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Demon Pacts resemble Fae Pacts because they're one and the same
  • Fae and Changelings simply have a natural ability to access the same occult physical laws through which Demons make Pacts.

Pacting and Ciphers are things that the God-Machine made for its own reasons.
  • Sometimes, the G-M needs an angel to borrow part of someone's identity, either because the angel needs to have a particular trait or because It needs a human lacking a trait. Soul pacts are a thing as a backup measure in case something happens to the Infrastructure that maintains an angel's Cover.
  • Ciphers exist because some angels are part of the God-Machine's self-repair systems, and need to operate independently if the G-M can't tell what's broken or Its knowledge of Its own design principles gets corrupted. Putting all of the Ciphers together produces a complete schematic of the God-Machine.
    • The creation myth of the Unchained (presented on Night Horrors: Enemy Action) says nope. The Cipher is a fragment of the First after she did a Heroic Sacrifice to allow her angelic kin to consider and perform acts of rebellion. Of course, it is a myth made by a species of pragmatist liars, so who knows the status of this WMG?

The God-Machine is a Sense Freak.
The G-M doesn't look for demons so that it can recycle them. It harvests their subjective experiences in the world, while carefully arranging that world to contain the experiences It wants.

The God-Machine used to be more benevolent
Hypothetically, this used to be a more benevolent God, but something- probably a greater evil like the Exarchs or the True Fae- either damaged it or enslaved it and turned it into the machine-like being it is now, using it to maintain the Statut Quo and ensure evil will always have the upper hand in the World of Darkness.

Lucifer was the first Angel to be disconnected from the God-Machine

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