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In the CIA VS KGB episode, the surviving CIA agent was about to have a Freak Out..
Who are the Mooks?
While every episode shows a final showdown between the two featured individuals or groups of combatants, there are also scenes peppered throughout each episode that depicts the featured warriors killing off enemies that they historically faced in real life. The purpose of this WMG is to list (or guess) who each warrior is shown fighting, and engage in relevant speculation.
  • Gladiator>Other Gladiators and Legionaries at one point.
  • Apache>American Army and other tribes.
  • Viking>Saxons.
  • Samurai>Other Samurai.
  • Spartan>Persians.
  • Ninja>Samurai
  • Pirate>Armed merchant ships and Navy, probably Spanish.
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  • Knight>Men At Arms and other Knights.
  • Yakuza>Rival gangs.
  • Mafia>Rival gangs.
  • Green Beret>Taliban.
  • Spetznaz> Afghan Mujahideen and Chechen rebels
  • Shaolin Monk> Bandits
  • Maori Warrior> Other Polynesian tribes
  • William Wallace> English soldiers
  • Shaka Zulu> Other South African Tribes
  • IRA > British soldiers
  • Taliban> American soldiers and Northern Alliance
  • SWAT> Criminals and gang members
  • GSG-9> Terrorists and PFLP during the plane hijacking clip
  • Atilla the Hun>Eastern European peasents.
  • Alexander the Great>Persians.
  • Jesse James>Deputies and townsfolk.
  • Al Capone Gang>Rival gangs.
  • Aztec Jaguar>Central American tribes.
  • Zande Warrior>Other Afican tribes.
  • Somali Pirate> Rival Somali warlords
  • Medellin Cartel> Colombian police and DAS
  • Nazi SS> U.S troops and La Résistance
  • Viet Cong> U.S troops
  • Roman Centurion>Northern European tribes.
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  • Rajput>Northern Indian raiders
  • Persian Immortal>Middle Eastern tribes and Spartans.
  • Celt Warrior>Other Celts.
  • CIA>KGB.
  • KGB>CIA.
  • Sun Tzu>Rival Chinese Warlords.
  • Vlad the Impaler>Ottomans.
  • Ming Warrior>Rival Chinese kingdoms
  • French Musketeer>Different European armies invading France and random noblemen
  • Comanche>American settlers/army and rival tribes
  • Mongol>Central Asian tribes
  • Navy Seal>Middle Eastern terrorist groups.
  • Israeli Commando>PLO, Hamas (Including Yahya Ayyash) and Hezbollah (during the scene in which they're shooting guys with berets in the mountains. Hezbollah has a more organized militia then the other terrorist groups, and the mountainous territory could be Lebanon
  • George Washington>Native Americans and British Redcoats
Napoleon Bonaparte>Coalition forces
  • Joan of Arc>Englishmen
  • William the Conqueror>Anglo-Saxons
  • NKSOF>South Korean soldiers?
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  • US Army Rangers>Taliban and Somali warlords
  • Hannibal Barca>Romans
  • Genghis Khan>Rus' and Chinese
  • Saddam Hussein>rebels
  • Pol Pot>Cambodian forces
  • Teddy Roosevelt>Spanish Army
  • Lawrance of Arabia>Ottoman Army
  • Ivan the Terrible>Tatars
  • Hernan Cortez>Aztecs
  • Crazy Horse>American Army
  • Pancho Villa>Mexican Army
  • Gurkhas>British Redcoats and Imperial Japanese forces
  • French Foreign Legion>Mexican Republicans,German and Italian troops
  • Vampires>Humans
  • Zombies>Humans
A hypothetical list of matchups.
  • Here's a couple of original matches inside the notes:
note , note , note , note , note 
  • ...and of course, season finale: Ninja vs. Pirate!
    • Actually, that's probably going to be the series finale. They'll leave their website as the main battle ground for the biggest flame war in history and delete all e-mails they get. After the war is over they'll televise the results in a bonus episode.
      • On the other hand, there 'is' the possibility that they'll plan out an idea which involves making the ninja's and the pirate's weapons as balanced as possible, and purposefully execute it in the finale, resulting in the computer making the simulation too close to call. For a less-sadistic finale, perhaps they could have a final season, consisting of analysis all the warriors shown in the previous seasons in a tournament manner to determine the legitimate deadliest warrior for both the ancient and modern fighters.
      • By "too close to call" you mean "everybody dies, there is no last man standing"? I can imagine that.
  • Some Historical Domain Characters they might consider using in the future: note , note , note 

The remaining SWAT team guy is...
...nobody famous. But I have a theory that his name is Michael, for some reason.

Ninja Vs. Pirate will be the series finale.
What better way to avoid the backlash than the ultimate one-and-done show?
  • Nah. Former host Max Geiger stated that the show would not attempt a this because of Internet Backdraft.

In the James Gang vesus Al Capone simulation...
Frank James was the one that killed Capone before he could finish off Jesse.
  • The editor on Wikipedia's Deadliest Warrior entry decided that that was Frank James.
  • Frank James must have seen the show before and been aware that the conflicts always end in melee fights. He was smart enough to simply wait for Capone to break out the knuckle dusters then shoot him from behind.

The SWAT vs. GSG-9 simulation was a wargame held by the two organizations.
They're police forces, so it's very unlikely that they would end up clashing against each other in a actual fight. The blood? That's just tomato soup, and they're using non-lethal ammo.
  • Better Than Canon. Especially how, in the Aftermath, both sides were talking about special police competitions where they'd test each other.

Some possible (if a bit off-the-wall) ideas behind the backstories of the simulations.
  • Apache vs. Gladiator: The Gladiator was sent out to foreign lands to find new warriors to abduct and bring back to Rome, for the sake of more interesting matchups. Meanwhile, the Apache's tribe was at war, and the one seen in the simulation was busy on a reconnaissance mission. The two saw each other, and, realizing each could use the other to fulfill their own agendas, fought.
  • Viking vs. Samurai: An army of Vikings arrived by longboat to pillage Japan, setting off a war with the Samurai. After several bloody battles, a single Viking was separated from his comrades in enemy territory, and came across an armed Samurai. They both immediately recognized each other as one of the enemy and attacked.
    • Adding to this, this last longboat with the worlds last vikings who've remained largely unknown(because historically, the vikings died out before the samurai class was established) after struggling to survive and traveling the world in an attempt to do so, and arrived the same time as the mongols did(first or second invasion) on the same shore. And then a. the Japanese mistook them for Mongols and the Mongols mistook them for the Japanese, or b. they were recognized as a third side and were attacked, but for some reason went historically unrecorded anyway. And the crew of the longboat may've been forced to retreat and died at sea, or for extra drama, were destroyed by the kamikazi(the hurricane, not the suicide pilots). Hence the battle between samurai and vikings happened but history would never know that. Mind you it's not perfect but it's fun.
  • Spartan vs. Ninja: Simply put, the Ninja was hired to kill the Spartan, one of the finest in Leonidas' army.
    • I have a better idea, that would cover both the Ninja and the Samurai fights against the Spartan: Leonidas and the 300 manage to defeat the invading Persian army, gaining huge amount of renown and followers as a result, and using their new support to go on an invasion into Asia. Feeling threatened by this encroachment, the Japanese emperor sent a ninja assassin to take out Leonidas before he can invade Japan. Obviously, that failed, and the invasion continued, forcing the emperor and his Samurai to make a final stand against the enemy.
  • Pirate vs Knight: The Pirate in the simulation was the captain of a ship, seeking out treasure for him and his crew. Unfortunately for him, the treasure belonged to a European royal family, and a Knight was sent out to keep the Pirate from stealing it.
    • Specifically, the Knight was implied to be French, thus, it'd be the French royal family. Either way, the treasure, while it likely does, doesn't HAVE to belong to anyone important. The Pirate is stealing and it's the Knight's civic duty to stop him, therefore he does. Or tries to anyway.
  • Mafia vs. Yakuza: One of the two expands to reach the other's territory, setting off a gang war for control of the black market and underworld.
  • Green Beret vs. Spetznaz: Russia and the USA are at war; both teams are on missions from their home country against the other.
    • Specifically, this could be an alternate universe where the Cold War was actually fought with soldiers.
  • Maori vs. Shaolin Monk: A group of Maori journey across the sea to China to gain more honor and Mana for themselves. One of them figures he could do best by challenging, defeating, and eating a local warrior, so he interrupts the morning rituals of a Shaolin Monk and attacks him. The monk was fighting out of self-defense.
    • In order for the monk to be trained with twin hooks and other such weapons, he'd have to be a recent generation. He may just be time displaced in pre-contact with the British New Zealand by the time he's attacked. Or post-contact but the particular Maori he encounters doesn't have a gun.
  • William Wallace vs. Shaka Zulu: To further his plans for world domination and to increase his territory, Shaka's forces conquer Scotland. To free his people, William Wallace goes to Africa to challenge the man himself to a duel to the death.
    • Alternatively, Scotland has conquered Egypt. Shaka Zulu is an assassin sent by the ousted Egyptian ruler to kill his replacement, and William Wallace is one of the current king's guards, who has rooted out Shaka Zulu and is attempting to keep him from going through with his mission.
    • Real Life: Scottish Highland regiments, the spiritual heirs of Wallace, were part of the British armies that eventually conquered Egypt and Zululand for the British Empire.
  • Taliban vs. IRA: The Taliban were intending to set up a bomb intended for a prominent celebrity in the USA. However, the celebrity had financial links to the IRA, so they sent troops over to keep their money safe, upon recieving word of the plans.
    • Alternative: Watching the opening again, you can see some of the IRA men waving off the fight. Possibly, the IRA were trying to negotiate with the Taliban against the British, and things went south fast.
      • Another alternative: The Taliban were setting up for an operation in Northern Ireland. The IRA find out, and don't take kindly to them muscling in on their territory.
      • Plausible, as Northern Ireland now has its quota of immigrant Muslims, largely from Pakistan. We know disaffected British Muslims were recruited, ultimately by the Taliban, to plant bombs in London. How much more disaffected would Muslims in Northern Ireland be - in an intensely religious country - but a heretic religion - and being subject to racist attacks and indignities - there are plenty of recorded instances of Northern Irish protestants committing hate-crimes on non-white immigrants. Therefore some very clever people in the IRA might see an opportunity here, to help the Taliban set up to further strain British security forces and hit the Protestant/Loyalist enemy from inside. And then the Taliban resent acting at the direction of a heretical group - the IRA still has a strongly Catholic identity...
      • Since both groups finance themselves at least partially with drug money, a conflict over markets seems likely.
  • Spartan vs. Samurai: Possibly a sequel to "Spartan vs. Ninja", as mentioned above.
    • Extra drama, the Spartan is the same Spartan that fought the ninja and the original Ninja is this particular Samurai's brother or some other relative.
      • There is no way that a Ninja and a Samurai would be close relatives…and definitely not brothers. However, this is certainly possible…a damiyo with designs on Laconia sent a Ninja to kill a prominent Spartan warrior. This being a very stupid Ninja, he attacked in the wilderness in broad daylight and utterly failed. So, Plan B…send a Samurai underling to challenge the Spartan to a duel…
      • Actually it's very possible. Peasant Ninja were actually very rare. Most Ninja were in fact Samurai and Ashigeru (it's debatable as to whether or not Ashigeru count as Samurai, but they were a different social class anyway). And it's entirely possible for a "medium class" Ashigeru or a high class Samurai elite to also be a ninja. Hence two Samurai could be brothers, and one could be a Ninja. They could both be Ninja in fact but the Samurai is challenging the Spartan AS a Samurai. And while some Samurai did completely oppose Ninjutsu and the tactics of the Ninja, others were willing to do whatever it took to win a war.
  • Spetznaz vs. IRA: Russian intelligence shows that the IRA plan to blow up the United Kingdom's embassy in Russia. To make absolutely sure they don't succeed, the Russian government sends a Spetznaz unit to their hideout, with orders to stop them at any cost.
  • SWAT vs. GSG-9: Upset after the sheer skills the GSG-9 displayed at the 2005 SWAT World Challenge, a team of SWAT commanders set up a trap, anonymously calling a group of GSG-9 members and informing them of a terrorist hiding out in an abandoned warehouse. Little did the GSG-9 know, the call was actually a setup for an ambush by the SWAT members. (Assuming that the simulation took place shortly after the aforementioned SWAT World Challenge.)
    • Alternatively, it was a war game as suggested above.
    • Here's a third option: Some higher-ups in each team sent a squad and set them up with a "mission"; there's a squadron from the other team that went rogue and they are to stop them in what was eventually their battlefield. Reason for the setup? That's a WMG in itself.
  • Attila the Hun vs. Alexander the Great: During an attempt to conquer all of Eurasia, Alexander heard of a man whose army was out to achieve the same goal. Learning his identity to be Attila the Hun, Alexander realized he was too great of a threat to face head-on, and decided to take him out when he least expected it.
  • Jesse James vs. Al Capone: Jesse and his gang have accidentally used Time Travel to reach depression-era Chicago, and immediately break into an Old West Museum to find weapons and ammunition that they are familiar with. The Museum is owned by, or under the protection of, Al Capone, so when he hears rumors of a strange street gang, he and some of his mobsters come to wipe them out.
  • Aztec Jaguar vs. Azande: The Aztec is looking for new victims to capture for sacrifice, and the Azande is the first warrior he sees. Figuring that capturing such a warrior would earn great renown, he attacks.
  • Waffen SS vs. Viet Kong: Nazi Germany has taken over France's colonies in addition to the mainland, but they are harassed by communist rebels who are working with the Soviet Union.
  • Roman Centurion vs. Rajput: The Roman Empire never fell, but instead expanded into Asia and are now invading India. The Rajput are defending their lands against invasion.
  • Somali Pirate vs. Medellin Cartel: The cartel is moving a shipment of drugs across the open seas on an inconspicuous tourist yacht when a band of Somali pirates, having already moved into the Caribbean to escape their enemies back in Somalia, come upon a suddenly lucrative target and attack.
    • Alternately, the cartel plans on expanding their cocaine empire, sending out a group to Somalia to begin progress with trade and such. They begin to use ships as vessels to transport cocaine to nearby countries. However, these ships are much like the ones local pirates hijack, and are out to defend their territory.
  • Persian Immortal vs. Celt: The Persian Empire has extended into Europe, and one of the challenges they face are the Celtic tribemen.
    • This could be a direct war if the Persian Empire has extended to the same area the same time the Celts did(they were originally conquerers before they were pushed back by the Romans).
    • Alternatively, the Galatians migrate a hundred years earlier and invade Persia rather than the Hellenes.
  • CIA vs. KGB: The CIA is conducting a double cross against a known KGB agent with their own double agent in order to assassinate the KGB agent and retain the microfilm they were bartering with. However, the KGB has already been tipped off and are ready to pull off their own counter-operation.
    • Furthermore, the result of this operation had direct ramifications on the mission involving the Green Beret team from the first season. Had the CIA operation not gone south, the Green Berets' mission may have had a wildly different result...
  • Vlad the Impaler vs. Sun Tzu: Sun Tzu is enjoying a nice, relaxing vacation away from writing famous books and leading wars. However, Vlad is nearby, leading his soldiers on one of his many violent campaigns. When he sights the strange foreigner on his home soil, Vlad decides to take him on one-on-one because he feels like gruesomely murdering someone.
    • I always thought it was this: Vlad spots Sun Tzu drinking tea in his domain. Vlad hates tea, and has banned it from Romania. Vlad attacks the offending teapot to cleanse his realm of the liquid. The ensuing fight comes about over the death of the poor teapot.
  • Ming Warrior vs. French Musketeer: A prominant French leader went on a trip around the world, taking an elite guard of musketeers with him. They ended up in eastern China, where the leader was separated from his men. A nearby group of Ming warriors received intelligence that there were "invaders" on Ming soil, and moved in to wipe them out.
  • Mongol vs. Comanche: In an alternate reality, where the Mongolian Empire stretched further into Europe, Mongol forces were sent across the Bering Strait and stumbled upon the Americas. They started colonizing and subjugating the inhabitants, and eventually, they invaded Comanche territory.
  • Navy SEALs vs. Israeli Commandos: During the war mentioned in the Green Beret vs. Spetsnaz backstory, Russia and Israel form an alliance, as do their military forces. The US seeks to hinder the latter's effect in the war by sending Navy SEALs to put a halt to Israel's efforts before an actual event happens by their hands.
    • Or going off of the theory of SWAT vs GSG-9. It's really an eloborate(if excesive) training excercise.
    • No. One of two things could have happened. 1) After Israel's withdrawal from the Gaza Strip in 2005, a squad of hardline Israeli commandos sympathetic to the Settler movement turn their guns on the Israeli government, accusing it of having surrendered. Kind of like how Yitzhak Rabin was killed by a Jewish extremist. Not wanting to be put in an awkward position, the Israeli government asks the U.S to dispose of the rebelling troops. 2) There is a PMC based in Dubai that employs ex-special forces, mainly from the U.S. An Arab Oil Sheikh wants Israel wiped out, but he knows that standard terrorists are of no use. He hires the ex-SEALs and they begin attacking Israeli interests. The Knesset is forced to deploy the finest troops the IDF has to offer to defend the Jewish state.
    • Third idea: Friend or Foe Friendly Fire Fuck Up. The SEALs and Commandos both go to an oil rig filled with enemies with orders to take out the hostiles. The Israeli Commandos arrive earlier than the SEALs and clear it out. The SEALs arrive a few hours later and mistake the Commandos as the enemy insurgents. One thing leads to another, and 9 soldiers are killed in the SNAFU. Oops?
  • George Washington vs. Napoleon Bonaparte: America starts out as a French Colony, rather than a British one. After taking control of France, Napoleon must deal with the American Revolution. GW is fighting for independence, NB to keep control of the colonies.
    • Another possibility: George Washington is born just a bit later and stays loyal to the British Army, where he achieves high status. Meanwhile, Napoleon turns his attentions to Great Britain at one point in his career. After a battle with heavy losses, both Washington and Napoleon ride out onto the field to settle the fate of Napoleon's ambition.
    • Option the third: Napoleon is among the French forces that help Washington in the Siege of Yorktown. As the surrendering English leave, the French seize the initiative to claim the colonies for themselves, Napoleon's personal attachment attempting to remove their biggest obstacle.
    • Option the fourth: The French ally themselves with Britain during the American Revolution instead of the colonies, preventing the victory of the Continental Army. George Washington escapes and remains determined to keep fighting. Napoleon goes to the colonies to aide the French and British, and eventually crosses paths with General Washington.
    • Option the fifth: Shortly after the American Revolution, Napoleon sets his eyes on a French Empire in the Americas, instead of the rest of Europe. President Washington realizes then that he must take up arms for his country once again.
  • Joan of Arc vs. William the Conqueror: During the time of the simulation, Normandy is still part of England. Joan of Arc receives another message from Saints Catherine, Michael, and Margaret, who tell her that Normandy should become a part of France. Once diplomatic attempts at accomplishing this fail, Joan prepares to take it by force. William hears about this and goes out himself in order to stop Joan.
    • Alternatively, after conquering England, William decides not to stop there, and returns to the mainland to try to subjugate the rest of France. The prophecy surrounding Joan thus comes much earlier, and she is born earlier, to defend against the English under William. This seems more plausible to me, as William's most notable role in history is as a conquerer and king, and Joan's role was resisting invasion and subjugation.
  • U.S. Army Rangers vs. North Korean Special Operations Forces: The cold war on the Korean Peninsula has finally gotten hot. The Rangers, having already captured a vital air strip at the beginning of the war, are moving on to their next objective: a large, strategic power plant/dam/communications array that must be taken or destroyed. The North Koreans know exactly how important this location is and have their best waiting and ready for anyone that dares to try and take it.
  • Hannibal vs. Genghis Khan: Hannibal has defeated Rome and stands as the undisputed master of North Africa and Europe. Genghis Khan, meanwhile, is the lord of all Asia and the Middle East. Both conquerors, eager to continue the expansion of their empires, are now on a collision course to decide the future of an entire hemisphere.
  • Pol Pot vs. Saddam Hussein: Saddam finds Pol to be a dreadful excuse for a human being, and decides to get rid of him personally. Pol Pot sees him coming and prepares a preemptive strike.
    • Alternatively, the two dictators got into an argument over who was more evil. This quickly got out of control, eventually leading to a shoot-out.
    • Pol Pot views Saddam Hussein's dream of restoring the Babylonian Empire as an affront to his own dream of wiping away history. As such, he and his Khmer Rouge ambush the Iraqi dictator in as assassination attempt / coup.
    • Alternative 3: Cambodia and Irag have been magically grafted together and time travelled as necessary (1960's/70's Cambodia to 1980's /early 90's Iraq.). The straight competetion for power, plus the ideological competition, results in large scale warfare between the two groups, during which the Khmer Rouge attempt to assasinate Saddam Hussein. Ideological competetion comes in two big parts: Knmer Rouge are communist, Saddam Hussein/Baath party in general was opposed to communists. Also, Khmer Rouge is strongly nationalistic/racist towards Khmers (A lot of the deaths were of minorities in Cambodia), while the Baath party's power in Iraq mostly comes from the Sunni arabs (with plenty of repression against other religious/ethnic groups). This matchup, with this explanation, is actually the one I have the easiest time imagining an explanation for out of the season 3 ones, though Washington/Napoleon is close competition.
    • Alternative 4: Pol Pot, after being ousted from Cambodia, flees to the Middle East. Iran hires him as a bounty hunter and orders him to kill Saddam Hussein
  • Lawrence of Arabia vs. Theodore Roosevelt: Seeing an opportunity for expansion, the United States invades the Middle East after the fall of the Ottoman Empire, with Roosevelt spearheading the effort. Furious that the people he risked his life to free may be falling to new masters, Lawrence sets out to stop Roosevelt personally.
  • Ivan the Terrible vs. Hernan Cortes: Russia wants a piece of the New World for itself, and establishes colonies in North America. They eventually butt heads with Spain, who are also colonizing the continent. Eventually, war breaks out between the two countries.
    • Alternative: One of Cortes's informants has been found in Russian territory and sentenced to death for spying. Cortes goes to rescue him, only to find Ivan himself observing the execution.
    • Alternative: Ivan, in the midst of a murderous manic-depressive episode, decides to spend the day ordering executions of any peasants he sees. The people of the villages appeal to Cortes for help. Knowing that killing Ivan could be a very profitable conquest, Cortes accepts.
  • Crazy Horse vs. Pancho Villa: Pancho and his followers enter the United States trying to convince the local militias to support the Mexican Revolution. On the way, however, they stumble upon Crazy Horse, who mistakes them for mercenaries sent to kill him.
    • Alternative: Crazy Horse flees to Mexico, but Pancho thinks he is trying to establish a new nation in the North and they fight
  • French Foreign Legion vs. Gurkhas: War has broken out between France and Nepal, and both countries send their best troops to the fight.
    • Alternately the British and French have gone back to their old ways (you know, hating each other and declaring wars every couple of decades) and the British Gurkha troops are sent in to take out the best France has to offer.
  • Vampire vs. Zombie: The zombie apocalypse has caused an influx of humans into the arctic, where they were picked off by the vampire (remember that the "expert" for the vampire is the author of Thirty Daysof Night, Steve Niles). Unfortunately, zombies were right on said human's tails, and the vampire must now defend himself.
    • Alternatively, a zombie outbreak has devastated a small town, driving a local trio of Friendly Neighborhood Vampires to become...a little less friendly. They learn of a swarm of zombies descending on the survivors, and rise to get rid of the menace.
    • The zombie apocalypse has killed most humans, robbing them of blood to drink. The last humans make a pact with the vampires: blood for protection from the zombies. Wasn't there a book like this? If there wasn't, there should be.
    • Just before daybreak, a trio of vampires retire to their coffins after a night of feeding to wait out the sun. However, before they can even begin to sleep, their superhuman senses alert them to an invading group of zombies, which has just begun spreading over the countryside and is growing every day. The zombies storm the vampires' hideout, searching for flesh to feed upon, and the vampires rise to defend their home.

The Spartan is really Jason Voorhees
That's why he can't be beaten.

"Slytherin Studios" is really The Creative Assembly, and the game engine doing the simulation is the Total War engine.

As far as Google, Gamasutra and at least one printed directory can tell, the company they keep refering to as the makers of the simulator, Slytherin Studios, doesn't exist. And besides, it sounds fake, like the name a Harry Potter fanboy would use.

Some people have pointed out that the computer screen the guys are shown entering data in is a standard spreadsheet. Fine, I'll buy that, but software can be written to take spreadsheet files as input, and is probably what I'd expect someone to do instead of re-inventing the wheel for data entry. So let's assume the following: A, the simulator is real, and B, at least some of the details they've given about the company and the simulator or two.

Those details, as far as I gather from being halfway through watching season 1 and reading one interview that the google search found of their computer guy, are:

  • The company is based in the UK
  • The simulator is part of a game engine
  • The simulator was designed originally for running simulations of larger armies

That could make it any British company that produces RTS games, but having seen the Total War engine being demoed on the History Channel's Modern Marvels, it strikes me as awfully similar. So why hide behind an alias? Well they did do a program with the History Channel, Decisive Battles, that we know for sure used the Total War game engine to simulate historical fighters. Maybe there was a noncompete clause, or maybe the producers didn't want to seem like they were copying the History Channel? Who knows?

  • Actually, whenever they mention the engine developed by Slytherin Studios, they're actually referring to Slitherine Strategies, whom match all of the above requirements, and are actually the ones who made the engine for the show, mentioned here about halfway down the page. Though why the company hasn't called them out on this is anyone's guess.

The Slytherin Studios program is a quantum computer, capable of creating alternate realities
Each time the "go" button is pressed, 1000 alternate realities are created, 2000 (or 10000, in squad battles) warriors battle, and 1000 (or 5000-8999) warriors die. The winners are then consigned to oblivion as their universe is destroyed.
  • Alternatively the universes continue to exist after the simulation and the societies in the simulations continue to develop much like they did in reality with the only difference being the one battle has forced two groups into battle that should never have met (with exceptions of the two Cold War matches). Slytherin Studios later developed a program that "prunes" these alternate universes, they called it the Bokurano Engine.
  • A thought along these lines: the Slytherin Studios program is the Source Code.

The season 2 finale will have the season's winner take on the previous season's winner
For the Season 2 finale they will have the same setup as the previous season's. A bunch of the warriors will be eliminated before testing begins, and it will be narrowed down to two in the modern and ancient warrior brackets. The likely matchups (will be updated as new episodes air):
  • Ancient bracket:
    • Atilla the Hun: Making the final.
    • Zande: Elimated due to his lack of armor.
    • Rajput Warrior: Eliminated due to the poor performance of his Aara and having only the chakram for long range.
    • Persian Immortal: In the final.
    • Vlad the Impaler: Eliminated because he's a general and politician, not a front line warrior.
      • I don't know...he's got a gunpowder weapon, some armor, a versatile polearm, a sword that cuts through pigs like butter, and equipment made of steel, a higher quality material than the iron and bronze used by the Immortal and Attila.
      • Then shouldn't he be considered a modern warrior due to the hand cannon, and then eliminated due to primitive gunpowder.
    • Comanche: Eliminated because he doesn't wear armor.

So it'll be the Persian Immortal vs. Atilla. Attila takes it, but he doesn't unseat the Spartan.

  • Modern Bracket
    • SWAT: Either eliminated due to being a police/peacekeeping force, or in the final round.
    • Jesse James: Eliminated because he's an outlaw, not a soldier, and his weapons are comparably primitive.
    • Waffen-SS: Either in the final round, or eliminated for obsolete WWII weaponry.
    • Somali Pirates: Eliminated for the same reason as Jesse James. They're dangerous, but they're not soldiers.
      • Disagree. Unlike the Waffen SS, they're using modern weaponry.
    • CIA: Eliminated due to, again, being spies not soldiers.
    • French Musketeer: Eliminated for only having early gunpowder weaponry, like the Pirate was.
    • Navy SEALs: Goes to the finals.

So we have the SEALs vs. SWAT/Nazis. Whoever the SEALs face get put down, and they go on to fight the Spetsnaz. The outcome is ambiguous at the moment, since the SEALs need two more weapons in their arsenal to be on level with the Spetznaz.

  • One of the pre-season adverts shows a Nazi being hit by the butt of a Navy SEAL's gun. Foreshadowing, perhaps?
    • Whoah, seriously? Where?
      • Here. It's 6 seconds in.
      • Weirdly enough, though, that guy is dressed as an SS officer, not an SS soldier.
    • I also think the SS episode got higher ratings than the SWAT one, plus a "SEAL's kill Nazis" story also seems more like a ratings grab, so there's a could more reasons tat SS/SEALs seem a good guess.
      • I disagree; SWAT and SEALs both have a multi-decade technology advantage over the Nazis. (And for some reason I really like the idea of SWAT versus SEALs)
      • Then the question becomes whether or not the SEAL can unseat the Spetznas.

The Spartan is Chuck Norris
  • Alternatively, his shield is actually made of Nintendium.
  • The above theories are impossible, as the Spartan actually lost some of his 2000 battles.
    • Well, Chuck Norris DID lose to Bruce Lee, so maybe the Ninja and Samurai were Bruce Lee.

The Spetsnaz vs. IRA simulation was a modded game of Counter-Strike.
Spetsnaz forces are present in Condition Zero as a counter-terrorist faction. The IRA are (obviously) terrorists. A modder might have created a skin or two based off of IRA insurgents.

There's a deleted scene from Dumas' The Three Musketeers portrayed in one of the re-enactments
  • Athos, Porthos, Aramis, and D'Artagnan were out carousing, as per usual, and one of them (probably Athos or Porthos) was challenged by a foolish Cardinal's Guard to a duel.

The fights concerning some of the more despicable combatants take place in Hell.
The punishment for the wrathful in The Divine Comedy is to beat each other up for all eternity. Thus, the simulations we see for Mafia vs. Yakuza, Jesse James vs. Al Capone, and Somalian Pirates vs. Medellin Drug Cartel could all take place between souls who were condemned to eternal punishment for being unreasonably angry and violent. That said, encouraging all these fine folks to let out their anger on others with impunity doesn't seem like an effective punishment when you think about it...
  • Wasn't that the entire point behind Valhalla, that you could battle worthy enemies all day, every day, for all eternity?
    • Sure, but that was a friendly battle with people you respected and liked. This idea might work, so long as you lost as much as you won.
    • Some mythologies and speculation going back as long as Christianity suggest Satan is raising Legions of the Damned, on the Valhalla principle, to fight alongside his demons at Armageddon. (Ref. Pratchett and Gaiman's comic novel Good Omens) This would actually make a sort of sense - the souls of really badass fighters would be spared torment and trained to fight for Evil.
The Spetsnaz versus Green Beret battle took place in the Zone.
Look at that abandoned factory they're wrestling around in. That's clearly somewhere in the Zone, most likely around the Agroprom Institute. The Green Berets were sent into the Zone for the usual reasons, but somehow found themselves near the Military base near the Agroprom Institute. Luckily, they didn't venture too deeply into the complex...
  • Can we expand this to say the IRA/Spetsnaz battle also took place in the Zone? IRA out looking for some quick cash from finding artifacts, and the Spetsnaz coming to clean them up?

for season 3, Geoff will handle most of the data entry
Since (One TV at least) he's more of a tech guy than the other two seem to be.
  • Jossed. They have a dedicated guy for data entry. This is probably a good thing, as Geiger was becoming The Scrappy for being allowed to weigh in on tests and give the edge to fighters despite having no qualifications to do so.

It really isn't "Deadliest Arsenal"
They're putting in the test data given by the weapons experts, and so they really are testing who the dealist warrior really is!Why are you looking at me like that?
  • What?

The computer has sympathy for Proud Warrior Race Guys...
...and since it's made by an American company, everyone associates proud warrior race guys with the locals, so the Apache and Comanche win. This pattern will continue every season.
  • Well, it didn't have much sympathy for the maori or the celts. So maybe it just likes Americans.
    • The Green Beret losing to the Spetsnaz was just to throw everyone off.

...will involve Time Travel.Or...
  • The movie will have the winners of the first three seasons facing off against Zompires! There is no way that the show would include the "To Be Continued" unless they were going to follow up on it.

Sala was wrong; the computer isn't Chinese.
As You Know, at the end of Shaolin Monk vs. Maori Warrior, Sala Baker claimed the former warrior won because of the computer's bias towards it. I decree his words are wrong. But for a moment, let's just assume he isn't. If Sala was right, then Attila the Hun, Sun Tzu, and the Ming Warriors would have won their respective fights, while Attila was the only warrior who won out of these three. Furthermore, no other expert made such outlandish claims, implying that Sala just made that statement up. Finally, the program that determines the winner is Slytherin Strategies, which is housed in the United Kingdom, not China, suggesting that the IRA should have lost to the Taliban.

Therefore, Sala Baker was incorrect in his statements that "the computer's probably Chinese."

  • Or they got a new computer. Possibly one that was jealous of the older Chinese one, and takes the anger out in the matchups by slaughtering Sun Tzu and the Ming. Both lost by a substantial amount.
  • I hope you realize he was just trash-talking...

Pol Pot will not be a Season 3 warrior.
Instead, he will be represented by the Khmer Rouge.
  • Jossed.

Season 4 will have David vs Muhammed as a matchup
Since the matches have been more obviously "do any cheap tricks to try for ratings" over the seasons, this one would bing a couple of big ones to the table. Arab Israeli overtones would certainly get some controversy, and they would also have an opportunity to show Muhammed's face to get more attention (Though it might be too much of the wrong sort of attention). Stirring up religious feeling in general would also on its own attract attention. Of course, David would have to be given a good sling, which would break the pattern of slings not doing much in this episode.
There will be more fictional matchups
Vampires versus Zombies open this possibility up. my Predictions slash desires are....

Season two's Back for Blood special will be split into three catagories
  • Pre-Gunpowder: Immortal vs Attila/Rajput.
  • Early Gunpowder: Musketeer vs Vlad
  • Modern: SEAL vs SS/Somali

    • Winners all on the left. Then they fight the previous season's champions as said above, with Pirate representing the Early Gunpowder category. Immortal would probably lose in a close fight to the Spartan, knowing this show's hard-on for Spartans. Musketeer would dominate the pirate, and SEAL vs Spetsnaz would be a toss-up, and probably really close.

The entire show is scripted
The show works like wrestling before Kayfabe was broken. There is only a tangential relationship with reality and the winner is picked only on the better story. The program they use to simulate the battles either doesn't exist in the first place or the numbers the put in it are changed until the desired outcome is archieved.

The show is real
The people behind the show are actually experts on historic and modern weapons. They use the shows funding for extensive research that will change several misconceptions common in the historic scientific community. The only reason they have not published anything or show most of their findings in the show is that they fear they would lose viewers, but as soon as the show ends they will publish some papers on their findings and submit several articles for peer review.

The computer is actually a time machine
All testing is just for show. They actually use their time machine computer to bring warriors together, force them to fight, and film it all.

The narrator is actually Dilios himself.

That's why the Spartan always wins.

Theodore Roosevelt will fight his only equal:

The team is trolling us with the Vampire vs. Zombie episode.

It's instead subtle foreshadowing, where the winners of the Season 3 fight will be pitched in a fantasy battle vs. a zombie horde. This is entirely so they can show Theodore Roosevelt and George Washington as Back To Back Bad Asses with Gatling Gun and Rifle respectively.

  • Jossed. The episode exists.

Possible Repeat Warriors
  • Rajput-this guy has a bunch of other weapons to use so as to not just repeat previous tests

Genghis Khan was squashed by the Carthaginian elephant while celebrating his victory over Hannibal.
No real proof of this, but it would be amusing to watch.

Roosevelt won because Death was having a difficult day.
Roosevelt was once said to have died in his sleep because if he had been awake, there would have been a fight. The Grim Reaper knew this well, and, tired from a particularly difficult day of work, he took Lawrence instead of Roosevelt, who was on his list for that day. As an apology to the Bedouins, the Reaper harvested a lot of Turkish soldiers the day after Lawrence's death.
  • That's actually pretty cool.

In the series finale, the title of Deadliest Warrior of All Time will be won by:

All the sims are chronologically connected to each other and all take place in an alternate world.
  • It starts with Persian Immortal vs. Celt:
    • In this alternate history, the Celts and Persians are at war. The sim has a set of Persian scouts looking around the terrain where a major key battle will take place. Meanwhile, two Celt troops were practicing their chariot maneuvers. The Persian see the Celts, mistake them for enemy scouts and the two sides fight. After a while, the leader of the clan the troops came from realizes his men have gone for too long, gathers his men and head out to the field where the battle took place. The horde of Celts see the Immortal and his bloody spear and outnumber him. After this, the Celts go further on the offensive, weakening the Persians, who set their sights on Greece, aiming to conquer it for its strategic and economic value. However, after Leonidas defeats them, the Spartans become known as the most powerful warriors in the known world.
    • Japan, which was an empire in this timeline, was early in the advancement department, but were developed enough to the point that they could forge steel. They hear of Sparta, and now plan to take the Spartan's role as the greatest warrior. The Spartan world stayed very similar, though. Meanwhile, in this alternate universe, Macedon and Sparta have made peace with each other, and as such, Leonidas and Alexander the Great are allies, the latter busy fighting Attila the Hun, who just wants to rule over more territory. While Leonidas is busy fighting the Persians, he still manages to send two Spartans as escorts for Alexander, who, as a present, gives Leonidas a steel xiphos. While little is known about this new mineral, Leonidas soon discovers that it is more powerful than the Spartans' traditional bronze. Unfortunately, Alexander giving his Spartan escorts the traditional weapons system of his Macedonian troops costs him, as, in a failed assassination attempt on Attila's life, Attila manages to kill Alexander.
    • Another key difference in this alternate history is that several ancient empires existed in the same time. Both the Greeks and Romans are amongst these empires. and are on good terms with one another. Leonidas, in an effort to avenge his fallen friend, asks Rome to hunt down Attilla and kill him, a feat which they succeed at. As thanks, the Spartan king gives the Romans a fleet of Greek triremes. The Roman empire uses the boats to sends its legions to the new world and begin to spread Roman influence among the native people; amongst the shared culture are the concept of gladiators. The foreigners' ideals spread throughout the early America, when an Apache tribe vocally expresses their disdain against forsaking their ancestors' ways. As the Romans move in farther west, a group of early Apache tribesmen perform a series of guerrilla ambushes on a Roman settlement. Eventually, the head of the guerrilla troupe puts an end to the Romans' influence in the southwest, killing one of the final two Roman residents in the settlement, a gladiator. The Gladiator from the simulation decided to track the killer down; he himself dies in the effort and the Apache sneaks aboard a Roman vessel returning home, ready to strike the empire at its core.
    • Meanwhile, back on the homefront, the Roman Empire attacks India in an attempt to further their territory, but fails as the Roman army is ambushed multiple times by Hannibal, who merely wants to see Rome and its army destroyed; saving India is just a side effect of his work. The few Roman survivors who fought against Hannibal's campaign is a Centurion, who decides that rather than fight the person who appears to be protecting India, just sneak into the country and kill off all of the Indian Empire's most prominent targets. After returning to Rome, the Centurion recieves a legion of 100 men, who he leads into India. Partway during this campaign, the legion's numbers are steadily reduced, leaving only the Centurion by himself. The Centurion fights against a Rajput, who is waiting for a key political figure, and the Indian emerges victorious.
    • Many years pass after the Centurion dies at the hands of the Rajput. Genghis Khan has finally united the tribes of Mongolia together and is beginning his campaign. The Apache leading a slave rebellion, combined with Hannibal's offense against the Romans, has weakened the Roman Empire to a shell of its former glory. In the midst of his progress, Hannibal encounters Genghis, who also wants to conquer Rome. The two leaders decide the empire's fate in a battle to the death, with only each man's best soldiers supporting them. After Hannibal is defeated, Genghis assimilates the last of Rome into his growing empire. While many of the empire's people become Mongolian civilians, the Roman slaves (Apache included) and a few other lucky survivors make a successful run for freedom.
    • Now the Greeks are partners of the Mongols, as Genghis has too much support for them to make them join under his empire. Using the Greek-Roman triremes, Genghis attempts to send a small fleet of Mongols to the new world, but the Roman refugees, led by the Apache, have snuck aboard one of the boats. Wanting his people to stay free, the Apache kills Genghis with a barrage of arrows, and uses the ship as a vessel to commander his group of vigilantes. A few years pass, and in the final months Leonidas has in his life, the Spartan king, leads a voyage to Japan, the nation finally having waged war on the Greeks for the title of greatest warrior. Now using colored steel armor based of the xiphos Alexander gave him as a gift, Leonidas is attacked by a ninja, who was informed of Leonidas' arrival by the Apache. The Spartan defeats the assassin as he charges through the foreign land in order to prove the Spartans' superiority.
    • Despite the Spartans' best efforts, the Japanese eventually win the war and prove that the Samurai are the better soldier. But this has not come without a price: shortly after the war has ended, Leonidas killed Japan's most prestegious and respected samurai. A close companion of the fallen samurai took up his comrade's armor, and avenges his ally's death by killing Leonidas.
    • Back with the Apache and his group of slave liberators, the ship lands on the southern coast of Africa, where they see the Zande fighting against slave traders. Despite language barriers, the Zande's chief befriends the Apache and lets a squad joins his group. Meanwhile, over in Europe, William the Conquer has defeated England and conquered Scotland. William Wallace, who fought against the English once, and, much like the Apache, wants his people to live without the control of any foreign outsiders, goes to Africa to kill Shaka Zulu, one of William's allies who has access to a important river line.
    • In Scanindavia, Norway, and other neighboring countries, several Viking armies challenge Japan's claim of having the best warriors. The hordes of Viking warriors travel to the island nation and engage them in battle, only to be defeated. The Japanese are impressed with the quality of the longships used by the strangers and base their own seafaring vessels off of them.
    • Back in France, Joan of Arc lays siege to the castle that William the Conqueror resides in. By succeeding in the showdown between Joan and William, Scotland (and England as a whole) are now free nations again. They thank France by forgiving them of their past wrongdoings, and the two nations go on to become powerful allies.
    • A year passes after the end of William the Conqueror's reign. Within the forest of Wallachia, Sun Tzu is busy drinking tea with an immortality agent added. Vlad, busy looking for enemies to impale, stumbles across Sun Tzu and wants some of the immortality tea for himself. After a lengthy battle and chase, Vlad learns that, after killing Sun Tzu, the immortality agent only extends the drinker's lifespan by hundreds of years with each dose. Regardless, Vlad drinks Sun Tzu's blood later going on to become the very thing he'd inspire: Dracula.
    • Disheartened by the death of the Khan, the Mongol's empire shrinks drastically. Many of Genghis' former soldiers leave military life and go their seperate ways. However, the few remaining Mongolian warriors make amends with the European civilizations they conquered and work together on a multi-national collaboration to the new world, in an effort to carry on the Khan's legacy. A Mongol platoon lands in the east coast, eventually travelling to the southern plains. They encounter a Comanche tribe and try to subjugate the Native Americans, who in response, kill the Mongol troops that encountered them, and leave to claim their new prizes and stake a claim of independence.
    • Returning back to Europe, the French send their group of Musketeers on a visit around the globe, for both political and recreational purposes; the British are busy with an unexplored island to the far south of the world, and have asked the French to help gather support from other regions. After a visit in China, the Musketeers fall under attack by a horde of Ming warriors, but are able to fight their way to safety. After the Ming troops that ambushed the Musketeers are killed, the Musketeers enter a series of Chinese towns, leaving with a plehotra of different forms of riches. When the trip ends a few months later, the Musketeers give the treasures from China to a royal family.
    • A few years later, a pirate who is a mercenary hired by the Apache and his Roman partners enters France and finds the Musketeer's treasure, requesting that he find a chest to help fund the group, with a promise of some of the goods for himself. The knight came along to give the treasure to his family and kingdom as planned but he sees the pirate taking the treasure. The pirate, also being told to kill anyone who seems to support slavery, sees the Knight, mistakes the reason for his armor is to hide his identity so no one can identify him during his slave trading sessions, and engages him in battle. While the Apache's ship sails off by accident, the pirate manages to kill his European enemy and decides to start a new life in nearby Spain.
    • Years before Hernán Cortés attacks the Aztec empire, the Apache's ship drifts across the ocean aimlessly for a few days, eventually reaching shore in Mesoamerica. One of the Zande leaves the ship, and begins scouting out the terrain. An Aztec Jaguar sees the Zande, and imagines him to be the perfect choice for a human sacrifice. The two battle, and the Zande wins, but the wounds he sustained from the battle end up killing him before he can return to the ship.
    • After Cortés finishes off the Aztecs, he leaves for home. Upon returning, he hears of trouble in nearby Russia; he is told to go out and investigate. He enters a Russian forest and encounters Ivan the Terrible, torturing a prisoner for information about Hernán's conquests. The two fight for the land of the new world and while Hernán wins, letting Spain continue their voyages, a few days later he dies when he gets run over by a horse in an effort to steal the golden saddle it has on its back.
    • Chinese civilians, still surprised at the Musketeers managing to fend off an assault by the Ming warriors, establish a series of temples across the nation, considering the reason for the Frenchmen's success being their willingness to fight in self-defense. The people who live in the temple, refered to as Shaolin monks, live passive lives, but always fight when the need arises. One example being when the Maori are forced to leave their island, as their homeland is being annexed by the British, who have finally recieved enough support from another nations with the aid of France. The monks successfully fend off tribesmen, who eventually retreat and spend their lives on the sea.
    • A few after the Maori assault China and the American Revolution has been an American victory; Napoleon having agreed to assist Washington at the Battle of Yorktown, despite his former belief that America held nothing of value. It is Washington's final day as president, but Napoleon turns on his former ally, and lets his forces invade the east coast of the country. With his final day as president fast ending, Washington leads a group of former revolutionaries to defeat his ex-ally, the battle ending in favor of the Americans.
    • Several decades pass after the defeat of Napoleon. New revolutions are now taking place. At the border between the United States and Mexico, Pancho Villa and a group of villistas are preparing to camp for the night, preparing to find American militia to support the Mexican Revolution tomorrow. Meanwhile, Crazy Horse has been hired by the Americans, who see Pancho as the bigger threat to kill the Mexican. Pancho and his revolutionaries manage to fight off the Native American and eventually gets the U.S. to support him.
    • Not long after this, WWI has been won, Theodore Roosevelt travels to the Middle East for politcal and economic reasons; more specifically, a small area that is well vegetated. Lawrence of Arabia sees Teddy and, having only heard of the man and not seen him in person, accidentally mistakes him for a foreigner hired to reclaim the empire which the Turks and Ottomans lost. The next day, Lawrence prepares to ambush Teddy, but, in a knife fight between he and the president, suffers death at his hands. The United States later issues an apology for the incident.
    • Because he killed Sun Tzu, Vlad also killed the one person in the world who knew about the immortality tea. In the final days of his life, he bites a group of Western outlaws, spreading the vampire blood into them. The Jesse James gang, the vampite side-effects having not taken effect yet, break into a museum in Depression-era Chicago. The museum is under the protection of Al Capone, who finds out and brings his best hitmen with him. In a fierce battle inside the museum, he is killed after he fights and loses to the vampire cowboys, who will go on to continue their crime spree for hundreds of years.
    • After a few years, World War II breaks out; in this time, near the end of the Vietnam War. The French Foreign Legion and the Gurkhas are enlisted again to fight for their countries, but, after being played against each other by the Nazis, both mercenary units proceed to fight each other.
    • With no one able to stop them, the battle lets the Nazis take Vietnam for Germany, but a group of Viet Cong rebels take a Waffen-SS commando hostage, interrogating him for information before the rest of his squad strike back, with the Viet Cong losing their own squad leader.
    • After the war, the Yakuza begin to take the recovering Japan for their own advantage. When they hear word of a black market in New York, the Yakuza travel to America by plane to stake their claim in that black market. However the Mafia was watching their every move, and as soon as the Yakuza plane lands, several henchmen are killed, sparking a mob war for control of New York's underworld. It ends with the Mafia defeating the Yakuza, securing their position in the American criminal underworld.
    • With the aid of the Mafia's money stashes, the CIA, in the heat of the Cold War (which has already started to become one fought with soldiers), have enough funding to strike the KGB at their Russian headquarters, planning to take a vial of important microfilm documents, that, should the CIA succeed at taking of the mission, means that the U.S. could easily secure key areas in Russia. The mission goes south, but key KGB personnel are killed.
    • When the Green Berets are sent in to take a scientific plant under U.S. control, they are dispatched to Russia, as are Spetsnaz troops who are deployed in a counter-attack. After the Spetsnaz defeat their American foes, the area soon becomes evacuated for unknown reasons but is illegal to enter.
    • After the Cold War ends, the idea of communism spreads a few years later through Asia, eventually reaching Cambodia. Pol Pot becomes a firm supporter to the ideal, and thus, the Khmer Rouge is born. His actions play out much like they did in real history, up until he hears of Saddam Hussein and his efforts to recreate the Babylonian Empire. Pol Pot and his bodyguards infiltrate Baghdad, but their mission is a failure, as Saddam kills Pol Pot, thus ridding Cambodia of his presence.
    • Years pass after this, and the world seems to be going back to peace. Israel and America have become good friends with each other in all aspects of society, be they political, economical, or culturally. The Israeli Commando and Navy SEALs go over military training practices, but the North Koreans, also having been influeced by Russian communism, catch word of this, and secretly switch the ammunition of both, so that the guns and explosives used are real. When the final SEAL completes the mission, he informs both the U.S. and Israel of the ammunition incident, seeming to sense a third party trying to sabotage their alliance. As both nations attempt to identify the culprit, North Korea takes this opportunity to prepare their Special Operations Forces for an invasion of South Korea.
    • Back in the U.S., the SWAT and GSG-9 police forces undergo similar training, but under different situations. The North Koreans repeat the process of having both sides use lethal ammunition. As three of the world's superpowers are busy with this matter, and another one supporting them, North Korea finally launch an attack, preparing to unite North and South Korea into a communist nation.
    • The U.S. Army Rangers are sent into Korea to take over a power plant. In the heat of battle, not only do the Rangers defeat the SOF guarding the plant, but they discover high-confidental papers that explains why the Russian plant was closed. With the U.S. invades uniting the two Koreas, the nation also keeps a close eye on Russian power plants, seldom taking their eyes off them.
    • Because the U.S. put less effort into stopping the Medellín Cartel, their influence grows. They open shop in Somalia, using the ships that the local pirates are known for hijacking to traffic their supplies of cocaine across the world. A team of pirates go in, kill the few cartel workers inside, and take the money and drugs for their own gain.
    • In Ireland, the Taliban plan on assaulting several other terrorist groups across the world at their respective bases of operations. A squad of Taliban militia set up an assault on Northern Ireland, scouting out a small desert for their own HQ from Afghanistan, carrying with them a group of documents. Meanwhile, IRA rebels aim to set up an ambush against high-ranking British officials, using the same desert as their meeting spot. The IRA kill the Taliban and the United Kingdom finally agrees to let Northern Ireland unite with its southern part when, after translate the Taliban's documents, the IRA saved Britian and Ireland from a full-on assault of Taliban forces.
    • During the time the IRA and Taliban cells were fighting, another group of IRA soldiers infiltrated the Russia, finally entering the city block where the condemned building was. Russian Spetsnaz troops are deployed in order to eliminate the IRA operatives and/or force them to leave the country.
    • Finally, the reason that the building was condemned is revealed: early Russians found Sun Tzu's corpse, froze it, and, after several countries, are working to bring him back from the dead. Sun Tzu's partially decayed body, mixed with the last few traces of his blood, are what create the world's first zombie. He breaks out of the facility and starts to create a zombie outbreak throughout Russia. While it is contained, the world as a whole is working together to defeat the zombies. The descendants of people bitten by Jesse James and his vampire cowboys, found throughout Earth, are collected, and used to deal with the zombies; in return, gallons of blood from people across the world are given to the vampires for food, and they live in designated areas. While most of them were killed, and vampire leader may have become a zombie himself, nonetheless, the vampires managed to end the zombie horde, thus saving the world.
    • Mate, you have way too much time on your hands...
      • How is the above not a best selling Novel is beyond me. Maybe a trilogy comprising of 1200 pages per...

Season 4 will end with Elves vs. Dwarves
  • They've already used vampires, so we can't see vampires vs. werewolves. With the major creatures of horror out of the way, the next logical step is to move onto the most famous creatures of High Fantasy, who have already been established as rarely being friendly. The weapons test will pit traditional dwarven weapons like axes, hammers, crossbows, and maybe early gunpowder technology against elven weapons such as spears, rapiers, and longbows. Dr. Dorian will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the elves' produce based diet versus the more protein rich diet of the dwarves, and also give the elves an advantage because of longer height and reach, but the dwarves will have greater physicality and endurance. X-Factors will include the elves' motivation to protect nature and their forests against the dwarves' drive to amass gold and further their craftsmanship. The panel of experts will be J. R. R. Tolkien scholars, Dungeons & Dragons enthusiasts, and modern fantasy authors.
    • This acutally sounds cool.

Next Season's episodes
  • (At the moment "next season" is Season 4, but for reasons that will become really obvious once you read the actual episodes, these will not actually be used for season 4, therefore leaving this guess open for future seasons.)
  • I liked season 3, but to keep viewers, The show will probably have to come up with some ever increasing gimmicks to keep attention of some people, as well as new storylines to attract those types of people to the show. Therefore, here are the guesses for the next season:
    • Episode 1: The season starts off with a standard near modern matchup. Gunpowder period Janissaries vs. Scottish Highland warriors (either as British army units or Jacobite type soldiers.) Two elite gunpowder units from 17-18th century Europe. In addition, a small easter egg is shown at the end, with the vampire zombie of season 3 hearing some strange noises from one of the rooms.
    • Episode 2: The episode moves ancient, where Qin Shi Huang takes on Julius Caesar, another standard episode. Slogan will be something like "Two great conquerors and beginners of imperial traditions." (Sure, somewhat of a distortion, but close enough for the show.). More horror easter egg shown at the end.
    • Episode 3: Completes the trio of standard episodes, this time for modern times, as the SAS takes on…Not actually sure who (I don't know my special forces around the world all that well), but presumably someone could be found. Even more easter egg.
      • Russian VDV (Aiborne Troops)
    • Episode 4: Things start to get interesting as Bar Kokhba (leader of one of the Jewish revolts) takes on Muhammed (The Muslim religion Muhammed). Sold as a battle between two religiously driven men, one believing himself a messiah, another establishing a new religion. Guaranteed to bring lots of attention due to arab Israeli overtones, plus showing Muhammed on screen. Sure, it may bring the wrong sort of attention, but from a TV viewers point of view, it's all useful. And, of course, more easter egg.
    • Episode 5: Though mass murderers are running somewhat thin after the SS and Khmer Rouge on the show, there's still room for another Dictator episode. Mao vs. Trotsky. Two vicious communist commanders who commanded armies and destroyed the old systems in their countries.
    • Episode 6: And now comes the big selling point of the series: bringing on new weapons. In this episode, we see the Wooden Ships and Iron Men era as Francis Drake takes on John Paul Jones, two legendary high seas raiders who became heroes in their home country. Watch for the first time as actual sailing ships are demonstrated on the show. This will give whoever does the budget fits, until they learn of the next episode, where:
    • Episode 7: Royal Air Force (battle of Britain period) vs. Japanese air force and/or carrier force (Pearl harbor period, possibly earlier). See Fighter planes for the first time brought on the show as these two powerful air armies dogfight their way to victory! Also, easter eggs have been continuing through the previous episodes.
    • Episode 8: If you thought the previous episode was cool, keep watching as Zhukov (Yes, I know there were a lot of other russian generals, but Zhukov is the best known) takes on Patton, as two renowned Allied World War 2 generals battle it out. Tanks! Artillery! who wouldn't want ot watch?
    • Epidsode 9: And know, the most powerful weapons known to human history. Deadliest Warriors does out the the middle of nowhere in Nevada, possibly New Mexico to test out NUKES!! The Pakistani nuclear arsenal takes on the Israeli nuclear arsenal, to see which country would annihilate the other if they ever came to blows. (India vs. Pakistan may be a bit much even for Deadliest Warrior to fool around with.) And, finally, the comtinuing Easter eggs finally lead to:
    • Episode 10: A continuation of the Deadliest Warrior horror series, Werewolves vs. slasher movie villains. At the end of the show, the final battle commences with the Zombie Vampire from season 3. As noises come from the building this new creature is in, the slasher killers and werewolves are attracted, and a battle ensues over who will kill the remaining vampire. the battle continues for some time until, as is typical, one side finally wins with their last man standing. As the remaining horror creature excitedly shots in the final shots, it is hit by a shot. The camera zooms in on the shot, to show either Machowitz, or one of the special forces people from previous shows, holding the gun. This person folds their weapon, or otherwise packs it up, than calmly leaves, the real winner of the show.
    • (Note, obviously these are not meant to be taken completely seriously, including the nuke one.)

The Ninja in the Sparta vs. Ninja simulation was on a suicide mission.
After screwing up badly and causing massive losses for his masters, the Ninja was sent to kill the Spartan under unfavorable conditions. Normally, the ninja would have been wearing appropriate camo for such a mission, but he was wearing his black garb as a mark of shame.

The Movie will involve all the victorious warriors fighting off the Zombie Apocalypse

The Movie will have the team create the Deadliest Army and have them face each other
Basically, Geoff, Armand, and Mack will look back at all the winners from all three seasons and then pick and choose the best to create a full scale war in the sim. Like the Back for Blood special, it will be divided between pre and post gunpowder. The warriors will be divided by categories and the best will be placed into each one on either side. The categories will be:
  • Leader
  • Guerrilla/Stealth Units
  • Light Infantry
  • Heavy Infantry
  • Calvary

Deadliest Warrior will come back when the economy's recovered enough.
I just...I just miss this show, okay?
  • More wishful thinking, Max will come back as well(okay I'm still in season two and know he leaves in season three but he's my favorite.)

As an in-between of the 3rd season finale using mythical beasts and the normally real warriors of the show...
The fourth season will involve matches against mythological heroes and villains like Cu Chulainn vs. King Arthur.

Possible matches for season 4
  • Byzantine Cataphract vs Polish Winged Hussar
  • Mongols vs Vikings
  • Mulan vs Attila the Hun
  • USS Iowa vs Yamato
  • Viking vs Spartan
  • US Rangers vs Spetsnaz
    • bonus points if the last Spetsnas says "this is impossible" before he is killed by the Rangers
  • Edward 1 vs Oda Nobunaga
  • General Patton vs Field Marshal Erwin Rommel
    • they never actually fought each other, This would mostly a fight between armies rather than the generals

Their "battle engine" was nothing more than the 1st Edition New World of Darkness[1] system put into a spreadsheet
It would explain a lot really, especially on the fact that bludgeons like maces generally tended to score less kills than bladed weapons, even when the former has been shown to be capable of a deadly blow in one shot when the latter was not. See: Celt Burda vs Persian Chariot Scythe for the most baffling instance of this trend.

Example of: