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The Imperial Guard/Astra Militarum will be featured in this game
Just like in the original Dawn of War, they will be featured in a few missions with only a few units available. Either to serve as AI allies or playable to an extent.

The Necrons are the fourth race
  • The last piece of content released for II before this game's announcement was the Necron Overlord DLC for the Last Stand, which could have been meant as Foreshadowing. It's series tradition so far to have the Space Marines versus the Orks with Eldar meddling in the background before the true enemy is revealed (Chaos in the first game, Tyranids in II). The story description mentions the races fighting over an ancient superweapon, which is just begging for a 'it was a Tomb World all along' reveal.
    • Plus, the opening text seen in the reveal cinematic trailer is from a Necron Codex referring to them.
    • During the Ork campaign preview, at the very beginning, looking closely at the ground you can see symbols that look very much like Necron symbols.
    • In the third Fog of War video, we are introduced to an environment called "cage world", and its apparently made mostly out of living metal. And speaking again about the cage world; what is it caging ?

The secrets of Cyrene will be revealed
  • With Angelos as Chapter Master, it would make sense for the plot to involve the secret that he swore he would take to his grave.
    • Jossed, the whole thing isn't even mentioned directly throughout the campaign.

There will be bonus missions based on the best and worst endings in Chaos Rising
  • Bonus missions would feature a full conflict between Angelos' "renegades" and the servants of Kyras, as well as something involving the squad having gone chaotic and fighting Angelos and Thule, among others.
    • Not a peek, thought it could be for DLC content of some kind in the future...

The initial trailer was a Farseer's vision
All the ultra-heavy symbolism and stuff that doesn't make sense even from 40k's standards of "normal" would definitely make sense in that context.

Gorgutz' victory in Soulstorm is not exacty a completely dominant one.
  • Considering the fact that the four planets of the Kaurava cluster had at the onset, 2 warring factions per planet, chances are that Gorgutz may not have faced every faction present. Though it is safe to assume that he may have been responsible for the fall of Boreale's Blood Ravens companies, since they were stationed at Kaurava 2.

There is going to be a spiritual reboot
The first 2 dawn of war games will still be canon in the reboot but Dawn of War 3 would be completely non canon