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This is not a story about a futile quest to save what is left from a cosmic foe. This is a story about surviving beyond the end of the world.
How do you triumph when the entire world wants you dead? You can't. Maybe you shouldn't. But you can always run. And in a world built to grow a space-faring beast, what better way to survive than to latch on like a parasite?

And it takes place in space.
After all, what is darker than the darkest pit of the earth? The void of space and time, by far. The stars are merely flickers, and they will go out.

Returning Enemy Types
Undead: In the background of the Necromancer boss in the first game, the Ancestor said he gained his knowledge of said arts from various masters and experts before murdering them in their sleep and using their corpses as test subjects. While the Ancestor took to necromancy like a fish to water, it implies there are other necromancers out there of varying skill beyond the estate, and any one of them might have decided to take advantage of the end of the world to raise their own undead army for some reason or another.

Pelagics: The fish-men have always worshiped the Heart, or whatever species/race it belongs to, in some form or another. The coming apocalypse is their sign to come upon dry land and conquer it from humanity, and they are having a ball. Some point in the journey you'll have to deal with the invading Pelagics by taking down a regiment of them that took over a seaside village they took over as a beachhead for the invasion.


Bloodsuckers: The mere existence of the Countess shows that vampires actually do exist in this world. While all the vampires fought in the first game were all despicable aristocrats turned into vampires who then birth clones of themselves as offspring, the second will be our first glance at what natural vampires in this world are actually like. As well as find if the Countess was merely a Large Runt......

Brigands: Sometimes, good old fashioned human cruelty, malice, and depravity can easily trump whatever horrors supernatural monsters can cook up. Like the ones from the first game, these guys will pop up everywhere, even among all the other monsters, taking advantage of the end of the world. Since the sequel will be a globe trotting adventure, there will most likely be multiple "tribes" of brigands, if you will, each based on a different Animal Motif in contrast with the Wolf motif the Vvulf and the higher tier brigands had going.


Cultists: Obvious. May even encompass members of the Church who fell into despair as the encroaching horrors became too much and their God is revealed to be the figment of their imagination they had conjured up.


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