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Kanta Becomes More Warped/Evil As A Result of Trauma and Exposure To Chemicals In The Harsh Desert Environment

While it's still pretty clear Kanta wasn't an altruist or heroic figure to begin with (growing up poor in a crazy desert environment will remove one's want for morals above one's survival), this troper had to wonder if Kanta's surprising turn to becoming the show's antagonist, full on willing to kill his friends and their children and accomplishing doing so, isn't to blame from all the insane abuse his head and body had endured just from the on-screen adventures alone.


Getting one's ass kicked and left in the desert with nothing to show for all the work you did on the job and damage you've sustained tends to truly warp a person into darkness, and that doesn't even take into account the chemicals and possible radiation he may have further warped his health with (this is a man who was once literally buried in shit from who knows how many people). This show illustrates a particularly unforgiving world and Kanta, probably without even knowing it, got kicked when he was down one too many times and was too stubborn to simply give up and die. The only way to survive was to turn evil, since it was clear there wasn't much doing "good" was going to get him.


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