Teamwork situation with the Eliksni
Think about it, until House of Wolves the only planet that the Eliksni shied away from was Mars. as of that expansion they are now the only other race besides mankind to have presence on all four planets, Dreadnought notwithstanding. chances are in order to bolster our numbers we broker a trade, some of the Travelers Light and a place in the Last City for reinforcements. Since they don't really have any more Kells, Variks may very well step up as the voice of reason and unite the Fallen under the banner of House Judgement and seek peace with mankind in order to save the Eliksni from extinction, doubly so since Mara Sov is missing and they were the previous agents of the Traveler, which may accept them back into the fold for helping its current agents of Light. Doubles as
Moment of Awesome if it unlocks custom Eliksni playable characters in the character creation menu after completion of the story.
  • Jossed. The Fallen remain hostile, and the only non-hostile interaction between the player and the Fallen is the potential scene wherein you save a Fallen Captain from a Hive Knight
    • As of Forsaken, that fallen captain became a member of a guardian fireteam, and plans to gather other "open-mind Eliksni" to "fight for the Great Machine together".

The ships seen in The Stinger are Savathun's fleet.
At some point, she was able to solidify technology made of the Darkness itself, and now that the Traveler's active she is eager to intercede personally and avenge Oryx herself and kill it in one fell swoop.

By the end of the expansions, the Player Character will become the new Speaker
It's mentioned in the post-game that the first Speaker had a Ghost, and therefore may have been a Guardian at one point. With the spot left vacant after the main campaign, the Player, as one of the strongest and most Traveler-connected Guardians still active and not the leader of any other existing faction, would be the most logical candidate to fill it. Plus, it would be amusingly ironic for the Speaker to be someone known for not saying anything. Alternately, the player could become Suddenly Voiced at the end after becoming Speaker in order to relay something important.

Future expansions will deal with either Savathun or Xivu Arath coming back to resurrect Oryx.

During Taken King,Guardians could find a read a history of the Hive called the Books of Sorrow. One entry discussed how after Oryx killed his sisters Xivu Arath and Savathun so that he could kill his Worm God and gain power directly from the Darkness, he was eventually able to resurrect them by enacting a huge war in Xivu Arath's case, and by convincing his enemies he wished to align with them to backstab Xivu Arath, only to backstab them instead, reviving Savathun through an act of cunning. Since Oryx can be considered the God of Knowledge, perhaps the two Hive Gods will conspire to have Xivu Arath wage such a brutal war against the Last City, the Vanguard will delve deep into Hive knowledge cunningly placed by Savathun until they learn so much Oryx is resurrected.


Cayde really does have cotton socks and they come from Zavala.
I mean... Zavala does crochet.

Emperor Calus will be the host of Destiny 2's Prison of Elders version
.He is, after all, still alive, and the entire Leviathan raid a way of probing the Guardians' strength and entertaining himself. In the future, he'll invite us to a more peaceful area of the Leviathan and set us against gladiators, willing and not, to help train the Guardians and pass the time.

We will be having Darkness-based classes.
Emperor Calus will train us in using the Dark without being consumed by it, like he seems to be doing.
  • Or perhaps Forsaken will feature the Darkness "offering" its help in avenging Cayde-6's death.

Ghaul wanted to be killed by the Guardian.
It seemed like he was really affected by the speakers Devotion-Sacrifice-Death speech. Perhaps, believing he had already covered the devotion part, he interpreted it as needing to sacrifice himself and allow himself to be killed in order to fully attain the Light. And in fact, it did actually kind of work if not for the Traveler waking up and stopping it all together.

Calus is under the control of the Virtuous Worms.
Calus uses the phrase "oh champion mine," in one of his letters, and that wording is, as we all know, the catchphrase of the Worms/Ahamkara. Whether he knows it nor not, he is currently under their control and is merely being used as a tool of the Darkness to strengthen the guardians so that It may ultimately take them as new servants.

Cayde-6 will get his hands on one of Amanda's Tanks.
And it will have an AI voiced by Nolan North. Because after all, in a way it will be Nathan's Drake.
  • Nolan's already busy voicing the Young Wolf's Ghost, so unlikely, unless Cayde needs to, ah, "borrow" him for something.
    • Jossed, unless there's something in Forsaken that immediately precedes Cayde's death.

Eris Morn is in league with Savathun
. If you think about it, Eris never went into detail about how she escaped Crota's Ascendant Realm. Maybe Savathun captured her, and eventually tortured her enough to turn her traitor against the guardians, promising Eris revenge against Crota in return. This is supported by the fact that when Oryx first appears, she has so much knowledge regarding the Taken and how to beat Oryx. Also, a the end of Taken King Eris takes...something from Oryx's sword, claiming it to be for "her queen". And who is Savathun? The Witch-QUEEN of the Hive.
  • It's important to point out that Eris's primary character trait is her hatred of the Hive, and the Taken King already established her as being in league with the Queen of the Awoken.

The Warmind DLC will take place on Mars.
Some new dialogue appeared for the end of the "Arecibo" Adventure on Io, where Ghost spaces out and starts screaming about red sand, Mars, and the ice caps, before snapping out of it without any memory of what just happened. If one remembers the early drafts of Destiny's story, one other Warmind besides Rasptuin was going to be involved: Charlemagne. While ultimately having no bearing on the first game, his presence was hinted at a few times, with Ghost mentioning how the Dust Palace's systems were connected to the Mars Warmind once and that the Warsats on the planet during the Sleeper Simulant quest had the abbreviation "CHLM" in their name. Either Rasputin is telling us to go back to Mars to find Charlemagne for whatever reason, or Charlemagne is desperately calling for help.
  • Mars was the second planet shown in the post-credits cutscene, and we already know the first planet (Mercury) is the setting for Curse of Osiris. That and Cayde's off-hand remark about Mars still being a hotspot of Cabal activity means that this theory is entirely plausible.
    • That the DLC is rumored to be named "Gods of Mars" only adds fuel to this theory.
    • A description that was briefly present on the PlayStation Network seems to confirm this. It states that Charlemagne has imprisoned Rasputin in a vault in a place called "The Frigid Vale of Mars", and the Guardians will be working with Ana Bray to fight Charlemagne and free Rasputin.
      • 50/50 chance that the part about Ana Bray joining and Charlemagne being evil is true. Bungie may have introduced quite the helping of Continuity Snarl, but it usually consisted of trivialization; nothing from Destiny 1's lore has ever been fully contradicted. Reminder: Ana Bray is supposed to be dead, but the FWC implies that she simply went missing and is currently impossible to track or even hear from. Also, there's a possibility Charlemagne is benevolent since his data was used to power Rasputin's IKELOS subroutine, though there's also a chance that, in the event that he is evil, IKELOS may have something to do with why he's getting angry.
      • Ana Bray does join up and acts as Mars' faction rep, but the part about Charlemagne being evil is Jossed: Rasputin is under threat from the Hive, not another Warmind. The lore also suggests that Charlemagne and Joyeuse are subminds of Rasputin, not distinct entities themselves.

The Post-Credits Cutscene and Future Expansions
There are four locations (besides Earth and Dark Space) showcased in the post-credits cutscene: Mercury (with the Almighty next to it), Mars, the Rift, and Saturn. We know Curse of Osiris takes place on Mercury, so it stands to reason that the other three locations could be the settings for three more expansions, possibly in the order shown. The Warmind DLC on Mars in the above WMG would be next on the list, followed by the return of the Awoken and something to do with Savathun taking Oryx's place (and possibly a return to the Dreadnought, which is still in Saturn's orbit). And of course, the unnamed enemy hanging out in Dark Space will be saved for Destiny 3.
  • Warmind does indeed take place on Mars, and the next expansion, Forsaken, will take place in the Rift. That just leaves Saturn before this WMG is confirmed.
  • Datamined content suggests that the next two worlds after the expansions will be an original area called the Myriad, which lies on the outskirts of the Solar System, and Ganymede. Both are stuck in a situation similar to Io and the Myriad has a Lovecraftian monster drifting nearby.
    • The Myriad and Ganymede seem to be early development names for Nessus and Io, respectively. The Leviathan ship in orbit around Nessus could potentially be mistaken for a Lovecraftian monster.

Year 2 will no longer have Flashpoints
After all, who's going to give you the rewards for them?
  • Jossed; the planetary vendors are now in charge of their respective worlds' Flashpoints.

Cayde-7 will replace Cayde-6
Please. Anything enough to keep Cayde alive.
  • Sadly jossed. Rebooting an Exo doesn't bring them back to life. Consoles in the Warmind DLC state that Exos reboot themselves to prevent their human minds from rejecting their robotic bodies and collapsing. It isn't a means of resurrecting them. Besides that, Word of God has confirmed Cayde is gone.

Mara Sov is a Guardian now and will replace Cayde.
Dialogue from Curse of Osiris heavily implies that Mara did not survive the assault on the Dreadnaught. However, just because she died doesn't mean that she can't come back. Recent concept art shows an Awoken Guardian (presumably a Hunter based on their cloak) with features very similar to Mara's, and the player's Guardian having only just been resurrected a few years ago means that there may still be Ghosts out there trying to find partners. If this is the case, it could lend some context as to why Uldren would be willing to go to war with the City.
  • Corroborated, as far as one can with WMG stuff, by this datamined Reddit post on the flavor text and lore entries from the Reverie Dawn warlock raid gear. If this is to be believed, Mara Sov not only survived the events of The Taken King, she's created her own Ascendant Realm similar to Oryx's or Savathun's and will use this to return to our reality.

A corrupted ahamkara will be the final raid boss.
Another theory taken from the above-mentioned Reddit datamine. We've heard of the great hunt that saw the practical extinction of the species, but there were also stories that one or two may have survived and hid away from the hunting parties. If the lore info of the Reverie Dawn gear is correct, one still lives and has possibly been corrupted by the Darkness, put in the Dreaming City to sully it from the inside out. Whether we'll have to kill it or just find some way to purify it remains to be seen.

Year 2 will have a Festival of the Lost
Because the E3 trailer has shown us we're definitely gonna have someone to mourn...
  • Confirmed: The Year 2 road map includes a Festival of the Lost for October.

Future candidates to Replace Cayde
Let's list a bunch of possible candidates.
  • IMO, the frontrunner would likely be Shiro-4. He operates in a similar manner to Cayde, though a bit more within the rules, and he is a well-respected & prominent Hunter.
  • Marcus Ren is outright mentioned by Cayde in his recordings during the Ace of Spades mission as being the most probable Hunter capable of taking him out permanently. The same recording mentioning Marcus also explicitly has Cayde mention Klingon Promotion is in effect for any Hunter who kills him and he gives advice to his successor. Foreshadowing? It would at least let him finally show up.
  • Uldren could take Cayde's place since he mentioned that the Hunter who kills him becomes the new Hunter Vanguard. And this is because Uldren was resurrected as a Guardian.

The Ahamkara are not willing servants of the Darkness
This is going off the same leakfor Forsaken as listed above, but something doesn't quite add up for me. The Ahamkara have always been portrayed as dangerous creatures, servants of the Darkness who corrupt anyone they can to its will. From Mara's description of it, though, Riven seems largely benevolent. Perhaps she just managed to bond with the creature or we're only seeing it from a skewed perspective. But then, why would the Hive go out of their way to corrupt it if it already serves the Darkness? While I won't question that the Worm Gods like Xol and Akka are undoubtedly evil, it may be possible that some are not quite as malevolent as the lore and various bone armors make them out to be... oh reader mine.

Quria will make a Heel–Face Turn.
The proof seems to be in the pudding. (WARNING: Sections J and G contain massive spoilers for Forsaken's endgame.)

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