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Junichirou will eventually go for Japan's secretary of Education; perhaps even becoming its president

Koyomi wants for all of Japan to change, and that's not gunna happen if Junichirou sticks only to Ichou Academy.

  • He just may go and do that; He's already currently gunning for the position of Headmaster of the Main Branch in the story.

Junichirou has been living as a NEET and Otaku in memory of Kasa Nayuta
And when he said Kuon will kill him he is refering to a symbolic death from his life of regret.
  • He was stated to be an active genius until he made his thesis in highschool.
  • Kasa was with him when he was around 17, meaning that it's likely all their relationship developed in his senior year of school.
  • It's also possible that he was making the Dokodemo Door for Kasa to explore the world without needing to push her limits.


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