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This is the wild mass guessing page for Kpts4tv's run of Death Note Abridged. Please be mindful of spoilers, unmarked or otherwise.

Light was framed. Souichiro killed L.
  • The real L is revealed to be alive in Ask the Cast and Crew #3 but then Light shoots him soon afterwards. With a gun. Light Doesn't Like Guns — understable given that his own father once held a gun to his head and pretended to execute him. His dad, however is a Gun Nut and has been shown to have the ability to possess other people's bodies. He's also a Heteronormative Crusader giving him the motive for why he would kill L. He's trying to "cure" Light of his homosexuality from beyond the grave.

Step 3 is "seduce L" or if not Light wanted it to be.
  • Yeah, "Seduce L" was Step 3 of another plan but then after losing L, Light always gets hung up on "what's step 3"? Perhaps it's out of the trauma of losing L...

and turn Near into a giant blueberry and become God of the New World.

The reason Souichiro refused to kill Light when Light begged him to kill him wasn't out of mercy but because Souichiro still needed him for the Evil Plan.

Naomi is actually a hermaphrodite.
  • Well (s)he has a very busty bod but hir voice is very masculine...

Near was a Shinigami plant at Wammy's House.
  • And he subtly manipulated L into danger when the Shinigami decided He Knows Too Much.

Light isn't dead. He's only mostly dead.

Raye and Naomi are Time Lords.
  • It had to be said.

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