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Dracula will eventually appear
But only after many of the other monsters are introduced. He will unite several to form a Legion of Doom and the Prodigium and the remaining monsters will form an uneasy, temporary alliance to stop them.

Assuming Ahmanet survives her movie, the overarching plot will feature her as the Big Bad, searching for the other monsters to help her remake the world, claiming that the time of humans is over.

Mr. Hyde will serve as her right-hand man. All the monsters (save Larry Talbot) will join her willingly, but since Erik is not really a monster, he will be treated like a slave, leading him to eventually rebel.

  • Presumably jossed, given Ahmanet does not survive the events of The Mummy.
    • Considering that coming Back from the Dead is kind of the entire point of being a mummy, is that really so relevant?
    • Wait was Ahmanet ever actually dead? I was more under the impression like Kharis she's never been dead. Just to invert Kharis who had a substance to keep him alive (Tana leaves), Ahmanet has a substance that keeps her down (mercury). She's just old because she's been held in a tomb for centuries with no one to drain for their youth. Nick tried to zap her but Jekyll put her back in mercury because otherwise she's eventually going to rise back up again.

Nick Morton will serve a different role in every movie he is in
The Hero of The Mummy (2017), but the franchise would get stale quick if the same actor served that position in each film. If he appears in Bride of Frankenstein Morton will just have a supporting role, just enough to justify appearing, but not being the one we follow.
  • I think Cruise's casting there is a way to get some of the bigger budget money without having to just toss too much Hollywood flavor of the month into every single movie. Nick Morton isn't the most likable guy but he's decent enough to be "guy who gets beat up by monsters" for some films. The really funny thing would be give him Sudden Sequel Death Syndrome to put over one of the monsters in true horror fashion.

Abraham Van Helsing will eventually appear in a Nick Fury-esque roll
Van Helsing is one of the few protagonists in Universal Horror's history who, while not as famous as his counterpart, is at least a known name alongside him. Helsing is depicted in the original novel and most adaptations that followed as a Cool Old Guy, better suited to commanding the heroes rather than facing the threats head on.
  • Raising a point can we please have Van Helsing be just Van Helsing again. Smart doctor who can investigate monsters. Hugh Jackman is cool and all, but I'm tired of having to explain why Van Helsing is not Solomon Kane.

These guys will eventually appear.
Okay so we already know that there will be a
Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, Bride of Frankenstein, Invisible Man, Wolf Man and a Mr. Hyde. But, we'll also likely get some of these guys at some point:

Members of the Prodigium

The whole shared universe will end with a The Monster Squad remake
Any objections?

Eventually, there will be horror comedies like Abbott and Costello.
Maybe something like 21 Jump Street or Cabin In The Woods.

There will be a crossover with MonsterVerse.
Trough a remake of Frankenstein Conquers the World.

Prodigium will fight Chtulhu.
And Dracula is his Loki.

Dracula, the Monster Progenitor of vampires, made a deal with the same demon as Ahmanet
Set is Satan in this universe, right? Some versions of Dracula became a vampire after selling their soul to him. The difference between Dracula and Ahmanet, however, is that while the latter did it out of a desire to rule, the former did it for a noble cause, only to be corrupted over the centuries.

Quasimodo and Igor will be a Composite Character
Both Frankenstein and the Hunchback of Notre Dame have been announced as part of the Dark Universe.

Frankenstein's Hunchback assistant will finally be called by his correct name, Fritz
Hey, I Can Dream
  • Perhaps Frankenstein will be assisted by two creepy brothers, Fritz and Gustav (the twisted mad scientist from House of Frankenstein)

Dracula and Ahmanet will be lovers
Two immortal conquerors with demonic power given to them by the God of Evil, one being especially known for his seductive charm? (Though who can say whether it's just mutual exploitation or genuine Unholy Matrimony)

Gill-man will have Lovecraftian influence.
The remake by John Carpenter that is in Development Hell was claimed to be influenced by H. P. Lovecraft.

The Prodigium will be retroactively renamed The Inner Sanctum
It's the name of a Universal Horror film, guys. Come on, don't waste an opportunity.
  • Alternatively, "Inner Sanctum" could be the name of their base in the museum

The movies corresponds to a god
For example Set correspond to the Mummy while prometheus and persephone corresponds to Frankenstein and bride of Frankenstein.
  • Poseidon could connect to the Gillman, Loki (a trickster) could work for the Phantom (a guy who uses tricks to make himself seem like a phantom), Selene or Mani could connect to the Wolf-Man etc.

The Bride of Frankenstein concept was/still is a one off
In contrast to the other Monster roles, the rumors on the Bride were of bigger (non-genre) actresses. It's unlikely many would stay long in a Monster mash scenario, but it would be more likely the reason why the Bride movie is before the Frankenstein movie. The Bride won't be a recurring character but like in the original book, it's the death of his mate that makes the Monster go on his bigger rampage. So you can use the bigger actress for the part and set up the more genre-ready Frankenstein for his own monster movie. Bride may in fact also be set in the past, while the Frankenstein picks up with where the monster's been since.

The movies won't be direct reboots
We may not see characters like Larry Talbot or Jack Griffin etc. and like the Mummy, the monster will be more-or-less the same, but the overall stories and characters won't be.

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